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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin to night. you, as president biden tells americans in ukraine, now is the time to get out. the states arising, russian warships have begun, practicing landing drills in the black sea while a u. s. strike forced several 1000 strong is rolling into eastern europe, also coming up tonight. the 1st corona virus vaccine manufacturing plant is up and running in africa. the head of the world health organization tells d. w news. it's a promising start, plus an olympic team of just what we profiled indians,
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only competitor at the olympic games and his bid for glory plus rolling out the red carpet. the berlin international film festival is back in business. all eyes are on the live screenings, and who will win the golden vayer? ah, i burned gov. it's good to have you with us on this friday to night. strains in the high stakes diplomacy aimed at averting a war in ukraine. russia has announced large scale naval drills off the coast of ukraine. drawing condemnation from the west, washington is pouring troops and armor into eastern europe. you as president joe biden, warning americans to leave ukraine now saying things could go crazy quickly. more activity on all sides of the ukraine conflict. russia's ministry of defense
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released footage of navy ships arriving in savannah to pull bay on the black sea. in the russian annexed crimean peninsula. they're here taking part in large scale landing drills. the situation makes many ukrainians uneasy. it's not a pleasant feeling. believe me, to understand that you and circled by the russian troops from bellow, wish 1000 kilometers more than 1000 from the east. and the last couple of days, sir, russia actually closed the entire a z o c, and the, the part of the blake seed actually excess ukrainian ports to the black sea. the united states wants its citizens out of the way of a possible invasion. immediately. we're continuing to draw down our,
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our embassy. we will continue that process. and, and we've also been very clear that any american citizens who remain in ukraine should leave now while civilians pack up security forces are coming in the other direction. around a 1000 us soldiers arrived in poland to add to the $4000.00 service members already stationed there. and on romanian black sea coast. a 1000 strong strike force rolled in from a u. s. bass and germany. nato secretary general was there when they arrived. he spoke of the importance of boots on the ground as a deterrent to russia's military buildup, which he called unjustified. so the combination old military buildup, fit the rhetoric on a track record of using force against neighbors. of course, that's the reason for being
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a cedars are concerned and are being vigilant and ready also to ah, react if they're once again use force against the ukraine. although the u. s. hasn't sent ground forces to ukraine. it continues to supply weapons to the beleaguered country. part of a 200000000 dollar security package meant to keep this crisis from escalating into an outright conflict of war. some analysis tonight, i am joined by richard sock why he's a professor of russian and european politics of the university of kent in the u. k . he's the author of several books, including russia against the rest, the post cold war, crisis of world order. professor, it's good to have you on the program. i'll ask you, be we've, we've asked a lot of people this. we're still trying to get a clear answer. do you know what, what is vladimir putin's end game?
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well, the end game is the same one that they've been trying to do for the last 30 years, garbage of yeltsin and put in. and that is to try to get a security order on the continent, which is what they would call, indivisible and inclusive. in other words, that nato isn't to body as it were, excluding russia, but it includes it. and so that goal isn't, is quite clear. well, how to achieve it, though? they would argue, look, we made all our speeches. we had put in speech in munich, security conference, and 27. we had med, reduce our dance for a european security conference, and i was actually in berlin in june 28. we had in 2018 at the state of the nation speech, listen to us. i'm not saying that what they're doing is justified or even that demand should all be accepted. but what they are saying is talk to us as e, quote good to you, that you have justice and the right only on your side. we have security concerns. of course, it's not the most delicate way of making this this point,
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but certainly that's the point he's trying to make. and in fact, these latest maneuvers and so on, it's probably in a sense, attempt to shock the west into a genuine diplomatic pair sess. rather than this of the token that have so far been given. so you say then amassing these $100000.00 plus russian soldiers in russia along the border with ukraine. that's just, that's more window dressing to force nato to force the west to come to the table. and to talk, ida, i in part, don't forget, on the other side that ukraine is a 130000 troops now armed with british and american weapons. poised effectively if they said one to 2, i'm not saying they due to a season attack. they don't bass, so initially the mobilization was to deter that. the point is my, my point is, is that we are in this sort of escalade to cycle and young stoughton. but clearly
