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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2022 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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19 vaccine. why is the number of vaccinated people in africa still so low? don't have access to vaccines? at least we don't know when we'll get access to them. what is the master plan to increase immunization coverage? the 77 percent? i mean, be donald me in a high pitched a 60 minute, not on d, w. these places in europe or smashing all the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on your back. you too, and now also in book form ah, ah, ah mm,
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let's not hear dancing. we visit the famous launch in paris, the birthplace of the can, can more on that coming up in the show. everyone who welcome to a brand new year and a new addition of euro max, i'm your host megan lane. here's a look at what else we've got in store for you today. what the food trends predicted for 2020, to less leach and a visit to europe, the largest artificial rain forests under a roof we kick off the new year in the city of love, paris. the french capital is characterized by many things like the eiffel tower. the sen and of course, the famous la ruse for well over 100 years. it's always been the site of extravagant shows which gave paris the reputation as the city of decadent pleasure
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. while the shows continue to this day, and we met up with a long time dancer of the moulin rouge who has the only german member, there has been living out her dream in paris. ah glitter glamour and lots of naked skin. normal gal feels right in her element at the mood. for 19 years, the 39 year old has been dancing in the front row of the most famous review in the world. ma gal studied medicine and danced as a hobby. she never imagined she would become a professional dancer. ah, he's come here going on about a week after my 1st show, i remember thinking, how am i going to laugh at? i was totally exhausted and thought you can't physically do this. but then i, yeah, this became my daily life when i talk normal gal performs at the milan ruse in
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northern paris 6 days a week. as an established solo dancer. she now has her own dressing room where she can do her makeup in peace. a bit of luxury and stage makeup is completely different to every day make up, make, i wouldn't go out on the street like this house and i haven't even put on my red lipstick lunch. and then it's money. does it? it's very noticeable. i'll not something i would wear day to day said to me, fit in. i attacked mists, being a permanently employ dancer is hard work and requires a lot of discipline, nor performs twice every evening. each performance lasts 2 hours, but dancing is normal gals passion, and the moulin rouge is like a 2nd home to her that he had or is more like home than a workplace. i know every nook and cranny, here, at least i thought so didn't thinking doctor you, but it's a bit like paris itself, where you turn a corner and there's something new to explore to negotiated it. normal gal even
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likes to spend her free time near the cabaret in the moment of a district with its special atmosphere as a mother of 2 young children. she has little downtime but manages to occasionally sneak in a hot chocolate at a cafe. she doesn't have to watch her weight. on the contrary, he doesn't think is empty when we are allowed to eat whatever we want. disney m as a dancer, you burn so many calories with daily training routines and shows. we can then take, we just planing on to shows. we are in full motion at least 5 hours a day. so we need all the calories we can get all kilo him else. can mcgowan mcgowan likes to unwind by taking a walk around such a curb where she enjoys the view of paris, even on cloudy days. peggy's as shewn, paris is beautiful, even when it's not thus loved. it makes hard day's bear obliged. but even
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after almost 20 years in the french capital, normal gal doesn't feel like a real parisian is as naturally sh, via as rural. it's hard to become part of parisian life as a mula, whose dancer we are important to parisian life with a name. but we live in a parallel universe, poly loony vessel. does have hm. yeah many. so we have few points of contact with real parisian sets actually who buddies and her friends are the other dances who share the same daily rhythm. her world is more ruge with its stage and back stage area, with more than a 1000 unique hand and tailor made costumes. miguel changes her outfit 20 times in an evening and she doesn't have a problem addressing so revealing lee in front of hundreds of people
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when he comes to you. when i wear these costumes, i feel very confident he jack, it's like getting into a role when i slip in to them. i feel protected, foolish mish gosh, it's the highlight of the show is the can, can a physically demanding dance which has been lifting the audiences spirits at the milan rouge since $1889.00 or even then the dance is raised there, petticoats exposing their legs, the popular cabaret, with its unusual facade, was founded by french businessman, shalysea le, and joseph aaliyah, the moulin rouge at the foot of the momentarily hill, attracts diverse visitors from the world. over the dances were the subject of henri, due to louis low tech paintings. at the end of the 19th century artists such as the
