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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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to the best connections, sophia, road, and rail, located in the heart of europe. you are connected to the whole world of experience . outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by fraud. ah ah ah, this is the w news line from berlin geometries. foreign minister mates review crania laid as i made growing fears of a russian invasion on the later babel calls for serious dialogue with moscow. also
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on the program tom got cut off from the outside world, the fiber optic cables separate by saturdays volcano eruption. new zealand and australia and surveillance trying to assess the damage to the island nation. world mens tele number one know about geography. she's back in serbia after being deported from australia. fanbrough. great. welcome back here. ah, i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. germany says it is ready for serious dialogue with russia to try to deescalate the crisis on russia's border with you cried foreign minister and i'm at bab walk. took that message to care today, actually helped talk with her ukrainian counterpart and on the line to germany. support for ukraine sovereignty discussed russia's troop,
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built upon the ukrainian border unkempt coal for berlin to supply with weapons was bad book travels to moscow on tuesday. today, she had reassuring words for her ukrainian hosts. only danny kate, solidarity european solidarity for the sovereignty and territorial integrity. of ukraine, the out, you know, that is not up for debate, not for us, and not for me personally, but any further aggression would have a high price. his emphasize that today, once again, i'm in one price straight to the ukranian capital. that meant to use a building or is d. w is bureau chief in care of welcome to this. what else have we heard from today's meeting? yes, so 1st of all, it was a powerful symbol a because an elena burbock stopped and key if on her way to moscow, sending the signal that germany is supporting key. if in this, in this,
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in this crisis am, or there have been or words of support, the has been a promise not to decide or to talk about anything behind the back of ukraine. that was something that's very important, of course, to ukraine. if you remember, last week we have had talks between the us and russia and in the o. s. e. and between nato and russia, but not with ukraine inside. so did there is now this initiative to, to revive this norman d format. so france, germany, russia, and ukraine and the french and the german minister are expected to be back here in cave soon. one thing, however, that her ukraine, once from germany, defensive weapons, are not on the table or misses their book, has made this clear as well that germany does not intend to supply ukraine with weapons. okay, and at looking ahead to tomorrow's meeting in moscow, ah,
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what does the german foreign minister hope to achieve there? but the german from foreign minister, as i have said once to revive the normandy, formative wants to get russia back on the table back on the table with ukraine. am i am not sure whether she expects to achieve a lot to morrow in moscow as the situation is now. and as moscow has shown, a clear preference we're talking to the us rather than to the e you or to germany. but i guess any, any effort is worth it, so we will see to morrow from our colleagues in moscow, or what's really can be an outcome of these talks in this situation where i think russia is more unpredictable than it has been before 5 or that which is bullying and care? i some or stories are making headlines around the world now starting the in ukraine, where prosecutors have said bally equivalent to 35000000 dollars in that treason
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case against former president petro porsche anchor. he appeared in court on monday hours after returning to care. what have you create the richest man he denies any wrong doing and says the charges are caught in turkey is acquitted. german, german, mr. michelle. the toll who of terry related charges. he was detained in 2017 and accused a membership of an outlaw left wing group in what was seen as a politically motivated case. she was released from custody 2018 and returned to germany. the fort from saddam indicated several protesters have been shot dead by security forces, the demonstrations against last year's military coup. thousands of people turned up the largest of the protests in the capital cartoon. mondays rallies come ahead of a visit by a u. s. delegation this week to try and re 5 talks on a return to civilian rule. in the united states, the push to protect voting rights is the focus of demonstrations on martin luther
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king day. the son of the assassinated civil rights leader called on president biden and lawmakers to enact nationwide voting guarantees. several states have passed laws which observe a se will make it harder for minorities to vote. now to tonga communications with the pacific islander nation remain limited. in saturday's volcanic eruption, and so now me, it's believe the underwater cable that connects the archipelago to the rest of the world was 7 during the twin disaster. there's still no official confirmation for injuries, death, or serious damage. but the assessment is based on limited information and outlying coastal areas are completely cut off at 3 lead to a vile interruption on friday, the hunger tundra. honda how by hey, no, said plumes of smoke and dash shooting into the sky activity that soon decreased it will prove to be a brief rest spice. the next day,
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the volcano rumbled to life again in an explosion, so powerful. it sent shock waves around the world. before and after socialize images show had the volcano sea level krazer had disappeared following the blast. with regular communication lines to tongue across all the worlds been relying on stuff like phones and images to get a sense of the disaster or we're still waiting to receive information from tom or what is much needed. but we know for sure that there will be needful, clean water because of the options and which really they mention causing lots of our troubles to the water supplies and tries. most of the people collect water through rain and this is something very dangerous for them to consume . australia,
