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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Olha Stefanishyna  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2022 9:30am-10:00am CET

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terms of developing capabilities to support nato to, to strengthen its capacity to deal with threats were now in a different situation than we were just yesterday. we heard from the european commission, president ursula funder lions, saying that the european security architecture is being implicated in all of this. that there are going to be consequences for that. do you think this will change germany's position in terms of how of what sort of military contribution it makes to nato german lead us both in public but also in the background meetings had been for a very long time, a bit upset that the debate about germany's contribution to nato was restricted, basically, to the money that is given as part of the g d p. so that 2 percent contribution that all states, all nato partners should be giving towards a collective defense german lead us had stress. and that's something that we've also heard in the new government from olive shows that germany's contribution to
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nato has to be understood in a wider sense. germany does contribute a lot of money, a lot of finances towards natal, but germany also plays a leading military role when it comes to certain deployments and necessarily attack deployments. but certainly department of training, for example, in this particular situation. germany also announced that will be strengthening its presence in nature's eastern flank by sending additional troops to truly through a n. yep. and what were the leads, the nato, a battle group? exactly. and what, what germany has also stressed for a very long time is that they're willing to increase the way they support countries within nato. but also in this particular case, ukraine. and that's how it should, how germans contribution should be seen. so not only as to how, what percentage gemini uses of his g d, p towards nato. but also what else germany does as part of its defense priorities. and that's something that i do expect will be debated. not only today, but in the next coming weeks as we see how all this very difficult situation
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develops. 20 thanks for now. we are, of course we're expecting some more statements coming in the, in the next hours in about 15 minutes from now. we expect to hear from germany's foreign minister bareback on alina bell, buck she's expected to address the, to deliver and address will be interested, of course, and hearing what she has to say will be bringing that to you live. if you're just joining us, this is d w news coming to live from berlin. i'm terry martin. we are covering, delivering special coverage of russia's invasion of you. crane. well, attacks are taking place across the country of ukraine cubes as at least 8 people have been killed so far. a 9 injured in, in an air and ground assault by russian forces. or, of course, it just news is just trickling in on this. it's going to be a while before we get many concrete numbers. president putin are of the of russia said he had launched the military operation to quote,
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secure the future of russia as a sovereign nation. western leaders have expressed outrage and vow to impose crippling sanctions. the use foreign policy chief yoseph, boreal has sir said that this is quote among the darkest hours for europe since the end of world war 2 is pledged to work with international allies to impose a tough new package of sanctions on russia. promising russia's leadership would pace, quote, unprecedented isolation to be in union will respond in the strongest possible terms . ready then, or did it be and gone till register. michelle has called for a meeting of you to be an conceal this evening and they will agree and provide bullied the guidance to adopt the stronger baggage the harsh it baggage
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of sanctions. we have ever implemented as the european union foreign policy chief hillsboro there. well, the e u is planning new sanctions against russia in response to its attack on ukraine. european commission, president dorsal of underlying promised europe would stand by ukraine and hold russia accountable. early this morning, russian troops invaded ukraine, a free and sovereign country. and once again, in the center of europe, innocent women, men and children are dying of fear for their lives. we condemned this barbaric attack and the cynical arguments to justify it. it is president putin was bringing war back to europe. and in these dark hours, european union and it's people stand by ukraine and it's people you commission president or stuff on july and they're spoken. speaking
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a short while ago. well, our brussels correspondent marina strauss joined us. now marina, i know that you are listening to ursula from the lions address. what did you make of it? well, let me 1st tell you that you am bessengers a meeting at this moment to prepare a crucial meeting of your leaders. that will happen tonight. here in brussels, was also what was left underline was referring to do to about an hour ago. and she chose harsh words. we were heard that in this a sound, but that you just showed. she said that this is a reckless attack. that rush, i will face isolation, that the sanctions that the european union will implement will lead to weakening off the russian economy and will be no so far as that the sanctions will tag addresses economy the technology markets, the financial markets also individuals. and it's not the 1st time of sanctions the
