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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 11:30am-11:46am CET

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ah, a with love and respect. ah, ah ah, this week in world stories, refugees in chile, a suspicion and rejection fetal war as a pilgrimage site in the future. we begin in roaming, where nature wants to strengthen its eastern flight to counter the russian threat. and is already sending troops,
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engender, engender, engender continental, and military drill on the border. lonely women warfare and simulated scenario. there a gel. ferdinand forget husband hates by a messiah. the cruise job is to save lives and to put out the fire. the ship has just been through a maintenance period. the commanding officer, captain, judge, victor, dora, tells me that it is now crucial for the crew to get back in shape for future operations, including joint nato exercises central noised opening. but for us, it is an opportunity to train together to show that we are capable of operating together. and at the same time, to show romanians that were a security provider in the black sea region, 14 good general equity thought and nobody, nobody never since becoming a nato member romania has increased its defense spending to just over 2 percent of the g. d p. investing in the modernization of its forces and investments deemed
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necessary, given security challenges in the region. the sailors here say they're not afraid of a russian aggression. still, the government has been calling on needed to boost its military presence in the region. crimea annexation was a real shock to romanians because it literally happened on their doorstep. says armand, go show a russia exploit in bucharest, back a thread, your i kid. i think the for russia fires a rocket from crimea, what it will arrive in bucharest in 10 minutes. the biggest shock, however, was not only the fact that russia and next crimea, but the fact that the west did not respond. you're not on the streets in bucharest, the mood seems to favor hosting additional native forces in the country. yes or no, it's a good thing. it can only have a positive influence and where safer? he thought that's it. now when yes, considering that we are strategically positioned between the east in the west, we have the black sea as well. oh bobby, she might, i nagra was there a girl?
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i think it's a bad thing. romania is not under threat under any circumstances happens when we talk for more. nato has already stationed up to 4000 troops in romania, 900 of them. are you as service members with additional forces on their way? the americans are doubling the number of soldiers here on board dera, gerald ferdinand. the crew is gearing up for new missions. we don't talk politics. they say we're here to do our job. whatever it takes. the dentist and economy has almost completely collapsed taliban to control. many of the country's pers, communities, especially the children, are suffering from a lack of food. i shall weeks hardy, i had nothing to eat. her mother could no longer breast her and the family couldn't
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afford to buy milk. 14 days ago they brought her to this hospital and cobble caught up with just because she was much worse before he made his she's fat milk every hour and she can keep it down to the bus because the family situation has severely deteriorated. in the past few months, then as the prices have skyrocketed, i have 3 sons and the daughter we were able to buy food. but recent developments of hitches massively, especially the evaluation of the currency and inflation. i'm a widow and live in someone else's apartment ness sakina used to fee would normally look after 5 patients. now she has over 20. the number of people currently seeking hospital treatment, far outstrips capacity. was glued to get that issue. the formation must say more and more of the children we see here
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a malnourished was this one. do you tell us what we need more medicine, more space, more stuff and other resources for the many patients in new york. recently, the international red cross has been supporting the hospital with financial aid and medicine. the tara comes from a suburb of cobble and brought her son to the children's ward. jo, most my husband is a, he's not being paid for the last 3 or 4 months. i sold a ring, so i could bring my son here for treatment. the family can only afford tea and bread to eat. often there's not enough money for gas for heating or cooking. so tara has the equivalent of just under 20 years left from the sale of her rank. she doesn't know how she'll get by off to that little money, michigan,
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and we can only keep the children here for a maximum of 2 months. so we can't keep them any longer because we have to make room for other children. need to coordinate. those who do then people come to us from all over the country. jeremy, you know, maybe the children only go home once they're well enough. but often that back within a few months, when that parents have no more food left to give them more than 5000000 venezuelans have fled their homeland, most have gone to neighboring countries. they were initially warmly received even in chile. but that says, no change. the climb carlo has travelled almost 6000 kilometers to get here. he's left everything behind in venezuela. his house, his work. he and his 3 children had headed south to chile. to live by go to the
