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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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ah, soccer is a sort of many colors and the children in this mountain village to know them all. huh. where's blue? the color of her favorite teen sexes. traditions prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle. bloomed girl football on the peak. starts february 4th on d, w. ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin assessing the damage in tonga,
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after saturday's whole comic eruption new zealand and australia sent surveillance plants. communication links with the island are still doubt, also coming up the world's men's tennis number one. novak joker, which lands in dubai, after his expulsion from australia. so what's next for the serbian player? ah, i'm glad off as well come to the program and we begin in the pacific island nation of tonga, which has virtually lost contact with the rest of the world. after saturday's volcanic eruption cut the country's internet cables. the full extent of the damage is to the country remains unclear. the zealand and australia have sent military plans to survey the situation from above. other flights to deliver aid are also plan the underwater robson on saturday sent shock waves across the pacific. it's an
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army warnings were issued for many countries as far away as peru and there 2 people have drowned after unusually high waves hit the west coast of the americas. ah, this is the aftermath of this. you now me that hit the shorelines of peru over 10000 kilometers away from the explosion in tona. the underwater eruption was so powerful that it was detected around the world. these satellite images show gas and ash being thrown thousands of meters into the earth, atmosphere. communication links to tongue that have been damaged, but the capital has sustained significant damage. says new zealand prime minister jacinta arden, missus. we're these across her an urgency here. we want to make sure that we via on the ground as soon as possible. but for our navy vessels,
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it will take several days to reach toner. we need to find the balance in a to get the quickly, but to make sure we also get the people and resources they need be as well. and in some cases we had parts of tom, we've just not even being out of establish communication people, any zealand had they received no warning of this in army. even though the volcanoes explosion could be heard in some parts of the country. many were still out on the water on their bullies, which have suffered severe damage. japan must also pitch on high alert. thousands evacuated their homes, coming to shelter is like this. in order to stay safe. over to me today, i heard this an army re b as high as a meter, but we really don't know how hike reach. i thought it would be best to evacuate, so i came here new, get yourself. these fishermen assess the damage, who sees eco to unclosed lines across the pacific region.
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as brian roger made out his friends correspondent in sydney, roger australia, and as he didn't have both center surveillance planes to assess the damage from the eruption, what are the equip with and what will they be looking for? well, the losing them defense for sent an orion aircraft from oakland to carry out an aerial assessment and any damage to low lying islands. and here in australia, the minister of foreign affairs has amounts of the ruling. western and air force is planning to undertake surveillance activity over the affected area to the problem though faces the ash cloud, which has the potential to interfere with aircraft engines. and of course really reduce visibility. but both countries have had to do with these sorts of crises in the past. so they do have the experience and the noise to monitor the aftermath to volcanic eruptions like this one or communications with commer have been interrupted as we've heard what, what are you hearing about the situation on the island? the exec toes on this major option is still far from clear information about the
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impact on toner and surrounding island. lack significant detail because of the underwater communications cable, which links it with the outside world. apparently being severed or at least badly damaged in the or option. as a result, phone lines and internet activity have been interrupted. but what we do know has come from sources here in australia who have a limited satellite communication with the islands. the tall and deputy head of mission in australia says there have been no confirmed so far and only minimal damage to the coastal side of the capital nickaligha. however, there are several surrounding islands and coastal areas which have been at a contract and there's been no word from the small isolated parts. the new zealand prime minister just in the road and has reported that a sick film of volcanic dust is enveloped much of the area contaminating water supplies. so it has been the level of cash that many tomlins have been forced to
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wear face mask and drink bottled water. a video that somehow being posted on social media. describe one family who, being sheltering from a rain, we'll kind of gash and tiny pieces of rock it turn the sky black. it's really bad said i with this with look who is being told to stay indoors and cover windows and entrances because of the danger. so it's really a new zealand already major a don't as to tar. will they be stepping up support now? well, both countries will most certainly be offering food manpower and technical support, whatever is needed. h m. s. adelaide which is a helicopter docking shape on the largest versatile of its kind of ability. australian navy will totally be making its way to the area soon. the ship is currently here in sydney. i'm going to sell to brisbin to be loaded with supplies for talk. but it could take several days to get there. and so this will not be a quick and easy mission to complete. how much extra support will be provided by australia and new zealand will depend on the scale of the emergency,
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which as i say, is still largely unknown. but given the power of the russian and the plume of ash climbing hundreds of thousands of men into the air, according to some reports, a long term impact is likely to be considerable. what domain are there in sydney for us? thank you, roger. thank you. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. british counter terrorism, police have arrested 2 teenagers in connection with a hostage taking incident at a synagogue in the u. s. this weekend. if you identify the also to take a 44 year old british national, the captain was killed by police after a 10, i'll stand off president biden as described the incident as an act of terror. no one else was heard. a winter storm hit, the east coast of the united states. heavy snow blankets, washington
