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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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77 percent now, every weekend on d w with, ah, ah, this is the w news live in from berlin to night, china and russia together against a growing native ahead of the start of the winter olympics and beijing, both the russian and chinese president showing solidarity and promising closer ties moving forward. also coming up tonight, the european union condemning rushes decision to ban deutsch envelop w's. moscow bureau was shot down to day in retaliation for germany. banding brushes, state media outlet r t,
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and the winter olympics begin in beijing fireworks to the opening ceremony and the chinese capital white at the sky as beijing becomes the 1st city to host both the summer. and now the winter again. ah, i'm bring gov. it's good to have you with us on this friday. we begin with 2 presidents. we want the world to know that they are on the same page. today. the leaders of china and russia promised each other deeper ties with quote, no limits. vladimir putin met with, she's in pain in beijing, in a choreographed show of solidarity just hours before the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics. and they sent a message to the west that they are unified in their opposition to nato expansion. the highest profile guest of the winter olympics, touching down in beijing,
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russian president vladimir putin is in china to attempt the opening ceremony. but before that, a much awaited re union with his chinese counterpart cheating pin to 0 alert. but the opening day of the wintel name is the start of spring lead here and on this special day we meet with them. we believe this new spring new change there will inject more vitality into china, russia relations torsion. the only the only fiercer i would like to thank you for inviting me to the opening ceremony of the bay ging olympic winter games was lam webinar. we know the titles a heavy task, we believe that our chinese friends have is always made excellent preparations for this large scale of n. for that. to put the look at that group, middlebury, it. but the new russia, china partnership goes way beyond the winter olympics. china added its support for
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russia, but the tensions with ukraine. both lead us highlighted their aligning views and global security, while accusing the u. s. a nato of a cold war, ideological approach to defense policy. a show of unity and mutual backing and mid fears in the west that moscow is preparing for military action against ukraine. earlier i spoke with journalist fabi on crunch more in beijing, and i asked him about china's stance in the ukraine conflict. it's quite ambivalent . so at china's official stands is that they support a peaceful m solution in the ukraine conflict. however, today, statement showed very clearly that the solidarity of begging is with moscow and m. how father will go. however, we're not sure. i mean, we know that a patient doesn't want any further military escalation during the winter games because that's the estate of presenting themselves and they don't want any interference. however, if, for example,
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russia would invade ukraine than it would also be technical knowledge for china itself. because they have that issue on their own, they have a conflict with taiwan. and even though the metters are slightly different and separate, there is some parallel. and if a china, for example, ceased at the west will not oppose strongly a possible invasion in ukraine, then maybe they could also feel more confident in containing taiwan or criticism is growing here in germany and across europe over moscow's decision to shut down the russian operations of this channel deutsche develop the move apparently in retaliation for german media regulators for hitting rushes, state media outlet r t from broadcasting here in germany. critics say that r t often broadcast kremlin propaganda and dis information deutsche a val is moscow office is now closed. and date of these journalists can no longer work from russia. the russian government announced on thursday that it would shut
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down date, obese bureau and revoke the accreditation of date of these journalists in russia. it also said in a statement, it would terminate the satellite and other broadcasting output of deutsch. avella in the country. the measures come after germany's media regulator banned the german language broadcasting of russia's state media, r t, which began operating in december 2021 under a serbian license regulators say the license does not align with european law. artie has also been accused of spreading propaganda and disinformation hazardous or the fact that deutsch avella has been deprived of its broadcasting license, and that its employees have also been denied accreditation is completely unacceptable. yet walden, this is for come in october. this violates the freedom of the press and independent media is after all, a sign of free and democratic states that says a lot. i, negus,
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deutsche of ela has our full solidarity. had one is that it's already deleted. the german government says russia's actions are unjustified. and called it a hostile decision is myoglobin with these drastic measures from the russian side and not acceptable by any means upon. it is a truly aggressive act. well hope, but we don't need aggressive ag cliff. we need dialogue, we need de escalation and not escalation law. group often, de, an escalade, so an initial escalate to the russian government also said at plans to initiate proceedings, to label deutsch avella as a media outlet acting as a foreign agent, a designation that carries further government scrutiny. for now, d w is considering possible legal avenues and says it will not stop reporting on russia. on my colleague, jared read has more on this store. i'm here with the director general of
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d w. peter lindberg, mr. lindberg and welcome. what update can you give us in respect to the closure of w bureau in moscow, where the office is closed and the colleagues over there stopped working together this morning there to take their personal things out and gave back the expectations during the day. and as far as we've learned, the 2 non national, a russian national must not leave the country immediately. but we are not quite sure whether this has to be done in the next day. so we, we were still waiting for, for the real confirmation that they can stay, how other colleagues going, are they in any kind of danger at all? i don't see an immediate danger, but i see that they are shocked and disappointed. on the other hand, the professional journalists, and they will cope with the situation. and now we have to wait, how we can support them at the best. you mentioned just a little bit earlier,
