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emissions are not customer relevant as long as the car isn't pumping out dirty. rancid fumes fucks wagon was not alone in its willingness to outsmart the inspectors. once the v w emissions scandal hit the headlines, other carmakers were also investigated, resulting in fines' claims for financial damages and recalls in germany as well as the u. s. among the new suspects, mercedes benz b, w subsidiaries, audi and portia. but also chrysler, theat and auto parts supplier bosh for 2000 fulton gaps, la gazette, cable g of prior to 2015. there was legislation that was evidently not enforced, that it had cross and obvious loopholes. these exit and this legislation was simply not enforced across the board. folks. volkswagen came clean. the others didn't argue. so this one sided focused on folks bargain isn't fair either. for the law
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disputes v w was the tip of the iceberg on the part was the most brazen offenders. it's all entirely, but you need to remember that v w was far from the only company involved and the name bar, as it turned out, it was not as is often reported a v w scandal. and it was a scandal where the car industry, in general, used illegal method me to circumvent environmental regulations. gunboat in 2017 oliver kyesha was deputy chairman of the parliamentary inquiry into the emissions scandal. he says that germany is road transferred agencies checks when either strict nor independence. the agency has rejected the claim as absurd. that krisha insists he's right. that outcast and outside said i'd lisha. that's the all the emissions scandal shows very clearly how the car industry is able to dictate stipulations or bottom velocity fart saga by hand. that the point was not
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really monitoring vehicle emissions on the road that you and aligned the home. dust so focused was solely on ensuring that the official tats appeared to pass. and it was designated quite blatantly as an industry oriented testings into ski now poor besides unit for 2015. following the suspicious emissions readings in the i c c t study the u. s. authorities were unreal and saying in their perceived, why are your diesel so dirty? how do you explain this? the v w engineers continued to equivocate, while keeping quiet about the defeat device. ah, our plan was to stole for time. ah, when questioned, we were not to say a word about the technical background, an internal email in march 2015 said words to the effect of
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b. w is on thin ice in the u. s. and further, if i say what i know, they'll be red face is all round but as i fuck met was now obvious that the people also in the u. s. had no idea what to do any more and were at a complete loss for chickasha was free, it was an awful atmosphere. god should i and we realized that they were sweating. the fans were at their wits end midway from vision. eventually v w faced an ultimatum from the u. s. so sorties, either you provide an explanation or we won't certify your new cause. with disaster looming, vw held one crisis meeting off to the next vin to con himself faced deming testimony from his confidant bent, got vice vendor columbus jungle. when vin,
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to con, cold me. i told him that we'd been chatting thus that the cars had a device that could differentiate between test bench and road. grasso decided into corn would lay to challenge that accounts. while confirming the cool had taken place, he denied he'd been given such a warning. not long after that phone call, a 3rd and crucial decision was made on july 27th, 2015. the v w headquarters involves book was the scene of a product failure analysis meeting at which martin ventercore and finally sat down with the engine designers for the 1st time, reportedly on the agenda. what would they to do about the u. s. diesel engines? what about the authorities? as for the rest of the meeting, one story with various narratives. oliver schmidt was among those present it as
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a milady fog of us. what i didn't chavez tish pullin what it was discussed at the meeting was to have cuz off amazon does offer no missing. mm hm. do you believe my version, where the board said, we had to clarify this with authorities. i know it was awful. do you believe us, prosecutors den my claim. b, w management ordered a blanket smokescreen to the authorities to the, to the to vote. and the 3rd version of fun related by executives to the parliamentary committee, to tea at 4 that the board said nothing at all. social schools offered of what of okay scott, ah, evidently there was a presentation which apparently referred to as a half a 1000000 vehicles being affected on the american market. and the prospects have drastic penalties for v w. couple inequality on will human and soft. somebody apparently did a calculation and just multiplied the maximum penalty by the number of cars written down on a slip of paper. and that was discussed at the meeting. yeah,
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yes. then to cones, the count of events is a very different one. according to him, the meeting was not about any legal defeat device or potential fines, or indeed whether they were to tell the truth to the authorities. minutes from the meeting however, reveal talk of only a partial disclosure of information to the v w. inspectors did not subsequently claim that vin to cohen was lying, but they did accuse him of negligence and a failure to take action. a leash. oh, tom advised, no. they said he did not properly pursue elicit software functions in the to later t d, i. after july, the 25th of 2015 and that he failed to ensure that the enquiries from the american authorities were answered completely and truthfully unfold
