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i my name is jenny perez tonight work at the w. ah ah ah, this is d to the news live from berlin. archbishop desmond tutu who won the nobel peace prize for helping and apartheid has died. at the age of body. president 0 rabbit poster said the churchman was a leader of principal and pragmatism, who bequeath to us liberated south africa. look at his life and legacy. a prolonged
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drought is causing crops to fail in east africa. we'll see how people are coping in kenya with the situation made worse by climate change and putting goats on the map . we take a look at a new mapping project showing the location of all goats in the city of berlin. aimed at people who want to unwind from stress by visiting a goat in the german captain. ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. south africa is archbishop desmond to to has died at the age of 90. 2 to was a key figure in bringing south africa's apartheid regime to an end and won the nobel peace prize for his work. in 1984 south african presidency o rama post announced to choose death praising him. the leading light in bringing
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racial equality to the nation. oh, this was the moment desmond tutu called the most beautiful moment of his life. february 11th 1990. the day nelson mandela was released from prison. the freedom fighter and the priest united against apartheid we, we intend on creating building up a new kind of society, a society that is passionate terry. since the 1940s racism had become south africa state doctrine, a brutal regime in which the white minority oppressed the black majority. at the time, desmond tutu worked as a teacher, but he soon joined the anglican church and became a priest preaching against the oppression of south african blacks. he called for
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peaceful resistance and soon became one of the most important spokesmen of the anti apartheid movement in clean you installed one, becoming free. you're going to be jammed paper chinese and he came to destroy the $130.00 dad. he's a bank outside of south africa to, to received great recognition for his courage. in 1084, he won the nobel peace prize. ah, to, to was a thorn in the side of the countries apartheid government. but his prominence also shielded him. in 1985, the anglican church elected him bishop of johannesburg. and later archbishop of cape town. after the end of apartheid, came a further step towards politics. under south africa's 1st black president,
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nelson mandela asked his friend to lead a truth and reconciliation committee for months to to listen to the confessions of perpetrators and to victims accounts often becoming overwhelmed by them. later mandela thanked him, saying to 2 had protected south africa from hatred and revenge away your curb on her, dobbin, under long wargol freedom high, her frost arter smart for life and human rights. it is spoke to volcano, religion and are all after his term as archbishop to, to traveled the world using his prominence to campaign for human rights and climate protection and to fight discrimination all the while, never losing his sense of humor. in the eyes of many, he was most often relaxed and laughing. he later made friends with another
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spiritual leader, the dalai lama meetings between the 2 were always witty and humorous. lucy, his name? i love it. he leggy lagging a holy man. ha ha. is 1221 said, injustice and oppression will never prevail. and that's how he is remembered as a hero in the fight against apartheid and for justice. ah, he's going to miss you very much. and he'll be missed by many of course. and one of those is, and li, sir fontaine, a journalist and filmmaker who knew desmond to to she and her father filled and reported on him for years. can you tell us, please, what was it like to spend
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a day in the company of this man? yes, thank you for having and me. i actually 1st met him when i, when i was still at school in the mid seventy's and my dad brought him home because in those base blacks and whites couldn't meet anywhere else. and he, oscar, so children, questions about our lives and that he one would lay to see, to in the township he would always go for the children and talk to them and, and, you know, some people said he was a paycheck. i never felt he was the patriarch. i always felt later when i became a journalist that he treated me as a someone in my own right and noticed that his daughter am. but he also had this great sense of humor. and he could use that humor to diffuse difficult situations. and i remember once in 1988, which was probably one of the darkest, a pol,
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take years. and just before the light came and to him, he's the the, the headquarters of the south african council of churches had been bomb and destroyed in a call bomb in johannesburg. and he flew up from cape town. now today we knew that it was destroyed by their party state, and he was sort of inspecting this scene of destruction in total silence. and every one was just gutted am and then he turned to successes. the secretary general of the south african council of churches, frankly, connie and he said to him and what did you do to the place? it was intact when i left. and that's just broke the ice. so you know, one of those, the eco to, to quips. yeah. that slang you, that in the memories i think many of it, i certainly remember he had this incredible marriage of great dignity