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legendary molina, dietrich, we're here for berlin bourne normal gal. be able to dance. he is still very special, even after all these years. ah, i loved being on stage. the applause makes it so difficult to stop off. it's addictive, emotional dish dish. nevertheless, after 19 years at the milan rouge nor miguel plans to move back to berlin in 2022. where she will continue to dance as a hobby. what the new year will bring is clearly in the stars, but it also comes with new resolutions and for some that includes eating better foods. now a days, however, if not just about reducing calories, but instead choosing options that also have a healthier impact on the environment. we look at some of the trends on the food
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front that are likely to grow in popularity in the coming year. o. ready jelly fish have been a delicacy in asia for over a 1000 years, but could they become a super food in europe? ready gernado esposito of italy is one of the 1st top level western shafts to experiment and develop recipes with jelly fish. but convincing diners to eat them is another matter. first of all, we have to throw away the that then toggles, we goes that goes out dangerous. can give you like a shock for your skin and you have to draw away from believe that he's nothing like of geography. he's rich charbonneau rich over important jelly fish caught around. europe are not yet officially approved as food stuff,
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only those imported from asia are meant for human consumption. researchers like bio technologist antonette la leona, have been studying the preservation and preparation of jelly fish for over 10 years . for now, mediterranean and barrel jelly fish are being tested as potential food sources in europe. they are very interesting anymore because they contain 9 racing material like the protein select the large and they could be more sustainable along a broader or other feature that are disappearing. it might take a while for jelly fish to appear on european menus, but these protein rich creatures have the potential to become a viable food source of the future. from the depths of the ocean to the hills of switzerland, where cheese alternatives are in the making. at the new roots company near ban,
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deacon takes on fondue and other cheesy treats, using caches instead of milk. it aims to provide a healthier and more ethical option to cheese. i think i used assisted to complete . i think this is the future in move, we need to rethink things. that's human evolution able to to on this mention that he wasn't liquor founded the company in 2015 at the age of 21. but he's not allowed to call his vegan alternatives cheese because they're made without animal milk production here also aims to reduce the company's carbon footprint. the hash, their lungs are the production of the raw material is actually one of the most important factors in terms of seo to balance. also cal cashier's grow on nutrient rich soil without any added water after that. so with that threat, most of the sensing and they got the fist on the only negative aspect is the transport which adds 5 percent to the seo to balance. and that that is actually a very small fraction declined. it brought in geneva to cheese making is being
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reinvented the claim. l. e. they gun opened in 2017 and was one of the 1st stores to offer gig in alternatives to dairy products cashed use are also the main ingredient. the family business offers around 9 alternatives. for classics like goat cheese, cameron bare and clear level completed the best in case want to label. there are more and more people who can't tolerate dairy. and then there are flex. a terence or weekend vegetarians want to make a difference to do something better, but aren't ready to take that big commitment yet. spunk of that question. yeah. so how did the alternatives fare said pushing it up. very refreshing flavorful. up at em. mm. but you can tell it's not cheese mm. life dock and light cheesy flavor. a few hertzberg that's about it is on roto as more vegan alternatives are created. enthusiasm may grow.
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this my be coming up in the future to a freshly printed 3 d stake. it's the creation of biomedical engineer, jazz that bas shante. his startup nova meat has developed the 1st stake from vegetable protein which is printed in 3 d. it's plant paste, but looks like a real stake i'm, which has on. there might be vested in america though, a bit of it, but there are many alternatives on the market. but there are limitations that i'm borges. they imitate, processed, made such as hamburgers, maples, or sausages, unco reality, like having a database or mistake or what i implore a stake with the texture of beef and pork. it was a worldwide novelty. unlucky is only going on with this stake is made of rice keys and seaweed. protein powder, red beach juice is used for coloring. the printer's job is to press the raw material into thin fibers. it takes 20 to 40 minutes to print out one state.
