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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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have reach him in person like this is 10000000 people in the world. they have no nationality and told me they don't belong but everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say like ah, ah ah, this is the w news life from berlin, south africa parliament building on fire again, smoke billows from the roof just a day after a devastating place was declared under control. we'll take your life to cape town.
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also on the program sedans, prime minister resigns as violent unrest escalates. dela hm doc says a power sharing deal with the army has failed to restore order after weeks of protest. i'm brazilian president, jaya ball scenario is hospitalized with a suspected intestinal blockage doctor say he may need to undergo surgery. ah, i'm fil. gail. welcome to the program. the roof of south africa, the parliament is on fire again. almost a day after firefighters said they had contained a major blaze there. a flames and smoke have been seen coming from the assembly building and cape town, and firefighters have been called in again. the parliament quarter lights early on
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sunday and has been burning since the 49 year old man is set to face court on tuesday. charged on several counts including austin. parliament spokespersons says that they want answers about how exactly the fire flared up again. on monday. we are waiting for the full information, an update from the firefighter with a got to and what was the reason behind the site and re emergence of the fire at the roof off. the you mentioned on a simply, by the very device stating a distressing situation. but we continue to appreciate all the efforts of the country just in a bedroom that the firefighters continue to put in there and there. but let's get more from joan, the salim, 5 in cape town. welcome to sell him. what's being said about why this fi has
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flared up after 55 this had been brought under control. will basically the fight was so strong at the beginning that even though the player wasn't the control scenes yet. so they, the temperatures were not a broke down. so the temperatures could being very high, even though the big claims were english. and now, because of the high, the strong, we have the high temperatures, the re merged and actually before the remainder of the firefighters warrant that the temperature waking stream, the higher the people, there was a risk that it could happen. right? so it was, but the flames continued since yesterday with the temperatures and the wind found it back into life. yes, exactly. that was the case. ok. shortly before that that this fire was, was detected again today that was the press conference about what had started the original fire. what did we learn from that? when we learned that one of the, of the cost is that the alarms didn't ring in the right moment, the sprinklers were turned off and it was announced that the the bugs had been
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closed. so an investigation he's going to be on their way to determine if there was, they've also had been closed on purpose already. it was just a technical issue or a matter of a negligence. ok. a suspect has been detained a what do we know about this person who they are? what they charge with? well, he's being tried, he's being charged for house breaking and theft. a he has been accused of stealing some items from the, from the parliament. however, we still don't know what are those items. i mean, he's going to court tomorrow, and now the case is under the hands of the box. that's the best to get the units of the south african police department. ok. so that we don't know at this stage whether that the fire was started deliberately to cover a breaking or what happened. that is not clear at the moment. ok. so we have this, this, this fire that is raging again in this colonial era building. this
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is going to, this is going to take a lot of money to, to set, right? yes, definitely. and let's remember that this is a less than a year. this is the 2nd big fire that is destroying a very important building that is part of a heavy touch of gate done in terms of architecture and history. in april, last year, a library of the university of k plan was also under fire and thousands of miles scripts were destroyed and the building was destroyed and the damage if you press structure now with the parliament, is very similar to that. however, the temperatures, as we were saying before, us deal so high that these base very difficult to assess the damage right now because not even the fire fighters are able to access some of the areas of the building. ok, that's great, thank you so much for joining us about for us selling, selling at, in cape town. now to sit down where the prime minister has resigned following
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months of political term. well, i'm down to hom doc said it was not possible for him to restore order under a power sharing agreement with the military. when the army seized power back in october, mister ham dock and his cabinet with retained he was sent released and reinstated in november. his resignation from the transitional government leaves the military and sole control of the country. awe under the weekend of protests ensued on the quickly descended into violence. at least 2 people were killed by security forces. after thousands of pro democracy demonstrators took to the streets, dozens have died in mid unrest since prime minister abdullah hum doc signed a polish m deal with the military following a crew in october. but he now admits that hasn't worked out. a new thinking is
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needed. oh, in our local massacre, i decided to give back the responsibility an o and announced my resignation as prime minister locum to give a chance to another man. a woman of this noble country was at all to continue leading odyssey inaction when i thought and help it passed through what's left of the transitional period to a civilian democratic country, while irby helen might about graham. and i'm going to carl now with dolan matheney and demography among the military and civilian leaders have been sharing power since the also crowd. omar bashir was ousted in 2090 after 30 years and charge elections are currently planned for july, boots with ham dock gone, and sued, done roiled by unrest. the road to democracy looks increasingly fragile.
