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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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we are not afraid to fasten delicate topic because population is growing fast. and young people clearly have the solution that your job belongs to you is 77 percent now, every weekend on d. w. russia's 15 year old figure skating, wonder camilla valley ava. she is fire on ice last monday at the olympic games in beijing. she helped her team score gold, the 1st woman to land, to quadruple jobs. to day we learned that just weeks ago, volleyball tested positive for doping. she's received no elliptic metals and it's still up in the year if she'll compete again next week. suspicions of russian state sponsored cheating at the olympics. we've been here before. here we go again. i
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broke off in berlin. this is the day. ah, i hardly. i'm hardly find it necessary to be stated, but we have a 100 percent policy against doping. they've just kind of made a mockery of the system. they're using athletes and as business as usual. yeah, i think it was just another qualification that the west is focused on it against our country up of the, i mean they are meddling in sports with that dirty hands and he minds part of it is a young athlete is potentially being abused tom at the hands of the russia state or sports system, they should have been suspended and real should have been suspended. chained and they should have been spending suspended to china. we've seen the story before and it's finally time to wait up and do something about it. also coming
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up the brands that would be competing for your eyes and your stomach this sunday, during the superbowl of kicked his party up in uh oh, you know the acetate, great on salad houses or we get it. i love salads. i will cut those from mexico but you, our viewers watching on tv as in the united states, into all you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with a russian figure skater, a positive doping test, and the beijing winter olympics. today we were able to confirm that russian figure skater, camilla valley ava tested positive for a band substance just weeks before performing this week in beijing heart medication that can increase endurance was found in the 15 year olds sample on christmas day of last year. the russian anti doping agency at 1st suspended valley, eva,
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but then lifted that suspension and allowed her to compete this week in beijing. the international olympic committee is trying to reverse that decision by appealing to the international court of arbitration for sport. now the news have stunned olympic athletes even more so because the positive test result was 1st made public after volley. eva competed on monday. here's more now from d. w. 's olympics correspondent, jonathan crane. well, after days of speculation, we do now know that camilla valley eva is indeed the athlete that tested positive for a band substance. and is the center of this legal dispute that is delayed middle ceremony for the team competition in figure skating. but we're still on the rise as to whether she will be able to compete in her individual event next week. now the bad substance value ava tested positive for is typically used to treat heart problems, but it can also be used to boost blood flow in the body. the course of arbitration for sport here and basing has an ad hoc panel. it will now arrange an urgent
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hearing to look at the case. it has to be agent because that individual competition takes place in just 6 days time. the court will look at whether the provisional suspension should have been lifted. it's not even going to consider when the medal ceremony for the team event can take place or it could well be that the valley eva is not allowed to compete in her individual event, but could still end up with a go to metal for the team event after appeals and all the other legal processes. but the, the heart of this, let's not forget the valley, eva is just 15 years old that the duty of care over her. but it's not a good look for russia is it? the country has already been banned for a taping scandal. it's not even competing under its real name here. it's competing under the russian olympic committee. and again, more questions, more controversy surrounding russia and doping. ms. johnson crane, they're reporting from beijing. my 1st guess tonight is the authority on doping in sports, his investigations have revealed systemic cheating in cycling. he also reported on
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doping at the 2008 beijing summer olympics. i'm happy to welcome sports journalist high use up of back to the day. hi you, it's good to see you again. and let's be clear about what could happen here. believe us next scheduled event is on february 15th, when she's favored to win gold in the individual figure skating event. if she competes the world will know that this 15 year old, on the eyes has tested positive for a band substance. will this be a 1st to be honest as this, as a very, a very, very sensitive case. the very, very complicated case. it's very clear, obvious that she has been tested positive for them. constance on the other end, she's in minor athletes. she's 15 years old. and this means, according to the rules, the clerk. quite different to adults athletes because it can happened with children
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and we talked about children here that she didn't know about what she has been counted her buddies and means the 3rd parties have many polluted her have doped her . this makes it too complicated. that means if it comes to get, get a decision about if she is guilty or not, you have to consider that maybe she didn't know about it. that means it's a very haven't said, maybe she will not be banned for 4 years of her to a yes. if this all confirmed, it's a very end. but what can happen next week is that she will be suspended from the competition because this is not fair sport. and apart from the question, if she's guilty or not, i mean it's actually is it is a tragedy for her, especially if, if she has no, nothing about the doping, her trainers and coaches as you say, they're the ones responsible. i mean, do you think it looks like russian state sponsored doping the way we'd see that
