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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2022 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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with ah ah, this is did all in use life from berlin, a show of force, from the kremlin, rasa extends its joint military drills with belarus, including tests of nuclear capable missiles. this comes from it, fears that russia could invade ukraine at any moment. meanwhile, rushing back to separatist step up there shelling of ukrainian forces, the key of tells its troops not to return fire to avoid giving vladimir putin an excuse to attack. and buckingham palace announced that queen elizabeth has tested
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positive for coven 19 with mild symptoms. ah, monica jones, thanks for joining us. russia and belarus, say they're extending joint military drills that were scheduled to end today. the exercises include nuclear missile tests and to naval drills off the coast of the black sea. ukraine's foreign minister is calling on the west to implement sanctions against russia. the crisis is being discussed by keith and its allies on the final day of the unit security conference. are correspondent in the ukrainian capital, kia for funny fact shore is following the events early i asked her about the significance of those continue to military drills. there is no direct reaction just yet from russia. what we know is what we know from barrow sorta state and that you
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have just made about this. basically. yeah, these nuclear date actually, how long this joint military drill is going to continue. what we know that is going to continue beyond today be on sunday. and the reason to that the official reason given by roses is the escalation eastern ukraine. but they also say the increasing military activities close to the board us with better roofs and russia. and as a result are going to continue with their drills. now, we need to make clear that this entire situation is putting even more pressure on, on ukraine, because at least $30000.00 troops are in the north in bella luce right now. and they could be used to attack ukraine and to actually invade something that russia has always died. that's going to happen. but after all, rush also said they're going to redraw their troops and everyone who is going to have quickly definitely see their hopes. dashed right now. with this decision that
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the military drills are going to continue with better routes and russia just to the north of ukraine. and of course they have already been consequences. nato is relocating it stuff out of key of germany has joined the list of countries that have told their citizens to leave ukraine. how people reacting in the ukrainian capital. we see that life seems to be continuing as normal. is that true? actually people are concerned but not really panicking here in keith, at least where i am. but today's a very important day for ukraine also in terms of the so in his story, people are commemorating here the 8th year anniversary of the ukrainian revolution . at least 100 civilians have died in that uprising here 8 years ago at the my don and people really do not want that. there's going to be a russia, after all, writing the end of the story, after all this, people who took that histories 8 years ago, you and keith were dreaming of
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a pro european ukraine. and not that what's being influenced by russia. so people are concerned, they're scared, but there is no panic. they are upset. however, realizing that once again for empowers are likely to take influence over the status quo of the country. all right, fanny fisher reporting for us from key if there thank you so much. meanwhile, ukraine's president vladimir salon sky is calling for face to face talks with russia vladimir putin to resolve the crisis between the countries. so lensky was speaking of the munich security conference here in germany. he said ukraine will not respond to growing publications in the eastern part of the country, but will defend itself against russian hostility. keith says 2 of its soldiers died in an attack over the weekend and shelling by rushing back to separatists intensifies on the lookout and shall fall on ukraine's eastern front. government forces say they have been ordered to show restraint on the truck.
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right now we don't respond to the file because or so just shooting at us now at the command, post commando, unusable. now our commanders don't allow us to file and we are following orders even if there is a wish to respond the store of deutsche go because the enemy is waiting for us to shoot back the molar to the pool. but if there is no political agreement, things will get resolved with military power. ukraine's interior minister dennis mon astir ski came under fire while visiting soldiers in the east. he was brought to safety with navy school. we. i'm a civilian, i'm not a soldier. i'm shocked. say more and i know that the civilians who live here permanently feel this fear. christina law, you may know as soon as you do
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a fear that is up rooting lives as the crisis intensifies residents of ukraine, separatist regions boarded trains, bound for russia. excuse. oh, my husband said, go away, take the kids and go to their physical and psychological health is more important than anything else. on saturday, russian president vladimir putin oversaw military drills with bella ross. the exercises include nuclear capable missiles. nato has joined the u. s. in warning that russia is planning a quote, full fledged attack against ukraine and the ukraine crisis continued to dominate the agenda on the 3rd and final day of the munich security conference. the main themes off to day speeches, familiar nato members stand united and the door remains open for a diplomatic solution. but delegates once again stressed that
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a massive sanctions package is being prepared in the event that russia invades ukraine. the eel council says it will also convene a special summit if an attack is carried out, the worse oh, and he has sir dw mikaela cook. now with the key takeaways from the security conference in munich, vladimir putin is choosing accent over words on the border with ukraine. having just announced an extension of maneuvers in bella. bruce, there are a lot of question marks. what the next was the next days and weeks will bring in terms of destabilization here on the european continent and what the west response will be. but one thing is for sure. the traditional west nato, its allies, the european union are unified, holistically, but also sending a clear signal to ukraine. that yes, there is solidarity, but no european or nato soldiers will defend ukraine's sovereignty when it comes