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right. now chile is a stable country. it's better than elsewhere. that's why we wanted to come here. i hope i'll find work and we can get ahead here and that our children will have a better life. who do? you know, so the way that we traveled for more than a week by foot by truck and by bus. now i've reached cold shiny, a chilean village with just over 1500 residence. it's time for a brief stop. ellis, in for me, because my husband is a programmer, i'm a lawyer. but none of that matters. so we'd work anywhere in a restaurant for a hotel anywhere. as long as it's honest work, it's the same for all of these families here. they've carried the young daughter for the past 2 weeks. for the children,
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this journey is an adventure. the adults however, know how serious it is and not only at the border once they've entered chile, the migrants have to register and undergo hygiene measures including having a p c r test. a large number of migrants have ended up in the harbor town of a key k with that being met with increasing hostility. many here lost their jobs during the pandemic. a recent rise and crime and violence has been blamed on the venezuelans leading to protests by local residents undergo in the last few months, up to 500 people have arrived here every day on a variety of that's up to $15000.00 new people in our small town per month,
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i just wanted to thunder gumble, i left you a mythical. thank you go. my children have grown up around chinese people. hindus, they know about coexistence. this is a free tried area, and there are many foreigners. but this is different. now criminals are coming over and nothing is being done about it in the mood and the kicker. in northern chile remains tense. ah, lalellah is a pilgrimage sight of the future for orthodox christians. it has recently also become a target of troops from the breakaway province of to grey. lally bellas. rock hewn churches, looked peaceful in the morning light. they seemed untouched by the events of the past month and the ballast twice been captured. they fight us loyal to the t gray
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people's liberation front, or tpl. ethanol is already now government forces had regained control. at this time of year, one of the holiest orthodox christians, labella is normally full of international visitors and diaspora europeans. but most of them have stayed away. worry that fighters could swoop in again from the neighboring te gray region, even though the teepee left promised in december to withdraw all their fighters back into t great. is alone so many people have fled as who stayed here and we suffered a lot of stress. they, you were to get the loan or toward the rental room, missouri. laura shock about a pointed their guns at us says that the 2nd time they came, they raised women and beat and killed people. so deborah dos all get away from the churches. we meet the you on a letter. he used to work as a security guard at this now destroyed hotel. he tells us some of that he grain
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fighters used it as their headquarters. they left messages on the wall before they left. welcome to state of t grey and no more, it's european. i'm to grain the writing says they'll tell was probably hit by an aunt ron experts from the dutch and jail parks have identified these missile fragments as part of a bomb fitted to a turkish drone. turkey has been criticized for possibly selling the drones to with your peers government. the drones are also thought to be responsible for numerous civilian deaths in ethiopia, civil war. in fact, all parties involved in the conflict have been accused of committing atrocities. according to the united nations and rights organizations this kindergarten is now a temporary camp for volunteer fighters called funnel. oh wow. yeah,
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no, no group has signed up many new recruits since the t grey rebels 1st attack labella, including women. i'm not today sir, is one of them. and listening to my, my friend was like a sister to me was raped, but she's so young. minimum with i get a chance to find them. i will fight them to my last breath. little here were disconnected of the burning mr. gun, peggy ah, the funny fighters are celebrating 50 of them. i man, among them are traveling to the border between m horror and t grey. the volunteer fighter say, they want to defend the border region in case the typical f attacks. again,
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like said dermis and the poison spread barrel. with life the great documentary series destruction of a nation starts march forth on d, w. o, o, o, o, o, o, o. how do we get from here? to here? f, c, barcelona, a synonym for the beautiful game tradition, flare and success. oh, so how did one of the world's biggest and richest clubs end up like this?
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on the brink of bankruptcy? wouldn't that over $1000000000.00 euros and banish from europe's elite because i would not have dollar but i but i'm co got roku all talk about so let's go back to where it all began. the year was 2015 and barcelona won the treble, sitting on top of the footballing world. the past stick it had belong to the club as a dominated spanish, european and international football and the olympic stadium here. berlin was the perfect speech. it was here that the club lifted their 5th champions league trophy. ah, but what's more impressive is that it was their 4th european title in less than 10 years. oh, the 2nd treble in the clubs history. the oldest the globe is can have as a town on even just did, i mean did they get to us program and it will work if i.


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