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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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finally gave up and went by me on my side and returned the sewing machine. so and i suppose was more appropriate for guns than writing a bite. and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties and social rules and inform them about their basic rights. my name is the about the home and i work with this is d. w. news line from bullitt,
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fierce over at surgeons as the so called islamic state battles. kurdish forces in syria, dozens die and fighting. after the you had a script targets a prison in the northeast of an, in an attempt to free thousands of its life is also coming up. the new leader of germany is christian. democrats is think the mounts is say to you is hoping to bounce back after its worst ever election results and the angle of michael's departure from the political stage. and italy prepares to introduce one of europe's 1st national, covet vaccine mandates for the over fifty's. at least we'll take a look at why italy is making that ah m. anthony howard welcome to the program. the so called islamic state has launched its largest scale attack in syria since it was defeated there in 20. 19 prism
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holding to hadis in the northeast of syria was the target the kurdish lead syrian democratic forces site. they recaptured most of the inmates that escaped, but clashes continued in the area. a 2nd attack by ice took place in iraq and an army barracks north of baghdad. 11 soldiers were killed in the janice deadliest operation in the country. this year the sounded intense. gunfire fills the air in the syrian city of her soccer. as kurdish led forces fights with militants from the so called islamic stays. the bottles had been centered around the choir on prison where thousands of suspected i as fighters are held. the fighting broke out lays on thursday. when i asked sleeper cells launched an attack on the prison. 2 days later, the kurdish lad forces, backed by us coalition aircraft,
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are struggling to regain control within the violence has sent patterns of civilians . faleen the area wrangler. iran. they describe how i s entered their neighborhoods, killing local residence. well, everything is dark. what's going on there? selling filtering of death? hundreds of kilometers away in iraq. mourners have been burying the victims of another audacious. i asked strike harder. robert o'neill, still were. they called me in the morning, hobbled on at half past days. you got such it. they tell me what sort of your son died as a marsher. i had good. i went to the airport. i saw out of what is happening. the father got out of thought they said something happened to them. islamic. okay, kill them. 11 iraqi soldiers were killed in a 2 30 am rate on their military base. i asked managing to breach the armies
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defenses, and then escape into the nice that you will a talk show. i still looms large in iraq and syria almost 3 years after the collapse of it's kind of us. all right, let's bring it, daniel kayla. he's a middle east analyst than the editor in chief of zenith magazine. daniel, thanks for joining us. i want to start with your assessment of these iris attacks in syria and iraq. i want to do the amounts. do you think to come back for the group in this region? well, these attacks are doubtlessly spectacular, but they're not without precedent. ass operatives, smaller insurgent groups and more decentralized fashion have been operating in iraq and syria over the last couple of months. we see targeted assassinations, some acts that resemble more like conventional reagan tree, a criminal activity, slack mailing. but yes indeed. i think these groups,
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the insurgents groups are benefiting by the generally unstable situation in syria and the political term on the wrong. and franky and this is a reminder that i never did very much alive and kicking, though it's not centrally organized. and of course, far away from the military capabilities, alive and kicking you side. but i think the question still learns, has the threat of bias been dismissed? too easily by the syrian democratic forces and coalition forces in the region. ah, as far as the coalition forces are concerned, yes, you can say so. you know, there is a general lack of attention on the syrian bio from european and western perspective . and what we see is very much the results of that we're talking about detention centers and prisons, i guess the inmates and the families and syria. but i think we have very little understanding what that actually means. not just like prison camps. these are
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entire cities. you can say with like dozens of thousands of inmates, i asked people in the family and what is happening inside these so called detention centers is like out of the hands of control of the soon democratic forces in the and they are controlling the area around. but you talk to journalist paisley, have access to these, these extension facilities, or humanitarian 8 workers. they will tell you that i yes, operators are controlling our if you want to call it that way, administrating the detention center. so we have an i infrastructure there. and so no wonder that it's very difficult to, to control it. and if western forces coalition forces and you don't have the resources to deal with that. and then other forces in the region like turkey that are keeping course the busy. then you can see what the outcome of that is quickly on resources before we go, daniel, to the i s have the necessary support and the numbers to take this further now and
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reestablish a larger presence in syria and iraq. yes, they can keep themselves a lot. daniel gallagher, many thanks. ok, let's take looking out some of the other stories making headlines around the world . and a bomb blast on a mini van in afghanistan has killed at least 7 people and wounded 9 others in the western city of hamlet tele beneficial side, the bomb was attached to the vent fuel tank was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing security forces so the 5 tier gas of protesters in begin of fossil capital, several 100 people to fight a ban on gatherings to march through like a do good as anger grows at the government's inability to stop g hottest attacks. the violence has killed thousands and displaced. one and a half 1000000 people. united states has sent a new military aid to ukraine to bolster the countries defenses. thing delivery comes amid concerns over tens of thousands of russian troops gathered near
