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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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confirming that they were targeting military infrastructure in ukraine, saying that you're using strict, they're using very targeted, precise missiles for that. well, lot of miss zalinski urge citizens in ukraine, not panic and said ukraine would prevail. explosions have been heard in several ukrainian cities, including kia and car keys in the east t w's, thomas sparrow, our political correspondent, joins me now here in the studio. taurus, thanks for coming in. tell us what has been happening here. first of all, in, in germany in response to the events that are unfolding in ukraine. well, we already heard what all sorts of german chancellor said in response to this latest situation. but in general, what the german government has been doing in the last few days in the last few weeks as they prepare for this, has been a 2 way strategy on the one hand, making sure that in any way as possible channels of communication are open to talk to vladimir putin, that's the reason why, for example, only a few days ago or
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a few weeks ago or so. it's was in, in moscow talking to vladimir putin. we obviously now see that those efforts not only from a deadline perspective, but internationally, have not been successful. the 2nd part of the strategy was coordinating with its allies with german allies on what sanctions they could impose. that something that is alexandra mentioned from brussels already happened a few days ago. so that 1st france of sanctions, which i've already been put out. and what lead us, including, or that shows made clear, is that they were leaving some room with those sanctions. in case russia went further, which is what we're seeing right now. so i do expect that we'll, we'll see, is even further sanctions coming from germany and coming from other countries in particular, showing, trying to show that you unity, when it comes to imposing those, those sanctions that would certainly affect russia's key infrastructure that would also target specific person now it's important to stress that sanctions have been
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the preferred measure by the u. s. the preferred measure by the european union not only now, but in the past when it comes to dealing with these kinds of situations. there are different views as to where the sanctions work or don't work. those who are against the idea of sanctions stress precisely that they don't stop leaders like that. they may put in from carrying out these attacks of from carrying out his, his plans so that other actions might be needing needed to deter precisely just like that in a putting those who do believe that sanctions are the best way for would say they affect key areas of a country's economy or infrastructure and such, they do help to prevent the situation from getting worse. so you have different views on what is already a very important way of reacting to these kinds of situations and events. you talk to a different views, are there have also been different views within the german political establishment regarding how to deal with russia. germany has faced criticism that it has not been
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supportive enough to ukraine and its allies in, in leading up to this point that germany refused to provide weapons. for example, to ukraine. it also seem to have blocked a delivery of weapons from other european union member states. particularly estonia is germany now unified in its political sense, in dealing with russia and speaking with one voice. there have always been different views from the german political establishment and how to deal with russia . you see that clearly the different party constellations here. you see that currently now in the 3 way coalition, that's routing germany. they have been different views there altogether. when it comes, for example, to the very controversial north stream to pipeline which the german government decided now to, to freeze. i could mention something about that key pipeline in a 2nd. but it's, it's really important to understand that these views that you see internally here in germany, and also play, obviously a very well when it comes to deciding what kind of foreign policy germany will
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pursue in this. and germany has for a long time, maintained some of that by the way, also happened with former chancellor anglo merkel. that it was important to keep those bridges between germany and russia. that it was important to keep those economic relations between germany and russia. precisely to make sure that when a situation arises, that the west considers aggressive of the west considers not in line with their values, that there could be some sort of dialogue. at the same time, however, it was very clear that germany was distancing itself politically from russia as was, as were other countries in the european union. so you saw that 2 way dynamic within germany, but also in what germany projected outside. now with not from to pipeline. this is an absolutely, i would say the biggest and most controversial infrastructure project in the world . right now. for a long time german leaders, including all i've shown it's only a few weeks ago, had stress that was mostly a private sector and enterprise that it was something that did not have major
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political impact. and they defended the project, obviously, also by saying that it was important to increase the amount of gas that reached germany. however, critics not only here in germany, for example, the green party, but also some of germany's most important political allies like united states or countries like poland had been extremely critical of that, not supreme python because they believed 2 things. one that i believe too vulnerable, in case europe to vulnerable, in case russia did something that went too far with seeing that in a way right now. and 2nd, that it gave moscow too much power. and that's why for a long time, they had really asked for this project to behold it. and that's why the sign that we saw from germany only a few days ago to hold that project was welcomed by germany political that s. so germany's decision to finally suspend the certification of the nor stream to pipeline project was const was seen as quite a big step for the country that is an 11 around 11000000000 euro project. right
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there, toys looking forward now. you know, we're now at the point that everyone had feared and had hoped, would not happen. we have what appears to be a full scale invasion of ukraine by russia. russian president vladimir putin is talking openly about replacing the government in key of what role europe is now going to have to respond to this. the european union is going to have to respond to this. what role do you see germany taking in europe? the european union's response to this russian aggression against ukraine moving forward. one important element that germany might be discussing even more now is that decision not to send defensive weapons to ukraine? it's a decision that the german government has defended on various occasions and on different grounds. historical grounds, but also because they believe that sending weapons to crisis zones would not necessarily help to find a diplomatic solution. and that, by the way,
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something that the german government has stated on various occasions by saying that the german public also supports that. we don't, we saw a poll only yesterday, which again reveal that by george you of germans do not feel at the way forward is for germany to send defensive weapons to ukraine and chancel. schultz was always eager to mention that too. he was always eager to mention that to so it will be interesting to see how that debate shifts here in germany. by the way, you may have seen that yesterday the, the brandenburg gate was lit up in the ukrainian colors. and the reaction that came from the ukraine about that to germany was actually very interesting because he called it sort of delayed sign of support by germany. but he's, but he's at what germany should really be doing to help ukraine does not necessarily lighting up the brandenburg gate, but precisely sending defensive weapons increasing. it's economic 8 and increasing sanctions on russia. and specifically the 2nd point, increasing economic 8. i do think that the role germany is going to start to play
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in all best. i am not sure whether germany would send defensive weapons to ukraine . i am sure that germany would say as or have shots as stress in the past. that the way in which germany plays a role in this is with money, economically, it's helping ukraine and they will probably increase that. well, yeah, that of course is built on the assumption that the government holds in are in kia and that belong to me as a lensky is not replaced, which appears to be our vladimir putin is a game plan. bob, thank you very much. good thomas, sir. and we'll be coming back to you in just a moment. i'm sure. but 1st let sir, let's go to vladimir s. the port fees are in, are from d w's russian service. he joined us. now here in berlin, i talked to his vladimir about vladimir part about plasma proteins address in his televised speech in the early hours this morning. he made quite a dramatic announcement. how did he justify the military offensive against ukraine?
