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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2021 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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shed light on the opaque world. who's behind her benefits and why are they a threat to us all o peak wolves starts january 5th on d w with ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin. tributes from world leaders are pouring in for archbishop desmond tutu who's died at the age of 90. the anglican cleric was revered as one of the key figures in the find to end apartheid in south africa. will look at the nobel peace prize laureate life and legacy. also coming up,
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a prolong drought is causing crops to fail in east africa. we'll see how people are coping in kenya with a situation made worse by climate change. and later in the show, we take a look back at some of the best of wonders league goals from the 1st half of the campaign. ah, i'm married evanston, it's good to have you with us. we're all leaders have been paying tribute to south africa's archbishop desmond tutu who's died at the age of 90. 2 to was a key figure in bringing south africa apartheid regime to an end. and he won the nobel peace prize for this work in 1984 south african president 0 ram, oppose announced churches, das praising him as
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a leading light in bringing racial equality to the nation. ah, this was the moment desmond tutu called the most beautiful moment of his life. february 11th 1990. the day nelson mandela was released from prison. the freedom fighter and the priest united against apartheid we, we intend on creating building up a new kind of society, a society that is compassionate, caring. since the 1940s racism had become south africa state doctrine, a brutal regime in which the white minority oppressed the black majority. at the time, desmond tutu worked as a teacher, but he soon joined the anglican church and became a priest preaching against the oppression of south african blacks. he called for
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peaceful resistance and soon became one of the most important spokesmen of the anti apartheid movement in you think you install one, becoming free, you're going to be just para chinese and he came to destroy it 130 he's i know it back outside of south africa to, to received great recognition for his courage. in 1984, he won the nobel peace prize. o 22 was a thorn in the side of the country's apartheid government. but his prominence also shielded him. in 1985, the anglican church elected him bishop of johannesburg. and later archbishop of cape town. after the end of apartheid, came a further step towards politics. under south africa's 1st black president,
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nelson mandela asked his friend to lead a truth and reconciliation committee. for months to, to listen to the confessions of perpetrators and to victims accounts often becoming overwhelmed by them. later, mandela thanked him saying to 2 had protected south africa from hatred and revenge away your comp on your dar paper. under long walk, we'll freedom help her foster smart for life and human rights. it is spoke the volcano, religion, gender. oh. after his term as archbishop to to traveled the world, using his prominence to campaign for human rights and climate protection, and to fight discrimination. all the while never losing his sense of humor. in the eyes of many,
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he was most often relaxed and laughing. he later made friends with another spiritual leader, the dalai lama meetings between the 2 were always witty and humorous. ah lucy, his name. i love it. he leggy making a holy man. ha ha! does 1221 said, injustice and oppression will never prevail. and that's how he is remembered as a hero in the fight against apartheid and for justice. i is going to miss you very much. we're joined now by reverend allen viewsonic. he's former president of the world alliance of reform churches and also leader of the united democratic front and came
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town. welcome to d. w. reverend visit. we understand that you were close to desmond to, to, for many years, and you also delivered his 90th birthdate sermon back in october. what did he mean to you personally? well, thank you. good evening to you and your deal. so for this opportunity, i don't want to was such a unique individual, a truly extraordinary man. we've known each other since 1976. so for over 40 years worked so closely together in the church and on other to raise internationally, especially later on. but we got to know each other very well and, and remained close until until today his death. he was a, he was one of those people who when he spoke because you will show authentic. and
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because he was so clear and so courageous, both in each opposition to apartheid, but also in his love for all south africa, people that when ever desmond tutu spoke, it was as a child, africans felt that all of us were speaking. you represented us in the most compassionate and caring way that one can think on. so the lush is not just a personal loss of people like myself who have known him intimately. it is a great, great loss for the people of south africa and for the country as a whole. well, when you and ethan teacher had in common, of course that you're both church leaders who at the same time, worked tirelessly to help and apartheid in south africa. do you know whether archbishop, to, to considered his work in the country to be done? the world was for justice, for a compassionate,