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many times before? that's what i cannot imagine. to be honest because i think some of them have loans . that essence of there's a speaker scandal. but, and this is a new smell for you and brought in, we know that she is working together was a don't think dr. guy, his name is sugar skis, phillips, b etzky. and he is a kind of medical advisor and he was already bent for doping because he administered drugs to athletes in 2007. and he's no working with her. that means at the very end, she's very close to, to his people. also, her coach is, is known as a very heart is very rude. and so, and as also at least some people say that i wouldn't say connected, but maybe not very far from administering whatever kind of medication said would be
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heard in a drum. television said means she green's coming up might be a victim of her on to rush. well, i mean that's, that's so bring, and that is definitely a new development here. are you? what do you think the international olympic committee, what should the committee do now? that's what i said already. if it comes to a competition next week, it's simply another chris bought because you have, as they have fount, forbidden substance in her urine. that means it is not a fair competition. and apart from the question, if she's guilty or not, usually you cannot say she is, will be allowed to compete. so what i expect the moment that is really uncertain, but i can imagine at the very end, she will not be allowed to compete. but let's wait and see a part of the question after the olympics, then they will open to be sample. that's a legal procedure continue. do you think that there should have been a better
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a vetting process of some sort because we understand that she tested positive on december 25th of last year. and yet we only found out about it after she can be did this week. shouldn't something of happened in between there to prevent this performance from taking place? you are totally right and i don't understand what happened. it was december 25th and that's russian championships in st. petersburg. and on february 8, swedish anti doping which did say analyzing a sample, informed the russian and had to begin to see one day after the team competition. i don't understand the delay, it took a really long very long. it's what is it just overshadowed? know the olympics, it would have been much better to do as analyzes and to it was resolved management before the games. you have to get a good point. i think a lot of people are asking why it happened the way it did. i example,
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it's always good to see we appreciate your analysis tonight, valuable insight. thank you. all the best take care ah denied strains in the high stakes diplomacy aimed at averting a war in ukraine. russia has announced large skilled naval drills off the coast of ukraine. washington is pouring even more troops and weapons into eastern europe. u . s. president biden is morning quote. things could go crazy quickly. but for some analysis tonight, i am joined by richard sock why he's a professor of russian and european politics of the university of kent. the u. k. he's the author of several books, including russia against the rest, the post cold war, crisis of world order. professor, it's good to have you on the program. i'll ask you, be we've, we've asked a lot of people this. we're still trying to get a clear answer. do you know what, what is vladimir putin's end game?
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well, the end game is the same one that they've been trying to do for the last 30 years, garbage of yeltsin and put in. and that is to try to get a security order on the continent, which is what they would call, indivisible and inclusive. in other words, that nato isn't to body as it were, excluding russia, but it includes it. and so that goal isn't, is quite clear. well, how to achieve it, though? they would argue, look, we made all our speeches we had put in speech in munich, security conference in 27. we had med, reduce our days for european security conference, and now it's actually in berlin. in june 28, we had in 2018 at the state of the nation speech. listen to us. i'm not saying that what they're doing is justified or even that that demand should all be accepted. but what they are saying is talk to us as e quotes, don't excuse that, you have justice and the right only on your side. we have security concerns. of
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course, it's not the most delicate way of making this this point, but certainly that's the point he's trying to make. and in fact, these latest maneuvers and so on, it's probably in a sense, attempt to shock the west into a genuine diplomatic pair sess. rather than the token that have so far been given. so you say then amassing these $100000.00 plus russian soldiers in russia along the border with ukraine. that's just, that's more window dressing to force nato, to force the west to come to the table and to talk either i in part, don't forget, on the other side that ukraine is 830000 troops. now armed with british and american weapons, poised effectively if they said one to 2, i'm not saying they due to a season attack, they don't bass. so initially the mobilization was to deter that. the point is my,
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my point is, is that we are in this sort of escalade to cycle and young stoughton. but clearly ahead of nato simply does not understand his completely out of his debt. but lincoln and sullivan don't understand this. the british, of course, don't. the germans, i think, did actual sin. others have understood and miko understood that you cannot have a security order against russia and not to expect everything to continue smoothly. and they say, look, it's been 30 years since you had the cold war. and you know, we've been complaining about nato enlargement ever since you've ignored us. many, many western commentators, george canon, the leading one wounds that there would be a backlash. now we're having a backlash, i'm not justifying it. i'm simply explaining it and, and i wonder, we know that you're not going to get any of hooton's demands met in terms of bringing native back to its pre 1991 size for
