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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 12:00am-12:16am CET

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hate secretive, what's true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria won't. we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle open equals this week on d w d ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, doubling down on diplomacy to prevent
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a war and ukraine, german foreign minister on elaine, a bad bach visits moscow warning. russia will pay a high price or any invasion attention remain high with russia now sending more troops to neighboring. belarus, also coming up an unprecedented disaster. that's how target government describes the devastation after saturday's massive volcanic eruption. first, image is sent back by surveillance. plains showed the extent of the damage in the pacific archipelago. and yemen civil war escalates a rebel drone attack. and the united arab emirates is followed by deadly air strikes the knob as a saudi led coalition. ah, i am ami and you said it's good to have you with us. we begin with diplomatic efforts to prevent a russian invasion of ukraine on tuesday,
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german foreign minister on elena burbock was in moscow for talks with her russian counterpart, sergey lab rough. she described a russian troop build up on ukraine's border as a threat, not only to ukraine, but to all of europe. this was always going to be a frosty encounter. germany is new, foreign minister on a lena bear book on the home tough of sergey love. ralph, one of the world's longest serving foreign ministers, she had a plain accusation that russia is d, stabilizing europe. in the next voc rehab over the past few weeks, more than 100000 russian troops, equipment and tanks have been deployed near ukraine for no reason. it's hard not to see that as a threat, blah roth through the accusation right back came out. but i wouldn't even if we don't threaten anybody with anything, but we do hear the threats address to us. i hope it only reflects certain emotions
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that certain powers inside within the western camp. in the west, the north stream to pipeline connecting russia to germany is increasingly seen as a diplomatic front line. in berlin, german chancellor, olaf saw its, gave the clearest signal yet that he's opened his sanctions on the pipeline. if russia attacks ukraine class to his clears that in the event of a military intervention against ukraine, they'll be a high price to pay. and that everything will be up for discussion. with salts was nato secretary general un stalsen back treading a fine line between the willingness for dialogue and the determination to act. so they toys a ready on the may dollars already to engage a listen to concerns rashaw may have, but we will not compromise on court principles. the stakes are rising and the geo political game that is challenging,
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the stability and power balance in europe. things are moving fast. next up, us secretary of state antony blinking will be in kiff and berlin this week before his own one on one with sag a lot of engine lever on friday. and earlier we spoke to rafael last. he's an analyst with the european council on foreign relations. we asked him if the different parties within germany's new government coalition are on the same page about how to respond to russian aggression. we see the question partner certainly is enough coalescing around the same message. i think for the longest time, all i've shows is jeremy's transfer was reluctant to put notes into on the table as a deterrent towards where you're rushing aggression against ukraine. back in december, he said that offering to was a private sector project. he didn't have any political geopolitical relevance today, and his oppressor, with what they installed and broke his head that everything would be up for discussion. if, if russia attacked ukraine, that's
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a message that the greens and the f t p. the 2 other question partners of germany's new inclusion government happen emphasizing for a while now. and it's, and it's great to see that the coalition seems to be landing on the same page when it comes to this effort to destroy moscow's renewed aggression against the queen. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. colombian politician ingrid better as an ounce. she will be running for president on a centrist ticket 20 years ago, but unclear was abducted by the foreign countries largest rebel group and held captive in the jungle for more than 60 years. he returned to politics last year and has promised to fight corruption and economic disparity. british prime minister boris johnson has denied suggestions. he lived to parliament about
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a lockdown breaking party at his office. he said no one warned him. it might violate strict cobra, 1900 rules at the time, may. he's under growing pressure to resign over over several gatherings that were organized by staffers. findings from a government inquiry is due as early as this week. a t and t and verizon have agreed to delay activating some of their 5 g services. after us airlines warned that could cause quote, catastrophic destruction to air travel. they say the new technology might affect flight instruments and render many aircraft unusable. lithuanian parliament has voted to allow the use of the letters q, w and x, an official identification document. those 3 letters don't exist in the lithuanian alphabet until now non native and their family who wanted to use their original spelling in lithuanian passports and id cards. had to get court permission
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the government of tonya has released its 1st statement falling last weekends. volcanic eruption and synonymy, calling it an unprecedented disaster with the country's only internet cable cut communications remain limited. images taken by a new zealand surveillance slide show ash, covering much of the pacific island nation, is also making impossible for plains to land at the airport. ships carrying relief to release the pri, supplies are on their way from australia and new zealand. but because of the enormous distances, it will still be a couple of days before these vessels reached hunger. we spoke earlier to sean casey from the world health organization. he's the health cluster coordinator for the pacific region. we asked him what the main concerns are for people effected on the small islands and how the international community is trying to help. at this point. the small island, as you mentioned in the high group,
