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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2022 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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will you world heritage 360, get the app now? you ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, denied a dangerous escalation in the crisis over ukraine. u. s. president biden says he expects russia to invade within days. he's accusing moscow of misleading the world, sending more troops to the border while claiming to pull its forces back. russia is accusing the us of fanning the flames. also coming up, france is withdrawing its counter terrorism forces from the african country molly to pull out opens the door to islamist extremists and russian mercenaries plus
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parts of northern europe slammed by a fierce storm waves smashing through the window of a commuter very to day. near the german city of hamburg. ah, i break off is good to have you with us on this thursday. the crisis over ukraine moved in a dangerous direction today you as president biden said, he thinks a russian invasion will take place any day. now. moscow immediately fired back accusing the us of fueling tensions. at a un security council meeting today, he was secretary of state entity blanket warned that russia is already manufacturing a provocation to justify an attack. he said claims that ukrainians are carrying out
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genocide against russian speaking. people in the don bass region represent a false flag operation that could lead to russia continues to deny any invasion plant. it says it is withdrawing some troops from the border with ukraine. i. this is a fast moving story volatile. our washington bureau chief, indisposed, she's following it. forrest to night is good to see you eat as these allegations to day from the american. so there they certainly are blistering repeating claims of a fault flag pretext, and an immediate invasion of ukraine by russia. does it, what do you make of this? does it look like the u. s. is giving up on diplomacy? well, friend as it is, sir, heard biden is kind of reiterating what he has been saying for the last days, so that the thread is far from over and that everything put inputs out there that the troops being removed from the border is just fall. so what we are experiences
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and information war at full scale. and the bigger picture, however, is that putting his security demands with you as is absolutely not willing to give . he does not want any troops in central and eastern europe. however, and coming back to your question as dangerous as the situation appears to be, i wouldn't go so far to say diplomacy of is over. after all, secretary of state lincoln said at the u. n. a security council day that he's here not to start a war, but to prevent one. yeah, a lot of people hoping that there will indeed not be a war in his stand by. we want to talk about the un security council today that met to discuss the minsk agreement, and that's the deal that was supposed to bring a ceasefire to eastern ukraine, where pro russian separatists are finding the ukranian army february 2015, 10 months into a bloody conflict in eastern ukraine, pro russian separatists,
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backed by russia itself, fighting ukrainian government troops. thousands were dead already. that was the backdrop for a whirlwind of diplomacy that saw russian ukrainian french and german leaders meet in the bella ruffian capital. over the course of 16 hours, they banged out a peace deal known as the minsk agreements among them, a ceasefire to be implemented immediately. heavy weaponry was to be pulled back from the front. the organization for security and cooperation in europe was to monitor the truce. also, the ukrainian government would regain control over all its territory and steps would be taken toward local elections in rebel held areas with constitutional reforms to give them autonomy from the central government in kiev. but none of the minsk agreements have been fully implemented as both sides have pointed out.
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although fighting decreased after the cease fire, there have been casualties almost daily ever since it was agreed. the government is not in control of rebel held areas. and key of sees giving more autonomy to separatists. as a prelude to splitting up the country. deep mistrust divides both sides. it's division that europe is desperate to resolve is what was said about this minsk agreement today at the security council meeting. let me say that, brenda, i'm actually glad that report that they are deadly casualties every day. so there is no peace in ukraine. i think this is something people kind of tend to forget and is bigger or threads. we are just experience right now. so ukraine has appealed to you the to the un security council council today to discuss put ins move to recognize the donnette greece is region. so during the breast conference actually
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with the german chancellor will have shot last week. putting said that a genocide is happening there, which obviously is not verifiable information, but you great in believes that this is a political action and this undermines the minsk agreement and a possible peace process. so the fear here in the, as is indeed that russia is just preparing to fabricate a reason to invade and attack ukraine, unity into that kindergarten that was hit by showing earlier today on the diplomatic escalation that we sold to day. and american diplomat has been expelled from russia. what more do we know about that? right, this is ambassador gorman, and he is the 2nd ranking, your estimate in russia. so that was really big news of which broke here or in the morning. so the u. s. believes that this is kind of an unprovoked escalator reaction despite pollutants repeatedly saying that diplomatic doors are still
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wide open. these kind of mixed messages coming from the kremlin are seen here in the u. s. as another prove that put in and the grand and can't be trusted. and that the nato alliance just has to be ready for everything. did abusing his ball with the ladies tonight from washington in it. as always. thank you. frances, withdrawing its counter terrorism troops from the west african nation, molly, ending a 9 year fight against jihad, his insurgence. the pull out opens the door to islamist extremists and russian mercenaries and raises concerns about security in the wider so hell region off to nearly 10 years of corp, french patrols like this will soon be a thing of the past and marley france. first deploy troops here to fight islamist insurgence in 2013. now president mackerel says it's time to go with us when we
