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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin to night, europe steps of efforts to avert war in ukraine. there's more high stakes diplomacy, and the us is pouring troops and weapons into eastern europe to counter the threat from russia. also coming up tonight made a member romania beefing up defense spending as concerns grow over security in the region. we will joined a naval exercise in the black sea and the main suspect and the 2015 parents terror attacks tells a court he loves it so called islamic state,
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but he insists he did not kill anyone and regenerating the coral reefs in them all, deeds y conservation to say they must act now before it's too late. ah, i'm burn golf, it's good to have you with us on this wednesday, and we begin with efforts to avert the crisis over ukraine from escalating into a war fringe president. emanuel micron is leading a fresh diplomatic push, holding talks here in berlin, following meetings and keith and moscow. despite fairly to achieve any breakthrough macros says he has helped to diffuse tensions. ukraine's foreign minister less than impressed, saying the french liter brought opinions rather than proposals. russia is denying planning an attack, but is still amassing troops and weapons on its border with you crate. the us
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meanwhile, is expanding its presence in the region. a small group of protest as gathered outside the u. s. embassy in kiev. their message was clear. no war with russia, but despite a week of frenzied diplomacy, so as no sign yet of a military climb down, more us troops are being deployed to southeast and poland, bringing the total to over $6000.00 be united states has also begun moving his forces from germany to romania, around a 1000 nato troops are expected to follow. in the coming days. if size denmark has also announced it is enhancing is military preparedness. it will deploying fight jets to the baltic sea zone. but nato's reaction in response to the
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more than 100000 russian troops, a must near ukraine's borders, are not viewed as a direct defense of ukraine. now in terms of numbers, this is meant to be a symbolic show of resolve that the nato is united and it will defend its members if attacked. for ukraine, we've provided arms and training, but we're not providing any direct forces. nobody is further consignments of british weapons have arrived in ukraine. britain has said it only intends them to be used in self defense. speaking in berlin on wednesday, german chancellor, ola sholtes said a jewel approach was needed. adding, while all diplomatic channels must be pursued, allies must be prepared to act. if russian forces cross these boulders an end to ukraine,
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and for more now i'm joined by raphael loss. he is with the european council on foreign relations. mister los, it's good to see you again. so what do we got going on here? nato and russian forces are holding wargames as political leaders are doing all caught types of diplomacy trying to find a diplomatic breakthrough, but they haven't. do you see these wargames as being some type of strategic? so you have saber rattling while i have your report just outlined am russia has a master upwards of a 100000 troops on the border with ukraine and has deployed troops, 2 bedrooms, for exercises. and natal reports that these are the largest deployments to bellows . and since the end of the cold war and the russian navies, amassing ships and the in the black sea, and the russian national guard is mobilizing units at the same time and need to in an effort to show support to, to isa elias, to reassure them,
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to signal to russia that there is a resolve to act united as an ions and to defend nato territory at the same time. need to have not in any way indicated that they would send troops to fight alongside ukraine. route to the contrary. they've been very clear that natal will not be involved if there's an attack on ukraine. let's compare the numbers there from a mr. laws, you know, get a 130000 russian troops along the border with ukraine, the u. s. sending what 2000 troops to eastern europe, nato members. i mean that's, that's just a drop in the bucket is more symbolic than anything else, right? yes. can symbolic raise really an effort to, to, to bolster natal support for you, said these troops will not be involved in any conflict between russia, ukraine, but they are supposed to signal too much of the nato, a serious, serious about protecting its territory and its allies as i said natal,
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you haven't been no way indicated that they would get involved and hide alongside ukraine, but they have sent weapons. they have described a serious injuries package that would significantly heard russia. it was a review tech on ukraine, but others could almost report for ukraine as it is suffering severe can on the crisis that has been triggered by this specter of war. tomorrow. here in berlin, we're going to have negotiators from the group that's known as the normandy format to france, germany, ukraine, and russia. they're going to meet, they're going to try to salvage the midst to agreement, which was designed to bring peace to eastern ukraine. what are your chances there for anything coming out of this meeting other than a lot of talk? we didn't have encouraging that. we continue to talk with the leaders have visited, getting approved, and the credit of the past couple of days on upshaw's. german chancellor is going to visit next week. coordination between nato allies between the open union member
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states with partners and the regional ukraine. and to get the get the, get everything on the diplomatic, correct? what's the escalation? but in the end, this is a decision to make whether he wants to use any of the off ramps that a natal readers have presented with a proposal on the table to engage in risk reduction. measures introduced ability talks to renew when control agenda between the west and russia and, but as the trooper continues, the pressure on the pension continue. what this could be of a sort of drawn out crisis that was the next couple of weeks continue via laws with your being council on foreign relations, mr. laws. as always, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. when as we said, the united states is sending more than a 1000 troops from germany to romania to beef up native defenses in eastern europe
