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tv   Kick off - The Bundesliga Highlights - Matchday 20  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2022 8:30am-9:01am CET

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oh, in many countries, education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes. some young children walk in mind troughs. instead of going to class, others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children, all over the world can't go to school. we ask why. and because education makes the world more, just make up your own mind. d. w made for mines a where was had died. my hot stop never been back.
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we are living during the most extraordinary time in history or transport will go fully electric with rent the audio and mobility. so what? everything is in flux and mobility is no different. it constantly evolves and changes. so what will the future of mobility look like? raf travels to the c e. s and las vegas to find out it will definitely take some getting used to seeing such cost driving around with out and driver the minds power in the face of adversity. rev delves into what an elite athlete goes through after a life altering crash. indian de carr at or see
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a santos went from racing across the dunes to struggling to remember who he is. like when i met people, i couldn't recognize them in the can and when i was in the can have known bad been they can then own streets before he can race his motorcycle again, he must fight an arduous battle within his own mind. don, sitting and saying, hey, because i mean, depression and anxiety medication to address it, new leases on life and new possibilities for the future. now, on rad, with the very best of future technology finds itself under one roof. that the consumer electronic sho, in las vegas. and this includes the latest most innovative technology and the auto
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and mobility sector. rev headed there to bring you all the updates. mobility is constantly evolving and that's why we're at the 2022 c. as in las vegas to find out about the new address with right behind me, you can see the booth of talk talk is a turkish ca, manufactured, and they claim they will have a user centric approach. so the car should be your companion on the stant. you and your needs, and the brand offers more than just a cock. some want to remind me of neil with all that things around it. but let's talk about the chorus. such a will be available in 2 different versions. 160 and 320 kilowatts, rear wheel drive, all all wheel drive. that way it will make the dash from 0 to $1.00 because i'm
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going to an hour and $7.00 or 4.8 seconds and offer a range of $300.00 or 500 kilometers according to w l t p. of course, it will be able to foss, charging less than 30 minutes. small connectivity and over the updates are also some fee just the car will have. of course you would expect that from a new car to need is a $98.00 of the wheel base, which is pretty decent. so you should expect quite a bit of space in the interior for passengers. but the company does not only offer a fully electric car, which should be good for the environment, but they also claim to have europe cleanest paint shop with low c o 2 emissions and carbon footprint in the factory for that is currently being built. and it should be finished by the end of the year. and then in beginning of 2023, the 1st cost will roll into mass production. what you can see right here, behind me is some sort of different vehicles. the one they mobile envision pop and
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the envision to go both of these concept vehicles for shannon mobility. and they combine an e calling a module technology for 90 degree rotation of all 4 wheels. which will allow for easier parallel parking because the car will simply turn the wheels and then get into the parking space. furthermore, they have a communication lamp on the front grill that engages with nearby pedestrians for safe. autonomous ability. the m vision pop is a battery, ron e v, and the envision to go is a fuel cell run e v. so 2 different technologies, but basically both electrically driven and one thing is clear, it will definitely take some getting used to seeing such cars driving around with out driver. what you see here, right behind me is volvos concept li charge showing where volvo is heading in the
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future for that they teamed up with lumina, which offers iris light, our systems and fans. and the perception software where that mobile can offer a car with unsupervised autonomous driving capabilities for highways. of course, that is nothing. we will see tomorrow, but it will certainly come in and not so distant future. furthermore, this concept is unlike the other recharge models from volvo that are already available based on a new electric only technology base allowing for different approaches when it comes to building. of course that system can not only be used for passenger cars, but also for bigger vehicles like truck. the next up it's been fast, been fast is a vietnamese car maker that offers wide variety of different cars. of course, the naming of the cars is not exactly creative as they range from $5.00 to $9.00
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simply numbers. but what's special about been fast is that they have an exceptional battery leaving policy, as well as industry leading 10 year warranty on their cars. some of the technology been passed uses in their cars, comes from german manufacturers that have that f, a key systems partner supplying multiple cameras, radar and light sensors, as well as the intelligent fusion of the sensors to be network. but in advance that central control unit, this will enable been passed to deliver level 2 plus autonomous driving from the beginning and also off of the possibility to work on those to develop high level functions such as traffic jam pilot highway driving chauffeur and automated valid parking the, well, the future of mobility certainly seems exciting. if he want more
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rev, checkout our youtube channel. if you want regular features about new cars and car culture and about mobility around the world rep can make you very happy vintage classics and future tag or just some of the exciting content waiting for you. subscribe to us at youtube slash b, w. rev. and you'll always be up to speed. i'd kill him. where was my heart? stop. never be me back. i'm sitting on saying the sued because i mean depression and i had to take medication progressive. when c s. santos 1st competed in the duck, are jelly in 2015 and finished it in
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a respectable position. he was instantly prepared to the ranks of indian motor sport. he doors, after all, competing in, in finishing the world's most drooling and vanishing all through rally deeds. as a private dio, without factory backing, was a herculean task. 7 years down the line now of factory rainbow with 7 duck, our stats and see dock, our finishes behind him. he seemed countless injuries and setbacks, but after dark r. 2021. santos faces his biggest challenge. yet it's a fight to 1st find himself and then some they go back to competing in the dunes. hi, my name is sierra santos and i'd 14, he don't want a sports very of my memory. i think i've done a few dog eyes. it started in 2015 was my 1st darker and ever since then, i've been going to dock i so it's now 2021. so 7. i would say,
