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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2022 5:00am-5:15am CET

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ah, what is your city all time high people demand, radical solutions corporation. the claim you can handle the crisis with on d w. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is, these are the news live from gwinnett diplomats class over ukraine at the un security council. russia uses the us of stirring up hysteria over
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a potential russian invasion and washington cause most of those to build up on ukraine's order. dangerous. also coming up with a year since me and mars military sees power in a cool. we'll look at the doctor's efforts to stop all resistance to his school. and persons prime minister, forrest johnson says, sorry, again, officer report, illegal lockdown parties and number 10, downing street. it accuses his government of leadership failures. ah, i'm here mohammed, welcome to the program. russia and the us have clashed over ukraine at an emergency meeting at the un security called un security council. in the heated session, the u. s. and boy accused moscow of destabilizing europe by massing troops along
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ukraine's border. russia accused the us of theatrics and whipping up tensions. diplomatic sparring comes as fears grow over a russian invasion around the table. the keyword was provocation. rushes. envoy accused the us feeling hysteria over ukraine. we're going to go to the discussion about a threat of war is provocative in and of itself. we would, you're almost calling for this. you want it to happen. you're waiting for it to happen is if you want to make you words become a reality. the threats of action, if russia's security demands aren't met, is provocative. are encouraging. diplomacy is not provocative. the provocations from russia not from us or other members of this council. this is the largest. this
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is the largest, hear me clearly mobilization, approved in europe in decade, the crime in march. remember that ukraine is ready to defend itself. at the same time, we support the need to keep diplomatic journals with russia open. ukraine is not going to launch military offensive, neither indian bus nor in creamier, nor anywhere else. ukraine season alternative to peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict. more than a 100000 russian trips or mast, your ukraine's border, sparking concern from the usaa did hear a p and allies that russia will make some sort of invasion within weeks. and we continue to engage in non stop diplomacy and to deescalate tensions an attempt to devil to improve security for our allies and partners. and for all of you,
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for that matter. but with russia's continuing is build up of forces around ukraine. we are ready, no matter what happens after the un security council meeting. russia responded and writing to us proposal aimed at d escalating the ukraine crisis. more high level diplomacy is expected this week, even though talks of so far fields to ease tensions. i la, we asked d, w, washington correspondent on the salads. what more the u. s. might have in store if diplomacy fails while there are thanks and of course that were already put in place years before, and they were considered ineffective. following the annexations that the annexation of crimea in 2014 and all the west, including the united states and the european union, are threatening a new level of sanctions that could reach from economic boy called to cutting off
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russian bangs from the financial grid from the international financial brit also to personal sanctions against vladimir putin than a new threat came to day from washington and london. and that would impose or include punishing, a leads that are close to proven and freeze their assets also include travel bands for these people. should russia invade the ukraine? so again, what we're seeing is a mix of threats and diplomacy to deter russia from doing exactly that. now it's been one. yes, since me and mars army overthrew elected leader unsung. so she and sees power in a cool the united states, britain and canada have announced new sanctions against the genta targeting top members of the judiciary. you and chief and pony terrace. urge that will to put more pressure on me in mars military rulers, in a statement he says in the past year, there has been an intensification and violence, a deepening of human rights, and the humanitarian crises, and
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a rapid rise of poverty in me in law. the multiple vulnerabilities of all people across me and more and its regional implications require an urgent response. in while security forces in me in mar, have arrested dozens of people in recent days to prevent a nationwide strike to mock the anniversary. thousands of others have been killed, detained, or have fled their homes in the year of political turmoil. a year on from the qu, in myanmar and things look relatively normal on the surface. but a pervasive armed presence betrays a country firmly under military control. yet on february, the 1st 2021 sang sang to key, was ousted from her role as de facto leader of the civilian government. after the military placed her under arrest and handed power to the country's top general. the generals claimed without evidence that there had been massive voter fraud to
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explain their take over 2 keys ousting led to massive protests. thousands of people took to the streets or joined resistance groups. the military has retaliated with a bloody crackdown according to a un report, at least 1500 people have been killed by the brutal effort to crush descent. and at least 11000 people have been arrested and detained for voicing their opposition. some 9000 people are still in custody. on 290 have died in detention likely due to the use of torture, says u n. a year on, on democracy looks a long way away from me on law. well let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. burkina faso military gentle says it has restored parts of the country's constitution,
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the whose lead up paul and read dummy ball will serve as head of state for transitional period. it comes as the african union suspended brooke in a fossil after a military coup. last week hundreds of people rallied in bolivia. capital now paused to protest violence against women. it followed outrage over the case of a serial rapist who received a 30 year sentence for homicide, but was released on medical grounds on to serving just a few years. the man was re arrested last week after bodies of 2 women were found buried at his home. denmark becomes the 1st european country to lift all of its pandemic restrictions. that includes mandatory phase fos, health passes and limited opening hours for bars and restaurants. the move comes despite record numbers of coven 19 infections. the government says it's now relying on denmark's high vaccination, right? to cope with the army?
