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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah, what is true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what will hook people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to us all o peak world starts january 5th on d, w. with this d w news line from by land the europe gets ready for a new wave of only cronin factions. it's fair, the case numbers will spike to record levels following holiday travel and
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gatherings. so how will east germany doing also on the program? happy re union for some afghans playing taliban rule. rescued by relatives living here in germany. and we meet an unconventional entrepreneur who is breaking down stereotypes. b moroccan belgian mother of 5 launch is a multi lingual internet channel to shaft favorite recipes. in the hope of dispelling prejudice, ah, ah, i'm from gale. welcome to the program. europe is preparing for a new wave of covered 19 in fashions to start the new year. there are fiercely omicron veritable court case numbers to climb to record highs, increasing prashant hospitals and leaving many workplaces short staffed. here in
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germany, health officials or warning, but the true scale of the crisis is not yet known. because of a lag, and testing and reporting of cases over the holiday period, while army cra, numbers have exploded across europe, germany has buck. the trend here, infection numbers have remained relatively low over the past few weeks. but that com may be deceptive. cases have been under reported over the holiday period and many think a steep rise in the infection rate is inevitable. and for the 1st time in weeks, cases have actually started to go up. but there is a marked shift in where the virus is heating hardest. where it's just a few weeks ago, the south eastern region. so the biggest number of infections now it's northwest and germany, that is seeing a spike in cases. this is likely due to the spread of army crown cases from neighboring netherlands and denmark that have seen a sharp rise in new infections. austerity is fear, a new wave of infections could affect the running of critical infrastructure such
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as hospitals and other public services. this is prompted a debate on changes to quarantine roles with officials suggesting shortening isolation periods for people who test positive for cove at 19 munoz over. emma allows for if everyone suddenly drops out, then we can close the whole store. if just one person is left, they can't move from one department to the next and then do the checkout at the end . that's impossible this on mercury. while most people in germany support the measures currently in place. nationwide some 35000 people took to the streets again on monday to protest against germany's corona virus restrictions. many protesters are also angry at the new government plan to introduce the vaccine mandate. more and more politicians have come out in favor of it, but it will be up to the german parliament to decide with a vote expected at the end of february. so how do we make sense of the fact that surging infection rates in europe haven't been matched by surging hospitalization,
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rates? i put that question to martin mckee, who's professor of european public health at the london school of hygiene and tropical met. well, i'm not sure city coupling. what we are seeing is that the risk of hospitalization is much lower than it was without earlier variance. but we are seeing that as cases are going up, hospitalizations are going up, albeit not to lot, not to the same extent. i think what we've seen with success of variance is that they're changing in terms of their transmits ability, but they're also changing in terms of the pattern of disease that they're causing. and there's no doubt that oma chrome is causing less severe lung disease. although there are still some concerns about his impact and other body systems, but it is good news compared to what it could have thing. and so the arguments will, will be hard in capitals around the world as certainly are around europe. so was this about army crime? was this about government actions? was this about government over reactions or was this about vaccinations?
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what's what you're taking this this, this machine with so many moving parts? well, it certainly wasn't a bad overreaction when a new very comes about, particularly one like, oh mac compton has so many different mutations compared to what has gone before. a would have been crazy not to have responded very rapidly to taking the precautionary principle. dot said, yes, we have been relatively fortunate. the difficulty is that this is a variant that is evading, to some extent, the existing vaccines. now, the vaccines are still hugely important and protecting against the other barriers. they're also providing some protection against micron, but it is able to break through both prior infection and the facts and, and vaccination dot clearly is a challenge. and what we are seeing under number, if you're ready, all the european countries, is that even those that were bringing the rich time very markedly, like austria, particularly germany, the netherlands, were beginning to see an uptick again. and that's where they're concerning. right.
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another is news of another variant that's been detected in france and traced back to camber room. it's hard to keep track of these. this is another one that we should be concerned about, or if it's just part of the process of, of what covey does. i think we need to be concerned about all of these. and i think one of the messages that needs to come up very strongly is that europe in countries need to increase their sequencing capacity. there are some countries united kingdom, denmark are doing very well in terms of the proportion of cases that are sequence, but not everybody else is. so therefore, we can easily be missing that with this particular very and it dos look like it's having some localized credit. the minute, but it doesn't seem to be competing on the front as far as we can tell up the minute. so there is likely they're likely to be other various that are going to be causing us more problems. but i think we just need to keep an eye on this one or not. perhaps get too worried about it for now i i that's very clear. thank you so much for joining us, professor professor martin mckay from the london school of hygiene and tropical
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medicine. thank you. thank you for a look at some order. the latest developments in the pandemic starting in israel, where the prime minister says a 4th vaccine shot significantly increases antibodies and diminishes the risk of infection and hospitalization. natalie brad, it was announcing the preliminary results of a hospital trial a day after the country began. new booster campaign for people over 60 child has locked down. another city after just 3, a symptomatic cases were discovered. residents of usual in had and province have been confined to their home since monday evening, and only allowed to leave under exceptional circumstances. and sweden, king queen, have tested positive for corona virus. the spokespeople say they are fully vaccinated and have only suffered mild symptoms. for small storms making news around the world, sudanese soldiers of use t a gas to disperse, demonstrate as in the capital cartoon. classes were reported in several places
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including near the presidential palace as events, political crisis deep and on sunday, when the prime minister quit after failing to find a deal to please the military and its pro democracy opponents hated intern. prime minister says he survived an assassination attempt. godwin opened fire is ariel re and his entourage emerged from a church forcing them to run for their lives. the prime ministers blaming bandits were trying to kill him. he's effectively being charge of the kind of being the public since it's president of was assassinated last year. germany, president from valdosta my look set for 2nd terms had of state after securing the backing of the coalition. government green through the last of the 3 year college parties to dawson is opposed to be re elected on the 13th of february for another 5 year term. so just checking with you going from all of houses of afghans are still desperate to flee the country. the taliban though are discouraging people from leaving despite this and many of those who cannot leave are doing so often with the
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help of relatives. broad, including here in germany, her or the united again in germany. law mina nodded. he has made it out of afghanistan with the help of her niece nuggets. yes, they own it simply. wonderful to see her here in front of me. where i had almost given up hope they we would ever manage to bring her here. it's a huge dream. come true. gore. so hold on for a foot to day. now gus is visiting her aunt mina daddy for the 1st time since her arrival in germany. minos found shelter in a refugee camp a 2 hour drive away from berlin. she's here with a 7 year old daughter at our her and her husband. the last few months have been exhausting. we never would have thought that we would ever leave afghanistan.
