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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2022 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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tested positive for obey in substance. you 15 years old. all right, that's all for me. rob, what is up next? i will see you tomorrow. with people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families play involvement, fancy theory for these critical illness with demonstrate people seeing extreme ross getting 200 people, his son from the june around the world. more than 300000000
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people are seeking refuge. yes. the why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines with ah, could a conflict in ukraine d rail that global recovery? well, that's exactly the concern of representatives. at the g 20 meeting in denisia. we'll look at the possible economic impact of conflict with russia. apple under fresh air investors have been advised to vote against sir. tim cook's $99000000.00 pay packet and how brazilian taxi drivers driven round the bend by ride hailing firms have set up their own rival app. is is date of your business on
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robots in berlin. welcome to the program. amazing of the g. 20 has begun with a warning that the crisis in ukraine could threaten the global economic recovery. finance ministers on central bankers from the world's biggest economies meeting in indonesia are assessing the possible impact of a major conflict in your. the pandemic has been a lesson than the interconnectedness of the global economy. and that's why the world is now watching the russia ukraine crisis very closely as the president of hoth nation. indonesia noted that the g 20 summit book guns. yeah. or dot one. what got become, but it is not time to create new tensions that could affect global recovery, let alone jeopardize world peace as we're currently seeing in ukraine. yeah, it is necessary that at every party puts an end to rivalry and frictions, and began to follow that. dan, good,
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but gang on. despite the ongoing global economic recovery, escalations in the russia, ukraine crisis could only add to copied 19 pandemic biggest challenges. inflation and supply chain bottlenecks. and experts are still warning. new cove in 19 variants may appear, especially vaccine axis remains a challenge for the vast majority of the world's population, especially those living in poor countries. these nations alongside emerging economies already dealing with another problem, unsustainable death levels, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. both b, i m f and the world bank of sounded alarm. the global economic recovery is on shaky ground at risk of being thwarted by debt to inflation. the pandemic, although russia, ukraine crisis divest as in apple, a being urged to vote against it. c, o is $99000000.00 pay package for last year. tim cook received the sum and shares
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salary and for other costs including use of a private jet. but the advisory firm, institutional shareholder services says it has significant concerns over the payout . the $99000000.00 represents a huge chunk from the $15000000.00 cook received in 2020 let us discuss this further with our financial correspondent in new york. he ends quarter yann's. what exactly is it that the i assess is worried about when it comes to this payment, where this payment to a, tim cook up at the i assess, didn't get to specific besides saying that they are expressing concern. but as you already mentioned, for example, that to, to cook, for example, could use the private jets. and obviously you did that in the total amount of about $700000.00 or a private security, an additional $600000.00 for last year. so those are some areas where the pointing
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at that this is obviously excessive. so now actually shareholders can bring up their concerns that the next shareholder meeting next month to the board of apple. but to that, they don't have to follow the recommendations from shareholders, even if they don't an act or react at all. i mean, that might be a better p r, but clearly, i mean, tim cook actually last you know, made about 1400 times what the average apple employee takes home. and that's also in general, not that bad. yeah, actually that, that's a good point because one of the issues here is how much more he's earning than the average apple employee. oh, we think generally greater opposition to the amounts with ceos a getting and we do see greater opposition and we definitely also see that the salary of the compensation gap getting wider and wider. i looked
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it up here since the 1978. actually, the compensations of the chief executive officers have grown more than 30100 percent. what the compensation for your typical worker has increased the 18 percent since 1987. and the reason we do see a revolt at more and more shareholder meetings. but as i said, the board, they do not necessarily have to follow, but those weights gaps, compensation gaps are so white that yet we do see a certain revolt from shareholders and activists. okay. yeah, i caught her in new york forest. thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other global business stories making news. walmart is reported. profits of nearly $3600000000.00 for the 4th quarter topping estimates. america's largest retailer muscle, its way through rising inflation, snarled global supply chain and cove. 19 workers shortages or during the busy holiday season. swiss food giant leslie,
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so net profit and sale saw last year during 2021. it sold off shares in cosmetic, of ne l'oreal and height prices as it battled soaring inflation. the maker of everything from coffee to pet food to chocolate, says it's net profit, increase nearly 40 percent. just over 16000000000 euros. air france, kale m, says it hard its losses in 3.3 to 3300000000 your is last year. but the franco touch airline group is taking a cautious approach. 2022. it expects passenger demand to hover at around 75 percent of free pandemic levels during the 1st quarter incited uncertainty ever whether japan and china will reopen to european travelers are right. sharing apps like uber, we're once touted as a way for ordinary drivers to earn extra money on the side. but the app and many like it face wide spread criticism for creating more competition for taxi drivers and not paying their work as well in brazil's largest city sao paolo drivers are