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yeah. 16161718. 19. 20. so i've been raising the docket ever since 2015 ah, going to say 2021 that would make it 7 doc i so fun. 6 6 6 with they always begin to yo with the mothballs, which is the darker. 6 6 6 6 unfortunately, for me, it didn't work out the way, i'd imagine a doc article. and of course there are many things that got happening in the data, but i didn't expect it to end up the we didn't i don't know. will the dagger or the year before sole? unfortunately, i had my head sole eye glass door to the dagger and that's pretty much what i
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remember from being told that i crossed out like i would think this like a dream. it's not true. i wake up and this is not happen. if you could turn the clock back? no, are you? are you living egg? happy like i did one point of time and suddenly your whole life in the life or follow him constantly and he's on the 8th and she follows the progress of the vehicle from one point to the next point. and she realized at one point of time that you know his vehicle was not pulling, he was and his number was not going forward. and then she realized something must be longer than when she checked. his number was also removed from the, from the list of participants, and then she realized that there's definitely something very wrong. so i was thinking that i had a very small crash because i didn't break any ball and i was thinking for sure i
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hit my head on the road, but because my head is damaged. and so when i met the guy that actually had crashed before me at the seems what i guess you said you class 13140 also the west and as reading was alpine psych records data. and so even now plants are guys told me that they have data from my class, and i had 3 big trashes in one crash. so i was going very fast at that point in time. and yes, and the fact is that what i crashed on was a rock which was the same color as the sand. they couldn't have seen it. i did the phone in the press conference so that i could hear what the chief medical officer was telling the other people making animals. and she said that she has met with an accident, but you know, he's had a head injury. it's only, you know, he has been putting to any news going on and you know,
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this was diffuse accidentally, any new, don't press my heart stopped. so i can only see in those lines. they said my heart stop and lisa see, i mean, bring me back to get my heart to beat again. so it was that. so i don't know why this isn't a driveway memory of it. i'm very uncomfortable seeing this me that was in a coma for i think one month what they told me and then they brought me out of it. and then i remember that. now i can tell you, i remember the fact that i thought everything was a dream because i don't remember the year before and not just the dark. i don't remember the year before, and nobody more than the year before. ah, ah, ah, me and collaborating in the hospital and collect went up to the front door and he
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had to sign up for the big comfort and even put up his thumbs up. you know, he showed is adequate for that he would be relieved to see his functioning. ah, he didn't know who he was. he was in very bad shape. looking at him today. you can call me back if you can get up. he couldn't sit up. he couldn't walk, nor thing was like baby steps. again, he never had any balance in his body. 2 people had to walk next to him. the stand up imbalance. anybody can think about it. and i was in a position without any injuries or any broken bones. not able to doing this so strange that i couldn't even balance effortlessly at and pay attention to balance and to pay attention to walk through it. i had to pay attention to hold the ball, sit everything needed my attention. basically, i was not a human being, i was not
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a man anymore because we lay on a sensor so much on the fact that i couldn't see anybody straight, a double vision. and the fact that one on musically didn't work. it is to get shoulder and was the brain damage and the fact my brain was so tired all the time was really difficult to understand why i was so tired all the time that i want to sleep. and what is wrong with you? i asked myself, what that is wrong with you? are you cheating yourself is what i asked myself because it was my cellphone and when i say you joking that you can do all these things, you're joking, come on, that you can lift this way. you can run what is wrong with you, i think is wrong with you. yes, i have to make peace with the fact that there is something and all the me and i don't see it in them. so i'm scared of that. ah, this is me.
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very difficult to come to terms with the sandwich that a wife to sanderson had become after the class because you know, we had killed him because all the characters, 6 of who was had died i i going to broken many bones and breaking born a lot of pain, which i could deal with and i was always strong about it. but the fact that i hit my head in a way that changed who i was as a person is something that even today i'm trying to deal with it. i
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encouraged by friends and family, santos underwent months of rehab litigation that i saw kind fitness and balloon. yeah. to reagan basic motor skills and then resume training at his big drug dirt back in bangalore. he's making steps in the right direction, but his biggest victory was when for the 1st time since he crashed, he got back on the motorcycle. i don't basically own people because it was a mine that was injured. so i had to go to spain, right? a bicycle 1st in traffic, not delay the bicycle in traffic to show people that i knew what traffic was and to knew how to navigate traffic. and then from that to riding an old book on the exposed, of course already. but i don't the experience because my injuries with that said i couldn't. and dollar full fledged motorcycle the the motorcycle felt like i reported yesterday because the feeling that you have and
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the tires rolling on the ground. the why visions that are coming to the engine feeling it through the frame or yesterday. but everything else felt like an are done for years. like when i met people, i couldn't recognize them. i didn't even recognize my own house. didn't dick and when i was in tech and no one bed didn't recognize my own streets. so i wasn't that did not bring anything. so from that doesn't bring a motorcycle was, was something that i that i loved because it reminded me. so i love that aspect. oh, i from the physical, confident of his injuries, dealing with the mental aspect has been the metaphor mountain. it's been a difficult journey. as it was a guy mentally, very strong. and the fact that an injury like this dick's that away from you.