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example, 9079 and you have a sort of yes, it may do but let len 1097. let's, let's assume though, that there could be an agreement or an understanding reached regarding ukraine. ukraine maintains its sovereignty, but the west, the us and russia have an understanding that nato will not be in the picture in the future of ukraine. is that possible is not just the nature of course, because the united states has a, you know, i got 800 bases beyond the world. and i'm sure i'd like a few in your brain so, so bilateral. so it's got to be more than simply a long term motor, tory, i'm a nato expansion. but you know, i genuine commitment to neutrality, which of course, was the official position until december, 2014 on and off. and you again. and don't forget the days, the intersection of 2 major crises going on, the one, the internal ukrainian,
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one with 2 very different models of state building one which decides to build a state against russia. and we have a security system also, which was ultimately, i mean, i don't think it was intended, but it's excluded. you actually need to con conflicts. ok, safe, overlapping. and so our analysis must be clear that we've got 2 things going on at the same time. it's always good to get your analysis is very valuable at this very volatile time. thank you. thank you. our washington bureau, g. v. a. suppose she spoke to fiona hill, a russia expert and former us intelligence officer. given the warnings from the white house, how imminent is an invasion? i think we have to be vigilant at all times. now. i mean, the reason that the united states was saying that it was imminent was to make it very clear. this could happen at any time because of their nature and the scale of
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the russian exercises. and that women to remember, again, that russia invaded ga, at the tail end of exercises because they've been practicing to those kinds of contingencies. and that's the danger that we have now that there is a pretext. maybe you can give us kind of a best case scenario and worst case scenario, all the best in the worst case scenario, in some respects, one in the same. it's not just the invasion, it's that there's, you know, the invasion doesn't happen, but we keep in this tension on a more permanent basis. and that the whole idea of security predictability. you know, your poll free and peace is gone. and he basically put in his saying the last 30 years were, you know, we prospered on our terms, are an acceptable to russia. and so that whole idea of russia integrating into europe in some fashion are having closer economic, social and political ties with europe is up the window. and that now we're 1st thing, an overtly hostile russia that has also now joined in with china. because what we
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have seen in the recent agreement with our president, she and puts in, in beijing as the chinese telling the russians at the very least we've got your back. we don't like nato ned to enlargement either. we certainly don't like united states, not really specifically about europe as a major market because for china that still important. but the china and russia now very much tied together. some say some, some supporters obviously say that with trump in office with his drums anti and natal course, put him would have kind of not done what he did right now. what do you make of that person would have seen the nightstands is a very weak player. internationally, in any event under president trump, is all of the chaos and the domestic front. but up president temple is focused on china and nata, about europe, and he may have thought that then, well, nobody's watching you cry. nobody cares about ukraine. and i want to make sure the current is back in the fall, the united states is weak. you know, that have been a great deal of in fighting in the united states over trump,
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staying in power. europe would have had a rift our was, are basically the united states as well. let's talk about germany. you were pretty critical about the new government, or especially when it comes to the way they are talking or not talking about nordstrom to this is kind of that diplomatic dance. you know, you're on a tight rope and you're trying not to go one way or another. i mean, of course, of his risk for the german government of lawsuits and all kinds of, you know, breaches of contract that may unfold from all of this. you've got to be very careful on the domestic front, you know, under their previous administration, all the pressure that was put on the german government actually was counterproductive. i mean, you know, we saw that a president biden has tried to address that by making this germany's decision yet, but obviously we need to show complete unity. and i think that somehow of chance a shot myself. fred, that very difficult needle in public. of course, he didn't really santa thing,
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but he also did not contradict president biden when present biden said, well, we're going to do this right and looked at him. chances johnston didn't say anything. and behind the scenes, he seems to have made it much more clear to members of congress and the senate, another key and to lock it is here that germany is considering this very seriously . and presumably he will pass on that message to president putin in person. when he goes, sir to moscow, unless of course, we have some invasion of ukraine beforehand, which might make that trip or difficult may be put that off. and that was former u. s. intelligence officer in russia expert, fiona hill. the super bowl kicks off on sunday. the los angeles rams take on the cincinnati bengals in a lay from clairvoyant camels, to prophetic pandas. animals across the united states are predicting a winner at a zoo in texas. staff are hoping that this elephant named brazos will bring an end