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he's more thick. sadly. the taliban have set afghanistan back not by 20 years at m a t. i centuries on that. let that be so bulky, dep golden haul up so la cobbled that question. then in afghanistan, mina now did. he was deputy mayor of harriet and even ran for parliament. she actively supported women's rights and campaigned for a more modern of canister. and she was a public figure. when the taliban took cobble, she went into hiding with her family and started looking for a way out mid november at berlin. airport. mina nodded. he finally arrived in germany with her family. it was a moment of great relief after his strenuous escape. the family had managed to leave afghanistan by land using fake passports, elderly, a german lawyer,
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organized the visa for germany and the flight tickets. now, the family are in safety. all but one. until the taliban takeover mina nodded. he's 15 year old son, nima sang in afghanistan, se children's choir, but the taliban cracked down on music. nima had to escape. in mid december, he and his fellow musicians arrived in portugal. the portuguese authorities had got them out of afghanistan. his mother in germany is hoping she'll get to see her son soon. somewhere in europe. oh my gosh hollis, i'm satisfied. i'm in safety. my son is safe in portugal and i'm very happy about that, or is it pushes through. ah, can you stand on her own 2 feet again? i wish for god to bring peace to afghanistan sounded more so that we couldn't return to our home,
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and better off than we were before. kennimore bore dest support that mina now did. he and her family can stay in germany for the next 3 years. roha goes to school here, or of the family will soon be relocated to a camp closer to berlin. they still collecting donations to help the people in afghanistan or migrants here in europe, often face difficulties and prejudice when trying to find jobs. and that's particularly true for some muslim women. d, w has been speaking with one woman of moroccan origin in belgium, who hasn't that setbacks in the conventional job market? hold her back, she's taken matters into her own hands. lights, tamara cooke, who is only bustling around her kitchen in brussels, maryann museum shares her recipes with hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide . the belgian moroccan mother of 5 is no a successful business woman, but she had to build her own career ladder. douglas,
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the sometimes people he had don't think of those with different backgrounds as really belgian. it's all there. miriam married at 16 and soon had children. but she wanted more from life. take almost elisha, she knew i started looking for work, but every door i knocked on was slammed in my face that they would simply ask me, what are you willing to take? will feel he jabbed by thought as once that got to do with anything. what. what matters is what's in my head, not what's on it. muscogee, a daunted, discouraged. she stayed at home until one day, an aunt asked miriam to film for her. how to cook a favorite dish, lazy and had a brain wave and thought launch a huge of channels. nation you. marion began uploading simple moroccan inspired cooking videos in french 4 years ago. i don't know. her creations have become a thriving enterprise. she's launched 3 more channels in other languages, said michael, arabic and herbie comb, elena the my, the the berber language revision leaking said chapter genie and hindi,
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or as well as sharing recipes. miriam shares insights into her home life to bust stereotypes about muslim women in belgium on up mom, single people seeing as, as women who are subservient to their relationships. bless my husband and i are equals when it comes to attacking the household. chores go, the cooking, taking care of the kids in life, electrical, despite her reams of fans. miriam still faces islam, a phobia, online math, which had been called a terrorist islamist sullivan. i have to say that breaks my heart, echo it some times like that. she says that the family feels more important than ever miriam, grateful. her sister samira is a steadfast supporter, despite initial doubts on the balloon. i was not so comfortable with the fact that she opened the doors to de ward. litwin time i change my opinion. people can see that, yeah, we are happy, we are have having a normal life. there is nothing special in how lives. in fact,
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miriam still has big plans for her businesses and her outreach efforts. but for to day, it's a rapp. organizations all over the world are coming off with creative campaigns to try and encourage fascination. in germany, entrepreneur teamed up with a shepherd for a unique stunt. 700 sheep and goats were lined up to form a 100 metre long syringe. pieces of bread were laid out to coax the animals into position. the stunts organizer said he hopes to reach the emotions of vaccine hesitant people where scientific reasoning had failed. rankoff we'll have more world news at the top of the our dock film is next. looking at the language of orcus, have a good day. imagine how many portion of floods are thrown out in the world. climate change very hot. the story.
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this is my plan the way from just one.


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