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ukraine's orders. the 1st shipment of the $200000000.00 security support package. forgive russia denies planning an attack on e cry. thousands of people have taken part in protest against sweden's coven. 19 vaccination pass in stock on the government recently expanded the use of the pass. as the on the cross variance spreads rapidly straining the health care system, the sweden said a daily record of more than 41000 new cases on friday to yemen. now where the death toll from a saudi led coalition, air strike on a prison run by rival wheaties has climbed to at least 80 to the coalition, denied targeting these facility where women, children, and migrants were report a did in the attack. it marks an escalation in yemen, 7 years civil war, which the u. n. is called a humanitarian catastrophe. destroyed beyond recognition. hours
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after the asked reich rescue workers are still pulling people out of the ruins of this detention center in the city of saddle and sending them to hospitals. or the ladder health service is unable to look off of these large numbers of patients. we're talking about 200 or admitted to saddam hospitals in one go. they can accommodate these injured people. woody. these people are victims of an intensified conflict between the government led by the who the rebels and a saudi like coalition, which attempts to restore gaiman's internationally recognized administration. not brother bill elliot in the week. the who these claimed an attack in the united arab emirates, a member of the alliance. it was followed by saudi asterix in the yemeni capital of sir now. and then the prison in sir dar. the escalation was condemned by the un. any bombardments or their target civilians on the
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or that is not careful enough to protect civilians is of course, also an acceptable. these escalation needs to stop following the latest asteroid. the coalition says to who these had not reported the detention center as needing protection. gaiman's years long conflict has claimed more than 130000 lives and civilians are often among those who suffer the most. germany sent a right christian democrats have just elected a new leader, frederick mary will take over from i'm and lasha who led the party to its ill fated 2021 election campaign support from outs was solidified when he won the 1st championship. all lost money. now called for unity ahead of today's vote and an online party conference. it will be the parties, 3rd leader, since 28th thing. so let's take a look at the man who hopes to revive germany's conserved his fortunes. at $66.00,
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flish mouths may only be a year younger than angular miracle. but he is a man of her generation with a difference. every step of the way mouths tried to fight merkel shift of her conservatives to the center left heathen once quit politics altogether. after failing to stop her political rise. now his back with a sobering message after the conservatives historic eviction from government last year. your new smithies invalid gave me with this election result. the conservatives have become a serious political restructuring case at risk of bankruptcy. i neglected duncan with the c d. u losing support across all age groups. last election merits is vowing to redefine conservatism in germany. as um, to under customer caught other christian democratic parties in europe have suffered a much more dramatic sites. then we have, 1st of all,
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we have to answer this very question. can we manage to be a party of the middle liberal, conservative social, thereby winning over voters in the long term? that'll be a difficult task with god. it's taken sleeveless merits 3 attempts and more than 2 decades to get elected cd you leader. but he's only going to get one shot at renewing the party as he tries to achieve his ultimate aim of one day, becoming chancellor himself. now for many, especially here in europe, it was the chilling images from northern italy in march of 2020, that made us realize how serious the qur'an of ours pandemic was going to be. we saw hospitals overwhelmed with the sick and convoys of military vehicles taking the dead away. now, italy is one of the 1st countries in europe to introduce a vaccine mandate for over fifty's, at least happy to roll at the sleeves for a jab. most people at this, maxine st in rome are getting their booster shot nearly 80 percent of italians
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awfully vaccinated. the majority of the diameter british understood the need of her and the good of ne vaccination obviously. or we can, or each 100 percent or no doubt, i mean that it is impossible everywhere a little work or that is only worries that he's given it to me with the on, with on variant people. they may think linda, all me go on. these are like a simple flu. it is not true for a to warhead, will vaccinations and explain the numbers much rather, more italians are getting covered at the moment. despite a good vaccination rates. but they are not often getting seriously ill. that's banks to the vaccines. a top health expert tells us our data francesca via has been exchanging data with researches in south africa. well, he says the omicron infection pattern is clear, they raised local majority. when should africa?
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door in the countries were in the gum arkansas to africa. the beacon cases was very sudden, like i said to decline was also just a southern indiana. and now i imagine that initially, and i hope also in europe hodgin as at the end of january on the 1st on days of february. this can happen. tina janai your prima there, got it, but i always thought ball sucka did it for now a green pass shoes you've been vaccinated and allows he into public spaces without one life is pretty limited and those limits are set to tighten. people over 50 have to get vaccinated. those who refuse will soon be suspended from work without pay. this teacher is so angry, he's gone on hunger strike in protest. all the teachers that refused the of vaccination and soul about the police man and so on. i have been, i have pushed the the work, but without any retribution that means without the rise of a breathing,
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the harmony of premium, thus have it without the the right to live italy states tell from cove it is the highest in the european union. this was the epicenter in europe when the outbreak began in 2020 and to date, more than 140000 people have died of covet people here are still coming to terms of that, but there is the feeling that the worst is over. and that life will soon be back to normal for a country with so many elderly and venerable people, and one whose economy depends on terrorism that couldn't come soon enough. you're watching the w news up next reporter goes to reunion island. that's coming up after short break. stay with us for that. i'm anthony howard. i'll be back in berlin with more news for you in 45
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