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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 1:02am-1:31am CET

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seats in the european parliament, you're watching the w nice. you can find much more on a website. the w dot com ah another supreme court nomination and another supreme fight ahead in washington president joe biden will propose the 1st black woman to serve on the country's highest court and ensure a liberal judge gets the lifetime post. but can he actually get his nominee a green light in the senate with just a razor thin majority? and how could this change the court and the country in the years to come? i'm so me so much god, on this as the day in berlin. ah . using some of this in stream cor hardly one of the most
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serious constitution responses from the president. the president has stated and reiterated his commitment to nominating black women to the supreme court. i made that commitment during the campaign for president. i will keep, the democrats have this limits of this limits control of the senate and we're a new justice would have to be confirm with also coming up a catastrophe unfolding in afghanistan and economic crisis, hunger, a harsh winter and crippling sanctions have left a population desperate and starving was image can be a 3rd issue. so for me, shaky mother, i might say more and more of the children. we see her a malnourished, that we need more medicine, more space, more stuff,
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and other resources for the many patients with in the us here with me she we begin the day with what is shaping up to be one of the biggest political battles in washington in the coming weeks after a liberal supreme court justice steven brier announced he's retiring president joe biden confirmed. he will be nominating a new liberal justice very soon and it will be a black woman. that would be a 1st for the court. but if the last 4 supreme court justice nominations have been any indication, biden will have quite the fight on his hands to get his pick confirmed by the u. s . senate still, he has bowed to fulfill a pledge he made to one of his staunchest supporters. in the black community, when he was struggling in the early stages of his campaign to become president, there was an issue that needs to be address uploaded was very rare book that merge needed to be addressed, urged him to come out publicly for putting an african american woman
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on supreme court, a majority of the judges, he is nominated, are women that speaks to his desire and his interest in having courts around the country that look like america and that represent the experiences of america person . i will nominate we some of the extraordinary qualifications, character experience and integrity, that personal be the 1st black woman ever nominated united states supreme court. it's long overdue. my. i made that commitment during the campaign for president. i will keep or let's talk about all of this with bruce sacrament. he's the sterling professor of law and political science at yale university, the author of more than a dozen books. bruce, welcome to you. good to have you on the day, i want to start out by asking you about the significance of president biden vowing and then a follow through on nominating a black woman to this post. well, i think that this is a great achievement at the end, especially
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a both of the leading candidates are really well qualified regardless of their rich a for this position. so i think that it's really a, a demonstration of the real progress that we've made in the america since the civil rights revolution in which, at the present time of course is endangered. but we have made progress. the question is whether we will sustain it. let's dive into that. tell us about the 2 main candidates who are being discussed right now. so that's leander krueger and catan. g brown. jackson. what can you tell us about them? well, i think that katasha brown jackson will be the nominee frankly. because as she will not generate a road block in the senate, only last year, she was after 10 years of extraordinarily fine service as
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a district judge. she was nominated by president biden to the 2nd most powerful court in the country. the court. ready of appeals for the district of columbia and she was confirmed 50 by $54.00 votes with 3 republicans voting for her, including one leading extremely conservative republican senator ted cruz, who might well be a, a vice presidential candidate for a donald trump and a 3 others ashamed so i think that in fact, this is going to be not a repeat of the terrible tragedy of the past few nominations. i do think it's very unfortunate how that
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president biden has announced his intention to push this through this through in a month. ok, why i'm so in doing it because we should try to restore a sense of falk fullness and deliberation. i was brown, has extraordinary credentials. a graduate of harvard college at harvard law school, a distinguished service and. and there's going to be a substantial bipartisan support. rather than and in this context, it's a terrible mistake achieves to me to repeat trump's precedent in pushing someone through it a month. what we certainly see is going to, if i could just dump in a burst, i mean, i understand what you're saying. and we've seen those recent nomination. certainly
