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tv   Made in Germany - Whats money worth these days  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2022 7:30am-8:01am CET

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i'm here in a small town in the region about a 150 close to i from cram a tool, which is the administrative capital of ukraine, held him back to come in for a lot of taxi me today. explosions supposed to be mentioned. because 2nd, because the teeth, which is there any particular way border by 100, my north north where i'm now definitely a sense of the initial day kind of wonderment that most people you, when i got off the train morning, most people just kind of staring that phone couldn't quite legal, has now shifted and people are getting worried to the people from the bank trying to draw cash. just kinda get that apn the now empty cash, the don't people trying to get fuel. they need to leave the actual stations for that. and we've seen people in uniform compared emergency services. i'm stopping off on water and other supplies and telling us that they're heading needs to be done by they've been pulled up. police the machine guns can quite know the locals
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until they heard big explosions was still dark. they assume that comes from ukraine, the military fields under attack close to the border. i've heard a distant stop, which is montgomery, quite a distance in definitely heard what sounds like jet aircraft. guy can see them, could hear them sound very different. william claims that people just very, very worried and not really clear what they should be doing with school. ready ready tell you they don't have any way to go. so if they have a plan b or somewhere else, they can go off and when they get a handle from the government, people funding and not getting clear instructions from people who are all used to that conflict. please the claim for 8 years. so that is my 1st expense will. ready be at now until the different scale, those reports of russian troops coming from sellers from the file to black sea. so
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mentioned with 30 different scales to fill the people in ukraine. awesome. anyways and have experience nick, you said that the people that you are seeing there in that region are being called up to go to don bass presumably to defend ukraine. can we expect the ukrainian military and reservists now to launch a counter attack or resistance to resist provide armed resistance to the attack from russia? these are people in uniform. these are people from going to emergency services kind of fire, fire brigades, that kind of thing. who is being pulled up so it wasn't like people to be and get going to end up to half a 1000000 people in ukraine who. ready have served in that war and gone back to the last 8 years. just very, very big number of people who have extensive experience being pulled up and would not be something unexpected. unfamiliar they bring with them the skills and
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experience. i think no one really thinks that you're going to try and fight a kind of traditional rule. again, special, superior, technical achievement in those. and it's all a tax credit. inflation is the ation that russia had. that's not something we can compete with. what people are saying that they are willing to fight this out. she's going to be more kind of kind of a distance campaign. in fact, to really check too much thought to that now, but definitely people are aware of the needs to try and not fight russia on it because you didn't think it was set up to fail of that kind of scenario. but for now, no sense in total collapse, more just dread. i think the last few months we have those pretty low mich headlines coming out of washington and london. the longest time declaring ukraine didn't really want to believe it. i think people just thought this was black with brinkman ship. they didn't actually think they would go with it or they think they
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would be an escalation in the. ready east in don't think they would be full scale invasion along with the folders as we say now happening today. so that's definitely more threatening people. i thought people are now still functioning. still try and help each other will. i've seen people trying to control their neighbors to help them get out. how can people they generate to distribution slides? so for now, why i'm not nick, thanks so much for now. that was our correspondent nick connelly. they're reporting from northeastern ukraine, outside of the cities of the country's largest city. car key. well, let's cross over to washington. now our correspondent there is stuff on siemens he's standing by stuff on president biden has said the world will hold russia
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accountable for this attack. he's expected to address the nation on thursday. what, how can we expect the us to react? there's gonna be vest american, so tomorrow at noon, local time here. and what is expected to do and to the liver. there is, he will announce more and more severe sanctions against russia, and that means in 2 areas, that is the financial markets, the excess for russia to international financial markets of the united states. allison partners will do it their utmost probably to prevent all of this from happening to really isolate russia financially and economically financially as, as best as possible. secondly is of course, export import restrictions from russia is the, it was in 2021. the 2nd largest oil exporter into the united states. this will
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probably also stop and, or with that there's where we leaving the international states and go over into internal policies. he and politics. he has to prepare the american people for something. what they call here, what we call here, a sticker shock, and this is, if this is all going to happen like this, if the united states, they're the european allies and partners are ramping up, increasing in intensity sanctions against russia, as they have promised they do as mr. put in our president put an escalate the situation there than this has consequences, economically and in terms of convenience for americans, probably also for europeans, gas prices will rise is etc, and other some other inconveniences. so this is going to be expected to morrow, but for, of course, the focus of the american, the policy makers, he and the biden administration, is to make sure everybody understands that america,
