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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah, ah this is the w news live from berlin, ukraine's president calls for tougher sanctions against russia. i made friends of a full scale invasion, joined by the leaders of poland. i'm if you a new one of them is events. he says, europe's future security is being decided in the ukraine. country calls up the service done, proposed to declare a state of emergency and distinguished representatives. the beginning of a large scale war in ukraine will be the end of the world order, as we know it christ foreign minister makes an urgent appeal at the u. m. calling
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on the international community to take action against russia. ah, ah, i'm phil gail, welcome to the program. the leaders of poland and lithuania, se ukrainian should be granted european union candidate status because of the security challenges it faces from russia. the 3 leaders issued a joint declaration following talks in cave, also called on the international community to imposed robust sanctions against russia, including measures targeted targeting the north stream to gas pipeline, between russia and germany, which germany has now committed to halt ukrainian present valadez the landscape warned that russia's actions in easton, ukraine will impact the whole of europe. india, he lay request. we had substantial discussions on wishes,
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actions regarding security. you are we and we are confident that the future of european security is being decided now here in ukraine. unless we have coordinated our efforts on how to count rattie russia and how to deescalate the situation was living with them was switching on the russian military build up along ukraine's. borders appears to be continuing images from a you a satellite company, a set to show an enlarged, a base in southern bell rose just a few 100 kilometers from the ukrainian capital. u. s. president joe biden says, russia's invasion of ukraine has already begun russian troops on the move, their heading towards ukraine's east and border as fighting between ukrainian and separatist forces continues. far away from the frontline, the upper house of the russian parliament voted to authorize the use of force
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outside russia's borders. they also approved vladimir putin's recognition of the don yeske and lou haskell people's republics as independent states. but the russian president didn't stop there. he later announced the borders of the 2 republics, include the ukrainian held territories, not just the rebel held areas, nor was it, but his knell we recognize of that done yet. and hans people's republics, which means we have recognized all the founding documents, including the constitution. and the constitution defines the boarders off the don yeske and lou hans regions at the time when they were part of ukraine. nobody mc ogden will use us. they will crane in response, u. s. president joe biden accused the russian leda of setting up a russian now to take more territory by force. this is the beginning of a russian invasion of ukraine as he indicated and asked permission to be able to do
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from his duma. so let began to. so are i'm going to began to impose sanctions response. far beyond the steps we and our allies and partners implemented in 2014 the us satellite company has released new images that claim to show military vehicles messing in southern belarus. even as western nations coordinate a unified response, many fear a full scale attack on ukraine is still part of russia's plans. well, let's get a view of this conflict from another former soviet satellite. her country a lot, via's foreign minister is ad goes that rank of it. it joins us from the ukrainian capital kiff. welcome to d w. in your discussions with you or anyone leadership to day, did you get the sense that they consider a full scale russian invasion inevitable? well, 1st of all, let me correct your. we are not former,
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sorry that's otherwise we have been occupied by over 3 and that's quite the difference. the 2nd i just, i find we are going through the meetings and also is it so today's been part of your grade tomorrow is my baltic colleagues and also budget and coriso journey. but what i can say that since in kia is call but also, and i think that this shows how much this country has actually developed over those past 8 years. and do you think you can, can withstand russian ministry fancy? well, i think that the russian military is, of course, superior and stronger and the russia is nuclear power to some extent. but i think that the wars are one not only by but technologies but also by the peoples. and i think the fact that today is a go russian president,
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both inside that he doesn't consider the grand knows a face is saying that people have registered and i think that the realtor resist is actually higher. and from that point of view, it is very sad to say the un security council permanent member, the council that these actually entitled to keep the all this, that some members, this, the aggressor, you your country life bit, excuse me, i've joined estonia and if you way in here, and i think that it will provide ukraine with anti armor and anti aircraft missiles to help in this fight. i wonder what you think of germany's decision to not only not send defensive weapons but also to prohibit some other countries from doing so? well yes, so it's happened that actually the pan care craft miss of finger mythos arrived thinking today from i to and so i'm really glad that down here and the declaration
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start then also that kind of agreement is going to be used to protect your grade. but when it comes to the general decision, i'll definitely this is the national decision. every country in the you has the right to make its choices. but what i would expect of this very good. i have our each and every night the members will assist your grand in any way other countries can assist. i do believe germany is doing enough well, yesterday the decision about stopping the certification of not saying to is very important decision. you know, my country was opposing that from the very beginning. you know that many countries including ukraine, where calling to do that. and i think that this is something that i could applaud. i think that the german government made the right decision that's sending ready, powerful message. so from that point i feel i do believe this is
