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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2021 1:00pm-1:46pm CET

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or why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is deputy news life from berlin, germany becomes the latest european countries to tighten corona virus restrictions . chancellor, olaf sholtes announces new measures that will come into effect after christmas, and i include a limit on social gatherings. there ought to be no large scale news. eve
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celebrations, also coming up. months after the taliban takeover age groups are struggling to help millions of people in afghanistan. we followed the help of trying to mitigate a humanitarian crisis. bought the long awaited movie sequel that was delayed even further by the pandemic. we may be on a reeves and carry on moth, resurrect and matrix 22 years after neo 1st followed the route, red hill. but is it any good? ah, i'm rebecca writ is welcome to the program. germany is bracing for a rapid spread of the army. kron corona, virus variant with the variant already in the country. the government is responding by stepping off its vaccination program and introducing new types of restrictions,
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tight limits on social contacts will come into effect after christmas. or may cronies on the advance in germany and the politicians say it's time to react. after their meeting, chancellor schultz and the state premiers said private gatherings would be limited to just 10 people if they're vaccinated or of recovered from cove. it for the unvaccinated socializing will be even harder, they will only be able to meet to other people. the moves are prompted by fears the virus could spread over the holidays. can even kid of hashed indian if i can understand every one and each of you who doesn't want to hear any more about corona, about mutations and the virus variance that we cannot and must not close our eyes to this next way. that's beginning to loom over us corona's not taking a christmas break. despite that most of those buying last minute gifts will be able to hand them over in person on christmas day. the new restrictions will only be
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compulsory from the 28th of december. new year is set to be unusually quiet with sports events played in empty stadiums and dance venues closed as as to so this is not the time for parties and social evenings in large groups of goals of under the government is putting hopes on continuing the high rate of vaccination through the christmas period, they hoped to deliver millions more japs by the end of the year and $30000000.00 in january. in berlin, many people seem unfazed by the prospect of tougher measures. shut it in, i hadn't planned anything big anyway. just a small family gathering that is best they ran as a thin lighter aren't. we're 10 people and of course we would like to celebrate christmas together. yeah, adults are all boosted that and i get a p c r test every other day. so we feel we are on the safe side through the unsolved as this happens i to the differences the 6 of us will get together with
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friends. unfortunately, without family there in stuttgart and munich, we don't want to get on the train of driving to stressful, so we'll visit them next year. as modern in the senior, the chancellor says though infections are currently falling, it's only a matter of time before armor crohn is the dominant cove it very into germany. corona has not stolen christmas, but the strain it is putting on the public and the politicians is not over yet from wallets bring indeed, only the chief political correspondent, melinda cray. melinda, there's been a lot of criticism to day that the measures are coming much too late. a little earlier, the federal minister of health cornell to bask, spoke out with the president of the r k i. that's germany's center for disease control. did they have anything to say about that? but without addressing that critique directly, they certainly defended their decision to proceed. as they have with the health
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minister is saying, look, nothing will stop a federal states from putting measures into place sooner if they wish to do so. and in fact, at least one of the german federal states has said that it will institute these new measures as of the 24th of december and with the head of the country center for disease control. saying, look beyond these rules themselves. we're also making a strong appeal to every single individual, not to let the holidays become the sparks that turns only chron into a can flag conflagration, as he put it. and a, and the fact is that the health minister said they have chosen this timing because they have seen that people tend to get infected on the weekend, often after visiting clubs and disco texts. and therefore, they are making sure that such venues will be shut over new years. the health
