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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 2:45pm-3:00pm CET

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analysis of the meeting of opec plus members also coming up the use top court is to decide today whether the blocks main gas apply or rush us gas problem has too much market power. and we'll go to indonesia were some tech savvy entrepreneurs managed to connect people and financial aid with willing donors with no strings attached. of course cobra. welcome to the program. opec plus is meeting today and is widely expected to hold firm on its existing policies of modest oil output increases despite prices hitting their highest level since 2014 top consumers, such as the united states and india have pressured, the organisation of the petroleum exporting countries and his allies to pump much more of the fossil fuel to aid the global economic recovery, but several sources from the group responsible for producing over 40 percent of global supply plans to stick with previously greet increased.
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let's get more from the w was funny for char. in vienna, where opec is had quarter to funny demand is rising. our opec plus members going to increase output exactly not only to demand, but with that, of course, also all prices we are sitting, seeing the 7 year price hike, basically it's never been as, as a, as, as high as 7 years ago right now. and the question really is, what's going to happen today at the old plus meeting here in vienna? now everything indicates to war, the $400000.00 barrels per day increase, which is not really a significant increase. as you have just said, u, as in india, are pressuring open member countries to actually increase that supply to help caution the fax from high energy prices. but it's unlikely to happen actually because a lot of factors indicate uncertainties on the global energy market. therefore,
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it's not really expected, it is going to be a significant increase. but when we look at this number $400000.00 barrels per day, it shouldn't be taken as a fact that this is actually the number that's going to be the actual increase that this target will be mad. as we have seen during previous months, 400000 per barrel per day was not achieved because simply the production problems on many countries, very simple problems like or pipeline problems that need to be fixed. our net are need to be managed, lack of investment among some open plas countries. so different factors weighing in, even though it's decided today, most likely there's going to be a moderate increase of oil. it's unclear but at a target can also be met. and finally, russia is a major or a producer, and it is at the same time and tangled in tensions with ukraine experts or fearing and invasion of russia and ukraine. the west has threatened or moscow with sanctions. how does this impact the talks today?
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it definitely plays a role in some way because we just heard over the weekend, the u. s. a threatening where the sanctions, if russia in weights ukraine. now what does that sanction actually entail that? is it going to entail that there is going to a ban of trade air for oil and gas that again, of course effects, ultimately oil prices? no, we are not that far yet, but certainly russia being one of the top uses of oil and gas, is playing a key factor when it comes to influencing to prices. simply the possibility that russia could itself use oil as a weapon and, and save you are not going to export to certain countries because of this entire situation that you just described, the geopolitical tensions between russia, ukraine, it's unclear, was going to happen. we have seen for the past few weeks, different rhetoric by a very stakeholders,
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what is going to be clear is something we will see this afternoon unfold in vienna . whether it's going to be more of a, more than just a moderate increase of supply, or whether everything is going to stay as it's been decided already. the last fall, last fall in 2021 from 100000 barrels per day, per month. that's it. b, w is fund if a char and vienna. thank you. the european court of justice is expected to give its verdict on the business of russian gas company gas prom later today. a polish competitor had complained that the commission hadn't done enough to put antitrust measures in place against europe's main gas supplier. but isn't even realistic to try to rain in gas from, with almost half the continent depending on its deliveries. let's take a look. these pipes help keep europe warm under the sea and above ground, a russian pipeline supply the continent with a much needed guess and they're all operated by
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a single company gospel. the majority state owned enterprises, controls nearly all russian gas exports, making it a huge player on the european gas market in schism. i'm to know who we are highly dependent on russian gas, and especially in those parts of the european union that almost exclusively acquired gas through russian pipelines even fast ellis, she says gas us acquisition preference, him gas from russian reserves has historically made up the biggest chunk of the european gas market in 2019 russia made up more than 41 percent of all gas imports to the e. u. while norwegian, in ports were only about 16 percent, followed by algerian, with 7.6 percent liquefied gas can be transported in tanks by c for example. but the majority of gas, which is not extracted domestically, arrives to europe through pipelines. the north west of europe is connected to norway. well, jerry and libya supply the south and the entire east of europe with the exception