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a very important 2nd look. we are talking about the military assistance. this is very important, but your cry and also battling needs financial assistance. because all this discussion that we have information about imminent attack is critical in ukraine, in economy. the company needs to have also financial assistance for keep its balance sheets to keep it economy going. and i think that if you and also germany, other countries can help in this way, that would be enormous. help also to your play. now your country latvia shares a border with russia and with better roofs, where tens of thousands of russian troops are currently stationed. how threatened, do you feel? we are part of the night on the your and i think this makes a huge difference or incense. so if we talk about laterally or become fair laughter is great, but they also believe the decisions that threat announced by president by then i'm
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by prime minister to dog canada. last night about increasing the prison debility region and we can identify nato troops. those are decisions, i think that we need to have those reinforcements. but of course we do not expect any military attack. i think that russia understands what it means. however, i do believe also that if davies of large scale military ration in your grade, not only last year, but also germany, also france redone many night on the company will be attacked in a kind of hybrid warfare minor cyber attacks. we are saying that from time to time, this information, all the kind of, let's say, message is assigned to the voltage stage. the ball and the look matter is weak, americans are big down not going to help you. those kind of messages will be of course activated, but i have complete thrusting out allies,
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complete trust will so thought if ability. so we are not afraid of such kind of what so, and we are ready, good will to. those are, as far as us, as we speak. thanks so much for joining us, spending the time. i'm not being foreign minister, i guess rank of each other when the general assembly has been meeting to address this crisis, ukraine's foreign minister called the vladimir putin actions a threat to the world order and urge the international community to take action to deter russia. un secretary general until you could cherish describe the situation as an extraordinary crisis. we meet in the face of the most serious global peace and security crisis in recent years. and certainly in my time of secretary general, all this facing a moment of battle. i truly hope it will not come and get mo from dw, corresponded out of a salad in washington, a welcome oliver at what influence has the un been able to exert over this crisis?
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it is complicated fill because we really have to differentiate here between the general assembling which is holding a meeting today and the security council. because only the letter can reach a legally binding resolution. the general assembly, when they reach, reach a conclusion that would only half a symbolic character of the problem is russia, which is currently chairing the security council, has veto rides. so that in and of itself is a big problem for the united nations coming to terms with a crisis that involves russia. obviously, also, the structure of the united nations has been criticized over the last years. and which of course is shaped by the world war to order so many see it as quite our data. they have been reform plans, they have not been implemented. and of course, that leads to the situation that critics also called the united nations in the current situation, at least, which involves a country that has veto rights as
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a toothless tiger. right. and so what does ukraine want from the un? well they would of course like to see a resolution clearly and if not, then at least putting their topic on the world stage. and that is the realistic expectation here. ukrainian foreign minister certainly like today, being on the same page with the secretary general of the united nations could terrace when he said and warned really the world of devastating, potentially devastating global consequences of a full scale invasion of ukraine that would lead to millions of refugees and quote unquote scale and severity of need unseen in many years. so deborah, definitely a grim picture that the secretary general drew here today. another game for ukraine would be to show the world what the russian rhetoric is about. we've seen some very controversial remarks over the last days in the security council. and also that leads to very critical voices of western leaders, such as
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a german foreign minister on alina, balbo cru accused russia of lying on which are the other countries that we should be watching out for what china? certainly, it is worth keeping an eye on. first of all, china has veto rights, and then in addition, has close strengths with russia. so with 2 countries with me to rides in that body, it certainly is a difficult situation. they have a common enemy and advisory, which is the united states. they both are vocal against a further need to extension towards eastern europe. china has similar geopolitical interests, if you will. they consider tire taiwan, chinese territory. on the other hand, they have also said that ukraine is a sovereign country and that that needs to be respected. and they have a big interest in economic interest in europe. so it's a fine line china working on walking on in fact. and it will be very interesting to see how they move on from there. thank you for that. all of
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a solid in washington dc. take a quick look at a couple of other stones making headlines around the world. laminate security forces save 40 to plan by the so called islamic states to carry out 3 suicide bombings in by routes. countries. interior ministry said the targets were shiite religious compounds with instructions to be attacks. coming from an ios operative based in a palestinian refugee camp archaeologist and jordan have discovered a nearly 9000 year old shrine at a remote neolithic camp site. a contains a model of a mass animal trap which would have been used to catch wild gazelles expert sight. the discovery will reveal more about the spiritual life of stone age hunters in an act of solidarity with the people of ukraine. the brandenburg gate here in berlin has been lit up in the ukrainian colors. the cities man francisco defeated, the german, a capital, was sending a clear message from a free city to a free and sovereign ukraine. other european cities, such as paris and london,
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are also taking part in this initiative and set you up to date, more world use at the top of the hour of next journey through the alps. on the famous glassy express of a good sun are driven by merciless greed, others for fighting the destruction land grabbers are exploiting. the amazon reinforced indigenous peoples for now briefly opposing them to report on the heart of brazil stuart's march 9th on d. w.


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