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minister also gave an indication though, of the kind of dilemma that the politicians are facing saying fact is at the moment case numbers have been going down in fetching rates have been falling as germany essentially sees the 4th wave caused by the delta variant recede. and is yet to see a micron really get going. but he said, make no mistake about it. we must expect a 5th wave on the kron is here and it's spreading all the state and federal aid is in germany. have disagreed on the best way to fight the pandemic in the past east. them all consensus. this time there was a consensus at least in terms of, of how it was projected after this very important meeting. but at the same time, during the press conference, at least 2 of the federal straits states indicated that they are not satisfied with the current situation. not least because they say that the legislative framework is
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no longer in place to ensure that germany can quickly adopt uniform measures across all of the federal states. there was such a legal structure in place during the, the latter part of the last government. but in fact, the new government chose not to continue that, saying that they wanted the buddhist talk the parliament to have a stronger role. but several federal states felt that that is not yet where it needs to be in terms of being able to react quickly. if on the chronicles, what gets worse, or i'm going into thank you for that melinda crane. political correspondent, we had a round up of some of the other developments in the pandemic. authorities in china have ordered 13 many residents in the city of she on to stay at home. alfred cove at 19 outbreak was detected. there she on is the capital ocean she province in central china. israel has announced it will begin offering
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a full dose of vaccine to medical personnel and paypal over the age of 60 and u. s. president joe biden has introduced new measures to battle a surgeon corona virus cases, including providing 500000000 free rapid tests. on the con is driving infections. they're causing 73 percent of all new cases, bought and also cold on the unvaccinated, to get their shots. south korea has introduced some of its strictest cove admissions so far to cope with the army con, waive. and while the public has largely co operated with restrictions so far, more voices are calling for the freedom to go about life as normal and say no to vaccines. including many young people. frank smith has this report from sol, the south korean high school student yang de room and his friends don't want to get vaccinated. neither do many of the 23000 followers of his youtube channel. his live streams emphasize risks associated with the vaccination, while downplaying,
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the benefits and argue the government's vaccine pass violates their human rights. could you go to? no one knows what the future side effects will be. questions about whether it is effective or growing because there are many cases of infection with delta variance and omicron variance even after being vaccinated. so individuals should decide whether or not to get the vaccine was i don't think it's right to be disadvantage or not being vaccinated. we may need to get it picked up from february. first. teenagers will have to prove vaccination or a recent negative cove in 1900 test to inter libraries, private academies, cafes, and other facilities. yang argues that the government should be focusing its efforts on the elderly and not the high mortality rate of the elderly who can explain the justification for the vaccination of the elderly. but the fatality rate for young people is low. we don't go and yet the side effects vaccines are many. so
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i don't know why young people are vaccinated, picked up to an appeal for me, and some so green parents have also mobilized together with support from some doctors to protest against the vaccine pass. a mother of 5 children came su, jane is even taking the case to the countries court. well, i don't, i think the vaccine pass policy is against constitutional law. it's a serious violation of children's right to learn and violates their right to educate action because they can't go to the library or private academies because of the vaccine path. thank you that as so, korea scrambles to provide care for the record number of serious faces. each plus young g hospitals, $34.00, coven, i see you beds are full. infectious disease department head e g young says that well, vaccines may cause some side effects. he supports the vaccine pass and stresses
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that the risks of infection for the in vaccinated are far greater. the picture about this it's, i'm, it's explanation prevents 60 to 90 percent of infection and want to break through infection occurs. that person is 90 percent less likely to die or require severe treatment. media should not spread fake news or insignificant news, but deliver the voice of medical professionals to the public lawn could on i think that is good on this and i'll get you mad. for most to show the greens, the medical communities message on vaccines and the vaccine pass seems to be thinking in was he, i think that it's fair because individual freedoms are guaranteed only so long as they are not infringing upon social safety. so i believe that people should get vaccinated as soon as possible to use public places with vaccine pass. the vaccine pass was introduced for adults december 6th. so 3 is now dealing with its highest