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i think athletes painted a human beings because they do amazing aspects of everyday life. of course they do, but they all seem big at the end of the day when you basically have injuries like and like i have in the past when you break stuff or you don't do it in the, this is or you face and difficulties. there was always inspiration for all of these aspects, and there's always talked about, and the movies made him and books written and the people would have an interest in this. but the injury that i was going through there was no literature on it. i felt like the only man in the world that was going to what i was going through it felt made normally because it is very difficult to get information on the kind of injury that i was facing. and what i had to do, because the mind is very difficult for an athlete to speak about.
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so adnan was an incredible driver. and of course for champion in w i. c. and i saw the fact that he had gone through an injury that affected him mentally when he was in depression. and i found it very hard to believe that an athlete can go into depression. first of them as human being to understand that that a person could have depression was not possible. they me and understand that an athlete goes through it was incredibly high and that you have these moments even as an athlete that relies on his mind to get him through what he is going to so. so yes, so i'm sitting and seeing to see because i mean, depression, so i'm going back depression and i had to take medication to address it. i'm seeing you because i know at batman was able to get past what he went through. and i know if he was able to get back to what he went to, i'm sure i will do as well. and
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also another aspect that and going to share with you as also that you talk about it is because nothing you said about this. i think the world needs to know because this injury also when i say a man is also there was no drive for women, there was a sexual general. so at a girlfriend and i didn't see them in like, normally would see them as, and that was taken away. i didn't have dest austin, when you have those things anymore in my life, me even with all the setbacks santos trying to focus on the silver linings. i'm smiling because, you know, i took me 8 months to get 90 depression. because apparently, all the doctors that i met were asking me for dealt inside telltale signs of what, how you're depressed. and the fact is that i don't, why didn't have those characteristics, don't expect me to be very violent,
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abusive. all those kind of things, which i didn't do it all in a panic, so surprise, and i'm so will be it. and so basically i felt an emptiness inside me because i felt that man died, that somebody had died and that man was me. i was living as a person, but i had died as an individual. and so basically, the biggest joy was the fact that had discovered him up into kind of depression. so it was amazing to find cs. and those again, happy to have the ability back on a motorcycle because that is being a man that i am to find myself is the biggest possibility. enjoy that i have in my life is defined myself. and that's why i say the motorcycle is me because that is who i am and to discover that is to be back on the motorcycle again. and to see my team does, that is the best joy that i can take away from this i despite his best efforts, no, sanders has to make peace with the fact that his duck hardly done will have to be
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deferred. to that boy, i went to switzerland because they wanted me to go see somebody, a concussion. my concussion basically is a hospital for the mind. i want them to say to me and nothing is wrong with you. and i feel all of my unfortunately i feel a death. and after that i had to i had to call it was telling me that unfortunately i'm in this position and even though it's motivation of my life to be back on the motorcycle that is the darker, i feel that you don't and i let him down. and the deemed on what i feel me nonetheless, some jewish has been re signed by heat on motor sports, red bull and 7. and his motivation remains his desire to do them proud and to try and realize his own potential as his team. back in the day which and that
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accounting team and was about me being in this and i was watching myself raised like a 100 me to this. but i'm looking down myself. i'm seeing as much potentially me are not able to realize that potentially me like i have so much to give, but i'm looking myself not giving that potential of what i have the i mean it's presents my ambition in life not to be a great question. i just want to be a person that i knew i can be, which is to my own potential. so yes, that is my source of witness that i want to be. so yes, i just want to be back to myself. like i said, i want to be samples again because one experience joy from one of these aspects that made me love to experience. what i'm doing is like chasing him because you think that you will arrive at a certain place. that's going to mean something that you get something out of it and i'm slow chasing that. so i still don't know what that means. i'm trying to find myself at the end of the day chasing him losing weight and find myself. like i
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said in that is that potential. so yes i am suggesting available and i hope to find that part of gold at the end of it. yes. oh, santos is convinced that the only way to do this is on 2 wheels. another aspect i don't want to talk about, but i will talk about because looking spoke to me about it. and we'll keep basically when he was going to a difficult phase in his life, he had to ask himself this question. oh, racing everything. and he said it's not. and unfortunately i cannot see that i don't see my life. ah, it to sentiment that his family understands. well. i would love to see him writing again such wonders and copied enemies.
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a showman lucky man. even to be alive with the fact that i should have actually not been jo in this physical fall. his testament to the fact that a lot of things could have gone wrong and is only this much that has happened to me . so yes, i'm a lucky man and i'm here for a reason. we won't see what that reasons. well good luck and right safe until we see you next time on raf. ready ringback ready ready ringback ringback ah, ah, with
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who we serve iving the holocaust
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i with this is d. w is coming to live for berlin. tragedy hits the africa cup of nations in cameron, at least 8.


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