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mungo islands, when we for island the, the buildings are almost completely destroyed on those islands and the populations are having to be relocated, actually. so that's underway, and that's being led by the government telling them more broadly that the whole country is covered in ash and that is contaminating water supplies. so the, the most urgent need for the entire population is really access to water. and for, for some communities, it's going to be shelter and reconstruction, and we have very little communications with talking at the moment. the internet cable is cut and international calls are impossible. and so we're relying completely on satellite communication, which is very patchy and very difficult at the time, but we are, we are able to communicate, but in very short bursts. john casey, from the world health organization talking to us from fiji,
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at least 12 people have been killed in an air strike on yelman's capital santa, according to who the rebels. saudi led coalition launched the strike late on monday in retaliation. had said for a previous attack, carried out by the hoodies against the united arab emirates. the u. e is part of a military coalition that has been at war with humans who fees for 7 years. conflict has left about 2 thirds of humans, population dependent on foreign aid. ice flat bread fresh from a stone oven. it's the specialty of alba, keith bakery and downtown san odd. well, some staff members are busy making. others are chopping wood for the oven. they used to heat with gas that made their job much easier. oh, there's no gas because of the war. we don't even have any for a bakery here. and then i'm, i have to buy firewood at the wood market and if there is none, there, i have to go to the valleys outside of santa. none of them have, i will. hello,
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hello. hi, my. after 7 years of war conditions in yemen, capital. so now are getting worse by the day. saudi arabia is block and gas imports and the military coalition bomb santos airport in december. that made getting access to humanitarian and medical aid even harder. hospitals depend on medical supplies from abroad. the devastating impact of the war is most evident in the children's ward. among is 11 years old. she severely malnourished and fighting to stay alive, but the doctors here are overstretched. amo's mother says there's little the staff can do. where a lad yet with the blood. we've been here for 5 days and it's not getting better of, you know, she's getting medicine and pain relief, you know, which is very expensive for us. i think that's all we can do to stop us about man, if i issue $1.10 children and yemen is malnourished. some 400000 and all
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i have in order to beg bread for the children of his country baker, belong a shuttle abbey. as to head out to the valleys, he is not the only one looking for wood. the gas shortage in the capital has driven many, empties to the valleys. the fire, what business is booming? missiles attache. i don't think that the profit between the vehicle owners and the wood cutters. why a load is worth around $100.00 a slightly ab out in belgrade, 100 lot of lava belong a shuttle. abby has found a good tree to fell. he heads back with a decent load of boy. those who don't own a car to get to the valleys have to make do with the wood market in santa many women come here in particular none of them wants to speak on camera. but home, but she, it shows us her kitchen the bakery is too expensive for her,
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so she beg spread for her family at home. with a meagre means available to her back in albuquerque, bakery the now got enough firewood to get through the week. the earliest that it tells me in my staff, a lot of time and energy driving to the valley and getting the wood at it all has to be paying for the whole body of hulu. but he'll carry on working as long as he can baking bread in a country where more people are going hungry than ever before. with little hope of change and sight the european parliament has a new president, members elected conservative roberto, mit sola from malta. as their new leader. i 43. she's the youngest person ever to hold the job. and she's only the 3rd woman since the european parliament was set up in 1958 with those. what so is it succeeds, italian?
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david says solely who died last week. and fundamental rights are brussels bureau chief, alexander alexander, phenomena, met with roberto, met solar and asked her about her priorities as the new president of the parliament . first of all, it's a great privilege and an honor to have been elected by my colleagues to day to serve as president of this house as the president. it has been a very interesting campaign which negotiations discussions, but of course, within the shadow of the passing of form of precedent of its authority. the 1st thing i will do is to on his legacy and i will carry the responsibilities that he has left us and me and my colleagues with in order to truly reform this parliament . as you said, give it a fresh face, a more forward looking, become more efficient and effective in the way we do work, but also become more visible and more effective in the way we communicate. i would like this european parliament to be much better present in all member state
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capitals in all the schools. so that when children look to the european parliament, they can see something that represents their ideas and something that will ultimately protect them. and will leave you with a good news story from the galapagos islands, where dozens of giant turtles have been released into the wild from a breeding center. after 8 years of coming of age in captivity, it was time for their big day. the animals were 1st taken by truck and then air lifted by helicopter to the new habitat, which they will share with 4 other giant turtle populations. looks like they're already starting to come out of their shelves with a little bit of them kind of watching d. w, news, he is a reminder of the top story were falling for you. german foreign minister on alina bab box says there is no alternative to dialogue between moscow and berlin. she was speaking at talks in the russian capital with her opposite numbers. there, galeb rav at the top of the agenda,
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was the russian troop build up on the ukrainian borders stoking fears of russian invasion. don't forget, you can always get d w news on the go. just download our app from where you get your apps. that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world, as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of a new story, you can also use the d w app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. that's it. you're up to date for now in just a moment. a special program on the climate crisis. don't forget, you can get the latest on our website. that's d, w dot com. you can also follow us on instagram and twitter or handle. there is at dw news, i'm ami and isa, thanks for watching. sh
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