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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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destruction of a sports sports boy, d w ah ah, this is d w. a news life from berlin, a heartfelt speech of the ukrainian precedent in munich, greenham, courtroom, ukraine is longing for peace. europe is longing for the world. president vladimir zalinski address as well leaders that a security conference dominated by the threat of a russian attack on his country. also of the show, the self declared leader of a russian back separatist enclave in ukraine tells people there to evacuate to
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russia. he denies his accusations that it is shelling the territory. ah well cut by monica jones. good to have you with us. speaking on the 2nd day of the munich security conference, ukrainian president of law dom your salon ski challenge to members of the european union and nato to take their relationship is ukraine seriously. and emotional remarks. he thanked partners for their rhetorical and material support in the face of russia's military build up on cranes border. but he said they have ukraine to thank for standing up to russian aggression for years and protecting the rest of europe from its still. zalinski said, diplomacy is the only means for ukraine to regain the territory. it lost when russia attacked in 2014. that led him to question russian claims that they are not
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seeking to do so again or graham horsham lorraine is longing foot piece. euro meal is longing, focus is the world is saying, he doesn't want any war while russia is claiming she doesn't want to intervene. but if someone's is here is lying did his chief sir international editor, which had walker joins us now from the munich security conference. richard, you were listening to this very emotional speech. ah, what was the main message you would say that you took away from it yet? well, monica, i think, is lensky was very conscious of his audience here. you know, is really extraordinary that he came here. we do have to stress that for just a moment. just think of the fact that ukraine is facing a possible imminent invasion by huge rushing force that surrounding it from or from
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the north, from the east and from the south. joe biden, wanting last night, that it might not be a good idea for the president to leave at a time of such imminent threat. but still making the journey here to munich, to speak to an audience mostly made up of ukraine's friends. and his message was in a message aimed at friends rather than necessarily aimed at the russians on the other side of their situation. and it was one that essentially said to friends in europe and the west broadly step up that it's very nice to have rhetorical support is very nice to have the degree of support that he's had so far. but that he wants more, for instance, a membership of nato, ukraine's call for nato membership is, of course, at the heart of vladimir putin dispute with the west m. so lensky was saying, well, give me a, a timeline for membership of nato that he doesn't necessarily want it to be on the
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never, never. now, that is really is something that is uncomfortable for the west to listen to. because all along they've been saying that this crisis, somewhat conflicted by russia, that ukrainian membership of nato is not an eminent thing at all. so has that kind of message aimed at the where saying, please like that, that he was real support in this crisis situation and not just words, but it says peel going to make any difference there? well, i think in terms of simply making a kind of a courageous and rhetorical appeal here, making this move of coming here in terms of drumming up moral support. i think it certainly will have some effect. i think the audience will have been impressed by his coming here and by him also being so direct. he's not begging. he's coming here and saying, ukraine is a bullet against russia. you need to support us. but in terms of whether there will be movement on specific things, for example, it,
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his implicit call on germany to provide a weapon, something that germany has, has always resisted doing. i think it's unlikely from the science we've been getting from the german government that they're going to change their position on that and any movement towards imminent membership of nato also looks very unlikely . right and briefly originated in how far do you think that there is an increased sense of urgency are with the west, some allies right now where they sent years me that are coming partly from the white house, joe biden's, a statement last night that he actually believes that vladimir putin has made a decision to go ahead with military action that set the tone partly for today's events. yes, dalton burge, the secretary general of nato. a telling our colleague, terry shows that they do see an increased risk and an increase likelihood that putin is going to move ahead. and interestingly, the germans also are increasing or ramping up their travel warning about ukraine.
