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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2022 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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ah, ah ah, this is a dw news live from berlin, germany advises it's citizens to leave ukraine. foreign ministry says germans should check whether their presence in that country is essential and if not to lead as soon as possible. it comes as the united states warns russia could invade ukraine at any time. and the stars are back on the red carpet at berlin's international film festival. the early now all eyes are on the live screenings and who will win the golden bear? ah
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next, spicer, welcome to the program. germany has warned against traveling to ukraine and told its nationals to leave the country following fears that russia is planning an imminent invasion. german foreign minister anna lena bear, mark said that the crisis was escalating. while on a trip to egypt, she told journalists that she and nato allies were still working on a diplomatic solution. germany is the latest country to issue a warning that region, pardon me, travel to the region in recent days could be dangerous. here is the german foreign minister. so we will keep our embassy and key f o pen, but reduce the entire diplomatic staff there. that includes this economy, employees of our partners and the german teachers abroad. family members will also leave the country. now. are a cons you at general and donnette set up in 2014 will be temporarily relocated to
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live with the foreign office. also a, she's a travel warning germans who are there are urged to consider leaving the country. and for more on this we are going to go straight to ukraine to be joined by the w correspondence. he has been in the capital kit mathias, germany, as we just heard joining the list of countries, telling us citizens to leave ukraine as soon as possible, or the germans, they're likely to evacuate. well, the foreign minister has said, who is going to evacuate from the government, run organizations. that means the embassy with withdraw all non essential stuff, families, et cetera. so will the german organizations, the economic corporation, they will also withdraw stuff. some would, will stay, but many of them will be withdrawn and all the companies will go through the same process, deciding who will stay. many people will bring their families out,
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so expect many people to return, at least temporarily, to germany. that does not mean that everybody will be out. some people also want to stay, but i expect many people to leave. and do you have any indication of how the ukrainians feel when they hear that all is western countries are telling their nationals to leave? well, many upside that they feel left behind. this is not the 1st time that embassies are evacuating or are considering evacuating. but this time, of course, it's real and the list of embassies is growing. and that adds to a sense of urgency here. ukrainians. i have made their preparations, many of them stockpiled some food, but are not in panic. many also have i resolved to do anything they can to defend their country. and everybody i have spoken to so far has sad,
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if it comes to that point, that russia willing weight will be on our own. ok. thank you. t w's that he has been a reporting for us from the ukrainian capital kiff. of course, moscow denies having any plans to invade ukraine, but with more than 100000 troops station near the border and a military ramp up in millet. a pardon me, a mill, a ramp up and military drills. tensions are reaching fever, pitch american president joe biden. is due to speak with russia's president vladimir putin later today in the hope of averting all out war. more activity on all sides of the ukraine crisis. russia's ministry of defense released footage of navy ships arriving in savannah to pull bay on the black sea in the russian annexed crimean peninsula. there, here taking part in large scale landing drills, the situation makes many ukrainians uneasy. it's not
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a pleasant feeling. believe me, to understand that you and circled by the russian troops from bella, which 1000 kilometers more than 1000 from the east. and the last couple of days, sir, russia actually close to the entire a z o c. and the, the particles to blake seed actually exists. graham ports to the blacks. the united states wanted citizens out of harm's way immediately. president joe biden has urged all americans to leave ukraine. if a russian attack on ukraine precedes it is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks that could obviously kill civilians without regard to their nationality. a subsequent ground invasion would involve the onslaught of a massive force with virtually no notice communications to arrange. a departure could be severed and commercial. transit halted,
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while civilians pack up security forces are coming in the other direction. around a 1000 us soldiers arrived in poland to add to the $4000.00 service members already stationed there. and on romania as black sea coast, a 1000 strong strike forest rolled in from a u. s. base and germany. nato secretary general was there when they arrived. he spoke of the importance of boots on the ground as a deterrent to russia's military build up, which he called unjustified. so the combination old military buildup, fit the rhetoric ah, a track record of using force against neighbors. of course, that's the reason for her being a cedars are concerned and are being vigilant and ready also to ah, react if they're once again use force against the ukraine. although the u. s. hasn't
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sent ground forces to ukraine. it continues to supply weapons to the beleaguered country. part of a $200000000.00 security package meant to keep this crisis from escalating into an outright conflict. and for more in several going across to vladimir. yes, the ppo from dw russian, who joins us from london. larry, we just heard about all his western countries, getting their nationals out of the country, suggesting they leave closing embassies and so on. russia has confirmed that it is reducing it's diplomatic staff in ukraine. what's the justification there rather than foreign ministry, indeed confirm today the trust that is pulling are already some of its diplomatic stuff over there. care ukraine. tearing provocations from kia focus coming from the ration for a minute to an important point. whatever happening in the ukraine or whatever might happen in the next day in the ukraine, or actually over blending the ukrainians or the west or united states for what's