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d. c. hundreds of thousands of people were left without power in states including north and south carolina and georgia. due to snow ice and high winds in florida. the storm caused a tornado that destroyed a trailer, park sweden as deployed ahmed combat vehicles and soldiers to patrol the streets on the island of good land. the military says the deployment is a response to increased russian activity in the region. 3 russian landing ships recently sales to the great belt straight in denmark, the world's number one male tennis plan of a joke of it has landed in dubai following his deportation from australia. a court in melbourne up held a government decision that the unvaccinated tennis star post. the threat to public health is not clear where job, which plans to travel next days of drama followed his arrival in australia to compete in the australian open hoping for an unprecedented 21st grand slam when
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after nearly 2 weeks of drama, novak joker which touch down in dubai, now forced to watch the tournament, he's dominated for a decade from the side lines. the fiasco has divided opinion in joker, which is home of serbia, a capital bell, great lit up in support of the star. the president leveled this accusation against australia and then for 10 days there were tormenting there to save and torturing because it was not only intellectual with physical torture against knowledge, your courage and the garrison figures which was even worse. that was, oh, richard, come organized against her moral joke rich rich, and that guy just sort of forget it. she one mind times australian open title, but for others in a country that has endured one of the world,
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strictest corona virus locked downs, joke of riches, admission to australia would have been foul play and has been timmy's. this is a paper saying that they're on site and because of the current restrictions and i don't think it's fair that they'd be ready to come in. they stay with children to have night. my lease and i love the nitty the kids they have the same me missing as me here to aspire to. yeah, i think a joke of it is drama in court has cast a shadow on the tennis court. now fans and players are eager to finally focus on the game. and here are some of the or other developments in the koran of ours. pandemic. chinese cities are on high alert as the lunar new year's travel season kicks off. travelers are required to report their trips as officials, warry. the omicron variant could lead to a new wave of infections, france as bar people, not vaccinated against co,
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with 19 from much of public life. the government wants to provide further incentives for people to be inoculated as infection numbers saw, and thousands of protesters of march through amsterdam against covey, 19 regulations and vaccination campaigns. despite the govern government loosening some restrictions and response to the public opposition. the use of pesticides in agriculture as on the rise worldwide with dramatic consequences. nearly 400000000 people fall ill every year from pesticide poisoning, environmental groups, and germany have now released a new report saying pesticides are causing an ecological armageddon. that's destroying not only health, but also biodiversity pesticides protect crops. but they're dangerous to more than the pests that they kill. last october, 270 people died and been way in nigeria, poisoned by an insecticide, fishermen ported into this river,
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then collected the dead fish. people drink from this river and they use it washed. it was a tragic incident, but not an isolated case. people in asia, latin america, and africa, particularly affected by pesticides. recent figures show world wide more than 385000000 people fall ill from pesticides every year. more than 10000 people die. there is no protection against bessie sites for farmers normally. and there are many pesticides used, which are prohibited since yes, in the european union. in particular, i highly hazardous pesticides. pesticides of high acute toxicity are still in use. the $1000000000.00 industry is dominated by a handful of corporations. together they reached a turnover of 31000000000 euros in 20. 20 and sales are growing right now. pesticide manufacturers are trying to get new authorization for glasses said in the
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you in the you, you, we are re importing in some way. these pesticides are by contamination. of fruit, which is brought on to european markets. there are statistics that about 25 percent of our food products contain some residues of pesticides. sometimes multiple residues strawberries are particularly contaminated with so or other fruits and vegetables. studies show a link to parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and allergies. moreover, pesticides get into rivers and lakes and pollute the ground water. many important insects die in the soil becomes less fertile. this results and even more fertilizer being needed and more pesticides. creating a vicious cycle turn to some sports who is now sunday wonderfully. the action saw
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the to worst size so far go head to head, but benefit and bottom side, 1st put on a lively show and the to, to draw, propelled releford out of the automatic relegation. places hurt were 11 points, the drift of billy felt and desperately needed to win before this bottom of the table clash. but host bela felt with the 1st to get on the score sheet through their talk marksman messiah aku. gov. his 7th of the season. but billy felt in front, after just 8 minutes furred were soon leveling through jimmy leveling. shortly after the half hour mark the equalizer came down to pace. after the visitors won the ball deep in their own half leaving and collected the pass and simply out ran, billy felt endless and daddy, before keeping his cool in front of gold, 11 the half time school and basement side stood even went ahead. midway through the
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2nd half half hour nielsen, the goal scorer, literally 30 seconds after he came on as a substitute. but it was another substitute to had the last se, gonzalo castro produced this thunderbolt as the game ended to, to castro the unlikely hero to be la felt the former germany international came out of retirement in december. a remarkable come back salvaging a crucial point. the viola felt in this relegation dog fights should manage their 1st point away from home this season. but it was too little for a team destined for a quick return to the 2nd division. and that said from mia, the early team here in berlin up next world stories text novel oak had events that have shaped the news this week about authors in berlin. thanks so much.


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