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. romania has been investing heavily in defense and modernizing of its armed forces . d. w. 's, alexander phenomena joined a naval exercise in the black sea, engender engender, engender won't go, no victory, a military drill on board, only one, washer. assimilated scenario. the rad joel fred in and for good has been hit by a missile. the cruise job is to safe lives and to put out the fire. the ship has just been through a maintenance period. the commanding officer, captain, judge victor, dora, tells me that it's now crucial for the crew to get back in shape for future operations, including joint nato, exercises, fentanyl noise, the overturning. but for us, it is an opportunity to train together to show that we are capable of operating together. and at the same time to show romanians that were a security provider in the black sea region. 14 good general security thought them above. nobody nigger since becoming
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a nato member romania has increased its defense spending to just over 2 per cent of the g. d. p. investing in the modernization of its forces and investment deemed necessary given security challenges in the region. since the illegal annexation of crimea in 2014, the black sea has become a flash point intentions between moscow and the west. russia has significantly increase its military presence and the size of the black sea fleet, headquartered it said us to pull a port that's less than 400 kilometers from here. and sailors here say there are not afraid of a russian aggression. still, the government has been calling on me to to boost its military presence in the region. crimea annexation was a real shock to romanians because it literally happened on their doorstep. says armand, go show a russia expert in bucharest that got roger. i kid, i think the frosh fires a rocket from crimea what it will arrive in bucharest in 10 minutes. the biggest
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shock, however, was not only the fact that russia and next crimea on, but the fact that the west did not respond. you're not on the streets in bucharest, the mood seems to favor hosting additional native forces in the country. yes or no, it's a good thing. it can only have a positive influence and where safer? he puts it back when with yes, considering that we are strategically positioned between the east in the west, we have the black sea as well. bobby, she might, i, nagra was very good. i think it's a bad thing. romania is not under threat under any circumstances happens when we draw 4 more. nato has already stationed up to 4000 troops in romania, 900 of them. are you as service members with additional forces on their way? the americans are doubling the number of soldiers here, but many among whom he has political lead would like to see and even large in nato contingent in the country resembling those already in place in the baltic states
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and poland. senator t to his color, ziann says he believed strengthening nato's posture here would benefit all allies, laser need to deter the russian law. a sushi asked me in military terms and to call . sorry they love the east, off like of natal that me. it's also a much stronger military process off of the allies on the royalty, tory on board there at joan ferdinand. the crew is gearing up for new missions. we don't talk politics, they say we're here to do our job, whatever it takes. i. let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world, the international court of justice, his rude that uganda must pay $325000000.00 us dollars in reparations to the democratic republic of congo. it's for uganda is rolled in conflicts in eastern congress more than 20 years ago. a previous rule found that uganda book international wall with an occupation in the d. r. c. during
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a war from 1998 to 2003. 14. if authors willing military hunter has installed a new head of the armed forces, 54 year old davia cobra, a former sports minister was given the job and an official ceremony in the capital to day. the regime came to power after deposed the democratically elected president in a qu, last month for jazz had been intensifying in india over decision by some universities to ban students from wearing the his job in classrooms. a southern state was announced. the closure of all educational institutions for 3 days, saudi violence between muslim and hindu students. the main suspect to in the 2015 paris terror attacks says that he loves so called islamic state, but he denies murdering anyone. the french moroccan national is on trial accused of g hottest atrocities, including the assault on the bat, to clot concert hall, a $130.00 people were killed. after nearly 6 years of silence
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victims and lawyers want answers from this man, salah, of dis, lum, is believed to be the sole survivor of the terror squad. how did he become radicalized? at the hearing, he speaks, but doesn't provide any clear insights or a hero. he renewed his allegiance to the so called a slum ec state, and even described himself as a cylinder of ideas. but we already knew that we wanted to hear factual precise detailed answer is to be able to move ahead with the gray areas of this case. to get real answers and not political messages by the massage party tip studies to know how the younger this arm who has been described as some one shy and normal as becomes someone will comes with an expos, invest on him on the night of november for 2 of us, how did you get ridiculous that so quickly? and so we're going unnoticed by anyone. on november, 13th, 2015 extremist killed 130 people and wounded 350 others when they attacked
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a soccer stadium. the basic line concert hall, as well as 6 bars and restaurants in paris. when his explosive vest malfunctioned of this law managed to escape to belgium where he was arrested in march 2016. investigators believe he's the only assailant still alive. the trial is said to end in may, prosecutors hope little help bring some closure to the worst attack on french soil since world war 2. ever more now joined by our correspondent lisa louis. she has been following the trial closely for she's in paris. could he be to you, lisa, sorts of high hopes, rolla motions in court to day did the victims, did they get any of the answers that they'd been waiting for? well, brant, the 1st good piece, a piece of good news is really that sort of does land talked to the court. other accused in the past chose not to do so to he answer questions for over 6 hours here to day in paris. but did the victims and the civil plaintiffs get answers?