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o at the l. some to audi, gore may restaurant north of barcelona chef with that sunny cath put the 3 d printed stake to the test against a real piece of meat place. when i got an it is it that this is a normal cala? while the other came from a 3 d printer guys, you'd hardly believe it's vegetarian. the texture is almost exactly the same as that of mate. the 3 d printed state is still a prototype, but efforts are being made to offer it to the wider public homeless guy in risk of you know, this was that i think that soon will be offering something far better than the meat substitutes which you currently find at restaurants appointment, the northwood egan steak, one of the more sustainable alternatives for the new year. we don't normally equate rain forests with europe, but in fact, there is one in the most unlikely of places in the english county of cornwall. here
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in artificial rain forest was erected some 20 years ago to show the importance of plants in relation to people. it's now the biggest of its kind and one reason our euro max report, our hendrick, vowing went there for the latest edition of europe to the max. ah, i'm making my way through the rain forest, the earth's green lawn. this time i found myself sent into the jungle for europe to the max. this is your of the rain forest, but under a roof that makes it europe largest indoor rainfall. here you can discover exotic plants experience adventures and learn everything about the rang for
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this particular in forest. as part of the eden project, various climate zones are simulated in a vast garden with enormous greenhouses. one of the domes, houses a tropical humid rain forest environment. an area of 16000 square meters makes it the largest indoor range forest in europe. i've traveled to southwest england to see it. the eden project complex has been in operation for 20 years, and the county of con will decide, was fully opened in march, 2001. it's a paradise artificially constructed on ground, where clay was once extracted. sir tim smith came up with the idea to transform the old quarry into an attraction where people are confronted with one of the most existential issues of human conte. i want to disguise inside fun
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a really important message which is that we are part of the natural world and we should not treat ourselves if we were somehow special and we will pay the ultimate penalty of extinction. if we do not learn to work within the boundaries that the world sets up 1st and we wanted to create a world and he said, wow, we want that. that could be our future. mm. time now to get better acquainted with the rain forest in the bio tov is artificially created, but the conditions are almost the same as those found in nature. this is mainly thanks to the self supporting cantilevered dom construction, which made it possible to create a rain forest on this scale. there are some 1000 different plants pieces here. mm. the transfer button is catherine conklin. knows them all. she was involved right from the start and planted the rain forest along with her team,
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the largest in the rain forest, which means the most accessible rang 5 for the majority of people that live in our region on the planet frame for us is super important for the global climate, so we have that when people come here though, enjoy walking around, but they'll start to realize how important it is and we will go row to play and looking after them. the rain for us reach around the equitorial bow and they basically regulate the climate for the entire planet. mm. the special feature here is the opportunity to experience the rain forest, not just from the ground, but from different levels. the dorm is up to 50 meters high. katherine cutler was nice enough to take me all the way to the top. mm. a sunny day like 20 of a 40 degrees. let people come up here when again,
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long from the ground in a real right. if not so interesting, the interest is up on the top because everything is trying to get up to the water. that's where, that's where all the interesting things going on in about don't below things are also interesting where many tropical plants bear fruit like bananas and cocoa. ah ah ah, they these of it, the co copays. and you can take one of these with just keep it in your mouth like this being, you know, made the white bit on the outside with the
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taste. quite lemonade, quite nice. oh yeah. but then what was the last here that is the b. so this is the bit that megan and i always think this is amazing, very interesting with it's the wonders of nature that also draw sir tim smith back to the rain forest again and again before starting the project. he was a music miniature and you almost nothing about plants. it means about how all of these things that you think of boring i just there, absorbing sunlight, always absorbing, absorbing, absorbing, turning them into sugars. batteries, what's inside here makes a nuclear power station look like a child's toy. they are absolutely wonderful things plants. and the trouble is because they can't sing, they can't dance, they can't tell jokes. you know? no one looked at them properly. in it seems to me neither even project is
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a good way to change that. at 1st, i was a bit skeptical, only plans and trees. how boring, but after spending a day in the rain forest here, i'm totally excited how diverse the plans are, how intelligent this seem to be, and how complex everything is connected has shown me once again. how important the rain forest is. especially when you consider that every 16 seconds the piece of rain forest, the size of this greenhouse is distraught. the your at from its extreme side in your up to the max, your max report, a hendrick veiling takes you to one of a kind places in europe. the highest volcano, the biggest stadium, the ice. yes. hotel, breathtaking, stunning. re caught breaking. there was amazing. it was like the
