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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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ah, what is true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we should light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle oak creek wolves this week on d w? ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin last ditch diplomacy to prevent a war in ukraine. mid fears of a russian invasion,
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the u. s. and nato deliver replies to moscow security demand. they say they're offering the kremlin a peaceful half out of the crisis. also coming up, the british prime minister under fire force johnson bytes or political survival ahead of a report on alleged group break it. allegations of locked down parties are fueling calls for his resignation. and german lawmakers debate expanding the vaccine mandate. there's already a requirement for health care workers. they have to be vaccinated by march or risk losing their job. ah, i'm so me. so misconduct is good to have you with us. we start with the latest diplomatic. pushed to prevent conflict in ukraine, the u. s. and nato have each delivered formal responses to moscow. security demands, namely that nato pulled back it's for is from eastern europe,
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and that ukraine be barred from ever joining the alliance. now both the u. s. and nato refused to rule out future membership or ukraine. but you are secretary of state antony blinkin said the response is offered moscow a serious diplomatic path out of the crisis. russia has massed tens of thousands of troops near its border with ukraine. fueling fear is of a potential invasion, military exercises on the russian side of the border exercises that ukrainians fear might soon to lethal, should times roll across onto their territory. the u. s. and it's nato allies have sent weapons including anti tank missiles and bunker busting grenades. meant to help offset the huge russian advantage of troops and equipment. the aim is to make an invasion as costly as possible. there should be no doubt about our seriousness of purpose when it comes to diplomacy. and we're acting with equal focus and force
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to bolster eucharist offences and prepare a swift united response to for the russian aggression. more delivery is expected in the days to come. we provided more defensive security assistance to ukraine in the past year than in any previous year, but not everyone's on board with the effort to arm ukraine. reagan and bush, former the present so disappointed by the german government. this position they will distance from gladly. i will van gemini is blocking the delivery of defensive western, some from other countries to ukraine. ah, on the landed psalms on duke island, estonia says it will send modern artillery. meanwhile, germany has refused to send weapons, but has announced it will contribute helmets and other vital but non lethal items. like i'd scans door, this is the, this is also a very clear signal that we stand by ukraine side kind of equipment that it's not
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weapons but it helps it provides supports and we will continue to work in the same way. in this conflict. we are working to resolve this conflict peacefully conflict mitten in our hopa, greatly filing that that approach will be put to the test with many ukrainians already convinced the russians over the border are coming they way. any day now. for more of the story, we can speak to gustavo gretel, he's a security policy expert from the european council on foreign relations. hi, gustavo could to have you with us. we've heard there that moscow has now received a, the written responses to the security mit demands both from washington and from nato . do you think this will move the needle at all in diplomatic progress? are unfortunately, i don't think it will change much because most careless demands for us britain in a way that actually are you rejection of them or
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a polite rejection us us that might have gotten it now it was i'm, i'm every temple and i and this was consciously choosing the moscow to write it in a way that i make the west and i to reject it. the thing is what happens down to will most or use this as a pretext for war, or will some of the, as a said, polite rejections that said that with some concerns and issues, there will be put paul forwards or to negotiate on them. welders be taken as honorable or friends to de escalate the situation. that depends where the russia takes the sanctions threat. seriously, that depends whether russia things start a war now will cause more trouble than even came from given the increased support of european and us nations tube to ukraine, particular in the military field that remains to be seen with this yet. ok. so you
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say that this back and forth of these letter is actually not going to make much difference in terms of a diplomacy in dialogue. you mentioned sanctions there and whether mosque, i will take that right seriously. and you said that only very severe sanctions will have any effect on blood. you put this decision making. so what do you define as severe sanctions? little things start. russia can only survived the 21st century if it's an empire maternity by landfill. hospitals, by population, and by governing oguao industrialized west are sort of industrialized cities unscented and that includes ukraine. so he thinks that this is a very important strategic objective for russia. and you will only scare him if you put up sanctions that would foil the plan for russia being as strong and pointy and survival in the 21st century as you wanted to be on. that means victorian sanctions, any energy sector, one way or the other. and
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a large decoupling of the european and north american consumer market from russia, because that on the mines rushes financial resources and it's technological and societal bonds to that market. or, and to, to, to european technology, stella, such that russia also perceives necessary for being sort of the kind of from the list modernized, great power cited wants to be other kind of diplomatic, shamming. and even freezing pulled his personal s. s as in guilt. and that is as a message, i don't think it will make him rethink what he's doing. let's get them other headlines now from around the world. u. s. supreme court justice steven briar will retire in june. brier is one of the liberal justices on the court. he now spent give president joe biden, an opportunity to nominate a replacement biden's predecessor donald trump secured the appointment of 3 supreme court justices. lawyers for britons, prince andrew, had asked for
