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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2021 9:00am-9:16am CET

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oh, building, the biggest thing in the world is the spirit a motions. she starts december 18th on d w. ah ah, this is day w. news live from berlin, travel between france and the u. k. grinds to india holt crowns lined up to bold. the last trains and fairies to cross the channel ahead of a midnight deadline. only essential journeys are allowed on the new rules aimed at slowing all microns advance. also coming up across europe,
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the race is on to get protection for all as all may cron advances through the continent, the new varied is said to be the most infectious strang yet and so close yet, so far, migrants stranded at the us mexico border faced nothing but bad choices in their struggle to survive. ah, i am rebecca writ has welcome to the program. a ban on non essential travel between france and the united kingdom has come into effect. the new restrictions announced by france on thursday, with just a week to go till christmas set off a last minute rush long lines in london as people queued for hours for the eurostar trains to paris. and in dover, hundreds of cars were backed up at the ferry, hoping to bake the midnight deadline for government imposed curves to help slow the
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spread of army. crum u. k. has st infection saw with over 93000 new cases on friday. santa claus is coming to town or maybe not of it's paris, he's going to and his last stop was london, non essential travel between france and britain grind to a halt on saturday. a strict new rules go into force at paris is gaff, do know, christmas, holiday makers were grabbing their last chance to get to london on the eurostar on friday. i feel very lucky that i managed to get out of france on the last day that it's possible. um, but yeah i it is a bit worrying. it's a bit scary. m, who knows, is going to happen in january when, when everything gets that's normal after the new year. so we'll see. i think it's a really, really good sitting. only comes already here with rollin in britain,
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so i don't see why a runs. why would either researchers with signs of escape game so we thought this is a grand adventure with her. we were looking for an escaped game and we found out exactly how to get out of france and back from london. they'll make it out, but re entering france from britain won't be quite as jolly across the channel, though, a long queues at london saint pancras station. as people there sought to travel in the opposite direction and get to france while i could from saturday. even if the british can convince french authorities that that travel is essential. they'll be subject to self isolation on arrival. let's get more from our correspond charlotte chelsea pill in london. charlotte this field a lot light last year's. get this straight? no christmas celebrations for anyone wanting to go from the u. k. to france. no. family reunions, no skiing, no visiting there at all. are there any exceptions or back you're quite right. this
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is so reminiscent of all those travel bounds that we've seen in the past. british tourists have very familiar that with the drill that we've been seeing over the last 24 hours that rush to get across the board is before a travel restriction comes into play. now, there are exceptions to this very shocking here. travel band, surprising travel ban from said among the exceptions, all french citizens and legal residents returning home citizens returning home through france, we cut as well that laurie drive is all an exception to this really is that restrictions restrictions that are affecting business and tourists as well a lot of people having to count to plans or try and race across the board in time to make plans. okay, so transit still possible then how is the reaction there in the u. k. is making
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waves although they did have plans to go to france, clearly very, very disappointed. we're hearing that they've been neither rushing to counselor as i say, rushing together across the board. that's been noises from tours and forties as well. they've described this as a hammer blow. obviously they've been very, very badly affected by the pandemic over the last year and a half. so another blow to them. but a lot of people in the u. k. i have to say really focused on the domestic situation front to said that it's and post these restrictions because it's rapid spread of on the cross in the u. k. it says it wants a chance to increase it 1st jam that. but the situation in the u. k. really is quite alarming at the moment. the number of cases has been rising, the 3 days running. and i think it is those case numbers that font is looking at him in day will prime minister of ours johnson and his government have been
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criticized both domestically and internationally for what many a calling lacks corona restrictions. and now the arrival of all micron is seeing those rates of infection soaring. now the consequences of that with this travel back, just bring us up to speed about what the situation is like there on the ground and how it's being handled. well we know that b, u. k lifted all restrictions on an audit called a freedom day over the summer since and a few more strict has been brought in face mosque wearing back. they're all trying to figure officials who are saying that they do need to be more strict and bought in to basso this new wave of on the chrome, which is being called a title wave here with the sheer number of cases that are already present confirmed and expected, over the next couple of weeks interestingly, though, boris is on the pressure within his own party, there are many who think he's already gone too far. there was a big rebellion in parliament over the fact that he tried to, or he brought in essentially vaccine possible for clubs and big,
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big venues that cause a really big sta, hey, so the prime minister boris johnson is it's really cool between these, these 2 positions and at the moment he fought in some restrictions, there is also talk of a fair the half the knocked down or tied to restrictions of the christmas right now the hospitality shop all remain open in the u. k. battles, this is really big wave on a crime. but a huge disappointment for many there just before christmas. i shot it till some pill in london. thanks very much. france isn't the only country in europe bracing for a new wave as infections across the continent turn. governments are introducing restrictions such as limiting opening times for restaurants. pumps and venues vaccinated children is another measure authority, the taking to reduce the severity of infections. a quake. pinch, and it was all done. it was with i had these kids in denmark i getting vaccinated