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surge of the coven 19 pandemic. with more than 5000 new cases per day for weeks, as the debate over vaccines and a vaccine pass for the nation's youth, continues, the oma chron variant may cause those numbers to rise. at 2nd, look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. may be, as it long awaited presidential election has been cancelled, and parliamentary committee said, holding the vote scheduled for this friday would be impossible. maybe as election board has proposed postponing the pulse, the 24th of january. the election was part of a un led process to bring peace to the country. the world food program has warned that millions of people in yemen will face hunger after it was forced to count aid to the war torn country. the un agency has received only half of the funding it requested in march to keep up food supplies to yemen. prosecutors in the netherlands have demanded life sentences for 4 suspects,
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accused of shooting down malaysia airlines flight mh 17 of a ukraine in 2014, almost 300 people died when russian back separatists found the air croft over the disputed don bus region. most of the victims were dutch. now to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in afghanistan, after western troops withdrew in late august, many governments hold had shipments of humanitarian aid. now the country's economy is in tatters and the taliban are not able to fade their own people. with more than 20000000 afghans estimated to be at risk of malnutrition, the i organisation unicef has stepped in to fill the gap, though, getting deliveries to those in need is a major challenge. the only road leading into this remote area along the border to pakistan has been partially destroyed by mines. we're driving to an area where the afghani army and the taliban font. for decades. the people who live in this
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village were caught between the 2 sides. now they suffer from extreme poverty. women and children have been especially hard hit by the situation midwives sent by unicef, are trying to help the desperate mothers who i need medicine. but the streets are blocked out and there has been a drought for years. there has been no rain. our children are suffering before. i hope they give us something. i need food for my 2 grandchildren. they are sick and don't have enough to eat. we have a better for the tele been used to shoot at the aid workers. but now the women are allowed to enter the village. how humans are these to hawaii. we have to bring more medicine here because every day, more patients come to get us like it is more, we're having problems getting supplies. but i thought as a teacher at the baltimore had come with me, that goes with the fact that women speak openly with us. anger's,
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the taliban. i could have a tough love of him on our women must cover their faces. let's do the pepper. if our duty was, they push us back up and we have to stop filming only after we are joined by the unicef communications team and their accompanying taliban. does the situation calm down they drive with us to the next village. i wonder if, if this woman is pregnant? the mobile unicef health team examines her the next hospital is 2 hours away. her children are malnourished. a woman wants to show us how she lives and invites us into her house. her family has many children and little space, no heating and nearly nothing to eat. but this is what i will cook today. i will
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give it to the little ones so they can have something warm to eat. it's a small bowl of corn meal. that's all we have. oh, i can do that more and more people crowd around the unicef aid workers. they don't have enough of anything including food. the needs are so immense. and because we're not only providing basic humanitarian assistance, we are also having to support a system from collapse the taliban riding with the unicef workers are heavily armed . they repeatedly make it clear that in afghanistan, the un organization can only help people in need if they allow it. america's 2nd busiest, poor 10 long beach, california is working at full capacity. but even a 24 seventh's schedule hasn't been enough to keep up with the customer demand. this christmas long beach is far from alone. shipping bottlenecks have led to delayed deliveries. surging prices, an empty shelves around the world. that's also spout cools for
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a rethink of immensely complex global supply chains. our reporter stephanie simons investigates, ah, nothing absolutely nothing is beginning to look like christmas here at the los angeles and long beach sports in california. these trade helps of the world's 5th largest economy or anything, but in the holidays, both ports are battling supply chain crisis. they are working on a 247 schedule now. however, it's too little too late for the hungry american market. an issue here in southern california that every major container gateway in the globalized world. here, the aftermath of the 2020 call would condemn it looks like this. at any given day, in average, of almost a 100 ships. most of them from asia, a 4th to line up and wait, anchoring off shore for weeks, wasting time until they can finally dock and offload the cargo onto american soil.
