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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CET

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for the world or in a race against time. the d. n. a molecule though has 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals with one doing goal, 2 out smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on d, w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin,
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u. s. president joe biden says he'll send american troops to eastern europe that says ukraine tells the west not to stoke tensions with russia. the president below to mere zalinski, warren's western country, says western mornings of a russian invasion are hurting his country. also, coming up we go to kaz, extends largest city al mattie after it was rocked by a week of deadly unrest. city is rebuilding the trust in the government might never recover. ah, i'm next, spicer. welcome to the program. you as president joe biden says he will help boost nato's presence in eastern europe to deter russia from invading ukraine. american defense officials have warned that russia has deployed enough forces to invade all of the country, calling moscow's true build up something not seen since the cold war years president by ah, will movies you us 50 sir, your potato countries?
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did the deer turn? not long. and there are conflicting us. it is coming from washington and give about the threat of a russian invasion of ukraine. presidents lensky has cautioned the west against stroke stoking fears of russian military invasion. he said, war is not eminent. near the border with russia, ukrainian soldiers prepare for the worst. but behind the scenes, a flurry of diplomatic activity races to de escalate tensions. russia insisted it is not seeking war. in a press conference on friday, ukrainian president followed amid zalinski, also called for com, saying that panic was causing damage to the economy. pause. we need to establish the economy of our country because of those signals which said that to morrow there
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will be war. because this signals will send by even respected to leaders of the respective countries of sometimes they are not even using diplomatic language. they sing to morrow is the war. this means panic on the market plan and can the financial sector. his comments come hours after a phone call between french president emanuel mac, ron and russian president vladimir putin, in which putin insisted that western responses had not addressed moscow's principal concerns. yet the cold did lead to some progress. the 2 leaders re committed to ease intentions through the normandy format. for way diplomatic talks between germany, russia, ukraine, and france. let's keep our reasons the ukranian president. welcome to the idea as a step towards coming tensions the but he also called on russia to prove its claims that it has no intention of invading ukraine. for now, tension on the border remains as high as ever. and as long as the risk of military
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escalation lingers, the diplomatic dance will continue behind closed doors. and for more on this, i'm joined by andrew cartoon on the director general of the russian international affairs council. and thanks for joining us. after several weeks of talks, now president bowden is insisting that the responses from washington and the west have still not addressed moscow's principal concerns. does that mean russia is now prepared for armed conflict? you think? well, i wouldn't go said that a potential war in ukraine. the, the best directly on the responses that we didn't get. so from the worst, what ashley is doing at the border with ukraine, they supposed to deter, you've trained from taken a military action in don't boss a. so i don't think that even if they failed to agree on the non enlargement of native, that would mean that trash will attack ukraine because it makes no sense and attacked
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on ukraine would not change the native lance of, for a potential expansion. these are 2 different sets of issues. so the america, the russian military build up on the border has nothing to do with preventing eto expansion. is that what you're saying? you're saying there's no connection? absolutely, i think that the, the russian build up will not prevent a native from a goal eastward. on the contrary, it might go more activities of nate on the territory ukraine, and it will mean that it will generate events which witness time to award. so why should she do that? yeah, well, i guess many people are asking that question just to come to present intrusion as we heard in that report. he met with french president her imagined nicole and agreed there is a need for, for the escalation which many parties involved were saying could that involve it in your estimation, speaking from moscow and removing some russian troops from the ukrainian border?
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i hope so. i think that definitely they cannot keep all his troops of the crating buddha for ever. that there should be some limits. and i hope that via withdrawal, especially i, you know, there is a resumption of the means roses as you probably know of. there was a meeting, a couple of days ago, me to know elliptical representatives of the for, for residence. and they decided that they would continue a meeting or discuss an implications or the means agreements are for the situation on the ground. so i do quote that we are back on track with means, which would be a major accomplishment. and if so, i think the concerns interact with the traffic that you train. my did wait, don't boss tomorrow will ease and that would make the rush in presence of the you create board on necessary. i was and a quarter of their, from the russian international affairs council in moscow to cassock sand now,
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which is still reeling after a week of deadly unrest that left more than $200.00 people, dead unrest, exposed to leadership, struggle to tightened his grip. president cassim john mark tuck i have, has now taken over the leadership, the ruling party, sidelining, his mentor, and the former head of state protest started over arise and fuel prices at the beginning of the year, but then spiraled into mass disturbances, notably in cash, extends big city al mattie security forces are accused of using excessive force to put down the unrest. any anal mattie still can't believe what happened. t w's. emily, sherwin has more. ah, a city turned into a war zone. this is cousin stone's commercial center almighty. in early january. what started as anger over rising fuel prices soon escalated into full blown riots . arson and looting. many locals tell us,
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they're still in shock. there is much news more symbol. what were they even trying to take here? ice cream bottom goes sid, dartmouth of us. apartment is right on the corner of almighty's republic square. the location of the city administration building and the at the center of the recent unrest. out of her window, she witnessed peaceful protests turning violent on there. cuz i guess i went a bit nuts. i opened my window and started shouting at the rioters, you should be ashamed of yourselves. what are you doing? the people who opened these shops are people just like you rebuilding will take time. the authorities estimate the value of the damage to local businesses in the country at over 150000000 euros. nearly 2000 shops suffered at the hands of the rioters artist and designer. mimi ill neat sky has been picking up the pieces. she's convinced that her workshop and office in almighty's city center was
