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is the 77 percent the platform with, you know, the channels. we're not a young people clearly have the solution for future 77 percent now, every weekend on the w ah ah, this is the w news life from berlin. diplomats clash over ukraine at the un security council rush or accuses the u. s. of storing up hysteria over
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a potential russian invasion and washington calls moscow's troop. build up on you. french border. dangerous. also coming up. it's been a yes, it's me and my military seized power and look at the hood, his efforts to stop all resistance to which rule ah, i've been physical and welcome russia and the united states have clashed over ukraine over the ukraine crisis and at its emergency meeting at the un security council, in a heated session, the u. s. envoy accused roster of the stabilizing europe by massing troops along ukraine's border. moscow use washington of theatrics and whipping up tensions. the diplomatic sparring comes as fears grow over a russian invasion of you crime around the table. the
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keyword was provocation. rushes envoy accused the us and the feeling hysteria over ukraine. looper, we're going to the discussion about a threat of war is provocative in and of itself. we would, you are almost calling for this. you want it to happen. you're waiting for it to happen is if you want to make you words become a reality. the threats of action, if russia's security demands aren't met, is provocative. are encouraging. diplomacy is not provocative. the provocations from russia not from us or other members of this council. this is the largest. this is the largest, hear me clearly mobilization, approved in europe in decade. the cramming mobs remember that ukraine is ready to defend itself. at the same time,
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we support the need to keep diplomatic channels with russia open. ukraine is not going to launch military offensive, neither in the bus nor in creamier, nor anywhere else. the green season alternative to peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict. more than a 100000 russian trips or mass ukraine's border, sparking concern from the usaa did hear a p and allies that russia will make some sort of invasion within weeks. and we continue to engage in non stop diplomacy and to de escalate 10 to 1010 devil to improve security or for allies and partners for all of you, for that matter. but with rushes continuing to build up its forces around ukraine. we are ready, no matter what happens after the un security council meeting. russia responded in
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writing to a us proposal aimed at d escalating the ukraine crisis. more high level diplomacy is expected this week, even though talks of so far field to ease tensions. uri with shadow without moscow corresponded. yuri, is there a diplomatic way of solving this crisis? i think everybody hope so, ben and t, as there are plenty of negotiations going on at different levels at the moment. as for the security council meeting yesterday, russia has criticized the decision to hold it using 1st of all, the white house of unacceptable interference in russia's internal affairs and calling the media at the meeting. a p. r. stand for the u. s. government. at the same time, moscow has repeatedly emphasized that it doesn't want a military solution, but a diplomatic one. so on the one hand, moscow says, hey, let's talk. on the other hand, i'm not to that way. however,
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i do think that the effect that the highest you and body has tried to deal with the issue as at least as symbolic effect on the kremlin. also at the same time, russia is putting forward demands, it knows the west really just can't deliver on. what's moscow solution to this then? while i think moscow maintains that all russia is doing is moving as a troops within its own territory, enter that russia. it has never, or has never intended to attack your grain as kremlin also complained that the international community isn't bothering to learn about the reason of the escalation in the tensions between the west and russia. and from the russian point of view, been as there is just one reason for that. and that is that, that the nato has come to close, rushes, bought us. however, the grammar has consistently ruled out a military solution. today, later, a rush us for a minister lover off and your secretary or of state of lincoln are going to discuss
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the issue on thorn or the earth, russian diplomatic, diplomatic efforts yielded nor result when they both spoke earlier. this month we'll see are what will be the result of today's talk later. what about these new sanctions? the washington and london are threatening against wealthy russian oligarchs. is that something that the could sway moscow in any way? well, i think it's hard to say whether the new sanctions will actually work or reportedly these new sanctions. i bought the money and let's call them financial possibilities over the retraction. oligarchs, specifically, in the u. k. ah, russians have been buying property in london for years. are bringing a lot of money into the country into the united kingdom. are russians are apparently the 2nd largest group after people from the united arab emirates who buy property in london. and the problem is that nobody knows exactly where their money comes from. but if it's doubtful