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under the former president, trump reach that peak level of polarization, really. and there is generally a lot of concern over the balance on the court, particularly after the former president was able to nominate 3 supreme court justices. conservative justices. so how concerning is that to you? very concerning this, the, the, the, the great, the need for reform of the american system in many respects. we cannot rely on the supreme court in the same way that we have done since brown against board of education declared that separate what was unequal. the era of judicial, not leadership, but centrality is over. what we need is constructive statute, tory reform, and administrative reform and redistribution of wealth and things of this kind. so as to a hack, create
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a new sense of hope and equality for the mass of american citizens. but of course, the supreme court is going to play an important role, and it's extremely important for a someone who was after all, among her many other accomplishments, a miss jack judge jackson was steve briars, law clerk. she was going to be. and i, kim, in her tradition, us thoughtfulness and setting a she will descent often. okay. just wanted to ask you a quick question about the larger picture, political picture, how significant the battle do you think this is going to be for the president and really a democrats as a whole in what is another crucial election year? yes, i think that this is actually, especially if we don't rush it through a, it's going to be something in which the democrats of all different persuasions,
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conservatives, in liberal democrats and social democrats will all unite behind her. and she will be a symbol that it is possible for someone to her on her own method, marriage and energy and discipline become age, leading, american jewish. this is going to inspire so many students with the year law school . ok. or yeah, i think it's really well, we're not out of time and mister ackerman, but i, i want to thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us on this very important supreme court nomination process. thanks for joining us. you're on the day. indeed. thank you. to ah, another day of diplomatic efforts to defuse the tensions over ukraine, french president, a my, on my call called russia,
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letting me put in today to discuss the stand off. put in told micro that nato and the us were ignoring russia, security demands, but kept the door open to further diplomacy. russia has mast tens of thousands of troops, troops on ukraine's border, and the west fears it is planning to invade. scanning the landscape on this ukrainian border city troops try to gauge moscow's next move. one soldier believes and attack here in lou haskell is unlikely fill. we're not sure what the navy is not enough to withstand heavy attack. so i think the coast line could be easily captured, live with okay, we've got my opinion with it, but everyone thinks about an invasion to hockey or don bass, but it's the wrong point of view to them. if they attack, they will do it from the see. if it shows more in the black sea rushes navy carries out drills on friday. still the kremlin says it was
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a peaceful resolution. if it's up to us, the russian federation, there will be no war. we don't want war, but we will not allow our interests to be violated, and we will not allow our interests to be ignored either. it's hope to diplomatic offensive will de escalate tensions. high stakes talks with various players are giving hope that a war in eastern europe can be averted for those stuck in the middle. life is on hold. in the doing so, we just hope russia takes us for good because it has to stop at some point. it's going what years of conflict with somebody, it was really just plain as diplomatic effort to advance, the u. s. is still warning ukraine to prepare for a russian invasion. germany's foreign minister has also addressed the crisis with
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her russian counterpart. early this week, emeline burbock told germany parliament that the west is working on a strong response and the controversial gas pipeline nordstrom, to ease on the table. and i haven't react. we have made it clear that further military action against ukraine would have massive consequences for russia must eva plencik vinson, who slanted to it's on this basis that we're working on a strong package of sanctions, in case of renewed aggression. we have a full range of responses at our disposal, including north stream to students. why? let's bring in our political correspondent thomas barrow for more on this story. hi thomas. good to see you. it does seem that the german government is pretty firm on this. now that the pipeline will not be brought online if there is an attack on ukraine and just a few weeks ago, it wasn't so clear. so was it pressure from outside from allies that force germany to put this pipeline on the table?