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i'm not sure about that one. really, because a he depicted quite a contradictory image of himself. on the one hand, he said, you know, i didn't hurt anybody, i didn't kill anybody. and you should take that into account when judging me. on the other hand, he pledged allegiance to so called islamic state. he said he was in favor of sharia law. he said that western democracy wanted to impose democracy on muslim governments, and that wasn't the right thing. right thing to eve as opposed to that. so when he finally said something that is, was a piece of information everybody's waiting for. and that he said that on the night, on the 13th of november 2015, when he was in paris, he left a suicide belt behind. and the open question was, did he try to trigger it? did it not work? or did he just back off and leave it behind to night he said i backed off. i didn't
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want to triggered and i went back to brussels. but many people will not believe what he said, given that the veracity or after he of his or what he says seems quite and out of her his, his show today we're here really. yeah. i mean it's, yeah, you've got a very good point there, especially someone who was even in possession of a suicide, built to begin with. out of people inside the court react well, people were listening attentively the court room, the jaime was pack today. that's not the case. on each day of this trial that has been going on for more than 5 months now. and when he said things like, you know, i'm, no, i don't pose a risk to society. people were laughing nervously. obviously, they were also reacting when he said, you know, we didn't start the war, it was france that cited to bond iraq in syria. many people amongst the civil plaintiffs then said no, no, no, no, that's not true. when i talked to civil plaintiff's afterwards, they said,
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you know, again, it's a good thing, he talked, but we can't really rely upon what he says here at court. and also they were actually quite frustrated because he didn't many times he actually didn't answer questions about the little details. you know, if he had known someone, if he had picked up someone he couldn't remember, suddenly he said a trip to greece, an overnight trip where he drove through the night 2 nights in a row. that was actually a road trip and holiday. so many plaintiffs told me than they would like to know more about what really happened, but they didn't really get all the answers they were looking for here today. d, w as lisa louis in paris with the latest tonight. lisa, as always, thank you. let's take a look now some of the other stories that are making world news, this our canadian prime minister, just inter dose as a demonstration by truckers against endemic restrictions must in the protests of grip canada and paralyzed parts of the capital. ottawa, ringing the business district to a standstill. they've also blocked the busiest border crossing between canada and
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the u. s. a. laurie driver under the influence of alcohol has left a trail of destruction in the germans stated bavaria several cars and a housecoat fire after his vehicle rammed into more than 30 cars in the town of fur . elise arrested the driver at the seats. hang that, he was clearly very drunk. he had 2 other people were slightly injured. they had a green piece, will be germany's new special envoy for international climate policy, environmental campaigner jennifer morgan steps into the role as the country increases, efforts to tackle climate change. she was recruited by german foreign minister and green party member on a lena bear book and staying with the climate world leader scientists and ceo's are gathering in france for the one ocean summit. over the next 2 days. they are, they will try to boost efforts to save our oceans from the effects of climate change and pollution. plastic is one of the biggest threats to marine ecosystems,
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leading to the suffering and death of many see animals. rising ocean temperatures will also be on the agenda with warmer waters, a big threat to coral reefs, which are a crucial habitat for marine life. one country where coral reefs are threatened by climate change is the mold deeds. conservation is there are helping the reeves to grow back. they say they must act now before it's too late. an ocean paradise full if color and life but rising. see temperatures a damaging the color reefs of the mount, eaves and the ecosystems marine life. the signs are all too clear. good idea that it, that there won't be any color on it. when you go, dea dakota, you kind of see an acre, a light alive oil light alive. so i'll give you
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a big or no, no, look like ok. but steps to being taken to save the coral. marine biologist, emily cattle has established a coral breeding program last year. she placed 200 metal structures to build a coral nursery and for real life has returned to lake oakland. i plenty of the corals we planted our healthy, we can see that they've grown. we can see that the fish arrived and we can see the positive impact on the reverse quizzes if you've heard of others, like seen in a, seem a building, a different kind of nursery, an educational one. she was the 1st woman to get her diving diploma on the island, and now gives free lessons to make children aware of the corals. if you don't love something, you can't protect it. she has to fall in love with the re for the ellison. then only you for an effective make sure that it remains her methods or working as young
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people learn what could be lost without mal protection. if a morale, i am jordan, dr. judith helen, she is with the alfred, vague and her institute in germany. that's a center for polar and marine research. it's good to have you on the show. i understand that you will be speaking at this summit on friday. you're going to be talking to politician scientists, business leaders. what are you going to tell them? well, we had a good works up, stay and on the polar oceans and their m contribution to mitigate climate change. and the message on friday will be presented by the avi director at and he reads you . and i think one of the key messages is that in order to have the oceans, not warming any further, and not a city playing any further. and the most critical is to as a clear and pass you to the missing on the van to 2nd mess. the go ahead,
