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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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o destruction of the nation starts march for on d, w. mm. ah ah, this is news line from berlin, sounding the alarm us president joe biden expects russia to invade ukraine within days. moscow, his back saying it once, all us forces out of central and eastern europe, also coming up security in this a hell friends prepares to pull counter terrorism forces out of molly. we take a look at what options are left for keeping the local population safe and unlikely
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fall out for the wider region ah. on lay lock. thank you so much for joining us. the united states has dramatically raised the stakes in the crisis over ukraine. president joe barton accuses moscow of misleading the world. he would, jacques, russia's claim that it's, we're drawing its forces from the ukranian border, accusing the kremlin of doing the exact opposite by actually sending in more troops . meanwhile, russia is pressing its own security demands, saying it wants all us forces out of the region. otherwise, it could respond militarily by and says, the threats of a russian invasion is very likely and could come within days. a number one, number 2,
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every the believe that they are they all why operate every day we have with that that was the u. s. president. just speaking moments ago. let's take you to washington to our birch there in s pole will join me now. innocent bible says there is a very high threat of a russian invasion. how is the backing up that claim? righty basically is reiterating what he's been saying for the last days. layla that the threat is far from over on despite the hopes of so many in this world, that the message that put in is putting out there that the troops are being removed from the border is basically false. he is obviously, president biden is obviously referring to the information he gets from his own services. so what we are seeing here,
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layla is really an information war at full scale and information war in what is seen as an escalate tory development. and american diplomat has been expelled from russia. what more can you tell us about that? right, this is very important because ambassador gorman is the 2nd ranking. you're asked to blend and russia really high position, obviously. so the u. s. believes that this is an unprovoked escalator reaction, despite prudence, a message or the message he tries to put out the diplomatic doors. diplomatic doors are still wide open. so these kind of mixed messages coming from the kremlin are seen here in the u. s. as another, prove that pooty and can't be trusted, that the nato alliance has to be ready for all event realities. washington bureau chief in his poll reporting in as thank you. and the un security council has been
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meeting to address the long running conflict between the ukrainian government and russia backed separatists in east and ukraine. it comes after both sides accused the other violating a ceasefire under the minsk agreement, which seeks to stop the war. the un under secretary general for political affairs, said the incidents must not be allowed to escalate and called for both sides to exercise restraint to fully respect he prince. while the session saw usaa and russian diplomats trade accusations regarding the peace process in ukraine, we'll hear 1st from the u. s. secretary of state and then russia's deputy foreign minister. this council was convened today to discuss the implementation of the misc agreements. a goal that we all share despite rushes, persistent violations. these agreements, which were negotiated in 20142015 signed by russia,
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remain the basis for the peace process to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine. that there is no return to the terminal this momentous for you were able to function as w mendoza. unfortunately, 7 years down the road, we are increasingly linking that the implementation of the misc agreements is not something that in the plan that's in the plan, summer ukrainian neighbors did. of you corresponds all her solid is at the united nations in new york. oliver. what more have you learned and what has been said at the security council, was secretary of state antony blink and delivered a very strong condemnation here at the united nations. and today he talked about in great detail about how believe how he and the usaa ministration believes that russia is currently preparing a false flag attack that they would use as approved pretext of for war. any then carried on. also in his speech here at the un security council, how that subsequent russian attack on ukraine could look like. and also again in
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great detail. he was talking about bomb beings, miss styles, cyber attacks. and that finally, russian troops could move in to ukrainian territory within the next few days, moving in on key target. so really a strong combination of course, a very different take from the russian perspective, they are accusing ukraine to breach the minsk agreement. and we have a report you're explaining what exactly the mincer minsk agreement is february 2015, 10 months into a bloody conflict in eastern ukraine. pro russian separatists, backed by russia itself, fighting ukrainian government troops. thousands were dead already. that was the backdrop for a whirlwind of diplomacy that saw russian ukrainian, french and german leaders meet in the bella ruffian capital. over the course of 16 hours, they banged out a peace deal known as the minsk agreements among them,
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a ceasefire to be implemented immediately. heavy weaponry was to be pulled back from the front. the organization for security and cooperation in europe was to monitor the truce. also, the ukrainian government would regain control over all its territory and steps would be taken toward local elections in rebel held areas with constitutional reforms to give them autonomy from the central government in kiev. but none of the minsk agreements have been fully implemented as both sides have pointed out. although fighting decreased after the cease fire, there have been casualties almost daily ever since it was agreed. the government is not in control of rebel held areas. and key f c's giving more autonomy to separatists. as a prelude to splitting up the country. deep mistrust divides both sides. it's division that europe is desperate to resolve. of us out is still with us or
