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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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as if there are different forms of time to time, the phenomena of dimension and the illusion about time starts december 31st on d w ah ah, this is day deputy news. my from bird in travel between france and the u. k. grinds to a near halt, crowds line up to board the last trains and fairies across the channel ahead of a midnight deadline. une essential journeys are allowed under a new rules aimed at slowing all microns advance. also coming out across europe,
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the race is on to get protection from all as all my chronic advances through the continent. the new variant had said to be the most infectious coven straying debt. at a chinese land, and festival lights up the night fall beyond china's orders. will take you there. ah, i am rebecca writ as welcome to the program. a ban on non essential travel between france and the united kingdom has come into effect. the new restrictions announced on thursday with just a week to go till christmas is set off a last minute rush for travelers to france. long lines in london as people queued for hours for the eurostar trying to paris and in dover. hundreds of cars were backed up at the ferry, hoping to bake the midnight deadline. the french government impose the curves to
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help slow the spread of army con koren, of ours variant, the u. k. his said infection saw with more than 93000 new cases on friday. santa claus is coming to town or maybe not of it's paris, he's going to and his last stop was london, non essential travel between france and britain grind to a halt on saturday. a strict new rules go into force at paris is gaff, do know, christmas, holiday makers were grabbing their last chance to get to london on the eurostar on friday. i feel very lucky that i managed to get out of france on the last day that it's possible. um, but yeah i it is a bit worrying. it's a bit scary am. who knows? it's going to happen in january when, when everything gets that's normal afternoon. yeah. so we'll see, i think it's a bit late really considering melnick holmes already here with rollin in britain.
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so i don't see why a driver runs why we need researchers with signs of escape game. so we thought this was a grand adventure, was that we were looking for an escape game and we found out exactly how to get out of france and back from london. they'll make it out, but re entering france from britain won't be quite as jolly across the channel, low a long queues at london saint pancras station. as people there sought to travel in the opposite direction and get to france while i could from saturday. even if the british can convince french authorities that that travel is essential. they'll be subject to self isolation on arrival. around isn't the only country in europe bracing for a new wave of infections across the continent, governments are introducing restrictions such as limiting opening times for restaurants, pumps and venues. vaccinating children is another measure authorities, taking to reduce the verity of infections, toes with
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a quick pinch. and it was all done in one who's i have these kids in denmark i getting vaccinated against coven? 19. no girl. yeah. i'll say i got the job because of the new corona variant, and i don't want to be so sick that i can't eat dinner. i leave it on. a chron is spreading at a faster speed than denmark. it infection writes, i eating daily record hiv, pushing more and more parents to get that children job to where personal to slow the spread of the virus. the danish government has announced that cinema theatres in concert halls will be closed. restaurant opening hours will also be restricted in neighboring germany. the health minister has raised the alarm. alecia fun, and i'm, i'm assuming
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a massive 5th wave. that's awesome. we have to repair ourselves for a challenge and all that we have not yet faced in this formula in these are formed on the copper infection rates have been rising rapidly across germany to the easy spread of on the kron what's and rights soaring even higher as a result, the german government has now classified denmark and other countries, including france and norway as high risk areas. travelers will have to quarantine to 10 days upon arrival unless they have been vaccinated or recovered from a current of ours infection. now he is a look at some other developments in the pandemic. austria is tightening its entry regulations. only paypal with proof of triple vaccination or recovery from coven 19 are allowed to enter the country now. otherwise, they must present a p. c. r. test to avoid quarantine. health ministers from the g 7 have described.
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the ami kron variant is the biggest current threat to global public health. and say countries. moscow operate more to beat it. and islands bars and restaurants will close at 8 p. m. from sunday to slow the spread of the army con variant, the measures are expected to stay in place until the end of january. i, let's turn to some other stories making news around the world defense lawyers in the trial of british social aguilar. maxwell have rested their case in her sex abuse trial in new york. the lawyers goya spent 2 days presenting witnesses. maxwell declined to testify calling the prosecution's case on proven she denies grooming underage girls for abuse by the light. pedophile geoffrey epstein. mister russia has reveal details of the requirements. it says must be fulfilled to reach a security deal with the u. s. and nato. the demands were delivered to the u. s. this week, among them are the denial of ukraine's aspirations to join nato, and a reduction in the alliance is military deployments. moscow and washington both say
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they're ready for dialogue. exam beller is in opposition later svetlana taken up sky i have and 2 of her colleagues have been awarded the prestigious sharla mom prize for their efforts on behalf of freedom and democracy. it's annually awarded by the gym city of our home services to european unity. germany's christian democrats, the party of former town to the angle of michael, have elected feverish mads as their next later a former mackerel rival. he bade 2 other contenders with an outright majority. in the 1st round of the members vote, his support as hope he'll revive the cd you after it lost power in its worst ever. national election result is in ms. jones zips each 3rd time. lucky for frederick merits. twice before he has launched a bid to become leader of the christian democrats. this time the choice was left to the party members, many of whom are over 60, and he's traditional attitudes chime with those of the 66 year old merits. reacting
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to the vote, frederick man promised to unite the party is rise for sir. i know what lies ahead for all of us, and i know what this means for me personally. i accept this nomination of our members and i'm looking forward to working together well with absolutely everyone of good to some about it requires an mertz was 1st elected to the buddhist target in 1994 and later became parliamentary leader of the c d. u. party was squeezed out by angular merkel in 2002 may at switch to a lucrative career in banking and did not return to the political fray until 2018. as there were signs, the era of chancellor miracle was coming to an end. he ran for the c d u leadership in 2018. losing 2 and a great cram karen bower and again in 2020. when i'm in lush, it took judge bart after the party's poor result of this year's general election. many in the cd you clearly felt it was time for matt's is brand of tough talk.