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and compassion and humor as well. it was very strange to see that in a big political liter, it's want to ask you a question. since you know, hm. so well about this man of a cloth. how did he reconcile his private practice of christianity with his very public and political convictions? i think unlike other church leaders in south africa, he never joined the and political party. he always remained a man of faith and he took that incredibly serious. so he saw it like, you know, as a man of faith, i have to speak out against oppression. i have to speak on for the weakest in society. and that he would also take his moments of retreats, and very seriously, i mean, as a journalist, the country would be burning. you try and reach him, but due to some retreat, he's not taking any calls. am and then the people who work with him is it with
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united states every morning he had communion no matter where he was, he would be in a call. you would be an aeroplane with all skin an aeroplane for some break and 2 and wine from mister edison, blank have his community in communion am. and i think he was so effective in the struggle against the party because he was 1st and foremost attrition. and this was a christian government suit of trying to have the moral high ground and the be, comes this little a bishop from the townships and he said, no, no, you ne, you wrong. and he was in ski. it is to speak truth to power but always with the bible in his hand. and he called the bible the most ready cold book. and once again, i told a tolten audience, she said e thank the missionaries for bringing the bible to africa and clipping. you know, we take it quite seriously here. the bible is your 3rd of bible to revolution.
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that was the handbook to revolution. and the 2nd time, thank you so much. but insight on the passing of south africa's anti apartheid liter. archbishop desmond, to, to thank you for having me. let's turn out another stores making headlines around the world. these railey government has approved a plan that aims to double the amount of settlers living in the israeli controlled golden heights. the cabinet adores a multi $1000000.00 plan that is meant to further consolidate israel's hold on the territory that it ceased from syria. in 1967, i'm from you. hundreds of thousands of people have had their holiday travel plans fall apart as airlines cancelled more than 6000 flights over the christmas long weekend. thousands more were delayed according to flight tracking websites. as the on the con variant disrupt tourism and travel world wide. france has recorded its highest daily number of new chrome virus cases ever. close 210-5000 the past 24
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hours. the 7 day incidence nationwide is 647 new infections 410-0000 inhabitants. french government plans to introduce a new law to close certain venues to all but the vaccinated and recovered. the bodies of 16 iraqi kurdish migrants who drowned in the english channel in november of been returned to view the capitol iraqi kurdistan. 27 migrants died when their ding deflated, as they tried to make the crossing from france to bring the consequences of climate change are being felt in a growing number of regions in africa. the lack of rain there has led to extreme drought in some areas. eastern kenya is one of the hardest hit regions. now, many people there are suffering from food insecurity. nantosh diane lincoln and the other residents of a village are finally getting some help donations of corn, flower, and oil. so they'll have something to eat. they cannot get food on their own any
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more. over the past year, it has barely rained here. look on eastern kenya. i'll no longer. this drought is hurting us. it's everywhere. how many animals have died? life, his heart. he. there are shepherds, but the stall of none to ryan lincoln is empty. she has lost 27 of her animals to the drought. the sun is leading the 12th that are left to the north in search of grass, in kenya alone, more than free and a half 1000000 people off rent and buy food insecurity and depend on aid. but even that is not enough. oh, blood a lot, my children don't get enough to eat, especially the little one needs milk. people in somalia and southern ethiopia are suffering from the consequences of the drought as well. not only the cattle are dying, wild animals like this dear off are also in danger. i think the natural color,
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it is an inducement climate change and maybe as a remedy to it, as an alternative to etha of the solution to the dro situation is actually having a little daunting livelihood to this people. the rising temperatures have interrupted the rain cycle permanently. the drought is expected to continue until the middle of next year until then the suffering of the people here is certain to increase the holidays can be very stressful, but now and innovative engineer and berlin is hoping her efforts can help people relax more. she's developed a map showing where the cities goats are located. and it also indicates which ones can be visited for free, unusual ideas, bringing some light relief to residence of the german capital. it's a city, mum, but with one big difference. instead of helping you locate the closest bar all best restaurant, it shows you where you can find goats, but live in the german capital. there are currently 24