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ahead of nato simply does not understand his completely out of his debt. but lincoln and sullivan don't understand this. the british of course, don't. the germans, i think, did actual sin. others have understood and miko understood that you cannot have a security order against russia and not to expect everything to continue smoothly. and they say, look, it's been 30 years since you had the cold war. and you know, we've been complaining about nato enlargement ever since you've ignored us. many, many western commentators, george canon, the leading one wounds that there would be a backlash. now we're having a backlash, i'm not justifying it. i'm simply explaining it and, and i wonder, we know that you're not going to get any of hooton's demands met in terms of bringing native back to its pre 1991 size for
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example, 9079 and you have a sort of yes, it may do but let, let 1997 let's, let's assume though, that there could be an agreement or an understanding reached regarding ukraine. ukraine maintains its sovereignty, but the west, the us and russia have an understanding that nato will not be in the picture in the future of ukraine. is that possible is not just stay nato, of course, because the united states has a, you know, it's got 800 basis young the world. and i'm sure like if you're in your game so, so bilateral, so it's got to be more than simply a long term among tory, i'm a nato expansion. but you know, i genuine commitment to neutrality, which of course, was the official position until december, 2014 on and off in ukraine. and don't forget that with their days, the intersection of 2 major crisis going on, the one, the internal ukrainian,
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one with 2 very different models of state building one which decides to build a state against russia and river security system also, which was out to mclean. and then i don't think it was intended, but it's excluded russia, these 2 come conflicts. ok, i says overlapping. and so our analysis must be clear that we've got 2 things going on at the same time, residence upwards. good to get your analysis is very valuable at this very volatile time. thank you. thank you. let's take a look now some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. iranians have been celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the islamic revolution. some set fire to us flags today, talks aimed at reviving runs 2015 nuclear agreement. resume this week with the u. s . urging to run to reach a deal quickly. but hard line president, if he were easy, told revellers in to run the to run is not pinning his hopes on
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a deal. for each president, emanuel micron refused to take a coven 19 test when meeting russian. president, putin. earlier this week. reuters news agency says the french leader wanted to prevent russia from getting a sample of his dna. the 2 men held talks at opposite ends of a very long table to maintain their you see it social distance of look at the canvas. ontario province has declared his native emergency over the truckers protests and his paralyzed the capital and blocked trade with the united states. ontario's government is threatening steep fines and prison sentences unless drivers in there block, hey, the protesters want the canadian government to scrap vaccine mandates for all truck drivers. the 1st co 19 vaccine manufacturing plant on the african continent has opened in south africa. a vaccination programs around the world have delivered more than 10000000000 doses. sub saharan africa is facing
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a massive shortage in the long term. hopes are that cape town based, african biologists will be able to increase local production delivery and affordable products. and hopefully reducing dependency on imports of the head of the world. health organization says the new plant will help africa become more self sufficient in producing backseat. this will not be just for bobby martin, a technology would be good for a chevy, malaria t d. so this is an investment, and that could possibly be a game changer in combating the images. so this is big and whatever time it takes the keys as needle thing and the quality of it so that, you know, all we have is planning to do is done. and the
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heavy distribution, production and distribution of d, w, corresponded adrian, crease was able to get a 1st hand look at the production site, a replica of the mood, dana vaccine. that is what the m r and a vaccine have for africa is trying to produce. they were hoping for a technology transfer with would dana, but that hasn't happened. that's why and collaboration with south african universities and institutions. they made their own vixen using information available in the public domain. it's an agenda as not committed to technology trans that he act and in many aspects we need it anymore. so this is the same thing that will develop technology that will be transferred to multiple other organizations and learn middle income countries building sustainable capacity and capabilities. but it is also an entity that has a long term view on the design and development and production of normal vaccines.
