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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 2:00am-2:15am CET

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he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence. and i love to take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah ah, this is dw news alive from berlin, novak jokers which is deported after losing his legal battle to stay in australia.
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a tennis stars white took off from melbourne, headed forward to buy 10 days after he arrived, to compete in the australian open. also coming up on the show, the pandemic, devastating impact on young people's education around the globe. the meet a teacher in brazil who's doing his best to get students back on track in one of rio's poorest neighborhoods. and flooding across the pacific rim is subsiding bought the impact of interruption and soon army on tongue. that remains unclear. seismic shock cut an under seas communications, cable, isolating the island nation from the outside portals. ah. hello, i'm clare richardson. thank you so much for joining us. about joke, vetch has left australia after losing his appeal again, his visa cancellation,
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he was deported after judges up held a decision by the immigration minister that the unvaccinated tennis dar posed a threat to public health. and it comes after a 10 day drama that began with a joke of which arrived to compete in the australian open, hoping for an unprecedented 21st grand slam when an unwanted return for novak joker, which the reigning champion flew out of australia after losing his court battle to the dismay of his crestfallen supporters with many of them, serbian expatriates, o. e, at any time communicating with us. oh no. but for others in a country that has endured one of the world's strictest corona virus. luck don's
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joke of which is admission to australia would have been the injustice and he's been timmy's. this is a paper being located there on site and because of the kind of restrictions and not against me that he'd be light safety. with my lease, with little wonder then that the australian government busked in the glow of victory, strong boarders, had kept the country safe during the pandemic. prime minister scott morrison said on surprisingly, the decision didn't go down so well in belgrade were joking, which is venerated. it was very easy for them, for it is to say from the very beginning of the okay,
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only vaccinated on inoculated people could enter or australian territory, but it in a say so, and also the forgot about the term they wanted to create political prince alleged political principles which were not principles told, in purely sporting terms, the decision leaves a super our sheet hole in the australian open. the surface bagged 9 of the last 14 titles. he has no denied the chance to add to that hole, not only this year, but potentially at the following 3 tournaments should normal deportation. rules apply for no joke of it is also denied a shot at a record 21st major title. the 34 year old said he was extremely disappointed, but that he would respect the ruling. one whose implications both sporting and political are seismic. so let's go now at to melbourne for the latest a from at tim cohen. i'm a journalist with a b. c news item, how his job ventures, deportation at being received in melbourne today. well,
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let's just say that report has been an extraordinary 10 or 11 days here in melbourne. started where nothing which was detained in a customer when he arrived in melbourne. and then you know the extraordinary events over the last few days. we recently made a capital at once, but twice and left the country last night and absolutely unbelievable results in terms of them. it's a sad to have them one obviously playing, but there's been quite broad support and i think within the community here in a stranger for the action that has been taken. i mean, it's been one of the most locked down cities in the world and also one of the most heavily vaccinated populations as well and talking about you know, more than 90 percent of the eligible population now pulling back tonight. and so it was certainly not a lot of support for someone with an explanation or back seeing have to come into the country and bypass some of the rules that millenniums and
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australians had to leave for the past 2 years. but also some students still to be answered by, by kennesaw strand, appeared to be a little bit to support, you know, that stops and a little bit too helpful in trying to find ways to get around those fascination requirements. and also a question saw the government as well, how they in fact allow them to get to be in the 1st place and how they deal with some of the empties in their own racks is expressed some very strong connection. stances ends up being basically allowed to do so by the government. so i think there are high emotional feelings on both sides and we might see that and i think it is important to know to the joke of it brings in it tens of millions of dollars each year, a just through sponsorship alone, is there any chance his corporate backers are going to look at this dog and rethink
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their relationship with him. well, that may well be something that happens. he has a very high profile, a european sponsors who perhaps is sitting back and waiting to see how things are involved in terms of how these reputation stands up to this. we haven't seen any of those companies making moves to say that the relationships at the stage and certainly have been very quiet in terms of our situation has unfolded. but that may very well be something that so that happens. you know that he's a very, very popular player about that, but he's not the house in the same room with even a dog. and this is probably a banking star. so that may be something that happens interesting point. know which one of the major sponsors is also a sponsor of the women's will number one and it's driving so whether there will be some kind of choice to be made there. that company which side of you know,
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the server australian device like full and we'll see as well. ok, tim calling on in melbourne. thanks so much for joining us on the news. allan search engine now to some of the other stories making news around the worlds. molly's a former president, eva r k. tom has died at the age of 76. he left the country from 2013 to august 2020, during which a violent islamist insurgency took over a large areas of business, and north was ousted by a military coup. the cause of his death remains unclear with us president joe biden has said the gun men who took 4 people hostage at a texas synagogue on saturday, engaged in a act of terror and f. b. i hostage rescue team stormed the building and killed the gunmen, ending a 10 hour stand off. at the identified the hostage taker as