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locations across berlin, where people can visit their farm yard friends. the maps developer i t engineer on it bearish. cova said it's reach might be small, but she isn't interested in a money making venture like them attack. there were math had like 11000 views, but i don't know like how many actually save it and like use a daily u. i and we have and i close to $600.00 followers and instagram fell ignites. that's a fibro entertainment needs. right. you know, i don't have all the maps aim is to help people, how fun and distress and so far it seems to be working. oh yeah, it was really great. you know, like when you're in our, even though the weather is bad and you know, whatever happens man, oh god, you go to the gods, you feed them,
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you're robbed them. and you feel amazing that's. that's a good feeling. so little, if these furry creatures float your goat, you need never again find yourself without a friend in berlin. and you of course watching d. w. news live from berlin coming up next reporter looks at it. intimacy despite disability is warren instagram and twitter at d. w. news i'm expired to watch and with her again that i work that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot as to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this
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reliance of the what's your story. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially and victims of violence in and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not the visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah sabina, this in house and helmet. how men are a couple constantine close is really keen to find a companion, nothing out of the ordinary, yet often still the exception for people with intellectual disabilities at this
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supported housing project in long and hard and love and sex aren't brushed under the carpet relationships or no problem here. the ones the all. we want to help them find people, they feel happy with people they can share their lives with what's off and taboo elsewhere is openly discussed here. ah no, ma'am i z b newfound house and helen wood. hammond enjoy each other's company listening. yeah . would you like something to drink to some lift her here all drinking coffee together and chatting since meeting a few years ago. the 60 year old pensioner is have been a couple. it was at the retiree group. i know that but lena, at the retiree group,
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i, when i spoke to her, yes, i have, i spoke to her and i said, yes, i'd like that mixing. yes without. he wants us to be together. and i said me too. oh, how can i ask if you had a boyfriend? no, i didn't have one anymore. the other one died. oh, stuck to the other of it. when i heard about it, i was in shock that he died. the other one. yeah. it's not easy dot. i had to get over that 1st. i bet then i got together with her mood verbena lives in a group home. but she spends as much time as she can with harold. he has his own apartment and a lot of determination. lucille, you have to decide for yourself what you want from life. that's how you move forward. yes, i know with your older young you want things out of life? yes, i know. well, i like to live it up a little me till i want to have fun of got the power. well,
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you have to take what life gives you. that's what you do. go well together, you feel good when we're here to get that done. you. a born i am at home, i'm not as happy call there been a lives with a small group at the supported housing facility. there are a total of $106.00 residents. up to 7 people share an apartment. some need more support than others. there are care providers on hand around the clock just in case constantine close often feels bored. he's $32.00 and he'd really love to have a partner. well, whole lot i had several girlfriends at school as well. no one after the other model once on law. did that work out? well?
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yeah, yeah. when it was funny sometimes see how the girls fought over me. tom. it's my boyfriend, that's my boyfriend. that's my boyfriend. constantine was hit by a car when he was 10. since then he's been disabled, he says he goes to work, his job is in logistics. but otherwise he's at home a lot alone. oh, the mom, most of them don't want me. who are the are the in the past when i left school, women weren't interested in and they would rather be 51 soccer pitches away from me,
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man fan lined by the 5th of the bitter muslim i ling just think how big a soccer pitch is one of constantine housemaids is last. novak last is engaged and has been for a while at some point, konstantin decided feet had enough of being alone and started looking for a girlfriend. lo, thankfully, i want to have 6 a there as well. that's is who minds only human mentally have you had sex before? yeah. by someone and carmen the with there was several voice. they
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wanted me and they got me. and what was like yeah, oh good. yes. ah ah i when you spend the night it's a bean is be cut. oh yes. do you share a bed now? yes. how is it? we have to go to bed. but knobby as we lock the door so that no one comes in. they do. yes. some people come into our room, that's annoying, is much when i want to be along the 10 mod i, the others come in. oh i. so i said, leave us be what's my to play?