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what the man tasked was talking to the u. s. o, sorry t swiss oliver schmidt, his job to get v w out of trouble. at the same time, there may have been the prospect of using the opportunity to give his career a boost to what they chose me because of my contacts with the u. s. authorities, there was a list of instructions, a script telling me what to say and what 2 men and i was not to say the words defeat device on my, on doing one. in august 2015. schmidt flew to the us where he told some of the truth, but not all. regardless, the american investigators refused to relent. the show was over. a v w engineer was tired of lying and admitted to the scam. it was now a matter of not if but when the disaster would happen. but v w executives were still confident that things wouldn't turn out so bad. ventercore would lay to say
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that the engineers confession was likewise news to him. he made a high profile appearance at germany's biggest car show. it would be his last decade on beaver francois leaving the sparkling would come of the pistol isn't always lago forks, fog light in the driver's seat. 2 days later, the american environmental agency went public with the scandal. the global headlines now made clear the gravity of the situation, m. r. soon on september 18th, it was on the evening news, and that was when i knew, oh, this is batches of as well as to shim as each to folks wanted to come in. when i arrived at volkswagen, my impression was more that they had massively underestimated the consequences of what had been done in the college. massy fontas,
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it's like being seriously drunk and doing 250 kilometers per hour on the highway and expecting to get a small a fine munched off like for a parking ticket. if i could park volkswagen is being told to recall. nearly half a 1000000 vehicles were emissions software. they did what. this is a difficult, massive challenge for volkswagen. i suspect very crisis mode data roseborough doesn't apply to hinder cooling. the shorter slows offset, liam. the 2nd, this is jordan. i was often tish, was no goodly sh. conspire and removed via leon gus off that link that he caused of who has the biggest blame the engineer who did the programming to now like his superior? yes. as, as to who knew but didn't stop him not yes, have bigger boss, yada who knew but didn't do anything either on so vida the to the job guns feet as
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he of course a lot of them pledged ignorance and said, no, i never heard about any acoustic function, acoustic fun tool wise, is any kind of it must have been hundreds of people that would then maybe 10 say, which was me. i was verified in being the slim feel, or are you ready to go to halter, put alia, albert, from 600000 pension. look at an article document. the social class was shocking. fucker that you're thinking, what are you talking about? women done and as an engineer you think to, to, to the entire development of an engine plus x number of suppliers. and what have you, invest that dawning if you add it all up and look at the total number of b w employees side, if of is this just handful of engineers? no, no. v w insisted that 100 people constituted a tiny group compared to a workforce of 600000 that the company had taken appropriate action to resolve the
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affair. yahoo, i'm a lawyer disco, sewell's, crew to wine. and i, if you look what we now have a different culture that uses of openness and addressing mistakes swung the diesel affair, will always be part of volkswagens history. and there's no way around that canal of your like many of my colleagues, i've always acknowledged that this was the biggest case of corporate fraud in post war, german history and arch lunch or not and creek. ah . as 2021 dawned, v w was eager to put the scandal to bed. before the trials got underway and lounged like the company had already made its own verdicts, dismissing engineers without notice, while others continue to work for the call maker. v w said martin vinto khan was guilty only of negligence. and that after the crucial meeting should have been
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honest with the american authorities. but the call maker did then sue him for damages while of into cons. executive insurance covered the majority, he was left to pay 11200000 euros out of his own pocket. a lot of money, but less than an average. he is pe oliver schmidt was among those who attended the emergency meeting. he was the man assigned to talking to the u. s. l. sororities, but did not tell the whole truth costing him 3 years in jail. he emerged a free man, but one who had since been sacked by v w. bestbuy. for almost 20 years, my life revolved around the company and the factory. it feels weird coming back here as well. ah aah! schmidt went to court to challenge his dismissal. but has yet to reach his settlement. there is no progress now. why not?
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no interest from the other party to rita, but he refuses to comment on individual cases. the pounds strike, prosecutors have charged 20 plus v w employees for the 70 or so is still under investigation. the diesel emissions scandal is a story with no witness where some have lost almost everything and others little mm ah ah, center the conflict with to sebastian at least 27. my group parish in the english channel will with mouth force europe to commit to say for
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migration policy. uber hofstadter ruffled member of the european parliament on the former prime minister in belgium. one happened for the news, much more value and what performs a new deal with conflict. in 30 minutes, d, w mm. small acts can inspire big changes to meet the people making a possible go africa. joined them as they set out to save the environment. learn from one another and work together for a better future. many thoughts do you offer, tuning it. eco africa. in 90 minutes, d, w. eco, india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment?
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when there are doers will look at the bigger picture, india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europa and india eco india. pod d w. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah . the state of the news long from berlin, keeping the door open for a diplomatic solution. russia and the u. s. discussed the simmering tension


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