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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 12:45am-1:00am CET

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is to find a way out of this a permanent migration. and by the way, the significant numbers of this migrants actually coming from belgium and we not blaming and pointing people. i would like to say they are $77.00 out of 10 of them are supposed to be coming from belgium. why do you let them in? if you know that a large number of them are going to transit illegally or tried to transit illegally to the u. k. because well, you know, the problem is that the most of them are coming from africa as you know, through spain or through italy as, as we are controlling the, the spanish and italian border. they usually go through germany and then move to belgium, back to francis. cuz the ultimate goal is, is the u. k. i don't know why, but it seems that they feel more comfortable working. what he activities in the u. k. and, and, and that's why did they put this pressure on those borders? we do our job, but it again we have to, it's
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a much more global issue. and this migration evolution again is one of those challenges. i just mention that cannot be resolved only with the european coordination. and clearly a coordination with the u. k. authorities as well. well, bob's, you simply want to push the problem across to the british, knowing that since they left the you, they no longer have the legal mechanism to send the migrants directly back to you. is that the politics of this? no, i don't think that's very fair to say so because as it again, i'm telling you that 60 percent of the people trying to pass the channel where stopped by the, by the european and french authorities. so each is that they are so many people that is very complex on so such a large border because we have to print things as i said, spain, italy, and the channel it's, it's a very complex and very heavy investment to face the number of people trying to make this happen. so no, there is no twisted way for friends to get rid of the problem by shipping those
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people, human beings to the u. k. without the, without any concern about them. so no, it's not the french way of looking at this migration. well, you say that, but frances treatment of these migrants has come in heavy criticism recently from human rights groups. human rights watch report last month that your officials regularly subject that outs and children and migrant comes around cali to what they called degrading and harsh treatment. why do you do that? but we don't do anything. again, the suggestion of numbers we systematically trained to put to, to, to iep to those people shelters, to day, to day that the very day to day we are we, we, we closed a cannot far camp billed by people arriving from everywhere. and we, we closed this camp and we give shelters to every single individuals. i think it's about 2000 people, will got protections. so it's easy, very easy for her,
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and yours and human rights to point fingers again. but the total investment a to protect those migrants is very significant on the french budget. and again, the migration wave is constant and growing. we can deny it. we can pretend that we need just to build walls and it would be enough. but the climate change and economy crisis will push more and more people up north. so the, the question now is to coordinate and find a way to, to integrate or capitalize all those people. and to be firm on the illegal illegal one and try to be as respectful as possible of the human being before they get they are sent back to the our, to their home country. you you say that, but it's come to the attention of the french defender of rights. your ombudsman, who said even last year that your police tactics had left the migrants in a state of physical and mental exhaustion. so it's not just foreign n g o z that are reporting on this, your own defender of rights is significantly worried by the treatment that these
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people are getting. last year police conducted 950 routine eviction operations and got nearly 5000 tents. hundreds of blankets and sleeping bags were seized. these are basically items without which people, some of these people are, many of them are children, had to live in extreme hardship. i can't imagine that that's what you want or that's acceptable to you, is it? but that's what's going on. no, of course it's not acceptable. and, and, and the i can accept that there are some mishaps sometimes, but fundamentally against those numbers that you just mention, we have to look at the millions that i spend to give protection shelters to, especially the kids and the, and the woman ah, to make sure that they are not living in the, in dramatic situation and talking about what happens there, the n g o should look at the, at the people, the key advantage of their all despair there by selling blankets, selling tense,
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trying to take advantage of the misery of those people wear sometimes the police can be, may be, may be blamed for some, some action, but most of the time they must be honored for what they do to protect the people miss you by now, isn't the truth about this treatment of migrants other than it's aimed at trying to take votes from the right wing parties in the presidential elections next april. earlier this year, your interior minister made it clear that he, he didn't want the far right marine la pen becoming president. because as we, she said, we've shown ourselves to be too naive and to soft. this is your big fear, isn't it being thought of too soft when you're facing a huge challenge from the far right parties that are concentrating on immigration as one of their illegal immigration, is one of their major issues for next year's election. you know, france use a country where was, where the human rights were written. so,