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its allies and partners stance with ukraine and standing with ukraine hayes means clearly no boots on the ground, no troops in the ukraine, but economic stark, stark, dark and or it can make sanctions against russia. while the un security council has convened for her an emergency meeting that was a few hours ago just before the reports of the in phase and un secretary general antonia guitars address as president putin directly. let's hear what he had to say though. if indeed, an operation is being prepared. i have only one thing to say from the bottom of my heart, but has been put to stop your troops from attacking ukraine. give peace, a chance to many people. if already died and un secretary general antonia
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good tears there. well, step on in washington, ukraine, his urs, the un to do whatever it can to stop the war. can you do anything to stop this war, stephan? no. clear and simple. no. un cannot. the un security council cannot, this is more bark than bite. it's always like this. the insecurity council is a forum where those big powers, those 5 permanent members are supposed to discuss and find solutions. and then you have 10 non permanent members sitting in this in the un security council. and this is a few hours ago. as you mentioned, there was a rush, i got its ear full. i mean, there was a really, almost nobody is not pointing towards russia and say, like president, boot and, and russia is a sole aggressor here. and there were some emotional and quite a bunch of scenes when the ukranian ambassador really put the, put,
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almost like the pistol to the chest of the russian ambassador who at the un, who has right now the presidency, the chair of the un security council. and say like, okay, come on, tell me, are you not the bombarding? now our cities are sending missiles into, into this, our kids are in other cities. this is war, isn't it? say it make a call to foreign minister to your boss. so gay love off, of course, the russian ambassador to the and did not to engage in any of this. he didn't call his boss for a foreign minister love. and of course he said, well, this is just a's bashful military operation. not a war. however, just hours later, it looks a little bit different than just a special military operation. ok, now the timing of letting your proteins address, sir, it was significant. it happened in school. this, i'm sure was not
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a coincidence. it happened at the same time that this un security council meeting was taking place. what it, what do you make of that? ya. i mean, there we leave for the, at the grounds affects and going to speculation. now symbolic politics is and has opportunities like this and written, let me put in a put in is a master off off of this kind of politicking, of sending messages, symbolic messages to his own clientele, to his own people, to the russians, but also to the world so there is a chance that he really timed that very well to a the un emergency un security council meeting there because he knew was 4 hours that the, that the ukrainians had requested one of course. but on the other hand, it to be also very clear, those decisions are also made and those speeches are,
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are, are held when a politicians or miss the pollutant in this case are getting their feedback from their military commanders on the ground. so there's a little bit of give and take and probably maybe both reasons entitled him or forced him to make his speech at the time. however, towards the speech, one thing i want to mention, the dean as a vacation of ukraine, this was something and they of course, also the stark warnings of mister put against the west. this was understood by the united states by a lot of experts and military experts. and observers here very, very clearly in this made everybody listen, that loving me put in. is it using the, the government democratic ill a democratically elected government of ukraine to be nazis. i mean, the president of the ukraine is actually jewish. so americans and american ears, they popped up here there that left left quite
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a mark for attention. in american circles he encircled sea in washington and the same goes, of course for the a blatant a threat against the west, not to engage in any way of formula turley 7. thank you very much for now. stephan . seem as our corresponded there in washington. you are watching d. w news from berlin. this is a special edition focusing on the russian attack that is taking place right now on ukraine. it appears to be a full scale attack. russia has launched what it calls a military operation in ukraine. it appears to be the start of the new war in europe. u. s. president joe biden has condemned what he called an unjustified and unprovoked attack. here in germany, chance with love shalt said it was a terrible day for ukraine and a dark day for europe. president vladimir putin announced the move in a surprise tv address shortly before 6 am moscow time. he warned the world that any