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nothing because under muzzles arden. let me simply say that the cd you, this party has been in a state of emergency for 3 years, and this must not be repeated on her da. since i can give isn't, you mustn't your soonest read all. even within his party, some of question, frederick mats, his motives suggesting he's driven mainly by personal ambition. that ambition has now given him the see to use top job enabling mets, to be the face of conservative opposition to the government of olaf shots. earlier we spoke to political scientist or russia for look and asked him how free dish math would be different to anger back. i think you believe very, if not to say a totally different to angle american because he's from character totally different . he's very aggressive. he is not only from the right, as you said, he's more near a liberal but he's a very has a very strong with tory and merkle. yes, you know,
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was very moderates. he was not as he was smooth all the time. and now there will be a very aggressive opposition leader, and i think it's not a bad thing for the see you because now the position has changed. now they opposition and now you have be aggressive, you must be strong. and that's what the rec mouth is. now we have 16 years of anglo merkel, a very strong leadership from long time after the last year is not a strong, but i think if america would have been candidate, she would have been one another time. and all of shots wouldn't have been chancellor, but that's the reason why now the era is another one. i don't think that she will return to the power because really math no 2nd can't be reactionary. he can't be right only. he can't be only nearly liberal. he already says that he must win the social positions off to you. he must be more go into the middle. and that's the thing. what he's doing, he will be on the one side. he will clear. contrary that he will be very strong and aggressive as an opposition leader, but on the other side,
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he will also try to hold the middle. and that's very important for the cd you because that's not and has never been right party if you some sport now. and in bonus league of football league late is by munich. bate vo spec for nill in their final game of the 1st half of the season. and it was a special, not for their top scorer. robin levin dusky bagged the final goal of the match in the dying minutes and what a go! it was! the prolific poll volleying in an unstoppable short air. it is! the strike means levin dusky has broken, get will as half a century old record of most put his leg goals in a calendar year with $43.00 into milan have terminated kristin erickson's contract because of the cardiac device. he had fitted after collapsing on the pitch during the european championships in the summer. the 29 year old midfielder hasn't played since suffering a cardiac arrest during denmark's game against finland at the euro's. italian
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health regulations prohibit him from playing with the device, but he could continue his career in another country. mohammed ben said i am has been elected the new president of the f. i a the world governing body for motor sports. he's the 1st non european to hold the position bend to lay him, one of the most successful ara drivers in motorsport history became the 1st arab vice president of the f. i a back in 2008. and he's also being part of the organizations development task force. since 2013 a small town in southern france has lit up in a winter blade of color and light. the lantern festival near to loose is one of the biggest of its kind outside china and expects to welcome up to 600000 visitors glass filled with colored liquid. 2800 lanterns lit up by eli d's.
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this park is filled with imaginative illuminations. ah oh never it is anymore. we saw the animals in the airplane. and of course the giant panda too. nice. see of what up says wretch, he vienna, me. i like the panders and the big tower is very beautiful too. yet gone to a p t t they look yard shanta de charles j. there are different themes, ira travel loads and chinese art. no matter what you can learn a lot about chinese traditions here, john that john publish and that's great. closest ah, there are a strong echoes of china here because everything comes from china. every single item originated there and was installed here by chinese craftsman. ah, a french businessman came up with the idea of holding
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a lantern festival and flung jak. ah! if it's you or that identical assault, china's lantern festival is huge. 10 times the size of this one week of it's impossible not to love the lanterns and sculptures. their fear. the like creation said, our festival were assembled on the spot. every festival starts from scratch, everything was tailor made for us. so you're apart from the pandas of course, because a panda is always a panda bluff overdue. she started it, but we have a lake we can use to no luck. and we have a pagoda for the emperor, and the boat which travels down the river is a boil for the sawmill. and the flavor. visitors can even get to the festival on the boat or by other means of transport. landmarks, lantern festival runs until the end of january. ah, you're watching the date of the news. as a reminder of the top story, we're following foyer, non essential travel between britain and france has been batt paris has introduced
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high to travel restrictions in a bed to slow down the spread of the ohm icon corona virus variance that cindy's update. this al, we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the next hour, but don't go way up next shift living in the digital age where the report on google and what it knows about us. i'm rebecca griffith. thanks very much. i ah, we're all set to go beyond the obvious citizenship, a man we're all in as we take on the we're all about the stories that matter to you.


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