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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah a room ah ah ah, this is dw news. why, from berlin?
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diplomatic deadlock and military maneuvers in europe as ukrainians brace for a possible russian invasion. the u. s. a. nato offer more dialogue, but no concessions to moscow. security demands. the kremlin says its views are being ignored. also coming up germany's catholic church in crisis. the archbishop of munich promising a reckoning and reform after a report for detailing hundreds of cases of child sex abuse dating back decades. and a solemn tribute germany's parliament marks holocaust remembered se with the special ceremony commemorating the millions of jews and other minorities who were murdered by the nazis during the 2nd world. ah, i'm see me. some has gone to glad you could join us. we start with a diplomatic stalemate between russia and the west over ukraine. the kremlin says there was little optimism freezing tensions with the u. s. and nato,
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after both rejected russia's key security demands. the kremlin insisted on legal guarantees, barring ukraine from joining nato and the withdrawal of nato forces from eastern europe. russia has mass more than a 100000 troops on its border with ukraine, fueling fears of a potential invasion. for these soldiers, the threat of war is a familiar one. the ukraine, an army has been fighting, rush him back separatists in the countries east for more than 7 years now. but their story in the face of the late as escalation to the foster mother. but still you should not be panic hot. but if you do, while a wounded person is crying and swearing, it would be a fiasco if you panic to go. i. so we need to stay calm, play them all other thought was cut on his voice via in the streets of the capital, key of some residence, struggle to keep their spirits up, his widows. i am hoping for a peaceful solution. i can't even talk about this without trying. i am for peaceful negotiations reward. on thursday, russia offered
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a glimmer of hope that come could still prevail after the kremlin kept opened the door for talks. despite the u. s. and nato rejecting its demands, shook aside so genial the clue as for the content of the document, there is a response which gives hope for the start of a serious conversation on secondary questions, boosted b. m. but in this documentable, well, there was no positive response to the main question of soup was it's usually new. another chance for diplomacy will come next month when russian french ukrainian and german delegates will need for talks in berlin. let's get some more perspective on the story. now we can speak to fyodor luciano if he's the editor in chief of the journal, russia in global affairs. and he is joining us from moscow. good evening to you. i want to start with getting your take on what we're seeing at the moment, because depending on who you ask vladimir putin as either on the verge of launching a full scale invasion of ukraine or he is saber rattling, to get some attention,
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respect to certain issues or something in between. so what did you see is happening at the moment? i say quite severe political and diplomatic crisis which has to do with russian deeper satisfaction with the security situation in europe at large as it emerged after the cold war and then continued and developed in the case after it has actually not so much to do with you for it in particular and looking for moscow, it's a little bit strange how much the west western commentators are obsessed with the union issue. because the ukraine is an element of this is a case vital case, but it's not about ukraine at all. it's about the general principle where the need to a has right to expand the indefinitely or not as for troops. yes, i think this is, as you said, a way to that the say bring americans to negotiation,
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the negotiating table. to be fair, mister, look, you know, if you said you don't understand why the west is perhaps obsessed with ukraine. there are more than 100000 russian troops massed at the ukrainian border with have you re arms as well and military artillery. so wouldn't that represent a threat to ukraine? it wouldn't represent a threat, probably. and of course, when you try to address such a big issue as to change to revise the european security order, you need to look very, very credible. but of course, in case the russia would really want to launch a war against ukraine. i'm not the military expert, but they guess that it would live differently. and probably not as demonstrative as
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it is. the operation would look like may be serial one or so. and this is something else, it's not about division miss. look out of, i want to ask you about this european security order that you're referencing here because we're talking about the fate and the futures of sovereign countries, including ukraine and other countries that were formerly part of a soviet union. so how was it possible to restructure this order without their consent? it's impossible to restructure without their consent. the question is to explain to all of us into the western us 2 countries, so called countries in between the former countries that so it means that you understand the reality in which you and the decision about security arrangements, which of course, each country has right to made make independently and the sovereign basis will
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have a certain consequences. if a powerful neighbors are not fine with certain consequences. what do you mean by that? in football, full neighbor is feels threatened by decision made by other countries. of course it will react what that meant. so we kind of, why would russia feel threatened here? i think this is a bar. it's not again, it's not the ball to clean only because nature, whatever we say or whatever i need. the officials are saying, nate is a military alliance, which more than doubled in the 30 years, which started to fight worse by the way, which was not the case during the cold war. and it's approaching crush and borders . my, you might say russia is paranoid, but if you just look at this object, the situation, i think a military in the world would feel