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down to it. and he is a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the editor of a local newspaper in turkey has been shot dead by an unknown assailant. gun gore iris lun died in hospital after he was attacked outside his office. reporters without borders have said that our salon was under surveillance for his research into corruption. in his city of cord, shylie. wildfires in argentina's north are advancing with almost 8000 square kilometers of land now destroyed. the blazes are threatening a major national park and wetland, which is home to protect it. animal and plant species, months of drought, and high temperatures of hit to the region. there have been the scenes of jubilation in marley after france said it would begin to pull its troops out of the west. african country. france has helped in the struggle against radical islamic militias for 9 years until relations with marley's military leaders turned sour
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paris objects to their alleged hiring of a russian mercenary group to fight the hardest. but for now, there's a sense of relief in by marco in the streets of bummer co, molly ins waive brooms, and sweep away ash, symbolizing the departure of french troops. after nearly a decade. french president, emmanuel mac, ron, announced the withdrawal of anti g. hottest forces on thursday, after months of escalating tensions with molly's military leaders. but his initial timeline of 4 to 6 months is now under question. molly's army led government has expelled the french ambassador and demanded the immediate departure of both french and european forces. on the streets, the mood among the governments. supporters is clear on what we are. if france wants to leave,
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it must do so immediately. no question of 4 or 6 months. what we don't need france. france has been with us to long get her out. 6 popular resentment against france has been driven by its failure to stem the tide of g. hottest attacks in molly. their withdrawal potentially opens the door for talks between the government and the radical islamist forces. it opposes to britain now and queen elizabeth has tested positive for coven 19. she's received free doses of vaccine against the disease. buckingham palace, as the monarch has mild, cold like symptoms and will continue with light duties. in the coming week, the queen had met with her son prince charles, just days before he tested positive for the virus. early in february, a woman talked to the over t w correspondent dig it mass is following that story for us in london. beg it, how is queen elizabeth handling the infection so far?
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as usual, buckingham palace is not giving a running commentary on the queen's health. on any monarch's health, we know that she is in winder, and she's said to have only light symptoms on social media. it's been reported that there is a wider outbreak of staff, i, of covey in windsor, but that's not something that buckingham palace has confirmed. however, we do know that she had met with prince charles and camilla who bows base. i had tested positive of covey, but as for now, we only know that she is well continuing to, to have mild symptoms and, and doesn't want to give out work remarkably, which yeah, which and typically for her of course, but let's not forget, the monarch is 95 years old and she's had health issues over the last couple of months. how are the people in the united kingdom reacting to the news?
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well, absolutely. she is $95.00 and as such, she is more vulnerable. even though the only cron variant is lighter, but older people are more vulnerable even if they are vaccinated as, as she has been. i think a lot of people will be relieved that the symptoms appear to be mild, but i think it does put a spotlight on the government's policy that we still have tens of thousands of people getting infected with on the chrome every day. however, there are virtually no restrictions, and those johnson is even announcing that in the very near future and the next days he intends to lift the obligation for british people to self isolate. if they do test positive. and also, testing will not be as widely available as it is at present. so i think the monarch's illness at this age of 95, put the spotlight on the government policy. and you know, there are,
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people will be asking whether this is really the right strategy or i thank you. big master in london in beijing after 2 weeks, hundreds of metals and no shortage of controversy. the winter olympics are signing off with the traditional closing ceremony. the organizer said they were happy with how the games had been staged. amid the pandemic with competitors kept in a strict bubble. and they didn't meant from the doping issue with russian figure skater, camilla valley ever or other controversies that have docked the event on earlier we spoke to d. w sports, jonathan crane and beijing, about the nation who set a new games record for gold medals. that would be no way with 16 gold medals. tracy hole in the cross country added a gold medal number 16 today, so that is a record no country before. as one asked, i many go matter with it's a windsor lympics. now you might say, look, no way they've got all the snow. it's easy for them, right?
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but, you know, compared to other countries, they do have a smaller population. there are countries like germany, austria reading with big populations who don't get to the top of the middle table. what makes norway stand out where they really focus on grassroots and youth participation, getting kids involved in this sport early on. germany finish 2nd place in the middle table like they did in pure chang 4 years ago. now that was thanks largely to the sliding success. i'm china instead place then most successful winter olympics ever have a finish for 9 gold medals that was almost double that previous best from vancouver in 2010. but perhaps more importantly for the chinese government, they finished the hate of the united states. did up the jonathan grand, they're in beijing. and finally, carnival celebrations have returned to the french city of niece after a 2 year absence, the spectators enjoyed and lavish, arrayed featuring a king of animals theme. carnival is postponed for 2 years. they're due to the corona virus pandemic. well, that's all for now. up next to sports life looks add to soccer's once mighty f c r
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slona and asked where everything went wrong, as plenty will well use analysis and so forth. so on our website that is d w dot com. my name is monica jones for me and the team here in berlin. take care. thanks for watching and see you again at the top of the hour. ah, the munich security conference 2022. and the question over what rasa will do next in ukraine is overshadowing all the tools. see those tools are about the pandemic security in the south hell region. the endo pacific, but also the iran nuclear deal. but russia really is on everybody's mind. media security conference 2022 here on dw news.


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