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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2021 9:00am-9:16am CET

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with learning, like global, i will show you how climate change or mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now, feel free. mm hm. ah ah . this is d, w. news live from berlin, archbishop desmond, to to the nobel peace prize laureate who helped and apartheid in south africa has died at the age of 19. president. sarah rob opposes said the churchman. death
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mocked another chapter of bereavement in the nation's fair. well to a generation of outstanding south africans will look at his life and legacy. last night to protest on the straits of saddam demonstrate his calling for democracy to mount south for military coup security forces, 5 t gas to disperse the crowds and cut off the internet. services to try to stop. the protest is ah, i'm rebecca writ as welcome to the program. south africa's archbishop desmond to to has died at the age of 90. 2 was a cave figure in bringing south africa's apartheid system to an end. his death was announced by south african president, cyril rom, oppose up to 2, was also a human rights activist, and he received the nobel peace prize in 9084. we take
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a look back at his extraordinary life. ah, this was the moment desmond tutu called the most beautiful moment of his life. february 11th 1990. the day nelson mandela was released from prison. the freedom fighter and the priest united against apartheid we, we intend on creating building up a new kinder society, a society that is a passionate carry. since the 1940s racism had become south africa state doctrine, a brutal regime in which the white minority oppressed the black majority. at the time, desmond tutu worked as a teacher, but he soon joined the anglican church and became a priest preaching against the oppression of south african blacks. he called for
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peaceful resistance and soon became one of the most important spokesmen of the anti apartheid movement. in lean, you install a humming coming green. you're going to be jammed paper. chinese and he came to destroy. it was 30 he's i know it back outside of south africa to to received great recognition for his courage. in 1984, he won the nobel peace prize. o 22 was a thorn in the side of the country's apartheid government. but as prominence also shielded him. in 1985, the anglican church elected him bishop of u. hannah's berg. and later, archbishop of cape town, after the end of apartheid, came a further step towards politics. under south africa's 1st black president,
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nelson mandela asked his friend to lead a truth and reconciliation committee for months to to listen to the confessions of perpetrators and to victims accounts often becoming overwhelmed by them. later mandela thanked him, saying to 2 had protected south africa from hatred and revenge away your carbon her dar paper under long walk to freedom help her foster smart for life and human rights irrespective o'connell, religion, xander, all after his term, his archbishop, to to traveled the world using his prominence to campaign for human rights and climate protection, and to fight discrimination all the while never losing his sense of humor. in the eyes of many, he was most often relaxed and laughing. he later made friends with another
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spiritual leader, the dalai lama meetings between the 2 were always witty and humorous. ah lucy, in name? i would not dish it. he leggy lagging a holy man. ha ha! does 1221 said, injustice and oppression will never prevail. and that's how he is remembered as a hero in the fight against apartheid and for justice ha is going to miss you. very much. i answered dan. thousands of protesters have taken to the straits of what human other cities demanding a transition to civilian rule. the rallies count 2 months after a military coup,
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the civilian prime minister, abdullah humbug has since been reinstated. but the pro democracy movement once a government completely free from the military. ah, t gas and water cannon against a growing movement. angry at military rule sedans, capitol cartoon was once again the scene of mass pro democracy protests. a military crew in october, through the country's transition to democracy into disarray. and the reinstatement of the military and civilian government. a month later failed to ease anger at the armies power grab when we are here and we still believe in the 3 nose, no legitimacy, no bargaining, no partnership with the military. the military does not rule us and we demand the hand over a full power to civilians. we demand civilian democratic rule, the more robbing maddening,
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almost 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured in crackdowns on anti cru protests since october. and there have been allegations of security forces raping women protesters in the lead up to saturdays rally the authorities, blocked roads and bridges. internet and phone lines were cut off. but the pro democracy movement is still finding ways to stand together against military rule area. we spoke to d, w. africa correspond felix and ringo who's following the story from us from nairobi . we asked him how likely it was that the protesters demands would be met. it is very unlikely that the military will actually stepped down or back down and based on the resent development cause like earlier today, the internet was cut off. so people are not able to communicate amongst themselves . and so they were not able to mobilize as enough, but
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a protest i talked to this particular evening said that the military seems to be dead tired and getting tired with what the protesters are continuously doing to mount pressure on them. but it is very unlikely because even the prime minister, who has reinstated still has his powers clipped by the same military that people expecting to bog down. so whether the military will back down, it's very highly unlikely, especially following the resent developments. devlin, felix marina, speaking to us a little earlier i, let's turn now to some other stories making headlines around the world. the day the saudi led coalition has launched large scale air strikes on rebel her held areas in yemen, killing several people in the countries north west. that's in response to deadly missile attacks. my hershey rebels on saudi arabia in the 400000 people have died during 7 years of war. a suicide bomber has killed at least 5 people in the eastern city of benny in the democratic republic of congo. the explosion went off in
