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so that it's head is up here and its bottom is down here in these clan packets. you could say that in this little package here, we're going to try and stimulate the baby so she can so it can help the movement to ish. i'll mit busy, and can we encourage these movements and, and try to trigger certain reflexes into reflex and also lose. and this technique has become much more successful recently as a result is in the letter assignment is in tuscany. yes, a sophia is like a gentle abdominal massage. we always start from the bottom. and as a foot there noun who some. so guns like been and i was dent tricks for a long time. exciting but sponsorship for over 20 years. and i'd been turning babies since i began kumato aside from mine, but since the birth of my own children's in these new born reflexes were
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investigated, i thought, why don't we try to trigger them shortly before burden can when the child is still in the wound. mcclin's and on the since i started the success rate has risen from 40 percent to 72 percent and and we've reduced the amount of c sections needed in branch burkhart of epic and lack of duty edge, darker duty and field a phone, a lot of women are very frightened of the turning technique. schmidt, they think it will be very painful, but it shouldn't be. it's really gentle. so it can feel that the baby is already on the moon shone on to feed. the procedure only takes a few minutes. this is my, i'm doing a quick check to see if the baby's happy with him. his baby lucas's. now the head is down here. pitched really, wow, amazing. as soon as his own
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lunch monkey out, sometimes it still gives me goosebumps as well. so it's really great that he can work with such ease and without the use of force, yet just now the bottom is really high up here in the bottom. and the legs are stretched out and it's still a boy. this has that hasn't changed a little, but his head is pointing downwards now. so yeah. okay. now we can aim for a spontaneous delivery label and wait for labor to begin to lovely. see that? i'm so happy many thanks. and even if it sometimes doesn't work, experience midwives like caston miller can accompany a natural delivery with breach births as well. and, and ganga wouldn't reach back 0. i've had a few i so obviously there's always a doctor there. no midwife does that alone from beginning long, but i've looked after quite a few breach births and some really nice ones shewn. it's definitely different when the bottom comes 1st and you need more patients to let it happen naturally come to
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latin. i know i lot 30 or me. yeah, they aren't a yonce and her son a year later when he came into the world naturally after being externally turned for asthma. gus glueck lucia. i was very happy that it worked so well and so quickly. i didn't feel anything at all till it didn't hurt. like many people seem to think or did so many people asked me that had fear of uniform wouldn't because he had so much space in my belly benedict move back and forth a couple of times on bennett, a cut one time, but he went back to the correct position himself retaliatory as well as his and all, but he also had to be turned to 2nd time by doctor hinson, another office for hingston from sweden woven that she's happy she avoided asses arion, and that she wasn't too nervous about labor pains. so oh, i moved was that will be granted. i cleared the baby has to come into the world
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somehow. i've heard of some women who were so scared they decided to have is this area. that's fine. but i feel confident enough i'd manage craig. oh, do you have a question about nutrition, exercise, or new medical treatment? the english have experts may have the answer. just send us an email to in good shape at d, w dot com. have you ever posed boasted bluffed to do better shiny or version of yourself? exaggerated your ability several media encourages exactly that sort of behavior. but there are also people who do exactly the opposite. they might have every reason to show off, but somehow they don't see it that way. or
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your intelligent creative, competent, and resilience in. but despite your obvious success, you're plagued by self doubt and fear being found out. you have imposter syndrome. these women do too. and since most of them out, i worry about being exposed as an imposter, mainly in situations when i have to speak in front of people's talks, giving speeches. that's always been hard for me and hide. not so much because i have a problem with public speaking. but rather because my biggest fears that someone will stand out and say, come on like, that's not true tall women of where you have no idea what you're talking about. guns for wondered leaders. and they were mentors for guess. whenever i have a successful experience and feel happy about it and proud of myself, they'll be this critical voice in the back of my mind saying, what's out that someone doesn't come along and take it all apart on this alice us
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and, and the someone who realizes that you not that great after all will kind of in fact i hear a total fraud inflicted his gun. i always think at some point it will all blow up in my face that it'll turn out that my exams were actually just easy. thus, the studio that my studies don't count for any thing can also draw, and i've always liked that at some point, every one will find out that i am totally unsuited to my job, and i'll get fired, how long i can then consechi, people with imposter syndrome think they don't deserve their success, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. said most i always had the feeling i wasn't enough yet. when i had to do more, i had to give more. i had a really hard time reminding myself, every once in a while of just i how much i actually do every day, i list the entire leister for people with imposter syndrome, every phone call could mean that jig is up
