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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2022 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, germany advisors at citizens to leave ukraine. the foreign ministry says german nationals should check whether their presence in ukraine is essential and if not to leave as soon as possible. this comes as the u. s. warrens that russia could invade ukraine at any time. also coming up the glitter. artie are back on the red carpeted berlin's international film festival at the berlin. our all eyes are on the line screenings, and who will win the golden bear and unborn,
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as big as soccer own little ball corn caused a stir as made, found champions byron, in a performance where the ages ah a mariner evans deem thanks for joining me. growing numbers of western governments are urging their citizens to leave ukraine as fears of a possible russian invasion intensify. germany says its citizens should leave as soon as possible. according to us intelligence reports and invasion by russia could occur at any time. the u. s. embassy and key f or non essential staff are being pulled out, and the u. s. government is advising its citizens to leave ukraine. other governments are following suit, the latest escalation, miss simmering crisis that is reaching boiling point 4 months. russia has
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build up its military presence on the ukrainian border. ah, adding to moscow, it's menace russian forces occurring conducting drills and by the ruse, us intelligence has warned that a russian invasion could be imminent, even giving february 16 as a possible launch date. u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin on a state visit and far way fiji. backed up this assessment we continue to see very troubling signs of russian escalation, including new forces arriving around ukraine borders. as i said yesterday were in the window when a russian invasion can start at any time if president putin so decides that includes in the coming days, all diplomatic efforts to deescalate have failed to bridge the divide, germany,
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which unlike other nato countries, has refused to send arms to ukraine for fear provoking, russia continues to hold out hope i'm not annoyed less yes, give me want to make clear that there is a red line here, and this is the sovereignty of ukraine. we are preparing our response with all necessary measures and toughness, but we are also simultaneously working for dialogue and for the process. not only to be back at the table, but to stay there. on tish mission designs, orlando at all heard sublime german chancellor, olaf shots will travel to moscow on tuesday to meet with fulton, one little bother hoffman. we have to be rid amid the exodus from his country. ukrainian president followed me as the landscape is appealing for calm. we have a lot of information because we are on these borders. it's our borders. it's our territory. you, you know, i have to speak with our people like our unit for,
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you know, like, like president and said, people throughs. and the tools that we have different information. and now the best friend for enemies that hispanic in our country. his words, a reminder that until the 1st shot is fired and anger, a fragile piece prevails. let's bring in the w as in washington, bureau chief in as all hello tnf. and so just a short time ago, you as president joe biden, and his russian counterpart vladimir putin spoke on the phone that call was nearly an hour long one. can you tell us about their conversation verbally? another we hear that the rhetoric has basically not changed in the presidential by the repeat of the message he has sent out before he was put in that and ukraine attack would bring her and i, i caught that here
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a swift and decisive response. he said that in case of an invasion, russia would be hit very hard by sanctions sanctions, which also would target specifically the ali galks and also proteins, personal assets. so 2 days, phone call was another sign. the president biden is willing to play hardball. he wouldn't, and at the same time in, as we've heard, russia accused the united states and also other western countries of spreading what it calls dis information. and it says it's not planning to invade ukraine, but you as security officials had other assessments of that. what have they been saying? well, the 1st week to move a war or a military upload conflict is always the truth. so this definitely is also an info war. so we got information from both sides and they definitely both sides want to shape kind of the political discourse. but we see pictures and we have information
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from many different services that president putin is increasing the number of military around the ukranian border. and as we just heard from a secretary of state lincoln, the possibility is or seems to be very real that an invasion might happen every day . you know, well, we also knew that putin spoke on the phone to the french president, a minimum cron today. when we're looking at the, as sort of high stakes diplomacy going on, how important our talks with european leaders for russia compared to these talks with the us while, you know, is these 2 people of a president biden, and a president, putin, me to the most powerful military countries sit on a table and i think we all agree on that. there is always hope as long as people
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talk with each other. they don't should at each other. having that said this whole a diplomacy here is very, very closely coordinated. european leaders, germany's chance love shoals included, seemed to take a little bit of a different stanlin, a president biden. i think it's fair to say that biden is playing a little bit of a bed copier and shaw shawls who is struggling to moscow and she was staying. they manuel mccall, the president from france, or rather trying to keep the diplomatic channels open. so i think every single telephone call, every single a meeting with president putin matters, but again, no doubt, if a joe biden and put in talk with each other, the most powerful military forces are sitting at one table or at least talking at the same time with each other definitely is in as pull reporting for us from