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have come to terms with what's evident, we cannot remain militarily engaged alongside the de facto authority. the strategy and hidden names we do not share. that is the situation we are facing to day in marley. but one member of the john to controlled parliament, the real reason for the end, frances operation paul cane was simple. on the failure the marlo, it obviously bar canes, actions have not been able to contain the advances of the jew had his groups from the douglas. when the french intervention was set up, that the security situation was deteriorating in the north, not in the center to day, it is practically in the south obama, which means things have not worked in marley's capital. the mca reaction to withdrawal was mixed in. so my lead, if you did, we've been allies for years. we are allies, we cannot do without france, just as france cannot do without us. so he must not throw them away like garbage
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and france should not play with us either. he could, you was noted young or blue before they arrived. we lived well. it was frowned to impose this war on us. so, but this is a good decision for molly had a good while french soldiers like these will soon be leaving paris and its allies have promised to keep up the fight against islam as insurgents in the region. st. troops will be re deployed elsewhere. but the departure from molly will only put further pressure on un peacekeepers amid rising millison to tax and could push them all in government even closer to all of the controversial mercenaries of the russian wagner group, which is already helping train its soldiers. well here's a look now and some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world . the military leader, son, the ogo, the amoeba, has been sworn in as burkina faso as president. 3 weeks ago he led a coup against the countries elected leader dummy. but seize power and is promising
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to secure the war torn nation against jihadist via c. a. u. s. pilot, who was known as the candy barbara during the berlin airlift, has died at the age of a 101. gil halverson made a point of dropping candy from his plane to the children of berlin, after soviet forces blockaded the western parts of the city. in 1948 to 940 not firefighters in argentina are struggling to control a massive wildfire that raged across more than half a 1000000 hector's of land in the southern province of corte. and this, the blaze is being fueled by an unprecedented drought and has caused serious environmental and economic damage so far their life have been lost. on staying in south america, flooding and lands lines have killed more than a 100 people. in brazil, dozens more are missing. the historic city of patropolis in the hills above rio de
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janeiro has declared 3 days of morning. a months worth of rain fell there in just one day. digging through the debris for yet another day. this man believed his sister might still be trapped beneath the might on the law for me to them in my sister, my sister's family is still missing and her home was here. it's been to day since the lance lights, the chances of finding her life i slim and either to legitimate there's nobody here . i've been here since by the end law. i don't see any firefighters to help me, but we're not going to give up with help with or without help. we'll keep going. many residents of the resort town of patropolis are still searching for loved ones as they prepare to bury them more than $100.00 dead. many fleeing the devastation
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left by the landslides taking as many of their belongings with them as they can. on tuesday, more than 20 centimeters of rain fell on patropolis in just 3 hours. the city is nestled in the mountains above rio de janeiro to day the trail of destruction that the avalanche of might cost is still clearly visible. houses and cars were swept away with la la la. it was right by my house. unfortunately, now it's impossible to live here. it's very tragic. what does this man just like? hundreds of other people has to leave his home and those who are able to stay face an uncertain future in a region that has seen similar catastrophes in the past. at least 4 people have been killed as severe storms. lash across central europe, wind gusts of up to 181 kilometers in our or be reported. gales, battery,
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northern germany have created chaos for transportation and have knocked out power supply. ah, a commuter, sorry. on the air, the river close to hamburg, people here i used to stormy weather, but not to this lucky me. no one here was seriously hurt. shipping for larger vessels has been suspended in many coastal areas. the northern germany west are millennia which particularly heart rate traffic is also affected. many long distance trains in particular has been cancelled causing major problems for those traveling from hamburg, oberlin to munich, for example, as an a for the sneeze. cancellations are precautionary measures because the safety of our passengers and employees is our top priority. we don't one trance being stuck on the open track in these weather conditions. i asked because making sure
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30400 or 500 passengers on a train are safe is difficult, especially when the train has also cut off from the power supply of alarm. collapsing trees post the highest risk for motorists. several people were killed when their cars were hit in germany and neighboring countries like poland and the tech republic. emergency services advising people to stay at home if they can. because the next storm is hot on the heels of millennia and say nap as it's been called, could be even more destructive. that would be beijing with her olympics, russian figure skater, camilla believer had a heart breaking performance during the women's free skate competition. alibaba stumbled and fell several times during her routine and could not recover her composure. the performance meant that she finished in 4th place and in tears. the 15 year old had been in the lead in women's figure skating. she was favored to win
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the gold, but it was in short, she would have received a medal after she tested positive for abeyance us. you 15 years old. all right, that's all for me. rob, what is up next? i will see you tomorrow. with people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families played on the taxi. the reason for the credit on it is with demonstrated people fleeing extreme ross getting 200 people had.


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