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kron variant u. k. pallana subarus. johnson was grilled in parliament over an investigation into a series of parties held at his downing street residence during the cobra 19 lockdown. the findings accuse him and parts of his team are failing in leadership and judgment. johnson has apologized, but says he will not step down. the prime minister, a crunched day for boris johnson, leaving his headquarters in london's downing street to give a statement in parliament on what's become known as the party gates scandal. firstly, i want to say, sorry, and i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right. and also sorry for the way that this matter has been handled and it's no use saying that this will, that was within the rules and is no you saying that people we're working hard. i know the opposition leader kiss. darma was quick to pounce,
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who the st. johnson repeatedly claim the lockdown rules were followed. despite the parties in downing street, the house that the guy that we now know that 12 cases have reached the threshold for criminal investigation, which i read mind the house, means that there is evidence of serious and flagrant breaches of lockdown a contract, johnson acknowledged the reports findings of failures of leadership and judgment. mister speaker, i get it and i will fix it. ah, i won't do soon to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes, it whether this government can be trusted to deliver. and i say this is because yes, we can see for us if we can be trusted to deliver
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a separate and continuing police investigation means the full party gate report has not yet been published. the only question is, does anybody else have anything else my way or a detail that they could yet release into the public domain? particularly the prime minister's former advisor dominick cummings, who has gone public over the weekend, saying that he is trying to actually remove maurice johnson for office for the moment that looks unlikely. johnson has survived countless scandals in the past. his many enemies are now eagerly awaiting the outcome of the police prob more than 20 people have died in brazil after heavy rains, landslides and flooding in the sate of sao paulo has set hundreds of people homeless, said governor has authorized emergency aid for affected areas. brazil has been
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experiencing torrential rains and heavy flooding since december. it's a race against time to search for remaining survivors before it's too late. homer is going to school. they think that there are people over there. 1 may god help them if you are alive. those of you yesterday someone was calling for help. today he is not calling anymore. they are trying to get the body out of their dead or alive. oh so some flood victims are still being pulled out of the month. but the hope to find any more is quickly fading. a desperate wait for those whose loved ones are missing her through woodale. i'm looking for my nephew, his wife in a 2 year old child. we are barbara. know they set the bodies of steel. dear uncle, the mother of barbara, but until now they couldn't recover them that li, landslides are
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a frequent occurrence in brazil during the rainy season. here in franco that roach are there specially dangerous for hillside houses. there are often the homes of the poor cliffs firefighter se they'll continue operations until all the missing persons on the list are accounted for. both the living and the dead. 2 men have been arrested in south west germany after a fatal shooting of 2 police officers attack took place during a traffic stop and the early hours of monday. it was on this country road in the early morning darkness that this tragic incident unfolded. the 2 police officers age 24 and 29 survive just long enough to make an emergency call, but died soon after by the one in the map from they were on overnight patrol in the area at about 4 20 am during a spot check on a vehicle on district road 22 were fatally injured by charles by the the chauffeur
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to defer left. throughout the day, the police search continued in the air and on the ground plain clothes and uniformed officers examined the crime scene in rhineland, platinum, and also locations in nearby czar land. the police announced they wanted to speak to a 38 year old man from land known to the authorities and the holder of a gun license. he and another man age 32, were later arrested in the town of goods by federal interior minister, nancy phaser tweeted, regardless of the motive. this act is reminiscent of an execution and shows that the police risk their lives every day for safety. the 24 year old who died was still a train, a police college, among the questions the investigation will now look at why the 2 young police officers decided to stop this particular vehicle and what led to them losing their lives in the shocking way. and people around the world are celebrating the lunar
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new year, which marks the year of the tiger. once again, the festivities are muted over concerns over the corona virus pandemic. in taiwan lungs at darma drum mountain rang in the new year by striking the temple bell $180.00 times. the ritual symbolizes a sipping way of human worries. why? he what he did of in his life from berlin up next is doc for i'm really mohammed and for watching take care. i


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