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as you are aware, the epicenter manufacturing of the world is asia. more specifically china. so obviously when we talk about the cobra, 1900 buyers. if at any point in the supply chain, it's impacted by the buyers because of the impact on labor and the impact and target closures of factories and manufacture centers. this is a domino offense. americans want to buy things. however, they're often face surprise and disappointment when strolling through the aisles of the store or when browsing online. this is the top house in san marino bike and plant shop. and here is where the logistics challenge and the supply chain problem hits actually home. how with those kids bikes, for example, there's just about a dozen here. normally, this shop has many, many, many boxes of those keys twice ready for consumers to grab for christmas or any
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other time. now, that's all they have. it's not just customers effective for businesses big and especially small across the country. to do that for the pandemic, you would just go to a brand website, he would buy everything on a b to b, which is, which is the back end, where retailers go to buy things and you a disorder. i will now we take deposits for a sometimes over a year out for a bicycle blade is deeds find a majority of americans regard the so called supply chain crisis. as a big concern, there seems to be no easy fix. the underlying reason for the supply chain disruption and shortage is a multi dimensional and complex example. the trucking business, the american trucking industry says it is 80000 truckers, ford. not enough people want to become professional truck drivers anymore. energy nursing tina started this trucking, driving academy just 3 years ago or mission training,
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a new generation of truckers and bringing real change to the industry. so when you talk to companies, especially larger companies who are trying to recruit a large volumes of drivers, they are recognizing that they recognizing that they were not with the flow of people's demands and sell their recognizing that work. life balances are important and benefits are important. besides those new reform efforts, tina things, the entire logistics industry must change more fundamentally. sentiment echoed by many experts. oh, to what we became. we're used to or last 30 years, is taking manufacturing across the globe and pinning everything under one node, one country, one, continent. and we created this long string supply chain. and we've really lost the true supply chain resiliency, which is to diversify your network and not put all your eggs in one basket back to the los angeles and engage ports processing around 20000000 containers
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a year now. and with more to come will be a major challenge. it will take the rethinking and reforming of every aspect of the global supply chain. so what will it be than the red pill or the blue pill? that was the choice facing keanu reeves more than 20 years ago. and the groundbreaking science fiction epic, the matrix the film and it's 2 sequels depicted dystopian future in which humans are trapped by machines inside a simulated reality. now matrix for has had cinema's grades and a premier delayed several times by the pandemic, but doesn't measure up to the original. here's our view thomas boss, forward to decade since the matrix revolutions. tell me what happen, thomas anderson, aka neo, is living an ordinary life in san francisco. when events take your turn for the weird my crash. we don't use that word in there. and
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he finds himself mixed up again in a war between humanity and robots. the matrix resurrection sees keanu reeves and carrie, anne moss, reprise their roles as deemed rebel lovers, neo. and trinity i, i think it's everything that you can hope for in a matrix film and, and then so on. i think hopefully you can be inspiring, you know, help us always sort of a matrix films as a tool. you can help us, you will direct to learn. we chowsky is back at the helm of for the 4th outing of the science fiction action thriller. filming began in february 2020. but it was interrupted by the pandemic that set the release date back 7 months. but the wait was worth it. anticipation has reached fever pitch and the matrix
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resurrection is expected to be one of the most successful cinema releases of the year. after all these years, to be going back to where it all started. back to the matrix ah, back to the matrix, let's go back to our master of moody's. scott roxborough, who joins us from cologne. scott, you've seen the movie? i have a bit of a confession. i haven't seen 12 or 3, but you've seen all for now. how does the 4th one shape up or be addressed here or use thick of the film? because i think how you respond to this movie. a depends a lot on whether you, how you felt about the 1st movies of because this film is a real nostalgic callback to the earlier films, particularly the 1st movie. i mean, in some ways, it's almost a rewrite of that 1st movie. it's almost the same plot. again,
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we have this character neo, um, who's a programmer and he's uncertain if the world around them is real or actually just a computer simulation. and this new film adds another metal level to that in a way that allows the director and which housekeeper to comment on the original 3 matrix films and the fans response to them, which is kind of interesting. i'm and this film like his predecessors, is a big action of blockbuster, and there's where i have a few problems with this new movie because the 1st matrix film is really groundbreaking in its action. i mean a bullet time sequences are sort of made film history. and this time around i found the action a bit more of a retread. it's almost as atlanta which housekeepers are own cover band here. and she just sort of playing the hits for the fans. i'm, it is great to see canneries and carrie anne moss return playing a neo and trinity in this new movie. but for me, this resurrections was less of a 2nd coming and more of our reanimation of