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i don't want that as something's a private does a boundary. they should keep too expensive. yeah. and i so i don't go around walk into other rooms. not every one does me. nobody, they don't understand, don't. they've got quite serious disability. friendship love, sex. normal things often denied people with disabilities, but not here. says flow he and cornish from the lung and hack residential care facility and they are often hide div. yeah, i think this open minded approach of ours is a step ahead of other organizations like ah, the approach benefits couples like sabine and helmet, who enjoy their life together. just like today at hanover's do like if you keep animals, you've got to know what you're doing as far as need to know what they're doing. i know those are the big ones. i know. yeah. you're with your car. yes. i sure wasn't
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quite, isn't it? that he thought it was like at home, it's nice and peaceful. dear to ah, i pity. round. no man's vis off makes it easy to relax. so are you to engaged? now? i know we just together why helmet hasn't wanted to yet tyranny. he hasn't talked about engagement. it has to come from hell. moat, me. but would you like to go? yes. if hamilton would allow along over what happens when i'm gone? well, you'd still have the ring home and what will you do then russell? oh, oh. oh no, good, i'm said, well, i can still take the ring up to the ozone when you have it as a keepsake in all law. ah, to me, when you're not around anymore, i can put the ring in a drawer. keep it as a momento. that's also
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a possibility that gig oh yeah, here didn't you notice her before? i know she looks pretty pretty. i'm caught my carty government. i'd like to take her in my arms and hug her and kiss her again. nice and juicy. little with tongues. constantine close is browsing an online dating platform one for people with disabilities. hello, support. worker marie. gov is helping him out. you could start by asking her how she is doing. oh yes. hey, that's a good idea. of him. he will fulfill. aren't on home all covered with the food the food for long constantine's profile describes his ideal woman quite specifically nic. oh
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hm. order. of course no. smoking or drinking we are controlled. open to kissing and cuddling coin clay friendly and funny. and lawson likes to laugh right. i don't think you specify anything else for sure. you can. some way you can specify the woman's age constantine sense katia, message. he's already exchanged messages with several women, but it's never gone beyond virtual contact. i actually met in person. well, how should i put it? know what a shame. yeah, for sure. maybe it'll work out with county. yes. maybe it'll work out.
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helped us feel hopeless. i hope it does. it but in the water now they're both eating in the water by now by this they want to have it. well, i am a look. he's going at it. yes. i know there's no, he's not full yet. why? yes i know not to there to him to there. oh yes, i know one when she was younger, sabina thought about having children of her own. but she was repeatedly told it wasn't possible me. if i have a disability, i need my. my sister said it wouldn't be good up with me would. is i can't read or write. i couldn't teach the child anything. it's misled vision. i'm a bit sad. yes. no. i would like to have kids, you know,
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but i'm also afraid i wouldn't manage. yeah. oh come you can't always choose mother to accept things as they are. it's also okay without a child. oh, what's to come at the care home in london? hadn't i does constantine hear from katy? ah, what's new with take lashona mon advised no buck. the bed over a fellow part. yeah, exactly. and what's being discussed in the sex and love group. ah find out next time.
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ah ah, small acts can inspire big changes. meet the people making possible on go africa. joined them as they set out to save the environment, learn from one another and work together for a better future. ah many thoughts to you all for tuning it to africa next on d w. ah champagne is perfect. quite festive occasions. ah, but not everything that sparkles may bear this exclusive name. what makes champagne
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a premier sparkling wine ah, we uncover secrets euro macs in 60 minutes on d w. ah, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner chat hot spot for food. and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go a what does forest logan in congo have to do with the grow in camel population? in mogadishu.


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