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ah, and decided to build them a brand new kind of school. the school in the cloud. in 45 minutes on d, w. these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you will record breaking sites on your mac, you tube. and now also in book form with this deed of the news africa coming up on the program. frances winding down its presence in the sa health. so what does it mean for the fight against terrorism? the ongoing would draw all of french troops. o'malley has been met with mixed reactions. but is it time for a home growing solution to the continuing sale crisis?
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will find out how on old tradition involve in come, else has been resurrected to help fight terrorists and boost security. also coming up as african countries try to control the spread of the coven, omicron variance ghana introduces one of the strictest trouble rules on the continent. the blast elections in crisis had somalia. i've been delayed over a year, but voting is finally underweight. so why has it taken this long and what challenges still remain with a process on wild animals being kept us pet spy? well, the onus, that's the new craze in the arab states, and it's helping drive cheaters to the brink of extinction. ah,
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i am eddie micah junior and you are welcome to the program. it's been a long farewell. french troops transferred control of a key military base in molly, marking the final stage of the i withdrawal from the country. frances, until you had his campaign began in 2014, when forces helped retakes him book to from his lummus control. the gradual redraw of 5000 french troops. in this, i hail a spout of oppression. bakken was announced by 1st thing tomorrow. my crone in june, a small contingent will remain on the ground. in northern molly, the decision is being met with a degree of anxiety, a last lack of pain to head of a changing of the guard. when french forces will pass control of this military base in tim book to, to their molly and counterparts. downtown troops carry out a final patrol as locals answer the call to prayer some here
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see operation, bach haines. departure is bad news. benson elementary was eliza either withdrawal as negative and negative ed to live when you got. we need the french because of the insecurity did, and then not been where it war and we need more security that the here and tim back to an everywhere. and molly, well mighty, if about the it's really just the mice at the we residents of timble to really recognize the french contribution it will apply and asked with a new security plan. so we need to keep our composure. oh, once a while, but this was what the french forces help to defeat. for 8 months in 2012 islamists ruled and tara, carrying out public floggings and destroying mausoleums and monuments, dating back to tim book to his golden age. in the 15th century. to day, the head of operation barkin insist that the french on turning their backs on molly sifting, and in the end,
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the aim of operation bar cane was to enable mildly to take its face into its own hands through its own forces. the stone, of course, this comes after preparation and a phase of joint training and all was in partnership with each other. i become people are for a group of to now. yeah. back at the base. molly and forces are information at the handing over ceremony. they're now in control here, supported by around 150 french trips, dental for new for us. a chapter was closed and timble to do with the mission continues. my soldiers and i will continue our mission. and molly, ah, no records, no twin mission, or only as the hand over the keys to this camp, the french are stepping back. it's now up to molly and soldiers to keep the peace. from on this, i'm now joined by sale security expert. now, golly, by go, you'll go in paris alone. yeah, golly, so france has gradually withdrawing its troops on this, our region. why is that?
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in fact has been decided to our last summer by imprison michael, that it was time to change the kind of fur deployment that friend had digna's, that hail as a circle operation back back. and so it, so now as it time for the summer positions in by january knows in many in he died in dis, ethan now in tumbled to, to be left to the national forty's or 2 mini sna. so what impact us france had on the fight against extremism in miley and the over all region? i think that so we can consider that to france has been able to reach an important member of tactical victories. but it never has been able to truthful them into strategy neat theory, which means that in fact, jihad is em. i've continued to st all over it as
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a help and beyond to the coastal countries. so why hasn't her friends made any huge success her on the ground? because i think it has a, a not to taken into account to find that fighting terrorism is not a strategy. it is not a political answer and that it add it. you have tapped it society and brought nurse to find a political solutions and a to answer a kind of political project that the enemy is promoting. because you had this are not simply a human bunkers. there are also promoting an educational morale. so mental economy, identity projects. so molly intends to deploy russian mason aries to this i,
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her region, but weiss, france, so again, sit if the and game is to fight terrorism. i fully agree with you if you refer to sunday curation on president mcgraw a 2 years ago after a need to send me e, mid kia that russia was not an adversary. it was a simply some want a partner who could also be mobilized to fight international terrorism. so i think that the zip kind of a fight to we can see today on the e a might ariel logic between the french and russia, is, cont, your project team. because the issue at stake is fighting, does she have a groups and not to share a power and influence in the region? ok, as we said earlier, so many foreign troops under ground for years. but the situation in the region is actually worsening. isn't a time for a home grown solution to the crisis?