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so i'm denying to anybody the right to say that france would just take advantage of our stage as a stage, the migration, the migration for obscure particular reason. the truth is that we do have in our country a significant number of bodies on the extreme rights and on the right trying to push the idea that immigration is the key problem that we face. and without any immigration, it, we would solve all the economy call and social issues in our country. we all know this is wrong. we know that immigration is a global wave, is that is, is something coming and growing for the coming years. so any reasonable political person as to faith, immigration, with honesty and, and, and clearly briefly a plans for the short need a long term short term. yes, we have to protect and shelters to those people and we have to protect immediately
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some of our borders with some legal action. mid term, we have to build some integration plan and see how we can deal with those people explaining to them that no coming north is not going to the paradise. but now what do we have the, your best, whatever you are doing, you, your, your party performed incredibly badly in local elections in the summer. you got just 7 percent of the vote and you failed by a long way to win a single region on the french mainland. and you're getting desperate. isn't your body getting desperate ahead of these elections next year? 2 months before that local election, a group of retired french generals, wrote a hugely inflammatory note saying, france was disintegrating. in the faith of islam radicalism, an immigrant hordes, oppose showed that 60 percent of your electric supported that view, including nearly half of those in your poverty. big wake up call for a manual micro, wasn't it?
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big wake up, cool. you know, we have, we can call every day, depending meek was a wicked cold. the climate crisis is a wake of cold political politics. he's about wake up calls. systematic with, of course, 60 percent of the electra supported that view. 60 percent of the electra supported that view, that france was disintegrating in the faith of islam of radicalism. then then, and then that part of the 40 percent. because i believe to that, that we have a significant number of people coming from the migration that help to build a better france. you have her not only people who else to build a, you know, building source re or street or, or roads. but people who are in the medical business in the legal business, in the engineering business. so no, i don't think that immigration is a, is a, is a huge problem for france. what is a problem is a new me an uncontrolled immigration coming from desperate countries. countries that may disappear with the climate, crises to morrow, and as a political person,
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i think that again, there is a need to invest in africa. we spend and we spend our, our, our investment in africa for this purpose to really keep the people in their own country and to help them to rebuild their own economy. so, so that's the long term answer to their migration crisis. all the rest, if we try to dig those people on our stage for political game, i think it just are not that the level of the discussion we want to have in the future for our country. just very briefly on emmanuel macros prospects for the next election. he was asked last year on bastille day. why people hated him so much. and he didn't argue with the question. he admitted he'd failed to unite what he called a divided country and said he understood the hate because he said, where a country which has that in its history in its guts. if mackerel is the target for
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so much hatred, why on earth should people vote for him again next year? you know, i think that being a president in this very, very special time that we're leaving now in transition time, that really now is probably very complex. but at the end, the day, we know we have a captain on board. we know we have someone who are successfully invested ina, supporting the economy and during the been any crisis. and we see the result right now we have an employment, you know, diving, we have the economy rising at plus 7 percent this year. so, so effectively with he's a result of the quality of this captain. i think that at the end of the day when people will go to vote for the french presidency, they look at the people and say, oh is able to take the job and who is able to really face all those challenges. one of them as proven that was capable of doing it and that would be the answer. but you're worried, you have to be worried. i'm not worried i'm optimistic and paranoid because i think
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that you need both to be a good political law leader and to make a campaign. so remain paranoia and optimistic. bruno been out, been good to have your own comfort zone. thank you very much indeed for your time. thank you. ah, with with
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farming and kenny without harmful chemical pesticides, not feasible, you don't, you can produce enough of it to be able to add cbs forming enterprise really, really, while the politicians are still the reading,
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the 1st farmers are very successful with this. i read real we canal on notice on that you all were doing that. that is no town full to our cost. are much eco africa in 30 minutes on d. w. are all the old man from the far noise on christmas eve. he brings presence to children all in the world. really, a closer look at his life tells a different story. this is latrice story of santa claus. ah. in 75 minutes on d. w. o. blue. in the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing?
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invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive. what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind who benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. ah, this is d w. news and these are our top stories. a jury in the u. s. city of minneapolis has convicted a white former police officer of.


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