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of a line to us by john, has russian gas from gasp room as a main source. this set up leave some regions, dependent on a single importer and gas from has been using this to their advantage was gospel for so what gas from has been trying to implement is a kind of price discrimination strategy in which different countries have different gas prices, sizes where they controlled the market without competition, they take full advantage of their power. in other markets, for example, in northwestern europe, a competition from norway and to liquid gas porch, they charged less in order to prevent additional imports and be able to sell wars. that's that which was at such importance. if i had none and didn't dammit me, balloons, there have been attempts by european leaders to unite for better prices. but due to assist him dependent on gas and lack of available alternatives, there is little hope for europe to strengthen its bargaining power. and now to some
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of the other global business stories making headlines, cool. a parent company alphabet has announced a 20 to one stock split, meaning it's dividing, it's existing shares to increase their number dramatically decreasing. the price aim is to attract more retail investors. meanwhile, alphabets share price a sword and recent days. on the back of booming ad revenue, sony posted a 32 percent rise and operating profit for the for 3rd quarter to just over $4000000000.00 beating expectations. the japanese and tronics giant has benefited from a strong demand for its playstation 5 consoles, even as persistent chip shortages stymies outputs last year, germ breweries produced and sold less. the beer sales volumes fell by 2.2 percent to a point 5000000000 leaders. the lowest ever recorded as them closures took their toll . however, the overall trend is noon during your sales have been falling by 24 percent. over
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the past 3 decades. indonesia may be south east asia, most vibrant economy, but the pandemic has left many of its people struggling financially. that prompted 5 young professionals from jakarta to combine their tech savvy with their sense of solidarity. they created the platform which connects users in need with those willing to offer a financial support to scrolling her instagram account marita poetry who had just lost her job in an advertising agency, discovered baggy data initiative that promised financial aid without red tape. for my son kung, actually i had no income other than selling breakfast time for me. um yeah, my husband used to work, but he was laid off too. in the pandemic. even so to feed the family, i tried to sign up for this platform baggy rata to have at least some pines, to keep my breakfast business going and laying one down. what do i have baggy
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router is the wealth distribution platform, where the name reflects the aim. it translates to equal share because this is what lote andrea felt was needed most in the lockdown. with 4 friends, the 29 year old designer founded the non profit organization baggy that that it up from subsidiary baggy rata is a cross subsidy platform for the people who are affected by the pandemic. and especially in formal workers who don't get government assistance and or who don't get help from their employers or freelancer's yet. so the platform itself allows people who can help financially to be able to get in contact with people who need help or outing them. and in the same way with those people can say what they need. i think what they can do with learning monica more than 4000 people from all over indonesia. i've already received money through bucky data. the founders have
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distributed around $90000.00 euros in donations. the key to success was that andrea and took advantage of an existing digital infrastructure that had been built up in, in nisha. in recent years. he programmed back hirata as a direct transfer system where the money doesn't have to go through their hands. donors can directly send funds to beneficiaries through their e wallet. almost everybody here uses apps like oval go pay, or donna and mobile phones are affordable. marita pottery no longer needs the platform, at least for now, for husband found a new job. and the 28 year old mother of 2 is now optimistic that the country's economy will recover to not as inspiring as this service is. it begs the question, why is it even necessary that the indonesian government fail to do enough to prevent people from slipping into financial distress during the pandemic?
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here is a correspondent, government has to be fair when it comes to the government at one has to say that it's facing huge challenges. if you look down an economy like indonesia that create enormous problems. and so the government has put out some stimulus packages, some packages to deal with a health sector. in fact, for this year, a loaner 30 mill, f. 30000000000 euros have been earmarked for various projects. a lot of that will go into the health a sector. but there is some controversy now whether some of that money will is also a plant or to be used for the a moving of the capital of jakarta, a to a different island. and that is what some people are recheck because they say that the problems we we have right now are already so big guild matters reporting from jakarta there. and finally, word all the free online word guessing game that has become a sudden sensation has a new home. the new york times company has purchased the application from its
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developer. josh, ward, all the game as a play on his name says the deal is for a lo 7 figure. amount layers have 6 attempts to guess the 5 letter word. they myrtle has a mass millions of daily users, since it's october release. some fans are not worried, they may have to pay to play the times however, says it will keep the game free for now. that it and that is our show for the moment for more as usual. go ahead and check out our website at d. w dot com slash business co cobra amberlynn. thanks for watching. have yourself a successfully ah, with
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the color of her favorite teen sex is traditions prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle balloon. girls football on the p starts february, 4th on d w. ah ah, this is did it renews live from rural it? prudent black, the west over the ukraine crisis, the russia leader. it uses the u. s. and.


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