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yes, i think that's it. there is in dire need to recognize that both military but also civilians. actors in development in governance as been saying is there is a coyote failure in fact. and in my view, local solutions promoted by national actors as a national level also and more local little should be considered niche more seriously. and if it is the case in particular off the negotiation processes, which had been launched in a number of parts of the sudden josean state in particular in the lee in northern virginia. i so okay, now golly, by the local. so i ask you to expand thanks for the insights. now let's stay in the sahara where one country has standard to each traditional animal the camo,
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to help fight terrorism. crossing martinez the hard as it is best done on camels. so authorities there have a resurrected e 100 year old, nomadic police force to boost region our security. let's meet stat mahari, camille call. this is the latest approach in the fight against g hottest terrorists in mauritania. a traditional solution to a modern problem. the mahari national guard or a police unit recruited from local nomads. there, camels are their most important tool there. the best way to get around the vast border region between mauritania and molly g. hottest groups linked to al qaeda, have gained ground nearby, and authorities fighting them. need the kind of intelligence that only locals can offer was oh, this is emma johnson. i agents go undercover in the market unless they spy on the traders. for example, if we see a know med buying large quantities of fuel,
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we know that is not normal shipper and no matter policies to see the bodies, one up there work is not without danger. while the men cook, lieutenant colonel city labs are secures. the camp is or fear ah said kid, we form a circle hacker group. each group has a century and we from the command or in the center or sample. the mahari police travels through the desert for months at a time or fit in his jo, dante valdez on the hotel. we patrol the region of sophie, we look for nomadic populations, but the room, the all shadow the we raise awareness. even though we gather intelligence as well that and communicate that to the central government in no actual to thought that are on opposite of the capital corps are partly funded by money from the european union. it's an international attempt to improve security here.
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and in the larger region known as the sa hell, it's counter terrorism that starts at a local level. got the lizzie, to him, he had his 2 ic. no. how did units gather intelligence, lemon, us, they spot the threats and been anti terrorism units that get involved in take care of those threats on that. all can't sit than us. their job is to also deepen trust with people, people they know from their own communities. they help them by providing health care to said them, the sequence of t, this woman says she has vertigo, nausea and general fatigue. that's why i gave her some alban designs because she could have a parasite and as soon as i see on the pot as he thought this approach combining local knowledge with traditional connections and offering help as well as asking for information. it's proving popular
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a few 100 new mahari police are already operational and authority say they plan to recruit $200.00 more. ah, you're watching deed of the news africa still to come. the legal sales of wild cheat as to wealthy owners. us pests is a serious threat to the species and elections are finally on the way in somalia, after more than a year of delays. fs. let's go to ghana. the country has introduced arguably the strict test requirements in africa for traveling. basically, one must be fully vaccinated against the current virus before entering or leaving the country. unvaccinated guardians currently abroad of a 2 week grace period to enter the country. but to do so, they have to get vaccinated at the airport when they arrive in ghana,
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dw reporter isaac, hello, gina, cra, salesman, head, a new protocols. travelers coming into the country, you have to be fully vaccinated. you also have to secure a negative piece. the artist resolved canyons currently out of the country, but not fully vaccinated will be allowed in within 2 weeks and do have to be fully vaccinated when they get to the airport. or if they have to travel out of the country, they have to be fully vaccinated. and for airlines who are bringing in people who have not been vaccinated. and the government is now going to find them $3500.00 us dollars pair at passing jam ela, i spoke to some people about these new entry requirements. i strongly believe that if each and everyone could be able to work to be looked connected, it should be easy for, for us, we don't need to with our myself. so i think it's fair, it's fair enough for us to be vaccinated. this is read, you know? oh, i don't know why it should be composer to take a vaccine. know as for me,
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i haven't taken it and well have him consider taking me to so i don't think it will be composed now according to the ghana health service, about 75 percent of new cases be recorded at the airports. are coming from people who are not fully vaccinated. august president, lanika for otto, has said that even though these new entry requirements are strict, he thinks that it is in the interest of the country. these law stringent measures i know, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. as your president does my duty to protect lives and lively arts. i've also been speaking to a public health expert now now could feel quite a while agrees with these new enter requirements. we know that the omer chron variant presents a challenge with its ability to spread evidently much quicker than delta. and so it