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well, prism put in was very clear about their goals and the grain. first of all, there are 2 main goals to go out as far as default demilitarization of the country, which means rasa is going to destroy the military infrastructure of the ukraine. what we think in the recent hours already and a 2nd or us and goal of declared by president put in the den education of the crate and translating from the language used in the universe of the russian government. it means that most probably the ukrainian government, the current korean government field to be, should be bringing down by their us and for us somehow because in the universe of their us and government ukrainians, ukrainian governments are pop, it's government ruled by the united states, arose from russian from to see and they are all like nicest and fascists and these kinds of rhetoric hitting things, a theory since 2014 might hon isn't on the streets of gifts. so what the see right
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now it's, it's russia, it's trying to achieve the goal since couple of hours. okay, that's listening to what vladimir putin said in that statement a while ago. but when you put bells, when you say who, when the trying to feel with them and even more so to create threats for our country, people should know that russia response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences that you have never experienced in your history that you thought that was very much a warning to the west in terms of how it's going to gauge its response to rushes aggression in ukraine. wind. when let me putin says there could be consequences, like the world has never seen before. this is a nuclear armed country, speaking that what do you think he means? he means that whoever will try to help ukraine when the military means either with
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deliveries or even the, the troops on the ground. we'll face the various dark response from the rasa. at the same time what we see right now in the rest of the kind of ration ruble in the us and currently in the, in the free fall. so i was, was not explaining and describe it as a painting. but if you look at the current exchange ration ruble as an erick or low right moment brush strokes and change in most funding centers, look, i stop. so there is no store can change for the day and they're in the airport. so being closer to all the closing, all across the air, agents ordering for the ukraine. so it's already some cost on there are some public as well. ok. but getting back was yeah. yeah. ok, but i'm sorry, just just, i'm just trying to understand what sort of leverage putin would have against those . presumably the united states, the europe, ian union who might be trying to help ukraine in this situation. he's warning that
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if, if there are, if assistance has given to ukraine, that there will be punitive a punitive response from moscow. do you have any idea what form that punitive response he's referring to that these warnings he's given what they, what they might be. i would expect that rossville try to take over as you can. you mean it's an infrastructure, especially air aerospace, this in airports as soon as possible. so we'll just not possible to deliver any military health and the next our next phase. and once again, it's a very stark warning by the leader of the nuclear power. so i think our lot of thrust against the best. so we really don't know what, what that, what form of reaction we might get from. let me approaching. of course, we are getting reports of massive cyber attacks already underway, targeted, specifically against ukraine, but we're also seeing reports of, of systems in the baltic states, for example,
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being taken down. we know that other countries have vulnerable infrastructure, particularly the baltic states that draw much of their electricity directly from, from russia. so i'm just trying to figure that out, but i guess we'll see how that balls in the coming days looking ahead. what do you think that vladimir putin listening to what his speeches and listening to all of his statements over the, over the last few months. also looking at the papers that he's been writing where he has described ukraine as not being a state really, that it is really simply part of russia. what do you think his ultimate ultimate game plan is with ukraine? i'm afraid that once again, the military infrastructure is being discharged, destroyed right now and in a very, very quick terms. so with the mr. alpha doctrine, going to drop something on top of it. and in the 2nd step, the government will be remote,
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somehow russell try to remote the ukranian government. it's from here. so it's a very, it's very dangerous development for the country. so what happens after it, after i said she calls? no, i don't really know the put in mention that passive you will not occupy the ukraine, but if you just try the meet at the infrastructure and bring down the government and the next logical steps to talk about the country to control the population and to control what's happening on the ground? thank you very much for now. that's not mere support from d w russian service. just another quick update. russia has launch when it calls military operation in ukraine and what appears to be the start of a new war in europe. us president joe biden has condemned what he called an unjustified and unprovoked attack. you're in germany, olive sholtes, the chancellor said it was a terrible day for ukraine in a dark day for europe. president vladimir putin, as we mentioned, has announced
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a move in a surprise, television address came shortly for 6 am moscow time. he warned the world that any attempt to interfere would lead to quote consequences you've never seen before. yet ukraine says russia has launched a full scale invasion of the country, not just targeting the don bass region. ukrainian leader belong mirrors, and, and ski said russia was attacking military infrastructure throughout ukraine and border guards as well. he urged citizens not to panic though, and said ukraine would prevail. explosions, have been heard in several ukrainian cities, including kit and khaki in the east. got out to our russian affairs, analyst, constantine exit. he's on the line from vilnius. that's the capital of lithuania, of course constantine, what happened.


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