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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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w, world heritage 360. get the app now with ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight, europe steps up efforts to avoid a war in ukraine. there's more high stakes diplomacy, plus the u. s. descending troops and weapons into eastern europe to counter the threat from russia. also coming up tonight, more us troops are now in romania. the nato member is a key. deterrence in the black sea region will tag along a naval exercise to see what that deterrence looks like. and the inaugural addition of the men to ski big air event at the winter olympics. and beijing sees goal. go
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to 21 year old beer. rude of norwood. ah. i burned golf. it's good to have you with us. we begin with efforts to revert the crisis over ukraine from escalating into a war prince president emanuel micron is leading the latest diplomatic push. ody talks here in berlin, following meetings and keith and moscow. macros says he has reassurances from russian. president putin, that a de escalation is possible, but ukraine's foreign minister. he is less than impressed, pointing to the 100000 russian troops still on his countries doorstep. a small group of protest as gathered outside b, u. s embassy in kiev. that message was clear. no wall with russia.
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but despite a week of frenzied diplomacy, so as no sign yet of a military climb down. more us troops are being deployed to south east and poland, bringing the total to over $6000.00. the united states has also begun moving his forces from germany to romania. around a 1000 nato troops are expected to follow. in the coming days. if size denmark has also announced it is enhancing is military preparedness will deploying fight to jets, to the baltic sea. but nato's reaction in response to the more than 100000 russian troops a must me, a ukraine's borders are not viewed as a direct defense of ukraine. now in terms of numbers, this is meant to be a symbolic show of resolve that the nato is united and it will defend its members if attacked. for ukraine, we've provided arms and training,
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but we're not providing any direct forces. nobody is further consignments of british weapons have arrived in ukraine. britain has said it only intends them to be used in self defense. speaking in berlin on wednesday, german chancellor, ola sholtes said a jewel approach was needed. adding, while all diplomatic channels must be pursued, allies must be prepared to act if bush and forces crossed these boulders and enter ukraine. both the nato and the russian military or staging war games is this just sabre rattling, i put that to raphael loss of the european council on foreign relations. while i go report just outlined. russia has a master upwards of 100000 troops on the border with ukraine. it has deployed troops to better route for exercises. natal reports that these are the largest
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deployments to bellows since the end of the cold war. the russian navies messing ships on the back seat. and the russian national guard is mobilizing units at the same time. and they do in an effort to show support to, to allow us to reassure them, to signal to russia that there is a resolve to act united as an ions and to defend made no territory at the same time need to have not in any way indicated that they would send troops to fight alongside ukraine, rather, to the contrary. they might very clear that nature would not be involved. if there is a tech on ukraine. there was raphael law speaking with me earlier. the u. s. is city more than a 1000 troops from germany to romania to beef up native defenses in eastern europe . romania has been investing heavily to modernize its armed forces. d. w. 's. alexander phenomena joined a naval exercise with the military in the backseat. engender,
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engender and change. it won't go. a military drill on the floor to room one. washer assimilated scenario. the red gel ferdinand frigate has been hit by a missile. the cruise job is to safe lives and to put out the fire. the ship has just been through a maintenance period. the commanding officer, captain, judge, victor, dora, tells me that it's now crucial for the crew to get back in shape for future operations. including joint nato exercises ventral noise, the overturning thought for us. it is an opportunity to train together to show that we are capable of operating together. and at the same time, to show romanians that were a security provider in the black sea region for to occur general security thought then nobody, nobody nigger since becoming a nato member romania has increased its defense spending to just over 2 percent of the g. d. p. investing in the modernization of its forces and investments deemed necessary, given security challenges in the region. since the illegal annexation of crimea in
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2014, the black sea has become a flash point intentions between moscow and the west. russia has significantly increase its military presence and the size of the black sea fleet, headquartered its said ostable at port that's less than 400 kilometers from here. in sailors, you say they're not afraid of a russian aggression. still, the government has been calling on nita to boost its military presence in the region. crimea annexation was a real shock to romanians because it literally happened on their doorstep. says armand, go show a russia expert in bucharest that got roger i kid, i think the ferocious fires a rocket from crimea what it will arrive in bucharest in 10 minutes. the biggest shock, however, was not only the fact that russia and next crimea, but the fact that the west did not respond. you're not on the streets. in bucharest,
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the mood seems to favor hosting additional. nita forces in the country. yes or no, it's a good thing. it can only have a positive influence and where safer? it puts it back when that yes, considering that we are strategically positioned between the east in the west, we have the black sea as well. oh, body shimoda. nagra was very good. i think it's a bad thing. romania is not under threat under any circumstances. when we talk for more, nato has already stationed up to 4000 troops in romania, 900 of them. are you asked service members with additional forces on their way? the americans are doubling the number of soldiers here. but many among whom he has political elite would like to see and even lodge in nita contingent in the country resembling those already in place in the baltic states and poland. senator t. tooth call, as the ann says, he believes strengthening nato's posture here would benefit all allies, liaison need to deter the russian law, the sushi aspin,