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makes sense to try and reduce the like could you're going to have people of here like that you're going to have people coming in infected and they're like, they are going to seed infections? yes, we have the screening at the airports. it's a pretty good test, but no tests feel proof. and in that context, additional layer of protection like requiring a mentor vaccination for having passengers does make a lot of in somalia. voting is finally and away after a long series of delays and disputes about the election process. somalia has the complicated in direct system of voting with 3 steps on the 1st step, somalia state assemblies elect senators for the upper house that's now complete. and the 2nd step, which is ongoing. some 30000 clam elders speak the members of the lower house, while members of both houses are decided on swan in parliamentary ins, then vote for a new precedent. the mandate of president mohammed abdulla mohammed that unknown by his nickname for module has been extended because of the delayed vote. let's talk
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more about somalia with rashid abdi who is horn of africa analyst a ny will be hello rashid. why is it so difficult for somalia to organize elections? m. yes, these elections in somalia has been very protracted. are almost all. we have heard rumblings for a year and i think a lot of setbacks, a lot of negotiations and then breakdown and the negotiations. i think finally, when we are having at least a process getting on the we, as you said that the senatorial elections are complete and now we're in the middle of parliamentary elections. however, i think there are also increasing control overseas about the integrity of the all itself. the opposition basically has come out very clearly that they want a pause in the literal process so that at least the stakeholders can discuss them
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out how to make the process much more at least cleaner than what we have now. okay, so, so with all these controversies and complications, when will we ever get to the presidential elections again, it's up in there. i'm assuming that everything goes well and down the parliamentary elections are concluded in the next coming 3 to 4 weeks. or i think by january or early february we will have a presidential elections. but as i said, you know, a lot hinges on whether there is an opinion in the opposition and her, the income and government about l. how to actually agree on some of the issues which are become very hot, especially at to do with the integrity of the elections ah, hung about her heart. while the hot issues are has to do with their women
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representation and government rights company in us are pushing for more women to be included in somalia. parliament still with us rashid us, we get more from this report. in somalia, women's rights activists have long been calling for increased female representation in the countries parliament. theoretically, 30 percent of seats are reserved for women. so maria, we know that somali women do not have their rights and politics and men always have the priority in ministerial and parliament levels. i encourage all somali people to give women their rights and quarters in parliament, and that was a lot of money. a lot of the campaign is worried. election delays will result in fewer women in parliament because they often lack the financial means to sustain their campaigns. somali women are the backbone of somali society. they have to get their 30 percent quota. societal norms also stand in the way the clans who
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vote for parliamentarians that almost exclusively male however, so molly had while the main challenges women face in their campaign for parliamentary seats are firstly that her clans says a particular seat isn't suitable for a woman. it isn't bad at inches below both of us to look at her normal shape. i'm come on high and secondly, yet it's men who should represent the clan. man, hey, that will do some say getting rid of the clan election system would see more women sitting in somali as parliament level. guys, as you see, the election is an indirect election, and that's the main challenge we face. because if it was one person, one vote for them, women would get their rights, wherein the majority refers through o aguilar low real. but the size of the obstacles do not appear to be stopping the women campaigning and contesting to see themselves better represented in somali as
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corridors of power. rashid, how much support is there still for the 30 percent. quote awful women and government? yes, and there has been a lot of a debate and a lot of new discussions over the last 2 years i'm. i'm happy to say that finally, there is a broad consensus across the entire somali political aspect spectrum, about the need to maintain the 30 percent or to for women. and i don't think the issue is any more controversial than it is quite conceivable that some clowns may be reluctant to put women forward. but i think at least talking to all the sites the says i get is that the issue is no longer controversial. and a noise considerable support across the wider political are. so you know,