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launching a rival app. ride hailing fears rolls around 60 percent last year in sao paolo, but up drivers didn't get to see much of those gains trickle down. alinda. daddy roberts, fear not just uber, but all apps is really low. the fear is really low for drivers. and then you have the fuel on top of christ, the fuel, it's destroyed, every once business grows, press corner gasoline prices were up 50 percent last year in brazil's inflation hit a 6 year high, a 10 percent up drivers aren't burning enough to cover rising costs. and they say ride hailing firms like ober have been taking advantage of the countries. high unemployment rate e order won't go to city notation with us to day
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drivers have no security, outdated wages, a very complicated working environment. and with all of this in mind, we felt obligated to create our own app to compete in the ride hailing market, in order to take better care of the driver's ha, up all day, we don't believe. 150000 up drivers have teamed up to create an app called nebraska portuguese for pick me up with it. they want to retain a bigger chunk of the fair estimate. say the ride hailing ups. keep anything from between 14 to 60 percent of the fair, the drivers hope nebraska. we'll change that. stay here with technology in these days. robots are part of our every day lives. they make a cause. they can diffuse bombs, and they can even pick fruit. but the ongoing debate is will robots replace the majority of human workers, while many experts
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a hopeful that that won't be the case? some have a remarkably delicate touch, while others can master, challenging and unfamiliar terrain. interesting robots are making great progress in many fields. and as we all know, of course, they're getting smarter all the time for well, the couldn't other robots are faster, more precise and stronger. so will robots be making us redundant in the near future? just how good are they in the meantime? no guns cossack was attempt is one growing trend is having robot work with materials that are on the softer side formation. the chef on fishman, supervisors, government programs that promote robotics. and he's very up to date on developments for this, for me, even though you still have the problem in robotics, especially when it came to handling or grasping objects that you had to quite
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accurately define what the object looked like was the new technology means greater flexibility. and no more squashed raspberries. that's because robots could assume a growing role in fruit and vegetable harvesting. the need is particularly great in industrialized countries. because harvest workers, there are becoming harder to find the japanese paper folding technique. origami is also being used to develop robotic applications. it could make the vehicles ultra flexible helping to reach people after earthquakes. for example. then, we're going to see a lot more robot use in unstructured environments. if you will soon have robots that can recognize their environment and adapt accordingly. again, patient can can. among the other areas where robots are taking on more tasks is construction. it's one of the last sectors that had manage without them. but
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the all purpose humanoid robots, a domestic dream, come true. doing all of our chores is not something we'll have in the foreseeable future. he's a man, we do a humanoid robot. just doesn't make any sense. think of the immense amount of energy alone that a 2 legged robot would consume fossil fuel. in nicky anderson's, you know, you'd have to dish out a couple 100000 euros for a robot like that. it wouldn't be affordable and kind of consummate the time. and yet specialized robots will be an increasingly common site as they become a growing part of our daily routine. and before we leave here, we'd like to institution one more all robot. this is clover and his inventors in the u. k. believe that he could help prevent vast amounts of food waste each year. craver specializes in borrowing down into grain silos which he can see here and there he checks if the grain is still in good condition. he can then send back a report on whether it's to dump or suspect susceptible to bug infestation the year
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and estimates that over $600000000.00 tons of grant gets wasted each year while it's in storage. that's all for man of his team here in berlin until next time. take care with easton ukraine. 30 kilometers from the front in don't bass. this is where priest, chico, and his family fled 8 years ago. new home, now threatened by the possible invasion of russian troops. but the jenko self standing strong and to refuse to be driven in focus on europe. next on d. w. hello,
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the battle against covey. ah, the only clue variant is putting health care systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating, while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax, data, and reports covey? 19 special in 60 minutes on d w. oh, i think everything jenny fair, some are big a muslim. so much different culture between here and there. so challenging for empathy. ah, to some of this i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. shove my got my
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license to work as a swimming instructor here and issue now i teach children on the dose to swim is what's your story take part. share it on info, migrants dot net. ah, ah ah ah, ah, hello and welcome to focus on europe and the eyes of the world are still on the 10 situations along the boulder between russia and ukraine. despite signs of a possible de escalation, russia had amassed heavy weaponry and well over a 100000 soldiers.


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