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a film franchise that maybe should have been allowed to die with dignity, move a 4th one. then why do you think direct line of chowsky felt the need to return to the matrix? yet that actually is a quite interesting and quite touching story. she says it was because of it was in response to the death of her parents a few years ago where she felt that if she couldn't bring them back, that maybe she could resurrect her 2 most famous, fictional characters, neo and trinity. and the production of the film itself was played with problems and had to shut down a drink cove it and through love changes made. and hugo weaving, who played the original villain agent smith in the 1st films he was supposed to reprise his role with this movie. i'm but he had a scheduling conflict us. the role was rewritten and is here played by dropping broth. and there's another switch where, um, yeah, he or a girl, my martine, the 2nd ah plays aversion of morphia. the character may peer famous, vide laurence fishburne. in the original films, i think you can see a matrix resurrections as an attempt by which hosty to sort of rewrite her own
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fictional pass, which is kind of interesting. but if for me, it has a slight problem because the matrix was so influential culturally, i mean a term like red pelley that comes from the films, went directly into the pot culture vernacular. it makes it very, very difficult for this movie to really feel original. we, you said that there were problems where the production, because of the pandemic, the pandemic also delayed the release. now it finally ease being released just at a time when we're saying current of ours case. a search at keanu reeves might have been able to fight off an army of killer robots, but can the matrix survive the pandemic and the box office we'll see a spire maintenance experimental did very well at the box office or recently. um and so people will obviously come out to see a movie. they really want to see, but you're right on the chrome. it's starting to close theaters. we're seeing close theaters close and a lot of areas in europe already that might follow in the united states. it could be that this matrix summarized just as a theaters, are shutting down again. but there is hope for true matrix fans because warner
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brothers is releasing this film simultaneously on its string platform each b o max. look, you have access to that. you will be able to drop that red bill from the safety and comfort of your own couch at home. all right, got runs for thanks very much. well, that's good news update this hour, but don't go away. coming up after a short break. eco africa, the environment magazine, don't forget, there's always more news and analysis on our website that's j. w dot com. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the next hour. see then ah ah, with
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farming and canyon without harmful chemical pesticides, not feasible new, you can produce enough of it to be able to add a studio farming in deborah. really, while the politicians are still debating,
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the 1st farmers are very successful. we were discovered degree week and i will, i noticed that you all were doing that. there's no down the phone to our cost with on t w o. oh, well go to the dark side where we tell entrance agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after 911, the clubs came off where organized crime rules and re genuine news, a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws?
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they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive working through what's big. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds. who's behind, who benefits? and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w, a. oh, a on this show we often meet people with brilliant ideas about how to protect the environment. but nature has its own forms of climate protection. for example,
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sale actually captures huge amounts of upon your site, and we're not welcome to a new episode of if africa, i am thunder to nobody reporting from compiler. here in uganda and brittany from lagos, i have chris loans, and i'm happy to join my colleague sandra as your host for the next half hour. these topics are we to how to women a south africa, not protecting endangered bras. lance are more and more tiny forester springing up in germany and how to leisure is making a fishing more sustainable. or recent studies show that mays, collard greens, and tomatoes from kenya are often groomed using highly hospitals, pesticides that poses a big risk to humans, animals and the environment. food and environmental and yields in kenya have been
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calling for government ban on the pesticides. that drop legislation is still under consideration by their efforts ob, already bone fruit elsewhere prompting some producers and fertilizer industry to have a rethink and come up with more sustainable alternatives. ah, the produce has to be harvested quickly. customers in europe won't green groceries in winter to weather bees, chillies herbs are fruit. most of what is going on. he millo farm here in nairobi is destined for export. for a long time, why cleave or cooling? operated a conventional farm using chemical pesticides. he's making fundamental changes. bit by bit and converted into organic methods. we will discover debris. we cannot run