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u has imposed russia actually just yesterday. so before they knew the attack would actually take place today. the european union leaders announced package of sanctions are ready on individuals on financial markets, on trade with a to breaker region, in regions in the don best region. but now the sections that they just today are considered as miles, and that was left on the line and also set burrell the foreign chief, said that now they will really take harsh measures the harshest or the hard, hardest sanctions that russia has ever faced from european union, and of course it will not only be the european union, it will be in cooperation with the united states, with australia and with the u. k. so coordinated massive sanctions are
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heading russia's way. we're going to be hearing exactly what they amount to in the hours and days ahead. russia, of course, has also some leverage in its hand. europe is very dependent on supplies of russian energy. about 40 percent of europe's gas applies. come from russia. how prepared is europe for what maybe might be coming in, not just in terms of it's economic or, or energy dependence, but also in terms of a potential wave of refugees, a sock. first, about the guess of course this attach it today. it came as a surprise european leaders, but it does not come as a surprise in general because this russia has been building up this tension for weeks now. and of course the leaders have prepared for this possible attack. and so they also tried to get, get more gas from, from no very, for example,
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the gas has been stored. but of course, we've also been seeing rising gas prices, energy prices all over europe in the last couple of weeks and months. so this will definitely be difficult, and that's also something the leaders will discuss tonight at the leadership summit here in brussels. now when we talk about refugees, we heard from our kids correspondent or from our parents wanting houston kids right now. funny for sure that many people are about to leave ukraine and we will see how many people actually try to reach europe union. now it's, of course, the states that european union states that have a border with russia that will probably be most effective. so we're talking about poland, about the baltic states, and of course also this possible movement of refugees does not come as a surprise to them. so potent has prepared. but we have to wait and see how many people will come. and also how the solidarity will play out among your member
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states. because in the past, we've always seen that there's a huge discussion on how to distribute migrants and refugees among among the blocks . so that's called burden. it's not only on the states that have a border with russia, but that also other states take in refugees. this will, this will, of course, show in the next couple of days and weeks. arena. thank you for now. that was our correspondent, marina strauss in brussels. by the way, if you were looking at those pictures as marina was speaking, those are pictures not from brussels, but from the capital. the cranium, capital key, ab, where are correspond funny font, john is the it would appear to be a long line of cars trying to leave the city. let's recap. the latest developments for you. in this developing story. the russian defense ministry says it has struck
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military infrastructure across ukraine after president vladimir putin approved an operation in the don bus region. explosions were seen in the cities of car kiff and mario pole, as well as on the outskirts of key. m. a crane says it's facing a full scale invasion and called for international support. president a lot of meals, zalinski declared martial law and said, p f will be building an anti puting coalition. countries across the globe have condemned russia's attack on ukraine. u. s. president joe biden said, quote, the world will hold russia accountable. the e u and the u. s. ad moscow will face massive consequences for its attack on a sovereign country. he w, as in his pole, is standing by in washington in as president biden has said that the world will hold russia accountable. what can we expect the us to do in response to this russian invasion of ukraine?
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let teri ye had announced earlier this week that any case of an invasion, i quote his words here or they will increase the sanctions and that's what we are going to see. over the next days we expect the sanctions to come in waves. they will probably try to remove or russia from the swift banking, for example, we heard earlier as well that they can a target put in himself and the oligarchy sets of 1st. they didn't a do that before. and i'm sure that later or maybe in 45 hours when we will hear from him directly, he will kind of underline would, was enough wonder line said earlier that they will a hit strategically important sector as they will a try to block market markets which are key for the russian economy. so we, i'm sure we will are here in the next couple of hours or more details about the next steps. the united states is going to take in a very, very,
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a very deep and strong coordination. this it's european partners. the world is looking to, well, especially ukraine, is looking to the u. s. of the, the e u, but also to the u. n. r. in response to what is happening, what can we expect from the u. n. in terms of this or invasion, we heard from, from antonio, guitarist the un secretary general, saying that the description of peacekeepers as, as they were called, going into the country from russia, was simply, it was a perversion of that term. how can, how, how can we expect to you and response we will definitely hear more stronger words. but terry, we have to her, that just of peak. quite frank here the u. n. is kind of a toothless tiger. they can, holds a strong speeches and condemn a,
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the attack on a ukraine or as the, the american say here, the invasion. but quite frankly, because of the possible vito of russia or china. it's, it's, it's very difficult for them to really come up with a resolution which might be changing the course of history at this very moment. so there is not a lot to be expected from the you and other than strong words. that's by the way, one reason why, for example, the former president, donald trump, was so critical with his institution because it is a huge bi accuracy. but by the end of the day, when a really action might be a need needed and wanted, it is very, very difficult for the end to really come up with something because of the veto a policy exactly russia having a veto on the un security council. and right now it happens to be the chair of the council,