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attempt to interfere would lead to quote consequences. you have never seen. ukraine says that russia has launched a full scale invasion of the country. ukrainian leader of the law to me as a lance be said, russia was attacking military infrastructure throughout the country and border guards. he urged citizens not to panic and said ukraine would prevail. explosions have been heard in several ukrainian cities, including kiya and car keys in the east or ukraine's president automated landscape addressed his people with an emotive speech. here's what he had to say. saline from a general grain. she'll do ukrainian sniff this morning. president putin announced a special military operation in the dawn bus. russia carried out strikes on our military infrastructure on our border guns. explosions were heard in many cities of ukraine. we are introducing martial law throughout the state. a minute ago, i had a conversation with president biden. the u. s. is starting together,
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international support solutions america was able to live in is not will not be today. we need each of you would meet each of you to be calm. if possible, stay at home please. we are working, the army is working. the entire security and defense sector of ukraine is working and i, at the national security and defense council, the government will be in touch. soon. i will be in touch again. don't panic, we are strong, we are ready for everything. and we will defeat everyone. we because we are ukraine bestbuy glory to ukraine. milligrams of show me she, but it was only so green, slow grain, ukraine's president below the mule zalinski. they're addressing his country, telling them not to panic or thomas sparrow. our political correspondence with me here in the studio. thomas, what do you make of what, what we're hearing from all of them is zalinski. he, of course,
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has been calling on germany to provide more assistance in the lead up to this how, how or where do relations stand between germany and ukraine. now that this conflict has begun, finding fact zalinski and german chance a lot of shows have just spoken on the phone. the message we heard there from the german government was that they were expressing their full solidarity towards ukraine. something that they have already expressed in the past as well. it's important really to mention that germany has through various means official and not official ways expressed that it's standing by ukraine and he's ready to assist in different ways. and when we look at the assistance, that's where the key point here comes in, because germany differs from other ukrainian allies when it comes to the way in which it has assisted. so, countries within nato, for example, have decided to send defensive weapons to ukraine. germany has clearly stated on
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various occasions that it's not in a position to do that. they did, however, send a 5000 helmets to you. clearly state now say we're going to send those 5000 helmets, which was a direct request by a key that was already some time ago. and it was met with criticism by, by ukrainian leaders, for example, the mare in kia vitale glitch. so germany's position that differs from the position of other nato allies, germany had stressed as stress on time and time again, they will probably do so in the next few days. and in the next few weeks, at the helping ukraine, mostly through economic ways that germany is one of the key economic help us if you will, of ukraine in that sense. and that the key to increase that 8. we've also heard from the crating ambassador here in berlin with a list of what he believes germany should be doing. and he specifically stressed the need for defensive weapons. it's very unlikely that is going to happen, but i do expect
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a debate within the german political parties to see whether that would be the case in all of this. of course, in the idea of delivering anything to the current, your korean government is predicated on the idea that that government will hold absolutely attack that is taking place right now from russia is not going to is not going to displace the government that is currently there in ukraine that we don't end up with some sort of russia, moscow controlled government in kia, which appears to be vladimir putins goal just to just quickly, thomas many are concerned here in germany, at least about the gas supply. now that this conflict has, has escalated to this point, we've already seen germany suspend the certification of the north stream to pipeline. that was to bring gas directly from russia to germany. that would appear to be as one commentator described, just a chunk of methyl under the baltic. at this point i, germany relies on, i think, more than half of its gas applies from russia. europe, as a whole,
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gets 40 percent of its gas applies from russia. could we end up seeing europe cut off from russian gas applies? well, that's certainly what germany to the, trying to avoid. what european leaders are trying to avoid it at the same time to find, obviously, to diversify the energy sources. you asked about what concerns gemini have in this regard. and it's important. there was a new poll which revealed that germans actually want those kinds of economic sanctions that we're seeing impose on russia yet at the same time they would not be willing to pay higher costs. for goods that come as a result of those sanctions. so there is a concern here in germany, but also, you know, the european capital in europe and countries that all this 10 situation over energy, in particular, could lead to higher costs and could lead to, can make difficulties. so that's all something that, that german leaders, european you have to keep in mind what the impact could be here at home when they
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decide to engage in these different scenarios with russia. europe, of course, scrambling to look for alternative gas supplies at this point. thomas barrow are political corresponded thanks for now. and let's gets more reaction to russia's attack on ukraine by this is joe biden. the u. s. president had tweeting a short time ago that russia alone is responsible for the death and destruction that this attack will bring. and he says the united states and its allies and partners will respond in a united and decisive way. the world will hold russia accountable. he says, the european union's commission, president ursula on the line says we strongly condemned russia's unjustified attack on ukraine in these dark hours. our thoughts are with ukraine and the innocent women, men and children as they faced this unprovoked attack and fear for their lives. she says, we will hold the kremlin accountable. and this from british prime minister, boars, johnson,