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your right to me, when you point that germany's position has changed, at least slightly. some of germany's eyes would, may be alike. uneven, firmer stands from germany. but what we've been hearing in the last few days and we just heard that there for marlena. burbock is certainly a much stronger position than which than the position you had only a few weeks ago. basically, meaning that north stream is also on the table when it comes to sanctions. yes, it does have to do, at least in part from that pressure coming from germany's allies in particular the united states. and you may know that in fact, germany and they knighted states signed an agreement last year, which precisely meant to stop russia from misusing any pipeline. i'm quoting from that agreement. but on the other hand, it also has to do with politics here in germany with the fact that in the new german government in the governing coalition, not everyone has that opinion that was indeed shared by members of the previous
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government. that north string to is mostly an economic project. there is a discussion here in germany that yes, it might be an economic project, but there's also a big political implication. and that, that could also be affecting european unity at a very important time. so it's both coming from the allies, but also from an internal german debate. and it means thomas, that it does appear that germany in its allies, the west. they seem to be in lock step now and on their approach to russia, right? at least they're getting into lockstep, at least they're moving in that direction. but there are still issues where they differ. there still criticism, for example, towards one of germany's key positions there. the fact that germany, unlike other allies, like they noted, states like they noted, kingdom has decided not to send defensive weapons to ukraine. instead, germany has sent a field hospital or 5000 helmets. and germany has argued that, that, that could actually affect possible negotiations to try and de escalate the situation
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from a diplomatic point of view. other allies see that differently and this basically means that on this aspect, the different allies within the european union, within the nato alliance do not necessarily c i t, y on every aspect. but they are certainly trying to find common ground when it comes to that approach. towards ukraine and that approach towards russia as well. i want to ask you thomas about something we heard the german intelligence chief se today's been talking about, the fact that intel indicates that russia hasn't decided yet whether to invade ukraine. can you tell us more about that? basically that comment was dot, according to the german intelligence chief, and we're talking here about the java japanese foreign intelligence agency, the bnb. russia is prepared to attack ukraine but has not decided whether to do so . and essentially, that means that the crisis could go in many different directions. so it's not
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a very specific comment by the head of the, for intelligence agency. but it's yet an important comment. if you consider that germany's foreign intelligence agency is directly subordinated to a chancellor's office, and its main goal is precisely to advise the german government, the german chancellor on threats coming from abroad. so every time you have these kinds of comments, they're obviously important here in the national context to understand what might possibly happen and what implications there might be. also for germany, our political correspondent, thomas sparrow, reporting for us good to talk to you. ah, afghanistan is in the grip of a humanitarian disaster and in the midst of a famine, the crisis has been made worse by sub 0 temperatures in recent weeks. according to the un, 23000000 people or more than half of afghan ascends population are threatened by hunger this winter and in urgent need of assistance. some food aid has started
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arriving in couple but much international aid was cut when the taliban took power. last august. scarcity of food means many children are now malnourished, and children's medical wards are filling up. we take you now to the indira gandhi hospital in couple so weeks hardy, i had nothing to eat. her mother could no longer breast her and the family couldn't afford to buy milk. 14 days ago they brought her to this hospital and cobble caught up with them because she was much worse before she fed milk every hour and she can keep it down to the best because the family situation has severely deteriorated in the past few months. oh, i still have skyrocketed, i have 3 sons and the daughter we were able to buy food. but recent developments of hitches massively, especially the evaluation of the currency and inflation. i'm
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a widow and live in someone else's apartment ness sakina used to fee would normally look after 5 patients. now she has over 20. the number of people currently seeking hospital treatment, far outstrips capacity, was if you can get that issue for me, she must say more and more of the children. we see here a malnourished was this. when you go to our mission, we need more medicine, more space, more staff and other resources for the many patients. in view of me. recently the international red cross has been supporting the hospital with financial aid and medicine to tyra come from a suburb cobble and brought her son to the children's ward. jo, most my husband is a teacher. he's not being paid for the last 3 or 4 months. i sold
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a ring so i could bring my son here for treatment. the family can only afford tea and bread to eat. often. there's not enough money for gas for heating or cooking food on. they say my husband will receive his salary, but i don't know. that will happen. last week they announced they would pay and they still haven't. mm hm. so tara has the equivalent of just under 20 years left from the sale of her ring. she doesn't know how she'll get by off to that. hello. mm hm. i am she lou, my son and the son of we can only keep the children here for a maximum of 2 months. we can't keep them any longer because we have to make room for other children, even including the who do then see which was the want to saw. people come to us from all over the country. you'll moodle jim economically. so the children only go home once that well enough, but often that back within a few months,