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weirdest thing i've ever done. watch extreme clipping moments. now on i youtube channel, her dish. and finally, electronic music fans might recognize this song. i if the robot by prosperity. now, hardly any other german ban has been as influential on the electronic music scene as they have. well now, a new exhibition in germany digs deeper into the origins of this music genre. and howard developed over the years music and rhythm with the machine. the electro exhibition recounts the history of electronic music after stops in paris and london, the show has now set up shop in dusseldorf, western germany also craft back home town till pioneers,
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audio visual masterpieces have made them one of the most influential bands of all time. with the bad has kept a low profile to this day. one of their biggest fans is professor dirk mattie of ski who teaches pop culture at the university of diesel door. he has published a book about them. cuthbert hudson is caustic, was the 1st would lend the use of electronic music technical potential with our innovative and avant garde element scene. and that's what still makes them so stimulating. successful and influential too. so unwilling to afford caution for preg oh, founded in 1970 the group had its break through 4 years later. the album autobahn raced into the top 10 charts in the us today. kraft dad's hometown is considered the birthplace of electronic pop music, volkoff,
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dirt. you can't talk about couple of back without talking about diesel doff or meaning you have to delve into the place where they thought off and produce their pivotal album, simon. and that's where we're going to tom duff on the according to legend after that would drive through decent or listening to their newly produce song that will later end up on their hid. alba give to test how they sounded on the go coaching, and just a doff is the ideal location because we have 3 beautiful bridges over the rhine river within easy reach. shewn of i'm pointing it only bar neil. in the 1970 it's fielding, such as the dry, shy, been house high riders. and the clinton academy also marked the cityscape and craft vax beginning the bands. creative hub was cling plan studio and mint hops class. craft back produced its music here until the studio moved out in 2009 here is suits was on, was eager. she. this is where music history was written in
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a way that resonates to this day. done, they always so their work here as a sort of lab experiments. i nod la by it's they said to clean claim studio, isn't a studio, it's a laboratory. i love war and we're not musicians jamming is where scientists or music engineers, law order. the music, alberto, and that fit the rough working class neighborhood with its casinos and table dance bars. but back to the exhibition, hardly any auto group has been sampled as much as cocked back. their compositions laid the foundation for electro pop and tech. no, as musical style founding member live hitter is one of the exhibitions curators. but it wouldn't be much use asking him about all this. and co curator allan did, there can explain why this was an interesting thing about coughed back. in my opinion, kidding is how they disappear behind their music is if they avoid the press and
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want they work in the robots to speak for themselves. and ralph fitter always says, the robots are already there, and why should i be to the group's goal was to produce a new style of modern music. and they've definitely achieved that. but even after half country craft back is not considering retiring in the past few years, they've played at numerous museums and music festivals in middletown. so when we discuss coughed back and electronic music and just hold off, the topic may have historical significance. but it also impacts the present day, and there's a lot still in store of in a few pos. carved back is a legendary avant garde band, that fills it's home town with pride. and on that note, we come to the end of the 1st show of the new year or don't forget, check out our website for our weekly draw and a chance at receiving some
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d. w goodies. as always, thanks for tuning. it was the again, sue, with ah, with
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who was 77 percent on a matter of life and death. this week we want to talk about the global inequality around the co, 19 back to allow. why is the number of vaccinated people in africa still so low?
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don't have access to vaccine? at least we don't know when we'll get access to them. what is the master plan to increase immunization coverage? the 77 percent. i mean, be done with 30 minutes on d w. how long does it last awe or an eternity time. it can be measured precisely, and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type, type phenomena, a dimension and illusion. in 75 minutes on d, w o. blue with
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t w's crime fighters are back to africa is most successful. radio drama series continues this season. the stories focus on hate speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and after 911, he says after 911, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true was vague, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what will hook people. we shed light on the
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opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all oh, peak world starts january 5th on d w. ah, this is the w news live from the south africa bid farewell to an anti apartheid hare president.


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