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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2022 5:00am-5:15am CET

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news, live from bourbon, russia, orders its church to enter breakaway provinces in eastern ukraine. president putin is calling for deployment of peacekeeping mission. after he signed a decree, recognizing his hands and the nets. as independent states, the un security council is holding an emergency session to address the situation. meanwhile, ukrainian president to lensky addresses the nation in crisis. he says, ukraine won't give up any of its land and is demanding, quote, clear support from the way.
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ah, i'm anthony howard. welcome. the un security council is holding an emergency session to address the escalating crisis in ukraine. it comes after russian president vladimir putin said he would send what he's calling peacekeeping troops into the 2 separatist regions in easton, ukraine that he recognized earlier as independent states hours after putin's decision. a military convoy could be seen on the outskirts of dynette, the capital of one break away region. at the you, when the u. s. invoice said the russian claim of troops being used as peacekeepers was quote, nonsense, and warned of dire consequences for ukraine. europe and the world should rush a launch. a full fledged invasion with a growing number of world leaders have condemned russia's recognition of separatist
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areas of the, hence internet's as a violation of he crime sovereignty and a breach of international law. so 8th, lucas, michigan. it's a message that sent chills down many spines around the world. vladimir putin again, with little proof, blaming ukraine for fighting in its east, and hinting that even more may follow. with the will, musing we demand that key of stop its military operations immediately see. otherwise, all responsibility for the potential continuation of blood had we fully on their conscience. mckinney grayman. he swayed because president, with a few strokes off his pen, freshest leader made a diplomatic solution to the crisis, seem all but impossible. and sent europe on a dangerous path. perhaps towards a major war the u. s. secretary of state said in a tweet that russia's recognition of the separatist regions would require a swift and firm response. details on that response are still to be made public by
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ukraine's allies. the countries president, followed in their soleski, made a renewed plea for tough sanctions on moscow. not what made it much ago we expect clear and effective support from our partners does largely will, will now look closely to see who are true, friends and partners ah, what of now? and who will continue to try to scare off the russian federation with mere words. ukraine says it will not give up its territories and accuse us russia of tearing up the men's groat map to peace. they w, correspond at nick connelly is in care for us. vladimir putin has ordered russian soldiers to cross the border into ukrainian territory. nick, how is the ukrainian government responding? well, disney, this is an escalation that is come very fast as we just heard there early on today
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. talk of new talks between foreign ministers, potentially a grand summit with vladimir putin. mccaul and biden. and now within the space of a day, we have not only the recognition of those self proclaimed republics, but also that are order. now, before, even that recognition has been legally processed through russia's parliament to send those troops in the ukrainians would say that russia's troops have been internet glanced since 2014 albeit m with unmarked uniforms operating under that guys of those are self proclaimed aerobics. now they're coming in in russian uniforms officially to mark that recognition from moscow. increasing worry here that given that the situation along the front lines between ukrainian troops and those russian back separatists and shelling and increasing debts that, that could soon turn into a pretext for war. if russia accuses ukraine of shelling of somehow causing damage
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to the civilian population that could then seen sue's soon. see russian troops crossing over into government, ukraine held territory. and you've got a much bigger region of elegance and jazz than yet. so much of which is still controlled by the ukrainian military and ukrainian authorities. so worried that this is not the end, but just the 1st step in this escalation. and is that being discussed openly now, nick, does he cry? and believe this is likely to be a deployment within these existing boundaries of the 2 so called separate a states, or will they serve as a pretext for a broader escalation. i think right now it's the very brave analyst opened it. who will give you any conclusive art that question, i think it see feels like all the answers, all the potential options are on the table. it was an extraordinary speech from vladimir putin full of grievance and the anger. what he said had happened to russia, not only since the end of the soviet union, but even under communist rule,
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where he said, bessie russia was a new stolen from was robbed by the communists who gave territory and resources to the ukrainians, to barrison, to all the other minorities in that soviet state, and that basically russia was robbed of its historic lands. and he took that ukraine being basically a made up country that had squandered what it was given from the soviet union. on the other hand, he said that ukraine was dangerous, that at potentially produce nuclear weapons. that would be a threat to russia. there was a rambling, pretty extraordinary speech that didn't seem to be aimed at and commit to any one outside russia, certainly, but a sign of increasing frustration the kremlin, and a desire to really try and roll back the ve order at the security in europe. that has been in place since the end of the cold war. nicky relied to us many times of last month how the people in ukraine were remaining calm as these tensions mountain . what now? i think definitely people living in don bass along those lines. they've definitely
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seen an uptick in violence, in the last few days shilling on a scale that hasn't been seen since 2015 people been left without electricity without running water. and they are definitely now getting a lot more worried that that could now translate into those russian troops that are coming into separate health areas coming also into government health church in the next few days. you hear on social media for people that are getting very nervous hearing care for now. i think it just all feels a bit unreal. and people just can't really believe that this is true. i think most people up till now have been trying to commit themselves. this is just a game of diplomatic poker. this is a bluff. and that in the end, this will kind of basically go away without much change to their daily lives. but you've heard people now when you speak them that they are making preparations, people taking money out of banks, getting bags ready in case they need to go, the withdrawing cash. so definitely a sense that this crisis, after months of diplomatic jo, recommendations and deadlines is now moving to new phase and calmly and kia many thanks. and the u. n. has been meeting in an emergency session to address rushes