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a whether this kind of sanction can punish the russian state, or if all this money no longer is invested in the u. k, by the stays in russia because of the sanctions. then the sanctions would probably punishes the oligarchy, but benefit the russian states rather than harm it, given this money will be spent within russia. and what about the russian people household is going down with them? well, a russians have become skeptical about nato, and many things that nato and not the only the ship is to blame for the current escalation intentions with the best. for example, because nate wants to send more troops to the east, but a war with ukraine would be deeply unpopular at home and to most people consider the whole discussion about it. totally exaggerated as there isn't a sense of in a minute to war. he and moscow and to nobody in this country can or wants to believe that the russians would kill ukrainians. why many people i have,
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i hope many people i have spoken to a brother, nation. exactly. a lot of them have relatives there and the other way around. you're a great to talk to you. thank you very much for the analysis. now round up of some other stories making world news today. in ecuador, at least 11 people is dead off the record flooding to get a massive landslide buildings and cars in the capitol kito, with the way by tons of water on sunday. heavy rains have pounded the country since october. scientists, a global warming is a major contributing factor in mexico. another journalist has been shot dead while working in the western state of the channel. the man was reporting on local government corruption. it's the 4th such killing in less than a month. reporters without borders, says mexico is the most dangerous country for journalists. a federal judge in the us state of georgia has rejected a plea deal for 2 of the 3 men convicted of killing of mud ovary agreement would
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have seen travison greg mc michael, father and son, pleading guilty to hate crimes charges to avoid trial vacated by operating denmark is the 1st european union country to lift all its pandemic restrictions that includes mandatory mace face must health passes and limited opening hours for bars and restaurants. it's despite record numbers of covet infections. the government says it's now relying on denmark's high vaccination rates to talk with the army crohn very more than 20 people have died in brazil after heavy rains, landslides and flooding in the state of south polo, have left hundreds of families homeless. the states governor has authorized emergency aid. brazil has been experiencing torrential rains and heavy flooding since december. it's a race against time to search for remaining survivors before it's too late. homer is go to school. they think that there are people over there. 1 may god help them
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if they are alive. those of you yesterday some one was calling for help. today he is not calling anymore. they are trying to get the body out at the are dead or alive. some flood victims are still being pulled out of the month, but the hope to find any more is quickly fading. a desperate weight for those whose loved ones are missing her through. what are you? i'm looking for my nephew, his wife and a 2 year old child, got their boredom, all they set the bodies as steel, they are under the mud. but until now they couldn't recover them. that li, landslides are a frequent occurrence in brazil during the rainy season. here in franco that roach are there specially dangerous for hill site houses that are often the homes of the poor, firefighter se they'll continue operations until all the missing persons on the
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list are accounted for. both the living and the dead. it's been one years since may and massaged me over through elected lead on songs that she and sees power in a coo, the united states, britain and canada have announced new sanctions against the haunted targeting top members of the judiciary. you and chief antonio terrace, urged the world to put more pressure on me in most military rulers. in a statement he says in the past year, there's been an intensification and violence, a deepening of the human rights and humanitarian crises, and a rapid rise of poverty. the multiple more abilities of old people across me in myra, it's regional implications, require an urgent response in recent a security forces in me and my have arrested dozens of people to prevent nationwide strike to mock the anniversary. over the last year of political turmoil. thousands of others have been killed, detained off like their hopes a year on from the coo and myanmar and
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things look relatively normal on the surface. but a pervasive armed presence betrays a country firmly under military control. on february 1st 2021 on the sign to cheat was ousted from her role as de facto leader of the civilian government. after the military placed her under arrest and handed power to the country's top general and he's only one, he got away. the generals claimed without evidence that there had been massive voter fraud to explain their take over 2 cheese ousting led to massive protests. thousands of people took to the streets or joined resistance groups. the military has retaliated with a bloody crack down. according to the un, at least 1500 people have been killed by the brutal effort to crush descent and at least 11000 people have been arrested and detained for voicing their opposition.
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some 9000 people are still in custody. and 290 have died in detention likely due to the use of torture, says the u. n. a year on on democracy looks a long way away for me on march. and a reminder of the top stories were following foy, us and russian diplomats clashed over ukraine at the un security council. us accused russia of the stabilizing europe by messing troops, new grains, florida. russia said the u. s. the stirring up hysteria and insisted it had no plans to invade and billions of people around the world of celebrating the lunar new year. the year of the tiger was welcomed with traditional dragons dances and pres, across se asia and beyond belief now with some of the images of those celebrations . ah
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