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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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with learning, like global ideas, we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now for free. with this is d w views line from bar lane shoot to kill orders in kazakhstan, as the president describes protesters as bandits and says he will eliminate the costume jermarta took care of in such a state will fight to the end to restore order. after days of violent unrest,
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also on the program, germany wraps up its battle against army crime, with title rules on visiting bars and restaurants, but quarantine times or east to keep the economy moving. groundbreaking act as to what he has done. he was the 1st black women of oscar for best actor went on to inspire a generation. ah, i'm fil gail. welcome to the program. the president of kazakstan has authorized security forces to open fire on the protesters without warning. in his latest televised address, cassim mcdermott, to cairo, said the state would fight to the end against what he called bandits terrorists and militants. days of violent protest in the central asian nation have seen dozens
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killed and thousands arrested. at the president's request, russia is leading a force of peacekeepers from former soviet states. to help put down the unrest observer, say authorities, and now appear to have regained control of the biggest city, al matty, the streets of ahmad start from the worst violence to hit the country in 30 years. kazakstan largest city has become graham cyril in a deadly battle against what many here see as a crooked government. what are the least we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption. the protest began over hiking fuel prices, but decades of corruption and inequality have found the flame to rebellion across a resource. rich nation sees like this and costs and i region just 200 kilometers from the russian border are being watch closely by moscow. which fears the uprising
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could pose a threat to the stability of the region, o new rules. russia shares a 7000 kilometer border with kazakhstan of if you see that border is not especially protected here. yes, organizationally, ever staunch the kremlin, has he to president a kai of calls for help and sent more than 2000 troops to help put out the fire and rushes doorstep. but there are few signs of peace here on the streets of cossacks done as each day brings fresh bloodshed. government forces say they quote, liquidated dustin's rioters in clash a set of also claimed the lives of several police. oh, buying the group? well, you have to understand this is 30 years of pent up anger that's being released. look you are there shooting at all of us was ok, but none of us wants to hurt anyone. human arnold, in less than 3 years and power took high. it was the chosen successor to autocrat
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northville ton or tobias to chi if his vow to wipe out so culture. his groups which he blamed for the uprising number of quarter theory, the counter terrorist operation continues. the militants have not laid down to arms . they continue to commit crimes or prepare for committing them. the fight against them should be completed. whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. as he fights 1st, political survival somewhere, the protest could lead to an air of even harsher or authoritarianism. all who william said is director of the european central asia division of human rights watch. welcome to d, w. and let's start with the news of the president authorizing security forces to shoot to kill protesters without warning a your action please. this is terrible news, of course. this is the worst news that could come from the country joyous. it was
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quite as experiencing since independence. i was 30 years ago. i should immediately was, seems to shoot to kill order it. the danger is that this order will escalate the situation lead even further. not as we've heard over 40 people have been killed so far, allison's injured, and so a shoot to kill it. what is the worst thing that would happen at this time? troops police should be trying to de escalate the situation rather than fuel. more escalation was cut down on human rights watch is right before this violence broke out sadly, very much so human. a 16 is a authoritarian country with a terribly human rights record. it's a country to which is try to gain global standing politically economically. it wants to remember the o s t o e d c, d was on the human rights council at the moment of the un. it tries to, you have a polished international reputation, but in reality,
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freedom of expression within reassembly of both short and under foot in kazakhstan . unfortunately, 3 of the media to the no opposition passes is never been in a free election since 9 since the early 1990. so indeed, it's a serious human rights abuses. so in that sense, the protest with spock this, the series of violence and demonstrations in the last 4 days, and not surprising to us. unfortunately, it's a tricky one for countries outside the region though, isn't it? we have russia as a near neighbor leading this, this military alliance to help put down what is clearly a violent unrest and we have the, the western world on the right, the world outside. so looking on the saying, well let's, let's call for restrains and you don't really want to go it with that. that seems to be no way of doing anything about it beyond just saying, can we all, please come down? i mean want you to understand that the process is still going on in some parts of
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the country and those are basic pro, just by ordinary people against fuel. high price rises, human rights abuses. and so, and that was a legitimate concerns. and the government should be listening to those. so the message from the you, from the us, from other countries, as i can tell, should be learned, should be listening, that they should be expecting the rights of people to protest and listening to their concern. so of course there's been significant violence. we don't know who has been perpetrating the violence, particularly in a mighty, the commercial center with them. and those people should always be brought to justice. i mean, 18 policemen have been killed as extremely serious. but that doesn't mean that the, the issues at stake for those protesting and continuing to protest and not important. and there should be, there should be heard by the government. thank you so much for joining us. you're here, williamson and apologize for the course of the sound there. a german leaders, the timing, the rules for people are entering restaurants who haven't had their booster shots. it's in response to rising. omicron infections. national and state leaders sell the