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new vaccines essential for the burden of disease in loan mold and middle income countries. companies like by on tech have been critical about that approach as they have been about the idea of way, wing intellectual property rights for vaccine production. but south africa and the world health organization are supporting this initiative. because the only option we have is to saxon or we will and it's in good hands. the baby is in good hands as we have seen that. and we have identified also some of the challenges we will address those and then move on this and that will be a center that rings almost everybody together. so we will work together, and it's not either, or we can use all options, by the way, to make sure that we have all the tools to fight this pandemic, but also the per se for the future. what is clear, though, this is a long term project that will probably not have an impact during the current pandemic. clinical studies are likely going to take years. but so far,
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africa has only producing less than one percent of the vaccines that are also used here. the w h o is backing an initiative that wants to bring that number up to 60 percent. by 2040 there was increase reporting there. let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the pandemic in australia, the definition of being fully vaccinated. now includes 2 shots, plus a booster shot. the netherlands is aiming to drop most of its restrictions by the end of this month. the government says, record infection levels have only led to limited hospitalizations and protesters against a vaccine mandate and tough corona virus rules have occupied the grounds of new zealand parliament for a 4th day. the australian government has officially listed co wallers as endangered. the native marsupials are finding to survive. bush fires, land clearance, and drought conservation is feared. there are now fewer than
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a 100000 co, all was left in the why it was the defining image of australia's bush fires in 2019 a corolla encircled by flames. before a quick thinking, bystander comes to the rescue. thousands of co olives were caught up in not years, devastating fire season left homeless or treated for dehydration and burns. it was a clarion call for action. will say that honey advertised fires. i asked my scientific experts to really examine whether the qual as listing, as you said on the endangered spaces list, native smith up a notch. and today's announcement is that it has, which is all about priority conservation for this extraordinary, massive hill. on top of the fires, the creatures are threatened by disease. half the population has chlamydia,
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growing towns and cities to have eaten away at the habitat. the endangered classification means they get more protection under planning laws. conservationist t, it's critical. we taken in over 810000 animals and well over 10000 of those. our co, i'll, is there a very specialized creature and an animal that is unfortunately under unprecedented threat. last month the government announced $43000000.00 euros and additional funding to protect them. we're investing in the world leading science in looking after our kuala populations. and we are also investing heavily in education, so ensure not only the public and understand how they can care, but also importantly, veterinarians, right across the country. environmental groups have welcome the endangered species recognition, but they accused the government of ignoring a decade of warnings. nonetheless, they hoped less will now be
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a turning point for these iconic creatures. so to we are, let's take a look now some of the other stories that are making news. this our 30 nations of committed to protect the world's oceans from harmful human activity. the initiative drawn up at a summit on france's atlantic coast targets. plastic pollution in particularly for business and political leaders have promised more action to clean up the seas and to preserve marine life. you as president vine is expected to sign an executive order allowing $3.00 bill in dollars in frozen afghan monetary reserves to be used to help the afghan people without allowing the countries taliban rulers access to the money. other frozen assets will be used to support victims of the $911.00 terror attacks. the death toll in madagascar from cyclone by 2 but but see ry has risen to 111. the storm leveled homes and left about 30000
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people living in emergency shelters. 8 agencies are worried about supplies of clean drinking water and the risk of water born diseases. 2 years ago, the e car maker tesla started building a factory just outside of berlin. it's now ready to start rolling out new cars. but production hasn't started yet. necessary permits by the authorities are still pending environmental groups and local residents. they voice concerns over the factories, water consumption, tesla ski factory outside berlin. the assembly lines are already warmed up, but authorities have yet to give the final go ahead. they're about to do so. but at a nearby lake, protesters are getting ready to voiced the concern. they worry about teslas, enormous water needs. and fear drinking water here could soon be in short supply.
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and that could effect not only the small town in brandenburg, but also the near by capital city, month, an invalid on you see it in the dry fours. and as a berliner, i have to say, my biggest fear is for berlin's drinking water. and we'll tesla's thirsty factory doesn't worry. ellen musk doing a visit in 2020. he said there was more than enough water for every one. at 1st glance, it seems like there's enough water here indeed. but that's just on the surface. tesla is trailing deep into the water table and that's stressing it more than ever before. something brandon burkes environmental ministry should have looked into environmental groups, say it is not done is due diligence mickland his young mothers in kind of a push. the analysis wasn't detailed enough,