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to 7 years of incorrect predictions by his fellow. busy animals this sunday brazza is tipping a win for the eli ramps well, our resident, oracle of the ball joints. we hear the big tables. sports reporter oliver movie. all right. all right. we've got the rams, the cincinnati bengals. where are you putting your money? well, i think he should listen to bras, brand, because that elephant clearly knows what he's talking about. not talking to you catch my drift. you know, the rams are very much the favorites in the super bowl. the so trust the trunk. yeah, exactly. trust it. i mean, never, never gets this guy clearly remembers the rest of it. all eyes including browsers is going to be on the offensive view of the rounds of court about matthew, stafford and white are see the cooper cut, the offensive play the year in the nfl. this year, at least you guys have been on fire for most of the season, and certainly in the playoffs, they really have the power to help the rounds rack up the points. and if you look
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at the bangles, the biggest weakness, perhaps i think if you're texting that quarterback job, but they let them get sacked way too often. and the rams have plans, you can exploit that are. and donovan miller, these guys can really take advantage of the floor in the bangles defensive unit, and that could be decided ok all the so i see, you know, you're us football. we're going to see if you know, your us know the half time commercials are, you know, they are nearly as big as the action on the field. it's a tradition here on the day that we preview a few of these $6000000.00 ads. is your $6000000.00 or 30 seconds you are this year starting tested on our quiz show, what's my ad? so here's how it works. we're going to play 3 clips from 3 ads. you will then be asked to guess what product is being advertising. when it's time for you to give me your guess. all right, are you ready? i'm ready to play. what's my and i was born ready. all right,
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what's my going to take it away? let's take a look at the 1st clip. i can isn't that resumed one? come on. give me some from what you get for trusting the truck. i need brother to come in and help me out with. ok. ok, deriento derita rios yes. i'm sorry i gave it away, although you should all i think you need to observe the truck out of my game. ok. let's take a look. let's go to clear number 2 now. okay, with a dog. right? animal thing. the super bowl commercial this year. yeah. focus on the hor, get i some of these
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guys. okay. my god. why the yes. yeah. all right. one for a horse and cloudy guys, you know, do the beer. all right, let's go for a clip. number 3 for 3. close enough. clip number 3 is coming though. out on 30 w news. i fingers get slippery in there and that control room. all right? when you get out, ok, we're going to, they're looking for it and we got, are you guys ready? we claim number 3. that the back will back. yeah. that the i coming with dogs. i have a go. yeah. take a look. take a look for wow. i to retire. oh, you go to see a sheet lighting. okay. water june lighting electric cars, e l e b m w. if yup, 24, y,
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i think that that's not bad. huh? that is right. i mean, congratulations. all you have done it. you are the winner this year and very highlighted for winning. what's my ad this in a day? what's my ad wonderful price, if i could, i get this straight up on the mantel, take it and i keep, keep it polished until next year's i will, i will for very good care of this. this is as a say, korea, i like a big as to what my career and college. thank you very much. you're a good sport. we appreciate it. thank you, holly ah, in finally to night, what is it about politics, power, and size? earlier this week, french president micron visited russian president putin at the kremlin, to find a way to prevent a russian invasion of ukraine. the 5 hour meeting took place at this very long
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table. truly shuttle diplomacy and action. you need of shovel just to drive from one end to the other. why did potent prefer the grand table for the leader of the grand nazi own, where you can blame it on the corona by macro reportedly refused to take a rush and administered p. c. r. test when he arrived in moscow, the official reason it would have taken 2 hours to get the results unnamed sources in the french entourage say that mac ron was not keen on giving the kremlin a sample of his dna pu tent and macaroni was so close and yet, oh, quicker so far, naturally that led to a lot of means online. we'd like to show you an example for one of our figured guess you're on the day defense analysts, raphael lost. he did not fail to see the lighter side of the serious business of international c, sol. diplomacy, i, but you get when you get a big tape. with a day's almost done, the conversation continues online,
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you'll find it on twitter either w news. you can follow me on twitter, brent golf t v. i remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. we'll see you right here again on monday. have a good weekend everybody ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight you as president by until the americans in ukraine now is the john to get out. the stakes arising russian warships are practicing landing drills in the black sea while they, us strike for several 1000 strong is rolling into eastern europe. also coming up france band, freedom convoys is hundreds of protesters opposing corona virus restrictions, head for paris,
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driven by what they're seeing in canada and rolling out the red carpet,


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