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mediators. and to consolidate the d. snowflake of natal, that me saw so much stronger military presence off of the allies on the roadway and tightly on board there at gel ferdinand. the crew is gearing up for new missions. we don't talk politics state say we're here to do our job. whatever it takes, let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world . the main suspected, the 2015 paris terror attacks says he loves so called islamic state body. he denies killing anyone. the french moroccan national is the only surviving suspect who was in paris on the light of the g. hottest attacks that killed a 130 people. the international court of justice is ruled that uganda must pay $325000000.00 us dollars in reparations to the democratic republic of congo. it's for uganda is role in conflicts and eastern congo. more than 20 years ago. a devious ruling found that uganda broke international law with an occupation in the
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darcy marchina fascinates ruling. military junta has installed a new head of the armed forces. 54 year old david cobrin. a former sports minister was given the job and an official ceremony in the capital we wanna do, the regime came to power after to posing the democratically elected president in a coo last month. protests have been intensifying an india over a decision by some universities to ban students from wearing the job in classrooms . a southern state has announced the closure of all educational institutions for 3 days, exciting violence between muslim and hindus students. canada's prime minister justin's re dos as a demonstration by truckers against pandemic restrictions you must in the country. the protests have gripped canada friction paralyzing parts of the capital. ottawa bringing the business district to a standstill. they've also blocked the busiest border crossing between canada and
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the united states. world leaders, sciences a, c o 's are gathering in france for the one ocean summit over the next few days. they will try to boost efforts to save our oceans from the effects of climate change and pollution oceans produce half of the world's oxygen. they regulate the weather and they provide humana, these larger source of protein. now plastic, it's one of the biggest threats to the marine ecosystem. it takes thousands of years for plastics to decompose. they kill marine life and global production of plastics that an all time high pollution is also literary. the beaches, larger mammals, they are dying from eating the man laid waste. take a look at that. and another issue, the rising temperatures of the oceans, warmer sea water is toxic to coral reefs, which are a habitat for so much marine life. one country where cor reach are threatened by climate change is the mold deeds. and as you are about to see activists,
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there are devising waves to help the quarrel grow back an ocean paradise full of color and life. but rising, see temperatures a damaging the color reefs if the mouth deeds and the ecosystems marine life. the signs are all to clear, good idea that there won't be any calon and then you're good yet. could you kind of see any light, a light oil in the night, a light though a big or no? no look like that. steps to being taken to save the coral. marine biologist. emily cattle has established a coral breeding program. last year. she placed 200 metal structures to build a coral nursery, and the real life has returned, foolish organ,
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i don't see. all the corals we planted are healthy. we can see that they've grown. we can see that the fish of arrived and we can see the positive impact on the reverse quizzes if you've heard of others like xena and the seem a building a different kind of nursery, an educational one. she was the 1st woman to get her diving diploma on the island, and now gives free lessons to make children aware of the corals. if you don't love something, yukon protected, she has to fall in love with the re for the ellison. then only you put an effort to make sure that it remains her methods to working. as young people learn what could be lost without more protection. ah, the winter olympics and beijing, obscene star boards is and upsets, including a successful into a 16 year gertie to go for an american snowboarder and a standout performance from a norwegian. free style skier,
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norway's brick rude claim gold in the 1st ever men's big air ski event, the 21 year old landed a spectacular jump with 5 and a half rotations and earned a score so high. he secured the title ahead of his final jump. he performed the last run as a victory lap while holding the norwegian flag. michela schiffron disappointment continued with another early exit in the alpine seeing slammed schiffron who came to beijing as one of the big stars having taken gold and 20142018 was left shattered. as she missed the gate after just 5 seconds. the american later questioned if she'll compete again at the games. but there was some us success. snowboarder lindsey jack belize when the 1st golden beijing for team usa, the 36 year old, swept to victory in snowboard, cross for her 1st the olympic gold in her 5th games, a brutal late fall had cost her victory way back in 2006.
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the iranian alpine skier, hosea salvation shockey has been suspended from competition at the winter olympics . after failing of drugs, test authorities confirming that of sample collected from the arabian during a doping controlled, tested positive for an anabolic steroids. he had been the only male athlete, representing iran in beijing, but salvation. shockey is now banned from competing. he is the 1st confirmed doping case at these game we as a reminder of the top story that we're following for you, european leaders stepping up the drive to prevent the crisis over ukraine from escalating into wark. the us boring, more troops into eastern europe, to counter fears that russia might invade ukraine. you're watching the w news. chelsea the lady is here next with the w business news. she will be right back. i will see you tomorrow. thank
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