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i hello. hi, it's me. can you take over my meeting on monday? i won't be there. you can handle it, right? sure. no problem. great. i'm counting on you. yeah, no problem, any time, bye. oh. oh, perpetual feelings of inadequacy caused people with imposter syndrome to push themselves harder and harder creating a vicious circle. lost? no, ma'am, because you have to do even more. no, you can't go out yet. first, you have to do more and not you have to keep studying ideally and get a doctorate and then it probably still won't be good enough trying to get my own food could be, as women in particular, are affected by intense feelings of self doubt. impostor syndrome. isn't so much
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a condition as a personality trait to some extent. there may be a genetic cause, but it's mainly a question of upbringing and environment. disguises and homes proposed to be aware that impostor syndrome is a thing, is already half the battle, he realizing ok this exists and there are many other women who are affected by it. look at this, got you. i'm of how and it's not that unusual. ha kenzie my death had museum would help me was saying it's okay that i have these doubts right now. okay. here's that critical voice again. okay. i hear it's. it's okay that it's there. is this okay? does it sounds paradoxical at 1st because it's something that you want to fight by a garcia and that you actually want to get rid of it, joe, and thus that's when i'm lost van merged. but once i acknowledge my feelings, i feel much better and stop fighting against myself. basil on issues of getting me say minds of him instead of focusing on self doubt work on building self esteem. it
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takes a bit of practice, but it can be done. i pharmacy lots hula, be accepting of your mistakes. we learn from our mistakes. always trying to avoid making mistakes. is what drives this obsession with perfectionism as well as law dubious. good, good, good. you're good enough. just the way you are. you have unique tenants in the world has been waiting for lots of times. i think that if we can keep reminding ourselves of that, then we can silence that stupid in a critically and put pe to impostor syndrome multiple if read peace with ourselves and unsatisfied with ourselves way we are here than the world is open to us and you can see with if you are the kind of person who always strives to do their best, especially at work. i'll mindfulness coach martin has a tip for you. oh. sorry,
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i'm busy. i'm. i call you back. oh no. you're right. i goes the break. sounds familiar. yeah, well sometimes we are so focused or strained on a task in a project that we try to crawl into the screen to get closer to a solution or a completion. and yeah, sometimes we skip our well need it's break. today i'd like to show you a different story, namely how micro breaks can help you to achieve better results. the fewer mistakes and more well being. micro brakes can already interrupt stress within the 30 to 60 seconds and help you thereby to reduce it. therefore, we just take all the tension in the bag, the shoulders, the arms and leave it on the armrest on the back rest. on the sitting surface. with
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every all breath. we give up a little bit of the pressure, the strain just for 3 to 5. breathing school as a return to work by it wise would be to simply notice if there's any change in your attention or some kind of freshness there, or even in your poster. and it's helpful to do more of these shorter breaks than fuel along a breaks. because after a long break, you're usually take longer to get back to the process. so give yourself a break now and then see you next time and good shape. ah, ah, with
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hunting in the arctic circle, who has the right to do so? the land of the rain sweetened supreme court has ruled that exclusive game hunting and fishing rights will be restored to one of the oldest and
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a source of aggravation for swedish hunters. in 30 minutes on d, will you ah, the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. v ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above. in 75 minutes on d. w. o o, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating
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managed by frappe, bought lou. ah, ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin tributes for the iconic spiritual leader who helped bring down apartheid in south africa. people around the world. remember archbishop desmond tutu who was died at the age of 90. the anglican cleric was revered as a passionate advocate for freedom and equality full of back at the nobel peace prize. lori it's life and legacy. also coming up kurdish families more of the did
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of a migrant boy that sank in the english channel last month. their bodies are repatriated to iraq. the victims were hoping to start a new life in prison. also on the show, both artists and activists, the nearly mid holiest iconic photos shine a light on black and queer culture in south africa. an exhibition in berlin features more holies groundbreaking work. ah, i am jared read. thank you very much for your company. south africa's archbishop desmond to to is being remembered today as the champion of justice and global human rights. he died on sunday at the age of $92.00 to was a key figure in helping bring an end to apartheid in south africa. and he was