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new zealand have sent surveillance flights to help assess the scale of the damage, especially on tongue as i was or islands where there are fears, the devastation could be immense and have been rallies across the u. k. to protest against a proposed new law that critics say is an attack on the right to demonstrate a controversial police and crime bill would grant police great powers to act against disruptive protests. critics, however, say it would also make it more difficult to hold peaceful demonstrations. andy smith is rehearsing in his head, his 1st words to his wife emma is scientist. today she'll be walking free of the 2 months in prison in southern england. and his smith could never have imagined that she would ever be behind bars. oh my gosh that i love her. it's just i'm so proud of her. i i you know, we have, we have really young nieces who are that that their future is not going to be the
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same future that we had. right. and we have, we have to fight for that fusion, her crime. she blocked motorway. she is part of an environmental group that is pressuring the government to insulate british homes to save energy. they say it's the cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. terrifying i was coming down to my lawyers. i like that we can tighten by blocking roads for hours, has enraged motorists. the british government has vow to put an end to it in a statement, the home office tells the w. freedom to protest within the law is a fundamental part for democracy. but the police must swiftly deal with a selfish minority of protested, whose actions and danger the public. the u. k. government is targeting environmental activists. it wants to stop disruptive, protest,
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public nuisance will be new offense carrying a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison, or an unlimited fine. and that's highly controversial. en deos and human rights groups have stage many protests. they see the bill as an attack on democracy itself. and even conservative legal observers like the former attorney general, are concerned the most problematic all the parts which give to the home secretary very significant powers to determine what constitutes serious disruption. ah, whereas normally that would be a master left of the police. ah, emma smart and a fellow protest as no that that is wrapped in as controversial, but they see no other way and to continue breaking the law. the law is our fundamental right? the if our government is failing, that we can hold that government to accounts. these are our elected representatives
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. they are supposed to be protecting the people. and if they are failing at that, then it should be all right to stand up and protest and the response of them to imprison of us is absolutely it's draconian. for the moment, the protesters are happy to be outside, but with a new build. it seems only a matter of time until they will be behind bars again. and 2 people have been killed in an explosion at a petrol station here in germany. investigators and seen are trying to establish the cause of the glass at i a highway service station, north of frankfort, 2000000 hour to put the fire out of 2 victims of not being identified. nearby restroom was also damaged. shortly after the incident, the local prosecutor issued a statement. and now at the moment we know there is definitely a fire. witnesses also reported in explosion, but that has yet to be verified. the cause of death of those who died here today
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will be determined by a post mortem. here's some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic, starting in japan, which hopes to curb surgery infections by administering booster shots after 6 months instead of 8 as originally planned. fewer than one percent of people in japan have received a 3rd inoculation of frances bod. unvaccinated to people from much of public life. the government wants to provide further incentives for people to be inoculated as infection number saw, and thousands of protesters of months through amsterdam, against covey, 19 regulations and vaccination campaigns. that despite the government loosening some restrictions in response to public opposition, the organizers of next month winter olympics in beijing have confirmed that tickets will not go on sale to the general public as part of measures to combat the spread of cov, it after last year's announcement that international spectators would be barred from attending at today's decision brings confirmation that tickets for domestic
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fans will be distributed to targeted groups rather than put on general sales. as you become the 1st city to host the summer and the winter olympics. when the games begin, on the 4th of february, well men's tennis number, one know about jogging ridge is arrived back in belgrade after being deported from australia following a long legal saga. it returned to serbia, came on the day. the australia opened. got underway without it 9 times, champion back home as to a tumultuous few days. novak jokers which arrived in serbia having been deported from australia for not having been vaccinated against covey 19. but he was greeted at belgrade airport as a hero. his fans and serbia believe he has been mistreated by the assyrian government after organizes of the australian open said he was allowed to come because of a covey infection in december. this is the story what it is to lower killer failure
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. the saying what the world has come to handle that you need to. so before to do something to take the vaccine i myself election. i did a double job, but i think that no one should be forced to do something up with you as a judgement center. supposed his freedom of choice and speech on the other side of the world. the australian open got and away without it's 9 times champion, winds for the likes of rafa, no doubt. and naomi osaka meant it was almost business as usual for spectators. i think a very highly anticipated decision making, and i think it was kind of drag all day long, but it's great that we kind of put that behind us. you know, the best project which is great jazz player. i'm just glad the focus is now on what we're all he full. yet. estallion, i think joke of each meanwhile has much to ponder. he may well need to be vaccinated for mays, french, open to his bed for a record men's 21st grand slam title is in further jeopardy and watching
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d. w. news. life from berlin has reminder of our top story of this out. germany is foreign minister has been in care of to underline her countries support for ukraine's sovereignty and atlanta vap accent. germany is ready for serious dialogue with russia to ds guide to the board of crisis. a set you up to date. i next up is a dock filled with a documentary about the internet of everything. well, news of the top of the hour and to round the clock, of course on the website, the www dot com and also the uh with .


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