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i am appalled by the heretic events in ukraine and i have spoken to present lensky to discuss next steps. president putin has chosen the path of bloodshed and destruction by launching this unprovoked attack on ukraine, u. k. and our allies will respond decisively. our brussels bureau chief alexandra phenomena is monitoring all the responses coming from the european union and from nato, of course, which has its headquarters in brussels. alexander, bring us up to date on the response from the ear and nato. a, do you opinion a just a published another, a statement or the european commission president or the la funder lion. and the repute council president shall michelle a condemned, or what they said was unprecedented an unprovoked military, aggression by russia saying that this aggression is undermined global security. and are they called on russia to seize any military operations and all military
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operations. and they promised to impose massive and severe sanctions and we are seeing more and more statements by european leaders. one of them was to polish prime minister lavet sky. who said that to now we must see a robust her answer, a fierce us sanctions. and he also called on nato to send reinforcements to it's eastern flank and talking about nato. that is natal members are coming together to an emergency meeting at nato headquarters this morning. and it was there was also one very interesting reaction from the last young prime minister who is calling for article for consultations. this article for as of the nato treaty is saying that
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a constant tele consultations can take place if any of the parties are. i think that the integrity, political independence, and the security of any of the parties, nato members, is being threatened. so that is what latisha is calling for. of course, this article for a has been invoked before. it is not to be confused with the article 5, which is their defense collective defense clause. so luckier their employ, hang, set the integrity and are the, the political integrity of, of latvia, one of the nato member states may be threatened. is that how we should be reading that, that they feel that this, that this are these events unfolding in ukraine. this attack by russia could spill over to the baltic states their descent certainly is there a concern?
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and this is not only there are concerned. we have been hearing from the baltic states and from poland. those natal members have a border with russia and that's and they are scared to that. they are concerned that this conflict could spill over further into europe. and that is definitely what is going to be discussed and at nato headquarters this morning. how united is the european union or in terms of responding to what is just taking place or what is currently underway this attack by russia on ukraine or 27 members in the unit in the european union. now are a couple of them. notably, hungary were reluctant to sign up to these in to these latest sanctions that were imposed in response to russia, recognizing the independence of the, of the don bass region in ukraine. how united is europe at this point in responding
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to this, alexander, i would say that europe is very united at this moment. you are right saying that her different countries are within the block. they have relations close relations, economic relations with russia. they have, of course, different her historical backgrounds and, and different assessments. but still we have really to stress that a so far the european union has been united in imposing this 1st trench of sanctions on a tuesday, despite may be hungry, expressing concerns or, or having a being cautious in terms of imposing sanctions. still, they were on board and the european union imposed those 1st sanctions on tuesday. and all members were united in this,
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a response to russia. and i can assume i would assume that that is what we going to see today as well given does this, the serious situation and the escalation in ukraine. i would expect all members of the european union, and we expect the leaders to come together in brussels to be united and a to show solidarity with ukraine and to agree on what they are. coin calling massive and severe sanctions against russia. alexander, thank you very much. for now, that was our brussels bureau chief alexander fernand. you are watching a special broadcast of dodge of all the extended coverage on the russia attack on ukraine. indeed, russia has launched what it calls a military operation on your car in ukraine, and it appears to be the start of a new war in europe. us present, joe biden has condemned what he called an unjustified and unprovoked attack. here
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in germany has got a love shalt said it was a terrible day for ukraine and a dark day for your president vladimir putin announced the move in a surprise tb announcement shortly before 6 am in moscow as moscow. tom, you're watching t w's ah ah, [000:00:00;00]
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d w. ah ah ah, ah ah, this is d, w is coming to live from berlin. it's been called europe's darkest hours since the end of world war 2. ah. air raid siren sound and the ukrainian capital key of is the president below the mule zalinski says of full scale russian invasion is underway. so actually said his country was being attacked a cuz rewards of explosions came in from the cross ukraine.


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