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going to happen there. and the russian for ministry didn't call any concrete numbers of how much, how many diplomats bullet of the crane ross had joined the list of the countries was reducing start all of the grants. but, and this is part of the rush in texas toxic, or always blamed the united states. yeah. if you, i mean there's, if there's a parallelism and it seems an element of theater. and, you know, i guess their view of side who is, who is sincere and withdrawing their nationals and sensing danger. but let's move on to what's going to be happening later today. the united states president is scheduled to talk with lot of your putin by phone. what can we expect to happen? and to be said, honestly, my expectation that very low, i would not expect much from today's talk with in prison, putting in prison by that. i still hope they can escalate them somehow. but i'm
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afraid we are getting for the verse because they're like, in my opinion, reaching the point of no return, some saw them. and i'm not sure they can solve this huge diplomatic or military, cried me during the rush and the best with the huge amount of issues, problematic issues by just one call tonight. so my expectations are quite low. it's hard to see how that could solve everything, but like if i can just ask you about what's going on in russia, how much support is there for the russian president amongst the citizenry for a possible invasion of ukraine? well one think is quite sure what they were for putting decide what they were he decides to do in the ukraine or what barrel. russia will always support because the russian government isn't a total control of the russian public opinion. so i've just spoke to 2 friends from work completely surprised with how they call it in because ross,
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i was on the right side in the opinion and everything is going according them because of the united states trying to get into the middle. so what they were, what they were here in the next week on the next united states and in the rest blamed by russian public opinion. all right, that was the w russians. let him hear yes, a pass, joining us from london. thank you so much for insight. to the culture. now it's the 1st weekend at this year's berlin international film festival, which is once again being held in person. people having flocking to cinemas around the german capital to see the films and competition for the golden bare 7 of them were directed by women are repaid her report. pardon me? stacy bins takes a look. as the curtain went down a week, once raced, when the golden bare strong complex feminity came into focus. director ursula meyer
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let a cast on an exploration of various forms of violence inflicted by women on to other women. in the french film, the line violence is silent. verbal and physical. often, in cinema, you have men doing most of the violence actually and women who have violent had more to be teenage girls. so we thought, why not have, you know, for an adult woman who is violent moved, just as is without it being associated to say, drugs or prostitution. the line is the story of 3 sisters who all handle abuse by their mother differently. the on this portrayed by stephanie blancho attacks her mother and is slapped with a restraining order. barriers are imposed ignored, and then accepted as the main character moves towards healing her inner and outer
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wounds. ah robe of gems is a ra, look at the collective pain, experienced by the families of mexico's missing and murdered. it's a feature film 1st for writer and director, natalia lopez, guy r though the story centers on 3 women who are pulled into the underbelly of rural life for me, all the characters, art and all the women especially i are one. somehow, blake, a different dimensions of the same person and you have a psychological drama, shows hope through sadness and the importance of empathy with id. but so if get out there, the necessity off there identified yourself with the other, i think is something that it's that we, we were lacking off and we need to construct again the berlin, ala, showcasing 18 films, buying for gold and silver bears. the winners will be announced on wednesday.
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and stacy barons who put that report together, joins us now from the red carpet down amongst literati, stacy, which films can you recommend for haitian? hey hey, well, there's 2 that i can recommend so far. in addition to the ones that were just in the piece, the 1st one was like poetry. everybody said the same thing about it, it was a beautiful piece. it's called before now and then. and it's based in indonesia and the late 19th sixty's after the dutch have left. and the main character is a woman named nana. and she is striving to, you know, find herself and find her voice in this very old fashioned patriarchal society and indonesia. and she finds her support in an unlikely person, her husband's mistress. so that's new factor been on thing. and yet,
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so it was just going through that. and the music is one of the best characters in the film. and there's also a german director and the competition, andreas, jason, at this time, he has chosen a very political story. are here, can you tell us about that? yes, yes, it's a political story, but it's humorist, it's sad, it's happy. it has all of these great album element is called rubber against george w bush, and this is a shortly after the terror attacks of 9112001. and her son is believed to be a terrorist and he's whooped up by the american government, sent to quinton, him obey. and this very ordinary woman, you know, who has her kids and her husband, the community she looks out for has to go against the united states government in order to free her son and this character. she is fantastic because she is an ordinary woman. but she's very like wily, she's like that friend who doesn't really know what's happening, but somehow turns
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a situation into her favor. she's very funny moments you want to shaker, but you always want to root for her. so those are the 2 films that i've really enjoyed today. okay, i think i want to see that one as well. stacy, stacy vivian's reporting for us looking forward to hearing more from the con days. this is t w's. thanks for watching. ah, imagine how many pushes loves us her now in the world climate. a very common story . this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can render we still have time to work. i'm going with.


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