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caring society. you heard him say for an open, a participatory society that is inclusive. no, his work is not done. and you would have been the 1st to say show, in fact, one of our last conversations around these birthday to read have had, he had asked me not to stop to work that we have been doing here. he was terribly a shaken by what he see the corruption of the dish. honestly today of all the lack of honest and leadership of good of integrity in south africa today. the lack of vision. and so he knows that south africa stole a society in which women are violently assaulted, hated that we are still in many, many ways discriminating despite our constitution against algebra. could you, i personally also one of the issues that we stood for. and so you would love for us
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who are now living and taking up the baton and going forward with the struggle to continue with this because you knew the work is not done and the work will not be done until all golf children have received the dignity and the justice that they deserve. and now looking back at desmond tutu, is remarkable life. what do you think will be his most important legacy? will he be remembered for? he will be remembered for his courage is honesty. desmond tutu, was as honest and as clear with regard to the a public system and the south african government, the old, a practical african government, as he to the african national congress government now. and so he's critique that he had and what government had done is the critique he has today, and he's not afraid to actually come up and say so his legacy will be that of honor
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. see, legacy will be that of courage. legacy will be that are included, is legacy will be that of looking compassionately at people, even though you never forget the goals of justice that you are fighting for. and his legacy will be, i suppose, one of enduring hope that he's mingled with face and care and especially yuma. and if you have the sense of humor the dismal to, to have it means that you do not take yourself too seriously. but that to the review, your people were that sense that something better is coming, something better is always worth working for. and even though you cry about something, god gives you something in the lives of other people that makes you feel good. that makes you laugh. a little extra smile, and that is a legacy that all of us are now embracing the reverend allen. this act from former president of the world alliance of reform churches and even d. f leader in cape town. thank you so very much for being anita leo. it is
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a pleasure, thank you. while the consequences of climate change are being felt and a growing number of regions in africa, the like of rain there has led to extreme drought in some areas eastern kenya is one of the hardest hit regions. now many people there are suffering from food and security, not at iron, lincoln and the other residents of a village are finally getting some help donations of corn, flower, and oil. so they'll have something to eat. they cannot get food on their own any more. over the past year it has barely rained. you look on eastern kenya, i'll no longer. this drought is hurting us. it's everywhere. and many animals have died. life his heart. he there are shepherds, but the stall of none to ryan lincoln is empty. she has lost 27 of her animals to the drought. her son is leading the 12th that are left to the north in search of
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grass, in kenya alone, more than free and a half 1000000 people off, threatened by food insecurity and depend on aid. but even that is not enough. i love the lord. my children don't get enough to eat, especially the little one needs milk. people in somalia and southern ethiopia are suffering from the consequences of the drought as well. not only but cattle are dying, wild animals like this dear off are also in danger. if anyone, that's what okay, larry, do an inducement climate change and maybe as a remedy to it as an alternative to it as a solution to the drawer situation is actual hugging rolled onto level to this be probably the rising temperatures have interrupted the rain cycle permanently the drought is expected to continue until the middle of next year until then the suffering of the people here is certain to increase. let's get a check now. some of the other story is making headlines around the world of genest
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. as taliban authorities have said, that women wanting to travel long distances should be accompanied by a close male relative as guidance follows the taliban decision to bar many women from public sector roles. activists have strongly criticized these moves. these rarely government has approved a plan that aims to double the number of settlers living in these really controlled golden heights. the cabinet and doors, the multi $1000000.00 plan that is meant to further consolidate israel's hold on the territory, which it sees from syria. in 1967, hundreds of thousands of people have had their holiday travel plans disrupted as airlines cancelled more than 6000 flights over the christmas weekend. thousands more were delayed according to fly. tracking websites is comes amid a worldwide surgeon covert infections driven by the army kron variant. ok, let's turn our attention now to sports and german soccer. we have this look back at
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some of the best bonus. the goals from the 1st half of the campaign while the leak is on its winter break, have a look with gary goldman garrett hold on, hold it. oh no it it. c is with with
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concert it had to go with the lloyd, did it be good? so those of you who are hungry for more spectacular goals, don't worry. the bonus league starts again on january 7th, and of course you'll catch all the highlights from every much day here on d w. that's the latest from the w. this. our next is our documentary, the story of santa claus. you don't want to miss that. a marion evans dean for me in the news team. thanks for watching. ah. the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. e ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty.


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