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tv   Reporter - The Billion- Dollar Waste Business  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2022 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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acceptance speech, he referred to tension between russia and ukraine, and urged germany at its allies to do everything to present war in europe. watching dw news live from berlin up next reporter investigates the 1000000000 dollar business of a legal waste disposal in europe. i'm nick spicer. thanks for watching. sun are driven by merciless greed, others fighting the destruction land grabbers are exploiting amazon ring for in people's support. now briefly opposing them to a report from the heart of brazil starts march 9th on d. w. a. we're all set to go beyond vs with him as we take on the world.
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we're all about the stories that matter to do whatever it takes for me. i'm following up with me on fire made for mines. ah, wastes a business worth billions circumventing recycling regulations? for example, by simply burning trash can mean big profits. for decades also, german waste has been smuggled illegally to eastern europe. it's a touchy subject. i just put the camera away to through good big morgana reviews or structures of organized crime is sort of the sure romanian climate active. if dr. younger turner wants to bring the trash smugglers to justice,
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but they are hard to catch her. yet again, an illegal jewel main and luncheon is on fire. a year ago, octavian bershana was head commissioner of romania as environmental police. he was leading the investigation problem button over on for tomorrow them up a lot of materials were burned here. all richer for 20 minutes school. there was a lot of smoke reform. to far as like dr. the south of progressed would be engulfed and smoke and stench. in fact, all of bucharest suffers from big environmental problems several times in recent years. limits have been exceeded a 100 times over. the problem isn't just vehicles. there is also a constant illegal burning of waste, including from germany. last
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summer, romanian border police discovered over 1800 tons of suspicious waste in the black sea ports of constant that it was declared as plastic. but it also contains mattel, tires, batteries, and even carcinogenic asbestos hazardous waste. according to ear regulations. hey, there seems to be an international network. behind this practice, the trash was escorted by a german company called mila eden retired mia hamburg the romanian importer had already been investigated for recycling fraud. a belgian intermediaries also involved and it's in the side of the bell channel tori teas, according to registers. it's also co owner of the romanian company at european
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police agency europe. paul, the unopened art explains how the legal trash business works either foreign court soon should either fund or will chron. we're talking about corruption, document forgery, and also money laundering, quincy kind of on our skin. and you can assume that these gangs are not experts in the document forgery or corruption and across large enroll, couldn't voucher. that means they outsource a criminal act to sub contractors, supplies, outs, or criminal subcontractors, who's who, through super, plenty of until criminal minds appointed a month. europe's illegal waste businesses worse and estimated $15000000000.00 euros per year. it functions like this? in europe, most ways must be recycled by law. in germany. recycling companies charge $500.00 euros per ton, while romanian companies charged just 30 euros and attractive money saver hiring
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such companies is legal. but the waste can't contain any toxic components. so a german company might use a cheaper service from abroad and fail to properly separate his waste. the waste may not go through costume recycling, but my simply be burned or buried. only a small percentage is recycled. a few months late, so a back at the landfill. we thought of yon but john or his being dismissed. environmentalists say he upsets too many people in his efforts to stop threat smuggling methodically. morgan is up or go through cobra, one quarter. i thought these are structures of organized crime out of the interpret shifting waste from countries like germany, britain, italy, but also from bulgaria and romania itself is to cheperdak with omnia for bulgaria. this waste sometimes travels thousands of kilometers to get here. the e u says germany is one of the most important markets for threat smugglers or
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barbara to 3rd the notice down below by our room girl. she loves some of the waste goes to cement factories, holland or con, rockford watches, the fog. some contracts cover up the fact that which more waste gets imported from these factories could burn for cement production, shift, bloomberg. so the waste ends up being burned and field sca euro phone ginger at the computer. the case is now with romaine and prosecutor says, petticoat bach, i am the chief officer of the board. the police is working with a state prosecutor, but fun are really good dinner, jeremiah the company involved as received a court summons to says it is now a suspect. taken the federal nikosa. we've been working closely with their german counterparts. but the investigation, it was that india mock the e you requested us to do that. so pan down kid not just says to find out how mellow a response to the accusations we had to hamburg. it's home to europe's 3rd largest port. each here, millions of containers i shipped from here,
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some contain waste. we found out that green piece has also been aware of mellow for some time. together with mon for duncan, from greenpeace germany, we ask the company to comment on the suspicious waste in romania, over the phone, my lawyer tells us he doesn't want to comment 10 days earlier, which sent oppressed inquiry but got no response. then the manager comes to ask what we're doing here, what's the value of the annual? we just told you. what about shipments from mila found in romania that are illegal more than you guys? no, no, no, ma'am? yes. isn't your being prosecuted there? that's rubbish. oh, it's been cleared up. mistaken would you like to say that on camera? i'm not the right person to talk to the i'm the whole from them is the ones either . so please put the camera away. a few minutes later, the manager acknowledges the investigation,
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but says his waist shipments were illegal. now, as if you were mean mm hm. i know the romanians are doing something, but the romanians didn't do any analysis. they just thought, oh, there's a piece of cable or a piece of circuit boarded there. but when it, when you read the waste was analyzed by german that bore a tree on behalf of romanian prosecutors. d. w has seen the reports, it says a mix of waste was found in all containers. plastic would textiles, batteries, storage, batteries, metal, copper, aluminum, asbestos, that would mean undeclared, toxic components and polish authorities told us a waste shipment from mellow i was tagged as illegal there to the intermediary was the same. belgian company deploy, listened to her pearly shot, or it is also identified your waste as illegal. i little false.