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awarded the nobel peace prize for his work in 1994 south african president, 0 ram, oppose announced to choose death, and he praised him as a leading life in bringing racial equality to the nation. morn is from old corners of south african society, a mocking the passing of archbishop desmond tutu. we have lost one of the most illustrious, courageous, and beloved amongst us. archbishop desmond, true to us, one of our nation's fineness. perchance. he was a man of one wavering courage or principal conviction and whose life was spent in the service of us. he in many ways they're more due to the essence of our humanity. though he may have been a leading force of south africa's anti apartheid movement. many international
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leaders remember to choose personal qualities. he was just a wonderful, wonderful ma'am. we can only celebrate his life, his long, generous, open life. he had a capacity to touch people, and we will remember him because of that generosity, that empathy that love. and he spoke about love all the time. you as president joe biden, and 1st lady jill biden released a statement saying we a hot, broken to land of the passing of a true servant of god and of the people. and that his courage and moral clarity helped inspire our commitment to change american policy toward the repressive apartheid regime in south africa. in a statement on twitter for me, you as president barack obama also mourned to, to his passing. archbishop desmond tutu was a mentor, a friend, and a moral compass for me. and so many others, a universal spirit archbishop, to,
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to was grounded in the struggle for liberation and justice in his own country. but also concerned with injustice everywhere. city hall in to, to his home of cape town has been leased up in purple in tribute. his funeral will be held on january 1st, marking the passing of a champion and shining light in the struggle for human rights. or earlier we spoke to reverend allen bo sac, he is the former president of the world alliance of reform churches, and he was friends with desmond to say for many years and to leave it his 90th birthday sermon. in october, we asked him about 2 to his most important legacy. he will be remembered for his courage is honestly desmond tutu, was as honest and as clear with regard to the public system and the south african government, the old a particular african government. as he to the african national congress done now.
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and so he's critique that he had and what government had done is the critique he has today, and he's not afraid to actually come up and say, so he's letters, you will be that of honestly, legacy will be that of courage. legacy will be there all inclusive, it is legacy will be that of looking compassionately at people, even though you never forget the goals of justice that you are fighting for legacy will be, i suppose, one of enduring hope that is mingled with face and especially yuma. and if you have the sense of humor that there's room to have, it means that you do not take yourself too seriously. but that to the review your people with that sense that something better is coming, something better is always worth working for. and even though you cry about something, god gives you something in the lives of other people that makes you feel good. that
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makes you laugh, let, let your smile. and that is a legacy that all of us are now embracing. and that was reverend allen bo sack former president of the world alliance of reform churches. speaking to us the bill earlier on the legacy of desmond to to in other news. now the bodies of 16 iraqi kurdish migrants who drowned in the english channel in november had been returned to elbow the capital of iraqi kurdistan. 27 migrants died when their dinky deflated as they tried to make the dangerous crossing from france to britain. it's being described as the worst disaster on record involving migrants, trying to cross the channel they left searching for a better life, but make the most tragic of deaths. relatives waited at bill airport for the delivery of coffins carrying the remains of loved ones. just some of the thousands who have fled a land of little opportunity as the brother of one victim described. oh,
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on liquid, in kurdistan for more than 7 or 8 years. there hasn't been any work on a young people have no work in the government sector or even in the private sector against all these young people left to achieve their dreams and goals and to reach a country that provides a decent life with dignity done. but i think i know if i can look at their journeys ended in the english channel attempting the perilous crossing from france to england. at least 32 people crammed on to an overcrowded inflatable boat like this one. setting off in rough weather, within hours the engine stalled. as the dingey deflated its passengers made desperate phone calls for help. rescue boats arrived more than 12 hours later finding only 2 survivors. french and british authorities have traded blame over who should have responded more than a month later,
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funerals can finally take place. relative say, most of the victims had used official migration channels before attempting the dangerous c route. well, let her. oh, it is. yeah, this was a family of 4 what the mother and her 3 children wanted to migrate and have a better life or several friends. i got kind of a lumber that'll, but it was god's will that they meet their end at c ada, jennifer ashburn, methodology on the kurds from iraq. we're not the only ones who lost their lives. others from afghanistan, ethiopia, egypt, iran in somalia are also being returned to their homelands and laid to rest. long. gonna talk now about the consequences of climate change which are being felt in a growing number of regions in africa. the lack of rain there has led to extreme drought in some areas, it's in kenya, is one of the hardest heat regions. now, many people there are suffering from food insecurity. nanda diane lincoln and the