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in new york or oliver secretary state antony blank and changed his plans last minute to be able to attend this meeting that's taking place behind you. president biden, in the meantime says the threats of war is very high. do they think diplomacy can still prevail? well, it really shows how concerned the u. s. administration is blink and changing his plans. we're seeing that true build up continuing at the russian ukrainian border. prison biden said that this is exactly contrary to the promises made by russian president vladimir putin and that an attack is imminent. within the next days. ironically, the united states and security council is cheered by russia right now in russia called the united nations security council. and with a strong allegation that ukraine is carrying out a genocide in the separatist areas,
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you asked on the other hand believing that the russian side uses the un as an instrument for a fake narrative, again, as a pretext for war. and so it is at this time looking very difficult uh for diplomacy. of course, the u. s. is still following that path and believes that this is how to reach success this year and all of her before i let you go a final question. i am told that to ahead of the un no secret un security council meeting. there was a protest going on outside the united nations. what can you tell us about that? yeah, so new york is the home of the largest ukranian diaspora in the united states. so there are some 80000 ukranian americans living here. and a lot of people gathered here earlier today, 2 approaches, of course, against the policies of a russian president vladimir putin. they believe he's a warmongers. so very upset and afraid voices. i've heard there when i spoke to
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people and they also believed that the international community is fooled around by russia and that. 3 diplomacy is not an awful lot of people are calling for tougher sanctions on russia. and they believe that if nothing happens, if the western countries continue with their path of only diplomacy, then russia would eventually invade. at least that was the opinion of the protestors here from the united nations earlier today. did have you correspond to oversight reporting from right outside the united nations in new york city? thank you. france is we're drawing its troops from molly bringing to an end, a 9 year operation against islamist militants relations between france and the west african nation have deteriorated since the military regime and by marco canceled elections originally scheduled for this month. the one to says they will stay in power for another 4 years. french president ame anyway, my call says it's time for his forces to leave me. we cannot remain militarily
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involved alongside molly and authorities with whom we don't share a strategy or who have a hidden agenda. that's the situation with facing a molly for more want to bring in nat delena go cho, researcher and security expert on the so hell region and she's joining us from ne share. good to have you with us. what precipitated frances decision to leave molly and this is how we can thank you for having me. the reason for this is a break down into the mantic relations between the 2 countries. and this is due to a number of reasons. the modern transition government potential relations with wagner are a military russian group. the french foreign ministers reaction to this and the non compliance with equis mandated timelines for election post the 2nd coin money. and finally, i would say the straw that broke the camel's back was the expulsion of french ambassador to maggie very recently. and this growing was deleted from molly's new
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governing military issue into, towards the danish contingent of acrobat well, but being the european special forces a recently launched operation. what is the security situation right now in this a hell? and also put this in perspective for us, has it improved or deteriorating? deteriorated rather, during the time that the french troops were on the ground, the situation has been progressively deteriorating since the french mission was launched. this doesn't mean that the french didn't back and was entirely non successful. it only means that the situation has never been worse. and what we could expect for the future is certainly once by can, will leave. there will be a vacuum of security in the short term, but also we will be able to see potentially a push for negotiations with some of his own groups. for example, al qaeda affiliated ashima in the region and also
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a potential smaller recruitment base for our rooms once france leaves. because one of their rhetoric points was that about can, was invading us offering terry tree. i think we will also see much more reliance on our power now, which of course, we know presents a number of risks for civilians. given what the u. s. experience withdrawn, strikes has been, for example, what does the grow, the greatest threats for the local population right now? it's certainly a mix of threats. her arm groups are one of the major threats in the region. and of course, news my, the un peacekeeping operations operation is, is able to tell us every 3 months what the threats for civilians are. so armed groups are one of them, but then 2nd, he's certainly also violence commended by an armed forces in the region. so security and defense forces the man than you said in the wiki number,
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have also been a major threat for the population. and of course we then have a phenomena such as vandalism and criminality. de lena, go joe, we're a researcher and security expert on the so hell region of talking to us from nature . thank you so much for taking our questions. thank you. at the beijing winter olympics, russian figure skater, camilla valley, if i had a hard breaking performance during the women's free skate competition on thursday, i. ava stumbled and fell several times during her routine. i could not recover her composure. the performance meant she finished in 4th place and in tears the 15 year old had been in the lead in women's figure skating and was favour to win gold. but it was unsure if she would have received a metal after she tested positive for a bad substance. you're wanting to, we knew is coming up next on a dw news asia, the killer of pakistani social media star walks free,
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can willing to put their trust in the rule of law that and a whole lot more coming up in just a moment. india news asia with the rush banner g, m level rock and berlin on behalf of all of us here at the daily news. thanks for watching interest. the global economy. our portfolio d w. business. beyond. here, the closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance, east versus west.


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