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and just to tell our viewers and you 2 are in us that we may be interrupting this briefly because i were expecting a live address from germany's foreign minister unalienable bach. any moment now. but just staying with you just for a moment in as so you're in washington, it's still the middle of the night. they are, americans are going to be waking up to this to morrow. how to what degree is the ukraine crisis, even on americans radar? if you ask her people on the streets aware ukraine lies, hardly anybody knows that we have to be also in that regard. just realistic europe is far away and the attention of the united states has been shifting towards the east. it started under a president obama. that's years, was it kind of the view as is hoping more and more towards china and less and less to the european union. having that said a terry i had the chance to talk to
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a former general padre as yesterday. and he made quite some interesting remarks regarding the trans atlantic relationship and the natal. and he said that pooty and actually wanted to make russia a once to make russia great again, with that invasion by what he did by the end of the day, he really made nato great again, why? because the trans atlantic relationship this alliance is really coming together over this conflict. and we see a kind of an intensive exchange between germany, europe, and the united states. we haven't seen over the last is in is her again. we were expecting analynn, burbock, germ foreign minister to speak any moment now. but talking about nato and the u. s . rohan nato versus what the european union or european members of nato are contributing is and the u. s. is moving his priorities to the pacific are dealing with it's strategic, rivalry with china. ah, how much,
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what are the expectations of the us of europe to deal with this crisis? we also the all remember, i think also the president of former president donald trump, poor, constantly blamed germany not to pay enough in tornado. and i'm sure that this discussion will come again in a different tone because president abide and is a different person as a different president than president trump. but the discussion here is pretty much the same. the people, the american people, and they have a hard time to understand why the yes is paying so much money to defend countries which are so far away and the kind of the most dangerous country. now here in the and as you as is for, for many is not russia anymore. like this all narrative that russia is the evil and
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that the communists will come and take over the world. it's as you just said, terry, it's really shifting to the pacific on the ice. i'm much more on china, which is seen as a much bigger threads, mainly economically. so i'm sure that we will hear that discussion on this would. this is this discussion will start soon. another topic which president biden has to focus on, terry are, are the cost them possible increasing costs of gas? for example, coming out of this conflict, we have to be aware that we are in the midst of a high, high inflation up to 14 percent in, in some cities like washington and for example. so people already have a hard time paying their bills for heating, paying their bills for garza. and if this crisis in his thanks for now on a guy like no, thank you very much. we're going over to a press conference from germany's foreign minister on alina burbock.
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even if you're going to leave a mit boogaloo, so soon i am to find ourselves to day in a complete uniform world. after months of preparation with lies and propaganda, president putin decided to night to make his threat come all true with his military attack on ukraine, the russian government is breaking with the most elementary rules of international order in the face of the world. russia has selected this path unilaterally. for the last few weeks and months, we have tried everything we could to find a diplomatic peaceful solution for this crisis. line. one for these under russia has not responded to any of the offers we have made ukrainians, have done nothing to deserve this billing of blood. why fi? this war is aimed at destroying in one thing for sure. the hopes of people ukraine,
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that after decades of lack of freedom that they would have a right to democracy at peace and a better future without oppression than hoping president whom b nima. you will never destroy this dream evix. you know what you know? it is growing in ukraine and it is growing in your own country. it is my firm conviction that in russia as well, many people will be deeply embarrassed about this. will be outraged that in the name of russia, with more uneven, there has been stun krupa less murder on their brothers and sisters in ukraine. even it wouldn't even be bigger fellow than what it is, ins, compatriots, we are a ball shock this morning, but we are not helpless either before but we have prepared for these events and commit. we'll work together with our partners and allies, that my case started effort and in that you know option will coordinate with every
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measure. we take ms. crane im with within the u. within nato and within the g 7 for an and the full package of sanctions will be unleashed on russia hyde and our security. and our allies will already be strengthened, but it's not just about you up to day. and no country in the world can accept that the sovereignty of others, essentially archive or not. something that can just be in taken over by a stronger neighbor. the diplomatic efforts in the world via and he caught, i mean that we are going to my work with our allies saying that we will do everything we can to stop this aggression even orchard losing the un charter as well. compatriots in ukraine, you know, please leave the ukraine immediately if you find yourself in ukraine and let's talk for reasons of your own security. we have called so any the germans citizens in