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a 44 year old british national france has barred a people unvaccinated against coven 19 from much of public life. parliament backs restrictions barring them from restaurants, sports arenas, and domestic flights. of the bill is part of the government's efforts to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed amid a record number of new infections. now the impact of the pandemic is being felt in virtually every area of life, including on young people's education, but schools around the world closing their doors. in brazil, the widespread shut downs hits school children especially hard. our next report looks at a teacher in rio de janeiro who's been doing everything he can to keep in touch with his students. many have lost out on months of schooling. teacher carlos, eduardo currently spends more time out in the city than in the classroom. he's searching rio de janeiro poorest neighborhoods for school dropouts,
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so they can get back to learning one core pharma. gee, the only way to change their reality. and endless cycle of misery. barclays. you can use your one then in this the valor in the west of the city edwardo needs an escort for safety. schools were closed here for around a year with lessons held on line. but families in the for vella can often only access the internet via cell phone, if at all. so many students have lost contact with the school. edwardo bumps into one student who dropped out of school before the pandemic omen. my work in the scrapyard dismantling air conditioners, but i, he's not sure if he wants to return. he and many others have to work because their parents lost their jobs during the pandemic. but they'll struggle later in life without a high school certificate. director andrea lima is happy that some students have been coaxed back to school like bruno, he became his families main breadwinner,
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a few years ago when his parents fell ill. now he manages a job, an school. he's a keen student. ms. greg, either i prefer to be at school with my friends and all the activities are just staying at home with his eyes. now angelina has a new worry of the alma crohn. very interval for schools to close again. and why should you to my present, that would be a tragedy. all our work would go down the drain and it would be really frustrating for the students to be 1st. teacher carnis, eduardo agrees. school he says, is more than just a place to learn. it provide structure and a large number of students get a hot meal here. often the only one of the day i get them off the blessing kids here at school asking for food roughly. that was very painful for us to see what dora for me, bridge or just near by eduardo,
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meets another student working at his mother's food, stunned the 17 year old and says, he's finished the school year from tomorrow. i like to be a business man. i say this. 6 is the reality of a neighborhood offer homes are a reality that the young people could change by getting a good education, carlos eduardo once to do his part, to help them succeed. and communication with the pacific island nation of tongue of remains limited after a volcanic eruption, and soon army severed the countries internet and telephone lines. neighboring new zealand has sent an air force plane to survey the damage on the outer islands of tomba. another flight to deliver aid is also planned. the volcanic eruption on saturday sent shock waves across the pacific. soon, army warnings were issued for many countries as far away as peru. there 2 people drowned after unusually high waves from the soon ami hit the west coast of the
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americas. this is the aftermath of this unami that hit the shore lines of peru over 10000 kilometers away from the explosion in tongue on the underwater eruption was so powerful that it was detected around the world. these satellite images show gas and ash being thrown thousands of meters into the aris atmosphere, communication length to tongue that have been damaged, but the capital has sustained significant damage. says new zealand prime minister, just into arden. this is, we are these of course an agency here. we want to make sure that we be on the ground as soon as possible. but for our navy be so it will take several days to reach toner. we need to finally balance and need to get the quickly, but to make sure we also get the people and resources they need be as well. and in some cases, we have lots of time. we're just not even being out of stablish communication.
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people any zealand had they received no warning of the nami, even though the volcanoes explosion could be heard in some parts of the country. many were still out on the water on their boat, which have suffered severe damage. japan was also put on high alert. the thousands evacuated their homes coming to shall to his like this in order to stay safe. delivery to recruit, the more i heard the sanaa me would be as high as a meet her mom, but we really don't know her height reach. i thought it would be best to evacuate. so i came here new the through, sir. these fishermen assess the damage over well, who seems echoed on coast lines across the pacific region. and time for some sports news before we go sundays, bonus like action a saw the to worst side so far go head to head of beulah felt and a bottom side of fuel to put on a lively show in a to, to draw and be la felt
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a gonzalo castro grabbed a late equalizer with this fabulous efforts. the former germany international came out of retirement in december to try to boost b wilford's battle for survival. the draw repels them out of the automatic relegation places. fewer. meanwhile, are routed to the foot of the table and surely destined for the 2nd division. the chinese update at this hour coming up next is a dock film on the internet of everything. and there is, of course, plenty more on our website, d, w dot com. or you can check us out on social media. that's instagram and twitter at digital the news. i'm clear, richardson in berlin for me in the team. thanks like watching.


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