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in fact, telling all german citizens in ukraine that they should leave. now, that's an intensification of a previous warning, where they simply said that people on urgent business should consider whether seen right. richard walker did the chief international editor covering for us immunity care security conference. thank you so much. tensions and eastern ukraine are flaring up as must come back separatists running the region. i've begun evacuating civilians to russia. they've accused ukraine of artillery shelling and they're now calling for larger mobilization. keith denies any attack saying it's villages near the separatist control areas have been under bombardment. on friday, the separatist leader in one of ukraine's breakaway regions was telling people to evacuate the area and had for russia, claiming ukraine was planning an attack. within a day, when, what appears to be a further escalation, the self proclaimed head of that than that the people's republic made
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a call to arms. the way similar go by a whole on fellow country men who are in reserve to come to the military commissary acts. to day i signed a decree on general mobilization home, and i appeal to all the men of the republic who are able to hold weapons in their hands to stand up for their families. that children, wives and mothers run together, we will achieve the desired and necessary victory for all of us. we will protect storm bass and all russian people. this and a large scale evacuation of the rebel controlled area looked like the president for conflict and a new russian invasion of ukraine. women, children, and the elderly were among the 1st to be evacuated from denette, sk packed into buses, headed for russia's neighbouring roast of region. but keith has denied the separatists claims of aggression stressing instead a diplomatic route to a resolution or type of duty. i reiterate that the military and political
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leadership of ukraine do not plan and are not conducting offensive operations in ukraine's east. the only option that is acceptable to us is the political and diplomatic one. and according to keep it, it's the separatist to have up the attacks shelling homes like this on the front line in lieu. hunt's locals say the separatists attacks have increased your new brutal rower em recently. it has been quiet. and then the last 2 days, every now and then they shoot tra rule. there have been incidents in donnette could to a car bomb exploded in the heart of the city on friday evening. the reported owner, the head of the separatists military was not inside at the time. this just days after the us and its allies warned about potential false flag pretexts for an invasion by russia. russian president, vladimir putin, meanwhile,
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is overseeing military drills in neighboring bella. luce, while world leaders meet munich, security conference to discuss the crisis as diplomacy and war. hang in the balance and dw correspondent, funny fashion joins us now from care. funny germans, we just heard have been advised to leave ukraine. what's the feeling among people you're talking to? did i think it'll come to war just a few days ago. people said it's inconceivable. there's going to be a war. they thought it's going to just be limited to the eastern part of the country, this entire conflict. but as there is such a dramatic free up if we're up in violence in the eastern region, they do consider this actually could be a much bigger, larger escalation. what, what i find quite interesting as well, that a lot of people here say to simply fed up with the fact that the country seems to be at the mercy of foreign policy,
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of other countries. they just want to have the security that their country is a sovereign countries, an independent country, and he should stay this way. now this completely ac was actually also what president zalinski just said at the unit as security conference. asking and urging the international community to deliver those guarantees. so the mood is really changing even here in keith, which is towards the other, the western part basically of the country. but yes, people are still hoping that there is not going to be a bigger escalation, but it's more likely they say. and that's just the turn of mood within a few days. and of course, you just mentioned the, the, the fair ups of fighting reported there from eastern ukraine. what's the latest you're hearing? what's really worrisome to day this, a big declaration by the separatist, by to prove pro russian separatist in eastern ukraine. that entire forces, entire military forces in the region in the occupied region should be mobilized.
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now, just 24 hours ago. they also sat and declared that people, especially women and children, should be evacuated across the board to russia because they fear an alleged invasion by ukraine. something that ukraine has always deny that's going to happen . it really is a knife edge situation and the situation can change within hours. we really do not know how this escalation is going to further increase within the next hours or days . but has there been any reaction by ukrainian authorities to those accusations, and also the action of evacuating people to russia? ukraine is maintaining a stance that there's still room for diplomacy. there's still room for negotiation that president zalinski said before departing to germany. he's not going to give into this scenery in this play book off of provocation by the
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separate his groups. he says that he is basically an ambassador of bees. so yes, there is a lot of back and forth of claims and counterclaims, but at least the official position here in ukraine. so far for today is, let's make sure we get out of these in a peaceful manner. but really, nobody knows how that's going to continue as there's so many different stakeholders involved, various interests, various countries, right? any fish are there in kia. thank you so much. and here's a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. germany's lufthansa group as announced its suspending flights to the ukrainian cities, keith and odessa. until the end of this month, it comes on growing concerns of a possible russian invasion. the company said service to the western city of if would continue. canadian police say they've arrested more than a 100 protesters who have been blocking traffic in the capitol ottawa for 3 weeks
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demonstrators angry about 1219 restrictions have paralyzed parts of the city. the crisis prompted prime minister just intruder to an act emergency powers. at least 13 people have died after a deadly storm swept across northern europe on friday. emergency services are battling to clean up the wreckage of the strong winds, paralyzed to transport across the continent. united kingdom has been the hardest hit, with hundreds of thousands of homes still without power. football now and the weekends blunders legal action got off to an exciting starters mines hosted labor, causing the upcoming carnival festivities. men to the home fans were ready for a party, and the players delivered a goal frenzy on a stormy night. with coven restrictions, partially lifted, and germany, 10000 fans were back in the stands and minds all dressed up for carnival season. however, leave up who is and we're not clowning around early on. patrick 6 shot in the 34th minute gave them the lead. thanks to a big deflection. minds fans, prayers,
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did get answered in the 2nd half around marching with a beautiful, direct, free kick curling it right through. leave a cousins wall. the visitors reclaimed the lead. thanks to lucas elario. the argentinian scoring his 2nd of this season. but 10 minutes later it was all square again. john paul boyd seals scoring. just moments after being sub dawn and minds were not done yet after chaos ensued and leave a cousin, sparks, markers, ingbert, and kept his school at scoring the game winning goal 3 to 2 to mines. a well deserved win for the home side. let the celebrations begin. and he is a reminder of our top story. but following for you this, our summer ukraine is longing for peace, ukraine's president philadelphia. so lensky tells world me this afternoon, week security conference that is dominated this year by the threat of russian
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military aggression against its neighbor ukraine. russia is absent from the conference for the 1st time since 1991. he watching dw news from the lyn sports life is next to looking at the rise and fall off. if seat are still enough, woke me up at the top of the alley. thanks a johnny. we have something to celebrate. the 77 percent has reached $100.00 show. 100 times, we've tackled the issues that matter most to you with boundless passion on the lot of energy. the 100 episode of the 77 percent unsure your i.


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