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washington. thank you so much. we appreciate it. let's turn our attention now to some of the other stories making news around the world. hungarian prime minister, victor, or bon, has started campaigning for april elections aiming to win a 4th straight term and power, maybe speaking. it is parties congress in the past, or man warned an influx of refugees from ukraine should war break out there. he also hinted at the possibility of hungry leaving the european union. me and mars military government has begun releasing prisoners as part of an embassy to mark the country's union de, around $800.00 prisoners urge him to be, pardon me, and mar, has been in turmoil since last year's qu, with more than 1500 protesters killed during a military press down and more than 12000 arrested convoys of french protesters have been arriving in paris to find the government order banning rallies
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in the capital. inspired by similar demonstrations in canada, the so called freedom convoys are attempting to block rooms and protest against frances coolly restriction police have class with demonstrators and issued hundreds of fine in an attempt to prevent a blockade. well, if the opening weekend at this year's berlin international film festival, the berlin, all in this year's berlin allah is again open to the public after last year, a festival had to be held virtually due to the pandemic on today's cinema goers will be treated to the premier of a political film by a german director, andreas reason revere corner versus george w bush, tell the story of a german housewife corner whose son is imprisoned by the united states and then and then held at the infamous guantanamo bay detention site. the find the corner teams up with a more reserved human rights lawyer. baron,
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hard to push for her son's release, taking her fight all the way to the u. s. supreme court. and the w. stacy dive into filed that report, joins us now from the berlin l. a headquarters. hello to you, stacy. i live vicariously. i wish i could be there with you. hello. so since i cannot watch every single film at the berlin island, what would you say are the films to really look out for? yes. well, this is day 3 for me and it's been a lot of fun. and i would say that the film that i really enjoyed the most today is a period piece out of indonesia by director camilla on disney. and it's called before now and then. and it takes place in the late 1960 s after indonesia gains independence from the dutch. and we, me, a character are named nana who is struggling. you know, she's dealing with the trauma of war. she lost her husband and kids. she doesn't
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have really a voice and she's remarried, but she feels small. she doesn't have a voice in the world. you have a voice in her home, and so she finds support from an unlikely person, her husband's mistress twist. so, but that's interesting to see how these women lean on each other and how they try to, how they gain some independence. because freedom isn't free for everyone, you know. and especially in that time period where the patriarchy was stronger, and women had to be careful of the image they portrayed, you know, to protect their families and even their country. and one of the things that the director said that i thought was really cool was that she said women have to flow like water. so they have to be fluid and they have to adapt. and i think that no matter where you are of the world as a woman or wid, that's something that we all can identify with. absolutely, stacy sounds like an amazing film. i look forward to hearing more from you in the
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coming days. but for now, thank you so much for your reporting. ah, at the winter olympics in china, there was more joy for germany in the sliding sports. as hannah niser became the country's 1st a female skeleton winter. the 21 year old was not among the favorites, but she beat australia's jacqueline narrow cott to clench. germany's 6 gold metal from 6 events at the yanking sliding center. nies as victory comes after. she won the junior world championship last year. well in bonus, like a soccer little ball home caused a big stir as they destroyed money by a munich on saturday. the champions were 9 points clear in the lee going into this one. but even after taking the lead, they were no match for a home side who gave their fans and unforgettable afternoon. have a look for the younger generation of balkan fans. the last on they beat lion
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is a bedtime story told by their parents. and when robert live in dusky scored 1st in this match, it seemed they might have to wait another year to update the legend. but the next half hour would write an unexpected chapter in the clubs history. malcolm struck back as christopher and wait a j put a spring in the home side. step encouraging and i was soon in the lead when you're going to, the katya converted from the penalty spot. in the 38th minute, the fans dared to dream of victory, even before christian gamboa scored a goal, the staff of pure football fantasy. the reply confirmed that this is a contender for goal of the season. it made the score 31, and it seemed like things could surely get no better. but 4 minutes later they did
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. this time it was garret hoffman and leasing a curling shot into the far corner to make it full one by and had conceded for in abundance like a 1st half. for the 1st time in 45 years, robert levin dusky pulled one back after the break. his 2nd of the day, but this was not to be the story of another famous buying fight back. this was the day the minnows roared and danced after their 1st victory of the bavarian st. in 18 years. ah, some very happy fans and bahamas. okay, well saturdays early but it's like a games are over so why don't we just take a look at all the results so far, unmatched aid, 22, as we saw bull hm. stunned buyer and elsewhere. glover beat export frankfurt. last of was board fryeburg, drew with mines furred beat had to berlin on friday,
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lived think they'd cologne, liver, cruise and against should god is currently underway. and in sunday's big game, when you're on berlin, hosted torp, and that's the latest on dw news this hour. i will be back at the top of the hour with another news update for you from me and the entire team here in berlin. i'm marian evans team. thanks for watching a can this become i can official intelligence combat loneliness. high with stories from the future starts february 14th on d w.


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