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a little bit concern. well, i should just point out that nato does like to emphasize the fact that it considers the self defensive military alliance, but we have run other time for the interview. and i want to thank you very much, mr. leanne of editor in chief of the journal. russia in global affairs, thanks so much for sharing your views with us. let's be up to speed now on some other stories making headlines. the liberal u. s. supreme court justice steven brier has formally announced his retirement presidential biden repeated his promise to nominate the 1st black woman to the court, to names topping the list of potential nominees, r u. s. court of appeals. judge cotton g brown, jackson and california supreme court justice leandra krueger. the use drug regulator has approve the use of pfizer is oral antiviral pill to treat coven 19. the european medical agency gave the green light to the drug packs low bid, which will be given to adults at risk of severe illness. thailand's navy says an
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oil spell off the country's eastern coast will take at least 5 more days to clear. the leak from an under see pipeline began on tuesday and was eventually stopped a day later, the government says it's examining the impact of the lake on the environment. here in germany, the archbishop of munich has been responding to a damning report released last week about how the archdiocese handled sexual abuse cases in the catholic church. cardinal guy had mark said he was ready to take moral responsibility for the church as failings during this time. but said he won't be stepping down. last week's independent report was heavily critical of former pope benedict the 16 who himself headed the archdiocese from 1977 to 982. the report is the 1st formal accusation that benedict did not stop abusive priests, but instead allow them to continue working with children to abode hon level goal. bob, if he knew about the abuse and he didn't stop it. a new independent report has
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found former pope benedict failed to act in full cases of child sexual abuse by catholic clergyman. the case is date back to the time before he became pope, then known as joseph rod, singer in the late 19 seventies and early 19 eighties. he was the archbishop of munich, and pricing and southern germany. the reports found that under his watch, abusive priests were allowed to continue their work in the church, while victims received no support. the allegations could shots of the form of hopes, legacy at all. ma'am, you mentioned in dodge law, people in germany, no longer trust, jasa fry's thinker, the former polk county, the catholic church in germany is in a serious crisis, and many people are leaving the church to many are doubting their bishop life. and i'm you many are calling for more action to finally be taken. just perhaps also that the state should push forward with investigating the news and compensating the
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victims from his boss up for foreign carb. roxanne has already admitted, he made a false statement during the investigation. it found evidence he was at a meeting where an abusive priest with disgust after had repeatedly claimed he didn't attend. he now says that with an oversight he's previously denied any wrong doing. and as yet to give a full response to the findings. but the reports, commissioned by the catholic church and munich, found abuse was widespread and suggested a culture of cover ups. it found at least 495 cases of abuse in the archdiocese of munich between 19452019. the real figure is thought to be far higher. you spun the fog. it is an interesting question. is whether that singer could also faced legal action. no one knows whether the diplomatic immunity he had as a pope, which still protects him as someone who has resigned his pope and now lives in the vatican. as a private individual, yvonne has only become, leaped to you with dish. is it a few months time? theoretically, we could expect to see lawyers and germany following
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a lawsuit or pursuing legal action against joseph rod singer. he who at the time and munich did not tackle cases of abuse, but covered them up. the self connect had still not for touched at the former pope is now 94 years old and he's facing mounting pressure over his mishandling of sexual abuse within the catholic church. a scandal that reaches far beyond germany the german parliament has marked holocaust remembrance day with a special ceremony including tributes of victims and witness testimony. remembrance day marks the day more than 75 years ago when soviet troops liberated the auschwitz extermination camp. 11000000 men, women and children, including 6000000 jews were murdered in the holocaust. she survived the delays inch dot concentration camp, which she entered with her parents when she was just 7 years old. 20 members of english, alabama,
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as family were killed by the nazi regime. she endured horrible conditions and delays inch that for 3 years and was bedridden for, for more. such was the dire effect on her health. to day on holocaust memorial day, alabama warned the german buddhist tug that anti semitism is still alive. oh papa no. oh, and i still have very clear memories of that dark time mentioned o at time of terror and hate live the sadly this cancer has returned and hate of the jews has become commonplace again in many countries of the world, including germany. but neither this disease has to be cured as quickly as possible. emer, your high uncle echoed by the president of germany's parliament who said january 27th is not only
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a day of remembrance. ports is this being off and talk to day is also a day of shame for what previous generations of germans have done. shaw shame that the perpetrators never showed a few. far too few had to answer to the courts. far too many got off with punishments that amounted to a mockery of the victims. the old fog light also in attendance was israel's parliamentary speaker, mickey levy who recalls how democracy can descend into tyranny. isaac, so it is here, a new blood within the walls of this building, ireland beam which stand a silent stone and still witnesses. he had them. oh god. yeah, we remember and knew how the franchise democracy me gone and we are reminded of our duty to protect it at all cost bombshell. and his levy recited the jewish mourners prayer, reading from a book used by a german jewish boy on his bar mitzvah. a little he broke down in tears. oh
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it till alba never again. the call that echoed through the german moon. this tug on this day of remembrance is good. a reminder now of our top story. the u. s. has rejected russia's demand to bar ukraine from future future membership in nato and sat washington as offered a new diplomatic pastor and the crisis. russia that it's used have been ignored, but we'll continue dialogue. the u. s. economy is roaring back to life and a strong post pandemic recovery. chelsea delaney, of warranty that business stated to


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