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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah, ah ah, this is it, every news live from rural and crisis talks to avert war in eastern europe. before he has to moscow, germany's olaf schultz tells ukraine's president germany stands firmly with keith on this as russia's military standpoints on the ukraine border. also coming up of court rules that olympic gold medal favorites camilla valley ava can compete and skating singles events. but that's not the last word on the russian stars. positive doping results and women are fronts and center at the most political of all the
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major film festivals, the bell in ireland. ah . away and mark, thank you very much for your company. germany's chancellor has kicked off a new round of urgent diplomacy to head off what some believe could be an imminent russian attack on ukraine. all of shorts met with ukraine's present villamor zalinski for about 2 hours. mister schultz offering a message of solidarity with keith. he travels to moscow next for a meeting on tuesday with russian president vladimir putin. a, a warm welcome in uncertain times, chancellor, olaf shoulds his 1st visit. he and kiev took place amid fears of a russian invasion. and so the meeting with his ukrainian counterpart turned into
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a more than 2 hour long crisis talk at the joint press conference afterwards. zalinski reiterated his country's desire to join nato, despite russia's demands for guarantees. it would not. chapter e barclays. did many leaders hint slightly that ukraine shouldn't take the risk of talking constantly about membership of the alliance because this risk is connected to russia's reaction? i think no one is hiding it anymore. i think we should be sincere. those, it's our decision to take anyway. are both agreed. however, membership in the near future is not in the cards. just like another thing kia would like to have german weapons to defend itself. instead, shots offered more money and political support is my hand kiff, but i'm up here and live. i am once again making clear ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity are non negotiable for germany. therefore, we expect clear steps from russia to deescalate current tensions. he has come to
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the german government is clear that further military aggression against ukraine would have serious political, economic, and geo strategic consequences for russia. i will emphasize that to morrow in moscow to forget the west shots, edward was ready for serious dialogue with russia over security matters for many he and keith, however, talk is not enough. they want shots to act. now, she should sanction north stream to so put in would not be able to blackmail europe. we understand that for germany, it might be painful because there are beeson, as their industry depends on gas supply. but let's think about diversification of a gas and oil supply to be able to pin union their controversial gas pipeline. however, was something shots did not mention yet again. instead he called on clear steps from russia to de escalate acclaim. he'll get
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a chance to reiterate on tuesday when he meets vladimir putin and moscow wanted of your typical editor, mckayla griffin, or is travelling with the german chancellor. and she told us how mister shows his remarks were received by ukrainian president of a lot of maria zalinski. well, he's thankful he said it for the support to buy germany. although there is continuing criticism over the fact that germany will not deliver arms to ukraine. there's no really no sign that that will change any time soon. although there now is a list that germany is looking at whether they can deliver other equipment in a military context like m at night vision equipment. that kind of thing, that is ongoing coordination and dummy's. also pledged an extra 150000000 in loans here. so the german toss it didn't come and empty handed some recognition amongst a lot of criticism for germany. if you ask people here on the streets at that
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domini is indeed certainly economically and politically standing by the side of ukraine shaneka for their speaking to me earlier. let's tell you about the other stories in the headlines around the world, canada as most populous province, ontario. we'll drop cove at 19 vaccine passport requirements say they're no longer needed because the vast majority of the population is now vaccinated. it was one of the measures targeted by demonstrators who blockaded the capital ottawa for more than 2 weeks. and explosion and fire in a residential building in southern france has killed at least 7 people, including 2 children around 30 people were injured. firefighter still looking for possible for their victims. the investigation is underway into what caused the blast. archaeologists in peru have uncovered the mummified remains of 6 small children. the infant mummies are between 101200 years old.