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spectrum. okay. rashid id on of africa analyst in nairobi. thank you. i cheaters are dangerously close to extinction. the vast majority of their cats are found in africa, where some 7000 cheaters still live in the wild. the cups are being increasingly ported to sale as exotic pets. despite a ban on the international trade of cheaters, according to conservation groups, the cats are often smuggled from the horn of africa to their ribbon peninsula via a well established trade route between the brick, every region of so maryland and war tone. yemen are east africa correspondence. mario mueller reports from smalley, land, wild cat, captain pat paraded an instagram account of the super rich. having a pet fee line is the latest fad and gulf countries with teachers among the most
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thought after. many originate in somali land, these ones have been rescued from traffickers and placed in a shelter. it's really hard when they arrive a, they were really the head right there. they have vast rig problems. many of them where like near dying, where they have proven, now you go from the teeter conservation fund cast for 55 cheaters as well as elaborate the cats will stay here until a bigger shelter can be billed, but they'll never be able to return to the wild because they were just cups when they arrived here. they the, they learn from their mom, any of the basic skills to survive in their while. they don't know how to hand. they don't know how to hide from predators. their probability thing they, while if we were releasing them are not good and probably they're going to have a painful that the animal has behavior. problems from the experiences says he dial the leopard, especially show signs of extreme stress. not all of those animals safe from
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traffickers are lucky enough to end up here at the rescue station. this restaurant and somali lance capital had gazer is popular. the main attraction, the big cats it keeps in captivity. over the staff bring out a cheetah on a lease they wanted to perform for us, but it doesn't go as planned. every one of the dogs opposed to guard the animals attacks the teeter escapes. they managed to recapture it. it's visibly distressed. the loud noises lights and people a far cry from the cheapest natural environment. we asked the director general at the ministry of the environment, what he thinks basically, and of the law is the right way. but the, we are actually consulting with the, the expertise here. so it has no problem, it looks okay, it looks ok. she does are endangered. and the horn of africa where only around
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$500.00 are left in the wild farmers and the region will often kill cheaters, threatening the livestock and then try to sell the cups to traders. b kill them, bone, the mother i and pick the cups than this criminality. traffic it has come to their mondays, give them small amount of money, their traffic to the sea, to the middle east. they sell it for how much up to $7.00 to $8000.00. your solo is a very lucrative business. somali land is the main transit route for cheater trafficking in the horn of africa. the region isn't recognized internationally as a separate country from somalia that limits its ability to win funding to fight the legal trade. but authorities are trying their best to stop it. last year, the somali land coast guard managed to intercept 8 traffickers, smuggling 13 cheater cups, which led to the conviction of somali lance,
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most notorious cup trafficker. the coast guard must be aware of every thing that happens in our see whether it is arms smuggling human trafficking, illegal fishing or transporting endangered species. for us, the biggest problem is yemen. c, o. know about a young william, we're less than 200 kilometers away from the coast of yemen. this is one of the main traffic in not only which he does, but also for all kinds of endangered species and weapon and even able and if the monumental scott is able to effectively monitor this area with a co sign up more than 800 kilometer nearly impossible to stop the legal marketing . and as long as the wealthy are willing to pay huge sums to buy wild animals, the future of cheat as is in jeopardy. you know, as much as possible, wild animals should be left in the natural habitat. and as it for now, from all stories go to d, w dot com slash africa,
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or visit us on facebook and twitter. i would say always great to hear from you. so you can also get in touch with me on twitter at eddie micah. we'll see you next time i find out ah ah ah, with
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ah ah ah, with it all started with the computer and a hole in the wall suit gotta mitra used to be a programmer but for decades he was fascinated by the way children learn and
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world is this a motions. she just starts december 18th on d. w. welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an aftermath, 11 pieces after 911. the clubs came off. were organized crime rules were conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden opaque, secretive. what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we ship light
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on the opaque world who's behind benefits and why are they a threat to whistle open equals starts january 5th on d, w. mm. yeah. ah ah, this is dw, live from berlin, the netherlands analysis, a christmas corona virus lockdown. shoppers have been out in force in anticipation of harsher measures. the government says there is no other way to limit a 5th wave infections fueled by the army kron variant.


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