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but as take a closer look at this with collude hire, who is managing director of inside strategy partners that a think tank founded to support state building and transition in sudan. a welcome to d w. and what is your understanding of why abdullah hum doc resigned? well, quite literally ethan see through any of the plans that he had to bring about any sort of continuation of the transition. and that's because the transition as effectively dead as of the october 25th qu. but beyond that, the 21st of november agreement, which effectively codified the coo, ended up constricting the prime ministers, our executive space. so in fact, in reality, he found that he couldn't do much of anything. he couldn't appoint a new cabinet. he couldn't undo appointments made since the coo, he couldn't, you know, choose his own staff or am or gather the kind of political parties and political support around him that he could. and that's because most people that's got his
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included read the agreement that he signed with the general, but han as nothing more than a continuation of the 2. and so were low to be a part of it. right? so he went in or if i can put it this way with his eyes open. so why is he now giving, giving a given that was he naive? well, he had said that he had signed the could that the agreement on the 21st as a means to stop the bloodshed which had happened. and since the crew started and, and also because he didn't, he wanted to make sure that the gains of the past 2 years, he was referring particularly to the economic games were not squandered. now both of those things have happened. we've seen an increase or ad continuation of people being killed of seen were repression tactics used by the regime continue. and the international community has held off on returning some of the investments and all almost all of the investments and 8 am that were promised. so those, both of 2 reasons ended up, i'm sort of being without foundation and he found also that he couldn't make any
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headway with the military. i think that's an important factor that often gets missed. you know, ham dog made a lot of mistakes, but really the key factor here is not not being able to do anything that he wasn't able to do anything because the military made it short. mitchell, that was the case. as collin with her from inside strategy partners, let's take a look at some more stories making news around the world. her, in a call with ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, u. s. president joe biden has said the united states and its allies will respond decisively. if russia further evades ukraine, president biden's also backing diplomatic efforts to resolve the stand off talks between us and russian officials are scheduled in geneva for this month. the german crew ship are spent days stuck in the port of lisbon following a cove at 19 outbreak. at least 64 of more than 4000 passengers and crew of tested positive passengers with negative test results of being allowed to leave the ship
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and will be flown brazil's at president a j a ball sanara was taken the hospital overnight and may need to undergo surgery for an intestinal blockage the far right leader has suffered repeated abdominal issues since surviving a knife attack in 2080 at 3 a. m. in south harlow j. a. balsa narrow. arrived at the villa nova style hospital after the president experienced pain in his abdomen. he later revealed on twitter that he was fitted with the nassau gastric tube and may require surgery. back in july, the same hospital had treated balsam arrow when chronic hiccups preceded an intestinal blockage. he was not operated on then, but has undergone full major surgery so far to treat issues stemming from a knife attack in 2018. at the campaign rally injuries jeff fora, he was attacked as supporters carried him through the streets. bol scenario lost 40 percent of his blood, but survived,
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and went on to win the presidency late of that year. this year, bo scenario is standing for reelection. polls show him at risk of losing the presidency in october, following a controversial response to the pandemic. in recent years, the fight against global terrorism has shifted increasingly to the sa held region of africa. authorities in mauritania have taken to a traditional form of transport as part of their anti terrorism efforts. without from the european union, they've resurrected a 100 year old nomadic police force known as the chemical. this is the latest approach in the fight against g hottest terrorists in mauritania. a traditional solution to a modern problem. the mahari national guard are a police unit recruited from local nomads. there camels are their most important tool there. the best way to get around the vast border region between mauritania and molly. jihadist groups linked to al qaeda, have gained ground nearby,
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and authorities fighting them. need the kind of intelligence that only locals can offer was oh, is it a while ago? so i agents go undercover in the market unless they spy on the traders. for example, if we see a nomad buying large quantities of fuel, we know that's not normal shipper. and norma boss is to see the bodies on up their work is not without danger. while the men cook, lieutenant colonel city labs are secures the camp it or fear. ah said kid, we form a circle hucker group. each group has the century and we from the command or in the center or sample. the mahari police travels through the desert for months at a time or feed in monsieur dante valdez until we patrolled the region. it's healthy . we look for nomadic populations, but to whom he almost out of the we raise awareness even though we gather
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intelligence as well as that and communicate that to the central government and new act shirts of thought that are on opposite of the camel core are partly funded. by money from the european union, it's an international attempt to improve security here and in the larger region known as the sa hell. it's counter terrorism that starts at a local level. got the lizzie timmy had his to rec. now how did units gather intelligence? lemon us, they spot the threats and been anti terrorism units that get involved in take care of those threats on don't, don't sit than us. their job is to also deepen trust with people, people they know from their own communities. they help them by providing health care, said them the sequence of tea. this woman said she has vertigo, nausea, and general fatigue. that's why i gave her some albin deserves because she could
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have a parasite and desert. so see on the pot as he thought. this approach combining local knowledge with traditional connections and offering help as well as asking for information. it's proving popular. a few 100 new mahari police are already operational and authority say they plan to recruit $200.00 more i. that's it. you're up to date on a more world news at the top of the hour. vanessa chan will have d w. news asia, in just a moment. have a good literature invites us to see people. in particular. i like to see myself as the kids
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find the strengthens grown up.


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