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a busy restaurant in the city's downtown. no group has claimed responsibility, but the city has regularly same clashes between the army and an islamist group. man, miles military has been accused of killing at least 30 people from the ethnic career minority in the countries. east witnesses said they were killed while trying to flee. fighting between the army and resistance groups, a group save the children, save 2 of its members were caught up in the violence and still missing. that's returned to our top story. now the death of the south african archbishop desmond tutu. i'm bringing dw corresponded to so kamala, in johannesburg, south africa to so an incredibly sad day for so many south africans. how did the income for such beloved figure? yes, a dozen one to 2, a passed away a to day. and this morning at 90 is. he's been a figure
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a fool when it comes to a party in fighting a potted in south africa. he's one person we've known for doing his best. you know, that to win that nestle dealer in the likes winn prison. it was to, to, was out he had trying by all means air to protect and fight for justice, for those who could not fight for justice themselves. and we know that in his last is last years. and the past years he has been in an out of hospital because he had prostate cancer and day at night. obviously he had done. his beauty was ab rarely in the opin or in the public because of his ill health. but he's really a hero at person was been seen by a lot of stuff kens as next to nelson mandela because the fight that he made a for apple. do remember shooting update in the when operated was rounding up, use the men was there in the requisition commission way. he was a at to them to collection commission. we was tried by all means to bring peace
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between those little pip attracted appetite and death. and the bricks of african. so it is a very big loss for south africans at light, not only south africans, because the only fully also fought at beck leaves or for injustices outside of left gas bought us. i want, i want to ask him what his death will name for south africa is that is a blow to south africa, but also it enriches of africa because i think is left a legacy that no one can avoid it when it comes to his death. now of course that figure is no longer around, but did his legacy ended the dismal to the legacy a that from dish and that delivery be behind him? i think it's going to strengthens lufkin when it comes to a patio deal to remain a father figure in terms of what his danville discount in terms of bring you to call solution. yes, racism was still in south africa, but today is going to be credited for fighting very hard to make sure there is no a party opinions of africa. all right, thank you too sir. kamala,
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date of lead correspondent in south africa. are christians around the world have bay marking christmas day, but in many parts of europe? the celebrations have been scaled back. i made a massive surge of cove at 19 cases. thousands of people across britain have taken the opportunity to get vaccinated daily infections in the u. k jumped about 100000 this wake for the 1st time. it's not something you can find wrapped under the tree . but the gift of health is what thousands of brits are looking for this christmas . this vaccination center is one of many open during the holidays, with the goal of fulfilling the prime minister's promise to offer every adult to jab before the end of the year. i was totally unimaginable, unfathomable, by anybody that we could have
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a christmas or even the whole year like this that this has been primarily up already a vaccination, ariana so unprecedented lives. the u. k. is grappling with its latest surgeon cases, fueled by the omi crohn variance hospitals are bracing for another massive wave of cove it. in this hospital in france, one of the country's biggest health care workers, fear they may soon run out of beds for new patients. france reached another record high number of infections on saturday, registering more than 104000 cases. most of the patients spending christmas day in this. i see you are vaccinated. your group who you book them. i thought a lot about the fact that i refused to be vaccinated if i had been vaccinated, i would not have needed this level of intensive care, or do i live, mr. hulu? that's those are the vaccine is not a danger. he was, it's
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a possibility of escaping ish, something more serious in the netherlands. the decorations are up, but no one's around to enjoy them. people here spending another christmas in lockdown. we hope the next is going to be rather was, is like we thought her 2 years ago and all the core all over again. okay. first christmas book mother years going to be both everybody's actually are here and around the world. people are hoping that next year santa's gift will be a merry christmas watching date. every news. as a reminder of the top story, we're following foyer, south africa's archbishop desmond to to has died at the age of 19. his death was announced by south african president syrup, run the post up to to was a key figure in bringing south africa's apartheid system to an end. he won the
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nobel peace prize for his work in 1984 the u on watching day w news, that's your update. this out. coming up is our series doc film, looking at finding love and much more in russia. stay tuned for that. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the next hour and don't forget is always our website. that's d w dot com. we're on social media as well at j w news. i'm rebecca versus invalid. thanks very much for watching and take your time for the experiment about time. it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences differently as if there are different
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forms of time.


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