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other residents of a village are finally getting some help donations of corn, flower, and oil. so they'll have something to eat. they cannot get food on their own any more. over the past year, it has barely rained you lucon, easton, kenya. i'll no longer this drought is hurting us. it's everywhere. how many animals have died? life, his heart. he. they are shepherds, but the stall of none to ryan lincoln is empty. she has lost 27 of her animals to the drought. her son is leading the 12th that are left to the north in search of grass, in kenya alone, more than free and a half 1000000 people off, threatened by food insecurity and depend on aid. what even that is. not enough. i love the lord. my children don't get enough to eat, especially the little one needs milk. people in somalia and southern ethiopia are suffering from the consequences of the drought as well. not only the cattle are
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dying, wild animals like this dear off are also in danger. i sent me the letter of gallery to an inducement, climate change, and maybe as a remedy to it as an alternative to it. as a solution to the drawer situation is actually having little daunting leveling with this people. the rising temperatures have interrupted the rain cycle permanently. the drought is expected to continue until the middle of next year, until then, the suffering of the people here is certain to increase. let's get a round up of some other headlines now. the bodies of more than a dozen migrants have washed up on a libyan beach. the red kristen says their boat sank as they tried to cross the mediterranean sea to europe. the route from libya to italy, is one of the world's most dangerous, with some 1500 people missing anthea drowned this year. us airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights for a 3rd day due to armor cronin fictions among staff. all of the major carriers have
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faced labor shortages because cabin crews and ground staff have called in seek us daily infections have been rising sharply as the variance spreads to dams have burst in ne, in brazil, after weeks of heavy rain in the region, 18 people have died since torrential rains began pounding by our state in early november, tens of thousands of had to evacuate their homes. now to a story on empowering gender ambiguity, south african photographers, i nearly my whole day is known for portraying sexual freedom and black queer culture. now, a museum here in berlin is dedicating an exhibition to the artist, an activist. it's an insight into south africa's l g, b t, q, community, and reflection to on apartheid. proud, powerful, sometimes vulnerable,
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or even royal. these are some of the faces of the nellum holy. his work also conference trauma. for almost 20 years, molly's been documenting south africa, l g. b teacher communities. discrimination against sexual minorities has been illegal in south africa since 1996. but in day to day life, gays lesbians and transgender people here are still at risk, as well as non binary people. i think you live with that threat every day, but i cannot stop doing what i'm doing because it made sense to me, and it forms part of the south african history post that but fate. molly's exhibition and berlin shows survivors of antique. we are hate crimes, including so called corrective rape. but there are also images of love and care. molly's photos are a collaboration built on trust between the artist and the subjects who gaze out at
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the viewer with confidence and dignity for the series, faces and phases. behold, followed subjects over several years in that we put elgar thea is a continuing journey in life of building visual history with the community. and so they also invite their friends and associates to look fearless, to be bold, to be desiring to be unafraid of the camera. holy self portraits often make reference to the toxic legacy of apartheid. this photo recalls the massacre of 34 mine workers and 2012. others pay tribute to the artist's mother who worked for 42 years as a servant to white families. in order to feed her 8 children,
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sonoma, holy says these stories neat telling to it's about time that we and do that 3 shall erasure and also to take ownership of our voices to take ownership of our public archives. and also for us to say that we are proud of, we are as black people, confident and empowered. janelle, him holies haunting images, celebrate. we're beauty and dignity, making them visible to the world. well, christmas of course, is over for another year. but if you'd like one last look at santa claus in 2021. well, here are hundreds of the runners in north macedonia. capital scope you have dawned 50 of santa claus costumes for a race through the city. sanders of all ages covered the distance of just over one
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kilometer. the annual event was canceled, of course, last year, use a coven 19 restrictions, but with new case numbers on the decline, there was nothing to stop. this is festive event. with hand you're up to date here on d. w. news coming up. next is world stories. i'm jarrett great in berlin. thanks for watching. welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 9.


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