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they also didn't look at the effects on the water supply for locals. it's massive because we're extracting much more now the water table is falling than it's been dropping since 2010. it's so extracting more now is the wrong course and needs more consideration on the list of you and try to fight a vague on most to minutes. and the 50 for the pu fernandez hit a fellow. now a regional court must decide how much water tesla can use and that could put the brakes on tesla's plans in germany. and there were there olympics, christopher, a gold hair, became germany's 1st gold medalist in the skeleton. that's a sport similar to the lose. but one which sees riders plummet headfirst down an ice track at high speed. you need some good nerves. germany has long dominated allusion one, a clean sweep of golds this year, but growth has stunning performance, which saw him finish streets ahead of compatriots. axle young sees the country
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extend its influence in the sliding sports. a legal battle is under way of the winter olympics and beijing after confirmation that star russian figure skater, camilla valley eva recently tested positive for doping. earlier this week, she led the russian olympic committee team to go to the team event. but the metal ceremony, it has not taken place yet. the russian anti doping agency at 1st suspended believer then lifted that suspension and allowed her to compete in be gk. the international olympic committee is now trying to reverse that decision by appealing to the international court of arbitration for sport believers. next, scheduled event is february 15th, when she's favored to win gold in the individual event. in staying at the olympics and in alpine scare with the hopes of a nation resting on his shoulders are. if khan is india's one and only
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representative at the games, he told the w news, how a strong showing you beijing just might change his life. i'll find here, art. if con, practiced hard in that on up to the beach ingle m fake, he's india's only hope, winter sports and not a big thing in india. but there are best single mug in indian administered kashmir . khan started skiing there at 4, and his father answers ski shop. he's aiming high in b g inc. my and my focus, his says performing and trying to be in the pop at this in the world. i have to go for a big race and when i have to perform a to win, something that it can change, like for, for the rest of the life con has had to crowd fund his travel to competitions and mainly trains abroad. his dedication has van him many fan. what struck
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me and still does to this day is his devotion to the sport. despite all the challenges, and at the same time his devotion to furthering this sport of skiing in india, where it's still in its infancy. and we can see a lot of growth. india has never been of intern olympic mentored. hon hope to at least be an inspiration art here in berlin. your 1st major international film festival of the year is in full swing after the opening last night. the berlin ala is now under way or reporter nicole foolish. she is, therefore, as to night, good evening, nicole's or tell me what movie caught your attention to night? well, one movie that really stuck with me was another yellow with guy. out of those robe of gems tells the intertwined stories of 3 women and mexico who against their will get entangled with a drug car as hell. and so, of course,
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a world dominated by men full of brutality in which women are most often the ones picking up the pieces. and the violence is just everywhere, but you don't see it and that makes it so very powerful. and what is remarkable about this movie to is that not that yellow verse has never done a feature film before. she's the only latin american in the running for the golden bear. so you would think that this makes her kind of an underdog, but she has done a lot of editing before she is very critically acclaimed. are such she had, has added to this movie as well. she's done some acting and some short form directing. and that seems to make her a for us to be reckoned with brenton. well, you know, robin jones, i mean it's not the only competition movie premiering today that is made by women and with women and leading robes. right. exactly. it was it a maya is back in berlin with the line le lien and an almost exclusively female cast. we meet a protagonist who has an anger management problem and gets into
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a heavy fight with her mother is then slammed with a restraining order and is prohibited from getting closer than 100 meters to her mother's home. her sister, a 12 year old then draws a line marking those 100 meters around the house so she can stay in contact with her sister. it's a beautiful story, poetically told about love about forgiveness, and about isolation. something that we all have grown a bit too accustomed to over the past couple years and it well gives us a take away. that is that children are often the better adults. yeah, you say that again. we see that a lot in this pandemic and briefly what else is coming up at the bill another well, the most highly anticipated movie to day is certainly among the competition movies early zyden, new or grew mini sat in the seaside resort of a remedy in italy in the off season there we meet a singer who has to admit that while his best days have come and gone,
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he is down alcoholic and a gambling addict. and he sleeps with his groupies in order to pay for his vice. is the millennial shot before the pandemic, and is almost entirely improvised. and like all over the side of the movies, it shows us in our deepest unfulfilled yearnings and shows us the ugly truth without glossing it over with a truly comedic tragedy. a very unique thing that only style always brings till so that one is one to watch out for 2. 0 run to go for like a new berlin international film festival is always be cold. thank you. and before we go, there's just time to take a look at the return of the last yamma dots carnival to your guys' capital montevideo. ah, does madly like fun? the event is returned to the city streets have to be cancelled last year because of the pandemic. these were delayed slightly this year, but that was because the bad weather carnival's name translate as the calls from
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the age of practice, of beating drums to call the community together. we can definitely use some drums every you watch a d w news. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you then. ah, with
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you you'll africa. it's usually very quiet here, but when shell searches for oil things get loud aloud. teachers are killed and the fisherman that i want to live with the finish our food with finished, can oil exploration in south africa be stopped for good eco africa. next on d w. oh
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