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ukraine to leave in recent days like before. and if you cannot leave safely, please, the harmonic hunker down in a safe place. we have a crisis hotline for the current family members with germans 030-500-3000 is the number for family members to find out about what is their relatives in ukraine? we cannot win if they are live people out and we don't do it. but right. we have embassies in mcdavia and im going over pearson architect republic as well to support you and we have prepared for this eventuality for a long time online for please register in the crisis list of the german foreign ministry. if you have already left ukraine, please remember to remove your name from this list. leasing, follow local and international media, and listen to local announcements as well. and after yesterday evening,
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i decided that the personnel that has been to conduct to key it to our embassy should be evacuated. depending on the situation, we will decide whether or not we will be able to have other embassies cover. the work of our embassy with compatriots, this war on our doorstep will have consequences for us here in germany as well. the sanctions and russia increasing prices and dropping share prices on stock markets will affect germany to out. we never chose this violence situation yet, but we also don't want to avoid it or from the european piece structure of recent decades is the foundation for living peacefully and in prosperity here. if we do not take clear stance on this, we will pay an even higher price in the future. thank you very much. and i'm terms
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of money for the most part. charge, covenant. i'm afraid the foreign minister now has to go to the security captain and has no time to take questions at this point. thank you. you're watching the w news . we've just been following alive. address from germany is foreign minister, alina bab, baka, she was speaking of course, on the subject of russia's invasion of ukraine. she said that she promised that quote, the full package of sanctions will be unleashed on russia. and she assured the people of ukraine that you will never destroy or treat, told russia, rather than vladimir putin. you will never destroy the dream of democracy and sovereignty for the people of, of ukraine. let's cross over to our political correspondent runway the cook now, who joins us from our parliamentary studios, monterey. i know you were following that address. what did you make of it? well that was a very strong statement then not just the threat of the full package of sanctions,
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of which we will learn more. you really will release that during the course of the day, but also that dream of democracy. i'm not in a bad book. the foreign minister said was not just growing in ukraine and she directly addressed flooding putin, saying that it is and growing in his country as well. he was directly appealing to russians, that saudi, this cannot be what they would want and the killing of innocent civilians, something that really is a historical day, a dark moment. that's also what we heard from the german chancellor this morning. you also heard from the havoc the vice johnson who spoke of a war of aggression on the sovereign state. under the new book, the foreign minister said that this was not only about europe that no country in the world can accept that the sovereignty of countries is breached. it's a direct and blatant attack on the international world order the rule of law,
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and that this is the situation that certainly we germany did not choose in europe also did not choose but will not avoid because the peace and stability and prosperity was at stake. that europe has benefited from the past. so a very stern warning also warning that this will have negative effect on consumers on ordinary citizens here in europe as well. canada, thank you very much, our chief political editor mccain across another. you are watching dw news from berlin, just to recap of what's happening on for you right now to stay tuned. we do have more coverage on the, on the developing story in ukraine. russia, of course, has attacked. ukraine has an leashed, a, an invasion which we understand there have been reports of strikes and multiple cities across the country. the, the, you, the european union has responded describing it as
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a barbaric attack. germany's chancellor olaf shoulds has described it as a dark day for europe. my name's terry martin. you're watching d. w. stay tuned for further coverage of the russia invasion of ukraine. ah. with
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their country is devastated. and there's no way to define how did it come to this key like witnesses reveal and unprecedented story. they were presenting the you as they knew what the consequence of these sanctions are. and they've lied to the world about does he make good with someone could kill his friends and as a fee and so easily was a really he behaved exactly like to have done. and the poison spread from better homes, ah, less money, even with the great documentary series destruction of a nation starts march 4th on d w. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, this is dw huge life from then it's being cold. europe's darkest hours since the end of the 2nd world war, ah, irish raise. their rates are and sound in the ukrainian capital kiev president brought him. it's alleged, he says, a full scale russian invasion is underway. he says he's country is being attacked


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