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the experts who discovered them believe they were entombed as a child sacrifice ritual that was part of the burial rights of a high res status individual whose body was discovered near by hundreds of the world's top. scientists are meeting to begin finalizing a major un report on climate change. the report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change is expected to explain how rising temperatures are already impacting our planet, and what to expect in the future. ah, to the winter olympics in beijing now, and it was the story of redemption for a french do oh, in the figure skating ice dance. gabriella papa. thus back he said, and a young man, his ill claimed gold. after falling short in the previous olympics, they said a new world record with 226.98 points,
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beating the previous record that they had set themselves all 4 years ago with dressed torn during their routine cost them victory. at the piano chang, games where they could see where they secured, rather the silver meadow. a very commendable achievement. k, a li, humphreys, has claimed her 1st ever a gold medal in the women's mono bob event, which made its olympic debut in beijing. humphreys was competing for the united states, having previously won 2 gold and a bronze, and the 2 women event for her native canada. but she switched countries after alleging harassment within the canadian bobsled team. she became a us citizen in december. 2 and in the women's free style skiing ariel sir, china's jew mang tao has won her 1st ever. gold metal while she was one rep at so she in 2014 and had to settle for silver again in the mixed aerials ad,
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these games in beijing. but she prevailed in the singles event to claim an emotional victory. the 1st ever chinese gold in women's meanwhile, it's been confirmed that russian figure skating star camilla valley ava can compete at the games following a decision by the court of arbitration for sport. the 15 year old, how the russians when the team event last week, but then reports of a positive doping test for a heart medication. from december emerged, the court ruled valley eva should not be suspended ahead of a full hearing into the case. she's favorite to win gold at the women's individual event, which takes place tomorrow. and he that he's forced corresponding jonathan crane is in beijing at the games and early he explained the courts were like, take a lesson. ultimately it had to weigh out 2 things. one was the integrity of competition. in other words, if valley eva as it turned out would have had doped,
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how would that affect the integrity of the competition? would it damage it? how would the athletes who are competing also feel, knowing that perhaps someone was sharing the ice of them who wasn't clean? on the other hand, i had to look at the fairness on valley over. she is 15 years old. let's not forget . and as such, she is a protected person on the anti doping rules. and the panel pointed to that in a verdict essentially saying look, if we were to start valley eva from competing, and it late turns out she wasn't guilty of doping. how would that affect how you could cause her significant personal harm? the panels to criticize the fact that it took 6 weeks for this positive test results come to light. now, there was a press conference area, and by cass i no questions, but there was a statement. let's listen to that. now. the panel considered fundamental principles of fairness, irreparable hom, and the relative balance of interest as between the applicants and the athlete who
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did not test positive during the olympic games in beijing, but is still subject to a disciplinary procedure on the merits following her positive anti doping test undergoing in december 2021. in particular, the panel considered that preventing the athlete to compete billing the games would cause her irreparable harm in these circumstances. or that the panel of the day was looking at whether the provision of suspension should be lifted or no. it hasn't actually made any judgment about whether valley eva is guilty of doping or not. because she is entitled to get her be sample tested on the be sample is effectively a back up sample to make sure that the original test result was correct. the i c had wanted seems to be heard in one go, but said or parties didn't agree. so that we can only assume that was on the russian side. the i r c has since come out and said neither of the middle ceremonies were take place. obviously, the team environmental ceremony was delays last week. whatever happens at the
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individual event, that middle ceremony or say where to take place, they clearly that one's a situation where valley ava could potentially come away with 2 gold medals or needs to have them taken away at a later date. so the middle ceremonies are on hold. jonathan crane, they're reporting from beijing. the berlin allah has made a name as the most political of all the major international film festivals, while now after a lukewarm start is beginning to live up to that reputation. over the weekend, the competition put women front and center focusing the lime lights on the fight for their rights and those of others. bobby corners is a woman on a mission. one that might seem impossible that will see or take on the us government . and when and last reasons movie robbie a corn us versus george w bush tells a romanticized version a true story. that of
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a german turkish mother seeking justice for her son moved that innocently detained in guantanamo. the man in guantanamo zits is to when you are detained in guantanamo this mo perspective can often august, no hope pro. it's kafka ask look. and so i was lucky to meet marat's mother revere an enchanting, wonderful, cheerful woman who is also funny, leaves full not to whom offered to follow. mentioned captain brings all those adjectives to life and it's her stellar performance that turns this story of david and goliath into a hard warming tale about the boundless power of motherly love. phyllis nod cinematic directing debut call. jane introduces us to a clandestine women's network, providing safe abortions in 1960 s, chicago, a distant past. one might believe. i think women's rights in the united states
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you're talking about. they have not moved on one bit since the events of that film . and it's something again we, we touch on at the end of call jane, you know, hey, let's go get equal pay. yeah, you'll be waiting until we're long dead for that. mikhail era drama. the passengers of the night uses politics as a means of triggering our collective memory shuttle gains boom, portrays elizabeth, whose life changes drastically around the time phones, swami. debt all is elected president of france. she's a very ordinary woman. that's what i loved about her. and she's going through what a woman of her age left by her husband or children having to find a job. mm hm. just very basic things. it was okay. forced to reinvent herself. the film follows elizabeth in her years of transformation from broken
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spirit to lie ins against all odd ocean and before the end of mitchell's presidency. lots of political undertones this weekend at the belly, nala, and, except for richey ponds, everything will be okay. most competition movies went about it without wagging the finger, without preaching, especially the films with leading women. those were much more about perseverance, about emancipation and about the people, men or women who lift us up. and many premieres left the viewers with a sense that passivity is no longer an option. and that change can often only happen if we take matters into our own hands. they go for like they're reporting from belin. allah, it is february 14th a day when much of the world celebrates the power of love from secretly sent cards to surprise proposals. there's no end of ways to mark valentine's day. and these, the love struck scuba divers,
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found an alternative way to show how deep their love is. they took to the depths to show their affection for the greek island of alone. alonda says with hearts and love messages. happy valentine's day to all of you. you're wanting to hear when news live from roland, stick with us, and he's continues here song or driven by merciless greed, others fighting the destruction land grabbers or exploited lead amazon ring. i. people support now briefly opposing them to report on the heart of brazil stuart's march night on d w. ah .


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