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but what concretely, if you know, will happen to both the russian local staff and the non russian staff of the bureau in moscow. first of all, they can't work for the moment and we are in close contact with them. and we'll support them wherever we can. and what exactly will happen, we'll have to see and wait. what depth is planning to undertake now, in terms of appealing to the russian government to, to reverse its decision. where we asked our lawyer in moscow to protest against this measures and may be able to go to court if possible. but we have to wait also, what she will tell us when she comes back from the russian authorities is any kind of political pressure from the german government expected for them to step in and, and do something. i think the german government has already protested against the measures and i'm sure that this will be also on the political agenda for everybody
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who talks with the russian government and up to now i can't complain that the solidarity also from the german government and other parties is there, it's very good. there's been also a lot of solidarity from deutsche velez media partners, media competitors to other institutions. how encouraged have you been by that or it's very encouraging to see that there is so much solidarity for the traveler around the globe. and also the b, b, c, or falls medium on the european broadcasting unions and others. they sent messages of solidarity. i think it's really important not also for us working here in berlin or in bon, but it's important for our colleagues who are working in moscow that there are people who really support them and who are supporting free press pe, limbo. thank you. are let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world amid the tensions in eastern europe, the u. s. and nato allies are holding naval drills of the mediterranean and
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adriatic c, c. u. s. carrier group is leading the neptune strike 2022 exercises italy, germany, grease in spain are also taking part in the drill. native secretary general yen stoughton bear or become the head of norway's central bank when his term at nato ends. on the 30th of september, critics fear his appointment will weaken the banks independence stock burg has previously served as norway's prime minister and finance. min, iceland has announced any plans to end waling by the year 2024 fisheries minister said she sees little reason to permit wailing after the current license expired together with norway in japan. iceland is one of the only countries that continues to hunt wells commercial. the european union is sanctioning 5 high ranking members of molly's transitional government, including the con, is prime minister. the u has criticized the military transitional government for
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obstructing and undermining the return to democracy by delay. elections of germany is among the countries taking part in the united nations and european union peacekeeping mission in the west african country. german parliamentary approval for the deployment expires in may, and the new government has expressed doubts about renewing the mission. it's the most dangerous mission in the world. according to the united nations, there are currently over a 1000 german troops stationed there, but may be not for much longer does it do its own. and molly is, is it you ation? molly is very threatening but and that's why it's time to check whether we can continue our commitment. that if she or it doesn't make sense, supporting and training regime the boss off elections and is making it almost impossible for us to know allies to carry out our work when the ard to,
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to wish to fuel german troops are training soldiers in molly as part of an e you program, but since the qu though same soldiers work version to that is ruled out free elections from the land, recently expelled the french ambassador and then we'll go see what i did. i no one has the impression that molly's interim government is increasingly questioning the foundations of cooperation from week to week. so we can't simply keep going on like this. instead, we are now examining very carefully and seriously along with our partners what further engagement looks like of mall seen. the french army are germany's most important partners in molly. leaving could result in a vacuum then deeply where to lay squalid, the consequences, bay, and also for the flow of refugees, all terrorism in molly could possibly be brought to europe. all that is has to be weighed on. the german government wants to coordinate with france on the matter this weekend, but it said german parliament that will have to decide on
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a final withdrawal from money. the 2022 winter olympic games are now open after a lavish ceremony at beijing's iconic birds nest stadium tickets were not sold to international visitors or to the general public in china. yet another opening ceremony at beijing's birds nest stadium hall most 14 years on from the 2008 summer olympics. $3000.00 performers took part in the proceedings. as athletes from around the world took a lap of ana in front of a reduced crowd with only a select few allowed into the stems. many spectators instead enjoyed the fireworks from outside the stadium. disappointed that events will be held without fans. yeah, i think i really need some pity. we cannot go to watch the games. we didn't this out. if it weren't for covered, we would be very happy. you guys, you guys?
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yes. oh. sent it to the cam. so being held on our doorstep, i really want to go watch the events and cheer for it, or when 5, it's a pity this time we can only watch our athletes on tv and online, but i will still cheer them on. julia, julia, saudi arabia, along with hazy, saudi arabia are taking part in their 1st winter games with both countries sending just one athlete. meanwhile, the usa have the largest contingent with $224.00 competitors at the games, but no diplomatic representation travel to beijing. the political sup loss of these olympics is just as much part of the proceedings as the coven restrictions. all those attending events must wear and f, f, p to mosque and get tested twice a day. almost 12000 people are in the olympic bubble, of whom over 300 have already tested positive. it is still unclear where the all
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athletes will receive their p. c. r. test results in time to compete. many events will be held on artificial snow. the use of which has been heavily criticized due to the regions water shortage bought as venues open. their doors to athletes. organizers will hope that the sporting action becomes the focus of the headlines. stephen beard said, next would he w business have a good weekend with are you ready to get an extreme? these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into bold, adventure. just don't lose your grip. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of europe's wykard breaking sights.


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