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what are the 2nd message? and the 2nd message is that we do need and very clear and sustain observation systems reaching all away from physical to chemical and biological systems. so that we are actually able to observe the change in the ocean entry act accordingly. this how we know that the oceans are very polluted. what can we as individuals? what can we do right now to change that on the ocean is of course polluted in many ways. my research area is the ocean c o 2 uptake and in that respect. and of course, the main thing again is to reduce c o 2 emission, so bad to we can support by always being active in many and many activities. supporting m parties that, that are for a, for a strong cut into 2 emissions. go and load, and just not be in the way of energy transition. but in general, of course,
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we need to reduce all the m, all the brushes on, on the oceans, which as you mentioned correctly as marine plastics as well and many other stressors. me, we see all these videos of plastics, of the ocean. you know, i was in the united states all over the holidays at the end of last year. you go into the grocery stores in be, are still giving people plastic bags, you know, you know, hundreds, thousands, millions of them. that's got to be very frustrating for someone like you. yes, absolutely. i mean everybody can of course and try to avoid plastics. but a, i do support both individual action that we also need legal regulations to make it easy for everyone to am to make a change. let's hope that the change comes before it's too late. doctor judith, how the marine researcher with the alfred wagner institute. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. the berlin olive film festival opens this week despite high numbers of corona virus
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cases right here in the german capital last year, much of the festival took place online. but this time around organizers are going ahead with a more or less normal event, with some restrictions in place. the red carpet is ready for the 72nd edition of the berlin international film festival. but unlike in past years and will be thronged with far fewer fans, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. it's just one of the measures men to allow the festival to take place despite pandemic restrictions. organizers are standing by their decision to hold an in person event. we don't want to make our festival up and, and put people in danger. that's something we will you don't want. so we've fallen instruction will, will be given by do tori to as long the instructional will match with our project. we will go hon. this year's jury for the main competition is headed by american
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director m 9 sha milan. he says he's looking forward to taking on the new role. berlin for me is always kinda had a right or wrong. it has this kind of, ah, iconoclast, quality. it has this kinda um, breaking, breaking norms. rebellion that those are the filmmakers that go to berlin. the festival kicks off with the latest work by french director of con, swell was own pdf on conte is based on the film, the bitter tears of pe tough on conned by late gain of vanna fust, binda attribute to the german director. it stars french actors didn't even know she and isabella, jenny, a jenny colleague and compatriot, isabella bell, is this years recipient of the golden bear award for lifetime achievement. the french actress will also be seen at the festival and her latest film about joan, alongside berlin. hometown favorite last, idaho. this isn't all. also generating buzz is the thriller the outfit starring
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oscar winning british actor remark, rollins as a tailor gets mixed up with gangsters and 19 fifties. chicago. going to be involved in whatever it is you. do you know exactly what it is i went through? well, it's a cautious return to the red carpet after years of pandemic disruption. the battered movie industry is hoping even this year's scaled back event could be an important step on the road to normality. we hope so is a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you. european leaders are stepping up the drive to prevent the crisis over ukraine from escalating it to a war. the u. s. boring for troops into eastern europe to countered for years that russia might invade ukraine. and the main suspect in the 2015 paris terror attacks has denied murdering any what the french moroccan national is on trial accused of g
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hondas atrocities. including the assault on the back lawn concert hall, a 130 people were killed up next conflict zone. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more of old news followed by the day i hope to see of it. ah ah ah with
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ah, who into the conflict zone with sebastian 6 months since the color band fees power and the killings another human rights abuses. i'm going on multiplying my guess this week from cowboys. shopping gum taliban director general of the foreign ministry?
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do they really believe they can play nice with al qaeda and the west at the same time everybody common flames with conflict zone next on d, w. o, one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. ah, yeah. name molecule though has 20 different powered philosophy. they are peers and
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rivals with one darren goal to help smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on d, w. 6 months since the taliban seized power and the killings another human rights of uses have gone on. multiplying women have been a major target, peaceful protest, broken up. some have been threatened, beaten, and disappeared for taliban and promised an inclusive government. but not a single woman was appointed to the cabinet. my guest this week from cobble is choppy, you will as um, taliban director general of economic relations. a foreign ministry are you in the taliban.


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