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when their parents have no more food left to give them world food program, executive director david beasley has been working in afghanistan to distribute aid . he told the w about what is hindering their efforts to help mister beesley could you give us a picture of the humanitarian emergency unfolding right now in afghanistan, afghanistan was already one of the poorest countries in the world with trend over 20 years. at least of conflict with the taliban. and now what we're facing is catastrophic. the number of people that literally are knocking on starvation is door is 23000000 people out of 40000000 people. it is horrific. in fact, i've been there several times of the meeting with families, mothers and fathers. in fact, one mother was telling me how she had to sell her daughter to get food for her family in the hopes that her daughter could be well fed by another family. and so mothers and families are having to choose because they have no money do. if they do
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have any money, do i buy a cookie? no, to feed my children, or do i buy heating? oh, to keep my children from freeze to death. this is how horrific it is in afghanistan right now. what kind of difficulties are you encountering in delivering food to the people in need? there, we've been operating in afghanistan before the taliban took over in and quite frankly, it's been quite remarkable. the access that we have, the taliban, i have met with our teams have met with out in the provinces as well as in cobble. and they have assured us, allowing us to operate in partially independently neutrally in dave, honored that we've been able to operate, do what we need to do to reach the innocent victims of this conflict if we get the money that we need. and that's our biggest limitation right now we can reach the afghan people without any one including the taliban,
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interfering with our operations in that extremely important for us. that is a humanitarian effort. enough sanctions, an asset freezes have been applied to the taliban since they came into government and they are hitting the on a me in afghanistan. hard, should these measures be reconsidered? so the long term solution is not humanitarian aid. the long term solution is going to be the international community figuring a path forward so that afghanistan can revitalize, is economy and move on with this life. because we've got so many crises right now around the world. because if we don't have enough of money, we're wide. where am i going to get the money to feed all the children in afghanistan? am i going to take it from the children and syria, the children in ethiopia, the children in easier? molly, so this is a very serious issue in the leaders around the world have yet to really sit down and find a pragmatic way forward. otherwise it's going to be catastrophic. as you've said,
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there's urgent need for funding, not only for afghanistan, but also for other emergencies. around the world, like yemen and syria, you have many times appealed to the leaders and the millionaires of the world for funding. what has the response been so far? during this coven experience the world's billionaires have made unprecedented money over $5200000000.00 of net worth increase per day. all we need is one day's worth of their net worth increase to really address our short term crisis. is that too much to ask? i don't think so because the world needs the world billionaires who profited during coven, to help the world's poor david beasley, executive director of the world food program. thank you. thank you. well, it was a brazen raid in the middle of the night. just over 2 years ago,
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a group of robbers broke into the green vault museum and dressed ins royal palace. and they knew what they were going for. 21 pieces of 18th century jewelry and valuables worth a 130000000 euros. and it took them to 8 minutes to make off with a lute. to day 6 men accused of orchestrating and carrying out the heist have gone on trial. the stolen gems, they are still missing. security was high as the trial of 6 men got underway in dresden. they are accused of belonging to the criminal gang that masterminded the theft of the priceless treasures from dresden green vault. this village, another over nixon for it is one of the most complicated cases of recent years with huge media interest. people are fascinated by this case. one of the offers on the schools and that isn't the crime took place on november 15th 2019. shortly before 5 am an electricity distribution box near the green vault burst into flames and local
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street lights went out. the burglars climbed into the jewelry exhibition room through a window screen that was tampered with an advance. they used an axe to smash the security glass and pocketed priceless diamonds and precious jewels. the 1st arrests were made one year later. the prosecution based its case on traces of dna found at the crime scene, videos and witness accounts. the jewels themselves have yet to be found. but the museum hasn't given up hope that they can still be recovered. bus woodside, but it is very helpful that this case is getting international publicity once again with the antenna sonata. if it increases our chances of finding the precious jewels, the highest prompted criticism over the green vault security. it's now being upgraded to help keep the museums remaining treasures safe. well, that was the day as ever the conversation continues online. you'll find us on
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twitter at the w. my handle is at some ugly ass. it is great to have you with us and we'll see you monday. ah, with a
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