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on it. i not, you all were doing that. that is no town full to our customers. so that to a we, we are trying to get into organic farming. so he already started with the some field crops out to the farm. we want to see how far they're going to take that. but so far, we doing read read the war to react to the from his greatest concern is the harvest destroyed by france, disease or parasites. so he's drawing on the expertise of robin seen ron yen g, whose firm rule organics develops organic fertilizers and pesticides. the men are currently trying now to paradox, intended to combat pests that infest maze. so i'm uniform has impressed organic products like this top down and stop, dell is a for your for the laser is not even a pe said butter. it has ability to suffolk, it's best to death place. you can some holding some ma mrs. here,
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which was infested by the fall. i more on there. we have just done an experiment on them and they have they decently. and that's without the use of any chemicals. one solution for tackling for amy warm is made of rabbit urine crop oil concentrates and co cannot extract. once the ingredient some mixed, the solution is ready for application. growing demand has led to an increase in the amount of organic farming launch in kenya. according to the canyon organic agriculture network, 173000 hexes of land have already been certified as meeting organic standards. kenya's parliament has been discussed in the ban on hazardous pesticides for some time. many of the pesticides still used in kenya that prohibited and farms in europe years ago. at the same time, the e u is continuing to tighten up the upper limits of chemical residues permitted in foods making conventionally drone vegetables harder to sell there. yet the
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government is skeptical whether organic farming is possible in kenya, on a large scale part of the yielded up. it requires a good army proxy. this, of course, that improve soil health, but also protects human health. and so we have to ride into to find the right balance, and sometimes things, laker, gun man, before the lasers are getting for the laser may be good for us. mom brought lanika to wear cars. probably beyond that you can talk about or getting for the layers is not feasible. you, you can produce enough of it to be able to donna city as funding and of raising the country. i've never seen it being done anyway, but this fights all the challenge is agricultural practices in kenya are already being transformed more and more farms, especially smaller ones ago in organic, helps with training from experienced experts that was trained by owners from mazda
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and train us on da, i'm fighting that business not to be very bad because i can't produce from my home . i live in for a markets like this one where yesterday. cool, you, organic farmers market in nairobi may still be small, and it only takes place once a week, but word is already getting around about its chemical, free vegetables, that seller for more and more customers. they grew up quite a lot of sofya. and they are due for i, i usually even refer some of my friends garcia. i've introduced some of my friends would be coming here every sunday and they do come. he, me little farm is watching the development with great interest. this good mean a new source of income, very close to home through and prevent really good to fully into organic farming. because what we have also discovered is that these are huge market for the organic product. if kenya goes ahead and outlaws many hazardous pesticides,
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this could boost the growth of the organic farming sector. nationwide. it's great that farmers in kenya are changing their reproach. a grown brittany initiative is underway in germany to space is of precious commodity in these densely populated country. this week's doing your bit segment shows it's crucial to make to most of what you've got. ha, nothing but concrete, where ever you look. it's a sad reality in many cities, but it is possible to create micro forests in urban settings. this day care center on the outskirts of berlin is doing just bass. the saw was 1st analyzed in a lab to see which areas would need enriching with humans and activated charcoal
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that helps the trees thrive on less space. here 3 saplings are planted on one square meter, much closer than usual. lucas bearing a once to see a lot of tony forrest's planted in germany, we hung about sponsored for shooting the ball. we selected 20 types of trees and shrubs based on the vegetation analysis under them is that they're all native species on, but we want to try and recreate what happens naturally in a mixed forest up through underscore box limits so that we also get different levels of vegetation del, focusing, the car must lay in a more a shrub layer on to main lands of trees on it. and that's why i help bomb shift. he set up the meal organization to develop these tiny forests. it's named for the japanese man who came up with this method. akita me, i walk, he funded by donations 600 saplings. with a total of $15000.00 heroes will be planted here at the daycare. the organization