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a jury trial for the sexual assault casey. as fighting in new york. the prince has once again denied accusations that he assaulted virginia ju fray when she was a teenager at the homes of geoffrey epstein. and he led maxwell kurdish lead. foresters say they have regained control of most of a prison in northern syria days after it was taken over by inmates. dozens of people were killed when detained members of the so called islamic state seized the site last week. the u. n. has expressed deep concern about hundreds of children being held at the facility. the battle outside these kurdish lead forces firing on i as fighters inside, hundreds of children were caught in the crossfire. the united nations children's agency says the situation is dire. he on concerned, i mean that the concern is behind us. we are talking about at least $800.00 children. the prison in our soccer, in northeastern syria is in
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a region controlled mainly by kurdish forces. many of the children's parents were i, as fighters drawn from all over the world. they were detained during fighting in 2019. that drove ice from the last territory it held in syria. kurdish forces hold the city and control the prison, which was attacked last week by a fighters in an attempt to free their comrades. the children are probably witnessing across it, is that no, i should witness. they needed to get out of the business owner of the bill, and this is exactly why we have all for a human in order for yourself and other humanitarian organizations to be able to evacuate. and then as soon as possible, so that they can finally, we see the children stuck in sight, have been held for years without legal recourse and many of their home governments
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see them as a danger. even know that the fire fight has ended. their troubles are far from over . british prime minister boris johnson is bracing for the results of a report they could spell the end of his time in office and internal investigation . as looking into his participation in a series of parties that took place one millions in the u. k. were enduring corona virus locked downs. on wednesday, johnson faced a fresh grilling and parliament over the scandal that's become known as party gate . but he once again refused to step down. i would prefer to be led by a lawyer than ally or will he now was. i ango, ran high in the u. k. parliament as m p. 's questioned prime minister boris johnson . not a leader looked at opposition leaders, one johnson to resign. it saying that he lied to the parliament, looks quizzical. he said it or whatever. he says in his statement later today or tomorrow won't change the fact. isn't this a prime minister on
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a government showed nothing but contempt for the decency, honesty and respect, but define this country? oh, this is beaca. we love this country. i'm doing everything in our power. i. of course, of course he wants me out of the way. is this because he wants to be out of the way he does. i caught and many people i pose. of course i did not a lot of reasons. many people may want me out of the way, but i'll tell you the reason he wants to go away from his. he knows that this government can be trusted to the people that you can leader is an, a political crisis over allegations that he attended parties during lockdown or we can rec, johnson wants to continue in office various other m p. 's believe he has become a distraction from other important issues facing the u. k. every net. it's sucking attention from the real issues facing the product,
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copyrights it from the sorting cost of living have pushed millions of families into poverty. it is time to get this over with sure. the prime minister, my daughter, public trust in johnson's leadership, is at an all time low. one pool suggests that 2 thirds of the british want him to resign. no one should be above the law, even in the prime minister. again, if you click on the 19th of june, my baby was 8 days old. my mother couldn't travel over to come and see her. she can meet her grandchild until child was, you know, 6 months old because of restrictions and you know, that all that kind of stuff. the findings of an internal investigation headed by civil servant. so gray are expected soon and be strong. johnson's party are waiting on that to decide whether to hold a no confidence to your question. german lawmakers have started debating mandatory vaccines to slow the spread of a corona virus. that bit their debate is taking place with the arm across variance
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tightening its grip and sending infection rates soaring to record levels. but lawmakers and the german public remained divided over requiring everyone to get vaccinated. ah, these people have already formed their opinions on mandatory vaccination. they disapprove, that's why they've taken to the streets of central berlin while the measures discussed next door in the german parliament incite the bonus tag. views a more diverse imminent chancellor. luft schultz and his health minister favor compulsory shots for every one over the age of 18. but some members of their coalition partner parties have different views, is pleasure. all right, i am speaking as a representative of all colleagues in this house who propose a so called middle way. we make vaccination mandatory for people over 50 for those who are particularly vulnerable. everyone else over 18 must attend a mandatory vaccination advice session that is nearby of i saw her in the highly
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efficient antiviral drugs. also an option, for instance, if want to help protect our intensive care units in our hospitals from overload or mia. hi. don't dare of her final verdict to day, but we have to examine these my, the alternatives to the best of our ability. listen on this and we're from, it's a 1st exchange of views. he and the bundles talking and pretty much every possible opinion has been expressed by some one or other during the more than 3 hour long debate. the majority of the electric believe making vaccines mandatory is the right step of the irish vice for the if i'm in favor of mandatory vaccination because i think we should watch out for each other and find a way out of this pandemic as soon as possible. dust is upon the me and my to indicate guns really. i think it's a very difficult topic. even if i believe every one should be vaccinated because the integrity of one's own bodies basically something nobody should interfere with
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. and so it is been of yes, i am personally against making lexi nation mandatory for certain groups of the population only, for example, for a health care personnel to me this would be the vs solution. and i say either you make it mandatory for every one off on no one, no to africa with use this divided both in an outside parliament. a potential vaccine mandate won't come into effect before summer. many experts say that will be too late to cup skyrocketing infection rates. the federal reserve is raising interest rates soon with implications for the global economy. chelsea delaney has a more details on business news coming up next. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center.


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