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mila is also being investigated by public prosecutors in germany, greenpeace. to has its eye on the company. we recently moved, we know that mailer supplies waste to malaysia. for example, i might have looked into where in malaysia it goes off and also whether that waist is contaminated with things like rominger from us. we're still investigating it on, on a cellphone. but there's a suspicion that contamination levels are too high for one of the executive says that's false and there's no bro mine in his waist. we also try to get a statement about illegal waste shipments from germany's environmental agency that still authority that provides statistics on german waste exports. our interview request was refused several times. in fact, a representative wrote to tell us that these cases were irrelevant and that europe all statements had little basis back in romania
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prosecutor till their needs is leading the investigation. the hamburger case is one of many cases of trash smuggling he is examining. he says the problem isn't just dishonest businesses, but also corrupt politicians in recent years, his repeatedly called on the government in bucharest to finally take action against the trash smugglers. elsewhere. so wanted on him, one minister's answer left me speechless and he said to call up as you are, we can't do it because it would anger the big cement producers. so put them so far, they have a strong lobby, but i might look for that shipment. got, i will not be those every day platonic function. him is, and yet cement factories can burn certain kinds of ways to make energy as long as they adhere to legal requirements. so sort of like of what we are them. they don't have filters or they don't use of because they're too expensive or they don't use cooling systems. the smoke goes into the atmosphere hot and then it rains, the oxen centurions, which is harmful substances. it's an apocalypse. go and look environmentally,
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still dr. young, but john wants to show as one of the largest cement factories in romania. it belongs to a large german company, high. the vic cement he meets up with lawmaker douglas for pay school was proposed the bill to stop illegal waste incineration. and that's only been wondering whoever muted if we'd like to have a national registry showing all state environmental permits. startled on one of of some thoughts. everyone knows which plant has been approved for what kind of emissions from fisher to support. because right now, there's no such centralized information, dr. mcgrew defected to put in these regions. air, soil, and water pollution are very high help. a lot of waste is burned and factories showed. our request for an interview with height of like cement, is refused. we're also not allowed to film on the factory premises, but the company assures us by email that it doesn't import any waste and doesn't
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work with any suppliers. who do so? is that really the case? data from the romaine and border police suggest otherwise. in 2021, several illegal waste imports bound for a direct supplier of height of excitement was stopped. as john was convinced that's bribes. are common in the waste industry to prevent illegal shipments being discovered? i'm 33, been co bonnie: more about a been the show it i don't, i have clear evidence that this dirty money ends up in politics, special order venue in there. for example, for an adviser to, to ministers has a 1000000 cubic meter illegal. tom, pretty cool in the short battalion, illegal when the prosecutor needs a says corruption and the lack of controls are a problem all over europe. his on his way to another inspection or from others though i just got a call from the in you judicial authority. all about coordinating the case with germany and belgium ledger. in romania charges have been filed against
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a hamburg based company. now a judge will decide whether mila acted criminally or not, but needs. his work is far from done. but i very soon thought that i criminals are very fast. i be very adaptable to someone that they don't care. but the rules, savage girl, they move really quickly. ok, she, that's helpful. if we the authorities that are a mobile and they're slippery, we won't succeed to that. since china band, the import of plastic waste in 2018 waste, explorers are looking more and more to countries like romania bulgaria and poland. germany is considered a world leader in recycling, but that's partly thanks to it's many waste exports to eastern europe
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legal africa. it's usually very quiet here. but when shall searches for oil things get loud. so loud hooters are killed and the fishermen then our lives will be finish. our 4th with the con, the live will be finished. can oil exploration in south africa be stopped for good eco africa? next on d. w. ah, great cinema. great posters. one precisely, 70 square meters, hand painted whole him. it's just a matter of today's good volume. one of the last post to painters, in lieu in 60 minutes. d, w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio
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drama series continues. friends of all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now. i think what come to a new edition of a co africa vis week? what would taken another look at the impact or drilling has on the environment? my name is chris. a lamps common to you from nigeria are with me as always is my co host from you got that. hi everybody. i am sandra, twin over you're here in compiler, uganda. happy to have you with us.


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