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created its 1st micro forest, 100 kilometers north of berlin. after just one year, the bushes are bearing fruit. there are more insects to without of these young forest as it's hoped, a new many forest will soon flourish here too. ah, and how about you? if you are also doing your bid, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories. those ecosystems can absorb. i'm to store huge amounts of copeland yolk site while natural cub when sinks a key in the fight to cobb global warming. santas said mitchell can't do this mossy job on its own. so improving agriculture practices could be
1:40 pm
a big help. we need to remove billions of tons of c o 2 from the atmosphere, fast the technology to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at the source of its production. so it can be reused or stored already exists but it's not that simple. a potential often don't play out as big as the anticipated. so there's still a lot of and research needed. also, we don't know and how well we can really skate it up while it still being cheap enough that it's worse and it these 800 cheap on the other hand, do a good job without even trying simply grazing. they help promote soil carbon storage without expensive technology. thanks to their work. humus forms in the soil and humans consists of 60 percent carbon. the sheep are one element in farmer tino
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lose overall concept. while most farmers leave their fields fellow after the harvest, he's shown several catch crops. one year was as they grow, they bind further c o 2 and the soil been it's was important one, the into crop, starts to fly. all the power goes into the flower as it were neutral and pulls out the nutrients that it previously stored in the soil. thus will the been to prevent this. the sheet now come into play. it was manipulate, a grays in this area, and their urine and excrement fertilizes the field for us and equality to that sequence. in august. 8 years ago the farmer switched to regenerative agriculture, mainly because of climate change. longer droughts, alternating with short, heavy rains, made it impossible for him to continue conventional farming. to day he mainly use his natural fertilizers and does without his plow, because plowing destroys the human layer. and let's the seo to escape again. there
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are still very few farmers in germany. you work this way yet in arable farming, small changes have a big effect. you could increase the size of carbon by leaving a more acidic on the fields, but also by a know a low tillage which would lead to less disturbance and the size. and therefore, unless of a decomposition by the microbes of the plant material that is left on side trees are the best known carbon reservoirs. but world wide forest just under threat, often illegally cleared or destroyed by pests and fires over the past 30 years. more than 4 percent of the world's forests have been lost that way and more still being destroyed than reforest it from all the nitrous oxide, natural solutions forests are the ones that are probably have the largest potentia . this is simply because it's large areas that potentially could be as far as that
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. and forest have a rather high carbon density, so not of carbon per square meter. peak lands also bind c o 2, up to 44 percent of the carbon sequestered in soil worldwide is stored there. but in germany alone, more than 90 percent of the country's p lands have been drained for agriculture. but if moisture is removed from a bog, the peat bog dries out and carbon dioxide escapes into the environment. in the long term experts are considering re, wedding germany's pete lands su to accumulation and p glance is something that occurs and the time scale of centuries . which is obviously not quick enough for the solutions we need here. tina rills, regenerative agriculture with his sheep and catch crops, works faster. good soils smells a little like carrots,
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he says proudly. the growing humorous layer ensures a loose soil so rainwater can penetrate and is stored by the roots. he got from water in my toll was said that roots warm soil and soil forms plants. that's the way it is here. if you reach in, it has a crumbly structure. wonderful to hear, you see flags, the root of the flax and the whole root network will be of late on and roots act on the ground like the steel reinforcement in concrete, which strengthens the structure of mm hm. and it's the same with the soil, was woocommerce, the fortunate isn't born australia. about half of the human slayer worldwide has been destroyed in recent decades due to intensive farming. tina ruth wants to get war farmers interested in his approach and promote it on his instagram channel. i in the southern hemisphere mangrove far so, particularly effective in store in carbon experts estimate the benefit at more than
1:45 pm
$65000000000.00 per year, primarily as coastal protection against erosion. and as a nursery for fish, they have a very high carbon density. so a lot of carbon per square meter of mangrove forest. a lot of that is in the city mens not just in the bio mass which makes sense looking at the monroe forest. it's not, i'm all that big compared to a tropical rainforests like that but. but in the sediments in the soil that they keep their, with their roots, that can be a lot of carbon stored. there is no one natural carbon st, extracting carbon dioxide, out of the atmosphere. but nature provides us with a number of options. and 1st and foremost, we need to reduce our c o. 2 emissions. well, forest are important. cobblins seats up to 40 percent of the odd salons is covered with gross land. these under appreciated bio ease any wanted, so some protein and
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a store has come on.


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