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set on fire. during the protests in need scale was at home with her children, the destruction she found when she returned to her work place shocked her. whether she could have been with me about it, when i was coming up here, i was worried that i hadn't taken the key to my office. but then i came in and realized, i don't need a key. there's not even a desk. i never thought my own people could do this to me as to the war. authorities say over 200 people died during the riots. the government insists foreign terrorists and extremists are to blame for the unrest. but some experts believe the ruling elite used the protests as part of an internal power struggle. i'll mati resident, but i go sit meant of a tells us she can't forget what happened. we did this, but i'm still scared even now. it's a deep animal fear because i suddenly felt that we're living in anarchy rather than an estate. we don't have a government that can protect me and other normal people for choice. because like authorities said that the situation across the country is back under control. but
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trust in the government may also need rebuilding. let's have a quick look now at some of the other stories making headlines to day. in peru, an oil spill that was triggered by a volcanic eruption is twice as large as initially thought. authorities now estimate 12000 barrels of oil or in the c directors of the spanish energy company have also been banned from leaving the country. this bill is proves worse environmental crisis and recent history. thousands of people gathered an oregon capital to protest against rape culture. the rally in montevideo, montevideo comes days after a woman was raped by at least 3 men. demonstrators are demanding more sex education and concrete action from the government abridge. collage in the us city of pittsburgh hours before president biden was due to visit and talk about
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rebuilding the country's infrastructure when people were injured. claps triggered a major gas leak by later visit. this joanie mitchell is joining fellow musician neil young and removing their music from spotify. the singer say a popular podcast by jo rogan hosted on the audio streaming service is spreading misinformation about the corona virus. spotify has already lost $4000000000.00 in market value due to the contours. in tennis world, number one, ashley barty is hoping to become the 1st home champion of the australian open in 44 years. she faces a challenge from the american, danielle collins in the women's final party as a to time grand slam winter and will be the favorite for the title on saturday night. but her hard hitting opponent collins was rank 30th in the world is an exceptional form going into the match in melbourne. and for more i'm joined by
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steve pierce, tennis commentator with australian open radio. that was outside the rod laver arena in melbourne's. hi steve. a big day and melbourne ash bardy hoping to become the 1st australian women, twin grand slam on home courts and 78. what are her chances? nick? good evening. chances are really good. she's the best player in the world by quite a long, wide game that she brings to the court to know if she can, if she's allowed to play exactly how she wants to, she should be done, you know, call it daniel, call it to the really, really good player, come through the drawer and hits the ball extremely hard. there is the danger that actually about the if she's not on her game, if she lists some of the emotion and the, the pressure of this occasion get, there is a chance to call it. there's no doubt that this match is not a done deal, but the actually balance if she can, if she can hold her composure with this 44 year white, where she's been talking up, which is all over the front of the back pages of the papers as you would imagine
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here, if she can maintain her composure and bring high grade and games the court and, and keep the clear head to night. then she should wait and all co game a slice bike had a big of a big forehead. it should be good enough to deal with daniel, call it, but of course it's always about in sport make and you never quite know, but she's a red hot favorite to deliver that 1st title for a trailer and the women. since you mentioned in 1978. well, we'll be keeping in touch with you about what might be big celebrations should that occur. meanwhile, sunday is the men's final between a spaniard, rough and a dull and russian daniel med. yet of, with no doubt looking to make history. can you tell us about that? yeah, look, i mean, i think i ref, found the dell for him to get back to an australian open. final has surprised even him. you know, he spent 5 months of the tor, towards the end of last year, or even he has said he wasn't a 100 percent. sure, he would get back to the tor and play at a high level,
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let alone making it all the way through to this major final in january. as soon as he's come back on the top, it's an amazing achievement. he's lost a few final theories. last 4, he's only 11 of them. it's probably, and i think he'd be aware of this nick, his last chance to add a 2nd australian open, which is significant, but also to win that 21st major title, which would push him ahead of your commission, phaedra in that taking orders. who's gonna finish top of that? that pile mid for dave is a spoiler though? he's playing really good. tennis i'm and won the u. s. i from being joke, which in straight sets last september. so it's, it's, it's got fascinating encounter. i think med my name is just the favorite for that, but the crowd favorite that will be rafa. ok, steve pierce with us there from outside the rod laver arena in melbourne. thanks so much. thanks, nick. and we leave center court at the australian open to go to the tops of the country's eucalyptus trees since 2018 close to
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a 3rd of australia co hours have died as a result of bush fires, disease and deforestation. now the australian government is increasing its spending by over $30000000.00 over the next 4 years to restore koala habitat. and to expand research on the vulnerable species. researchers estimate there could be as few as $100000.00 of the native marsupials left on the car. and a reminder at the top. so we were following for you. ukraine's president below to mister lensky has cautioned the west against stoking fears of russian invasion. he says there has been no further escalation of russia and is urging west to avoid causing panic. this is dw news fly from berlin spicer intervals
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soccer is a sport of the many colors.


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