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escalation in ukraine. they w correspondence. steph and siemens is in washington. has that angle of the story for us? we've heard stephen western countries, one after the other condemn russia in new york, but is action now likely to follow not from the un security council and you know, the absurdity here or ludovic. bizarre is that actually russia has the chair, the presidency of the un security council. so it is to be expected that the russians get an earful from the united states from america, from great britain and france and probably all other western countries who are their chinese are expected to keep it down or calm and not utter any criticism. and that has to do, of course, with the growing intensity of friendship and corporation, between china and russia on the world stage. however, you have hinted to europe the western world as well as the united states. they are,
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i think, trying to wait what is happening or trying to watch closely and intensely what's happening in the next few hours from now overnight. and then tomorrow is expected that at least the, the white house, the biden administration, follows through with what they had said before. issue executive orders with hefty sanctions against russia. if president barton has also met with his national security team and has spoken with his european allies, do we have a clear pitcher yet of what the western response will be? no, not in detail, but what we know so far is that the president, the president of the united states, has issued an executive order issuing sanctions, financial and trade sanctions against the territories against the regions. the russians are cleared or flooded. me put in a clear, declared now as independent don s leather,
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it's on the don bass region. and so there is no american now any more allowed, effective immediately to, to do any business or financial transfer into those regions. everybody expects here that's tomorrow or the day after the president will be this up and will hit russia itself and letting me put you with half the sanctions in terms of trade and financially with the letters from washington d. c stefan c months. thank you so much. ok, his a look now. some of the other stories making headlines around the world to sell. columbia's top court has voted to decriminalize abortion in the 1st 24 weeks of pregnancy. it's a victory for abortion rights activists who had sued to have the procedure removed from the penal code. columbia joins a growing list of latin american countries to liberalize axis. boston, an explosion near a gold mining side as killed at least 59 people in southwest and became a foster,
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more than a 100 others are injured. it's believed the explosion was caused by chemicals used to treat and extract gold at the site. in brazil and memorial mass has been held for the victims of a landslide that were triggered by heavy rains when he got more than a 180 people lost their lives in landslides, in south, in the southeast, in the country. heavy rains are typical in the region, but have been exacerbated by climate change. british prime minister burst johnson has announced plans to scrap the last remaining corona virus restrictions in england. speaking to parliament jumped and said the country was moving from a strategy of government restrictions to personal responsibility, but begins to leave with the fires. among the biggest changes starting this thursday, people with co bidding on team will no longer be required to so fossil life. early we spoke to our correspondent charlotte chilson pill about johnson's new coverage strategy. and what help experts think about it. now there are some in the
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scientific community who say with who you into this wires, there is this rule of immunity, but there are others who are more concerned. now in a press conference. earlier this evening we saw the government scientific advisors standing side by side to the 5 minutes, many trying to walk out from that body language and questions that were off how they felt about it, what they supported to me. they were very keen to stress that if this maurice is taught is anything that we shouldn't get cocky, they were warning that they could be a new variance, which could cause significant problems and essentially injected a note of caution. and so with this, but the primary distresses surveillance methods will still be in place contingency plan should they need to re introduce measures to combat new variance or resurgence of the virus. but of course, there is concern from some experts that the day to simply isn't there to support this move going forward. and those who in the public who are clinically vulnerable
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looking at this. and as i'm sure you can imagine, extremely concerned with shell it's shell, some pill in bundle of vaccination campaigns against corona, vars have stalled in many developed countries with substantial minorities of people refusing to take existing japs. now u. s. bind to company novak's hopes to turn that around by offering a different kind of vaccine. but what remains unclear is where the vaccine skeptics will buy it. waiting for nova vax, this vaccination center is already offering appointments. and doctors at this berlin clinic say demand is strong. no, a vax is made in an entirely different manner than m r n. a vaccines now on offer a reward of annotation a little guess based on a technology that we already know from other vaccines. i hope that some people who are suspicious of an are in a vaccine system but are not opposed to vaccination in general and we'll get the novak's shot. i didn't the web ex im stuff infant. unlike m r,
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a ne vaccines novak's uses artificially generated proteins including the spike protein that allows the corona virus to attach itself to cells and the human body. after vaccination, the body recognizes them as foreign and activates its immune system. efficacy and side effects are said to be similar to existing vaccines. however, it's an open question whether the high expectations it's generated will be met. can nova vax reverse declining vaccination rates as yet, and not diesel good, so far? not very many people are interested as far as we've seen. i don't know whether that's really going to be the game changer. the cost was the inoculation campaign seems to have slackened off of miss ira initially. no. a vax is intended for health care workers and nursing staff, berlin and other federal states. so they'll start using it in the coming days. this is d w news and you're up to date for this out. coming up next is i don't film looking at the trafficking of priceless antiquity stolen from the middle east
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that's coming up after. she'll pray. don't forget the website as they are at all times of the day alleged on the ukraine, and all of the stories to be found at d. w dot com on anthony howard from me and the team here in berlin. wherever you're watching, have a good ah, sun are driven by merciless greed. others are fighting the destruction. land grabbers are exploiting, the amazon reinforced indigenous peoples afar now. bravely opposing them to a report on the heart of brazil starts march 9th on d. w.


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