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video conference to discuss ways of dealing with a number of infections which are a 3rd higher than a week ago. among the decisions restaurant goes, who haven't had booster shots, will have to present a negative test. and people who have had that boosters will no longer have to isolate after coming into contact with infected people from the german chancellor on i've shown sat this warning about the countries infection right. on top stim avoided log. even though the situation is better than feared. because of all the measures we've taken, we know that the new micron variant is going to cause an increase in infections. and we will see larger numbers in the coming days and weeks than we are seeing today. in as busy hard to sean again on date, on his chief political decide. mckayla kirsten. i attended that to press conference and joins us now. welcome mikayla. to tell us more about germany. is that new rules? oh, 1st of all, that message was that things will definitely get worse before they get better
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despite new rules now being put in place. and that is touching a sensitive area of public life restaurants. if you want to go to restaurant in the near future here in germany, you will have to either prove that you've recovered or vaccinated and have a negative test that you've been vaccinated twice and have a negative test. or that you've received 3 sorts, including the booster, so that that's the only way to continue life as a relative, the normal in german restaurants. and also quarantine measures have been somewhat the period you have to spend in quarantine has been shortened to 10 days or 7 days if you can test free and that somehow does, doesn't it? but that's because there's an overarching fear that critical infrastructure. hospitals will be overwhelmed not by intensive care, patients necessarily, but just patients in general and that the staffing will be down also because they
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are positive. so clearly, germany bracing for a lot was while at the same time, vowing that there will be $30000000.00 more booster shots by the end of the month with question marks. whether germany can actually make that because it's below just about 1000000 shots a day. and a continuing debate whether vaccinations will become mandatory, we expect discussion there to start and parliament relatively soon. thank you for that data breach to political editor, mckayla kristen. let's hear some more developments in the pandemic global karone of ours cases of top 300000000. according to johns hopkins university in the united states, while it took more than a year to reach the 1st 100 millions of 3rd 100, i came in daily 5 months. brittany, sending troops into some london hospitals to cover for medical staff, off sick with coping 19 and the austrian chancellor. com, they hammer,
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has tested positive. he says the infection came from a member of his security team. and that is isolating at home as of all of the stores making news around the world, i ceremony has been held in paris about the 7th anniversary of the 2015 terrorist attacks. is the most gunman killed 17 people over 3 days, including journalists, the french satirical magazine, surely abdel and people shopping at kosher supermarket. cambodian prime minister, one cent has arrived in me, and martha talks with the military rulers, 1st visit by head of government since the army. oh be through me and mass elected government last year. he's all that is down there. very jock of it is thank funds for their supports during his detention in melbourne, quarantine hotel. these are currently are waiting mondays, a court hearing into whether he can compete in this months. australian open immigration officials. so he failed to provide evidence. the coven, 19 vaccination,
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or medical exemption needed to enter the country. on the ground breaking after sidney poitier has died of the age of 94 1st black women of the best actor oscar. the $963.00 phil lilies of the field inspired a generation during the civil rights era with balls crossing the racial divide. after decades in the public eye, he received the presidential medal of freedom from barack obama in 2009. i was got more on the life and times of sidney process from a david levitz from the of the culture desk. welcome, david. so what will sydney a fortune in his long and distinguished career? what do you think he's going to be most remembered for? well, here with hollywood 1st black superstar, really and when you look at that, that oscar that he won, that really was groundbreaking. that really did a paved the way for many other black performers to play parts in hollywood for the
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budget. of course, one of the oscar for his career and his acting ability though he could do serious and touching. he could also have the audience cracking up with laughter. like he did in that oscar winning role in lilies of the field were saying, seeing there, he played a jack of all trades to helps a group of german nuns out in the arizona desert. and he doesn't actually want to work. he wants to drink, but eventually he build the church for them for free because they can't pay him. and this is a really typical role versus the party. he always played the good guy kind of the st and films like in the heat of the night. he's a detective from philadelphia who works together with a racist sheriff in mississippi to solve a murder. and he does it with grace. his characters respond to hatred, even the racism with cool headed resolve and really just trying to appeal people. one of my favorite films and but why always such saintly roles?
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well, he was absolutely typecast. you have to say that and it did get him in trouble later with activists as the civil rights movement, heated up who called him an uncle. tom said he was just trying to please the white man at the same time that he really knew what his options were. hollywood at that time was not going to give him a romantic lee that certainly, and he wasn't about to play the bad guy because he wanted to promote positive, a positive image for black people. and he wasn't going to get particularly complex characters either. so he was rather method in his choice of roles, but even, even though that's the case, they would still wear a huge step forward. and he himself wrote that every time he made a movie, she felt like she was representing millions upon millions of people who otherwise didn't have any representation. thank you that every limits on the life and times of sydney potty and the city of your catherine back
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in russia is transformed into a winter wonderland. thanks for its annual i sculpture festival. more than 20 teams from under the country took part, sculptures traditionally feature religious themes such as the nativity of christ smoke. the celebration of the rough and russian orthodox christmas. a 1st prize goes to this entry called heavenly ship. that's it. you're up to date more world news with brent golf at the top of the hour next on the w documentary, look at a river in indonesia, which is considered one of the wills, most polluted with ah, internet knows all.


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