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against coven. 19 i say full. i got the job because of the new corona variant. and i don't want to be so sick that i can't eat dinner with. everybody on a cron is spreading at a fast speed and denmark. infection rates, i eating daily record hiv pushing more and more parents to get their children jabbed to slow the spread of the virus. the danish government has announced that cinema theatres and concert halls will be closed. restaurant opening hours will also be restricted in neighboring germany. the health minister has raised the alarm. alecia fun and i'm, i'm assuming a massive fits waive. that's awesome. we have to prepare ourselves for a challenge. are all that we have not yet faced in this for me, we are in,
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these are formed on nishaka infection rights have been rising rapidly across germany to the easy spread of on the kron what's and rights soaring. even higher. as a result, the german government has now classified denmark and other countries, including france in norway as high risk areas. travelers will have to quarantine to 10 days upon arrival unless they have been vaccinated or recovered from a current of ours infection. i his look at some other developments in the pandemic . austria is tightening its entry regulations. only people with proof of triple vaccination or recovery from coven 19 are allowed to enter the country. otherwise they must present a p. c. r. test to avoid quarantine. g 7, health ministers have described the army con, very as the biggest current threat to global public health and say countries must cooperate more to beef it. islands bars and restaurants will close at 8 p. m. from
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sunday to slow the spread of the variant, the measures are expected to stay in place until the end of january. and it turned out some other stories making news around the world. in the philippines, typhoon ry has killed, at least 19 people in left, massive destruction on governor says her aunt em province has been leveled to the ground. the storm passed into the south. china said friday night after rampaging through the country's southern and central provinces, or the 300000 people fled their homes to escape. the typhoons destruction the shoulder, 20 trapped mine, as have been rescued from a flooded coal mine in china's henchey province. 2 others were confirmed dead. the men had been trapped for nearly 2 days of state. media said more than 400 rescues had been racing the clock to reach the minus dodge all turns out how to do the defense lawyers in the trial of british socialite gillan maxwell have rested their case in her sex abused trial in new york. the lawyers spent 2 days presenting witnesses, maxwell declined to testify calling the prosecution's case unproven. she denies
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grooming underage girls for abuse by the light pedophile geoffrey epstein is, of course mr. russia has reveal details of the requirements. it says must be fulfilled to rate a security deal with the u. s. and nato. the demands were delivered to the u. s. is weak among them are the denial of new crimes aspirations to join nato. and a reduction in the alliance is military deployments. moscow and washington, both site, they're ready for dialogue. well, today the united nations is marking international migrants day. more than 280000000 people were international migrants and 2020, that represents 3 mold and 3 and a half percent of the global population. all people than ever live in a country other than the one in which they were born. many do so to flee violence or hung that the united states and mexico have resumed. former president, donald trump's controversial stay in mexico program for migrants. under this game,
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mexico pledges to take in migrant sent back by the united states while their asylum applications are being processed. but shelters and reception centers are overwhelmed at the buddha, and many migrants remain stranded in limbo. isaac brisco reports from the mexican border city of tale on the rain threatens to wash away the o chapparal camp into you wanna just a few meters from the us. mexico border many central american migrants live here in dire conditions. the old dream of crossing to the other side. despite the difficulties, neglect and moment or more thudding a 1000 for now they have closed the doors on us, let them, i don't know why you're through it on your mind. there are many people here who have waited 7 or even 8 months, and may i say hotel massis. their dream destination is a few minutes away from here. but getting their asylum applications approved and crossing over is an almost impossible task. that means that thousands of migrants
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are stranded here. local authorities believe border areas can meet the challenge. mila borrego, they told us, with the support of all the international organizations, as with civil associations and shelters on the border, i made a good and with the entire population eco, this is possible to take care of it. possibly at the little a thousands of migrants are forcibly stranded here and support organizations say their capacities are stretched to the limit. oh, i think that boy, the faded your shelters are at maximum capacity. so we're talking about several 1000 people and they continue to arrive every day when you're gonna look at that in many of those stranded say they are fleeing serious threats in their home countries . and what the work as an inquiry. i left my country because gangs threatened to kill me. i came with my son. we have been here for 7 months now,
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waiting to see if they will give me a permit to the united states or asylum. according to local authorities, about 300 people are deported or returned to mexico every day. a number that could increase due to the recent agreements between both governments. since both now and in put his leg for full legal aid is fine. munich. bate, vol. spoke for nel and their final game of the season's 1st half, and it was a special not for their top scorer. robin levin dusky bagged the final goal of the match in the dying minutes, and what a goal it was! the prolific poll volleying in an unstoppable shot. the strike mains levin dusky has broken. get mullahs, half a century old record of most famously giggles in a calendar year. that's 43. you're watching day of the news is a reminder of the top story we're following for you. non essential travel between britain and france has been banned. paris has introduced title travel restrictions
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in a bid to slow down the spread of the army. kron koran of ours barons. that's a news update. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour that doug o, i talk film is up next with a look at legendary hotels this times. it's let the bristol in paris sounds inviting. i, rebecca, written for me and the tape here thanks very much for watching. ah, the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities a mosaic of different people and languages. the ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty.


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