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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CET

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on the ukrainian sol with 2 main goals. first goal is demilitarization of the ukraine, which is over the destruction of the military infrastructure of the country in 2nd, gold units, vacation of the grant, which is in translation from the origin of the russian government origin which and basically removing the government from the power. so in the last minutes i'm just here from the russian state news agency, some voices from the russian parliament who are predicting the president's identity might leave the country. but it's, it's once again, one piece of the russian, russian from russian solomon. exactly. it's hard to tell what's going on exactly right now with the information where receiving as well. can you give us more clarity on the situation from where you are? oh, well, i wish i could, but i'm seeing and hearing the same kind of california from noose agencies and battle a real battle of narrative from russian side from the best on site. so what's going
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on? it's fighting all across the country. it's far as i can see, it's from the russian sources. it's being reported the military forces obstacles, but people are republic due to safety, but proclaimed people are republics in the eastern part. i being joined by an awesome unitary forces and pushing back the ukranian army back to the current internet. and that is what are some virus reports right now, but it's not, you know, it's very contradictory reports and you just need to wait and clarify the cultivation . you just come quite difficult at the time. okay, let me stay where you are. we just want to listen into a bit of what couldn't said in that speech that we mentioned earlier. notion about the queen, i'm addressing the ukranian army. please lay down your um, your grand dad's and your great grandfather did not fight the nazis and defend our common fatherland. so that neo nazis would seize power and ukraine. you made an
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oath to serve the ukrainian people and they are a fascist hunter. who have seen power in new wandering ukraine and exploiting at the people don't fulfill their criminal orders. you lay down your weapons and go home. he's away with me in the morning so i couldn't say exactly what he is trying to achieve. we seem to have lost the line there, but we do. we can hear you. can you answer that question? yes. as far as i can get the sense from this speech on the russian television, the main goal of the russian army right now is to remove the so called in the us in the wording and the universal, the russian government. and the, you know, the russian president to remove the so called net, it's not to tutor from the power in keith. once again, it's not my words into the wording of the russian government. and this is how the russian government, you created governments. so probably they are going to try to achieve this. does
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food and have the backing of the general russian population? that's a good question. i mean it's dissertation is different to 8 years before the rational took over and i came here which was, meets in their us in public, been a huge barrier offset, directing inspiration and patricia real patrol. because crimea is a different story of the whole ukraine for us in public. now the different, the opinions a different this iteration is different in the cost of for the ross and economy and for the ever a trust and citizens would be huge because they're expecting the huge packets of sanctions from europe and, you know, which would the crashing with us in the economy or allison stock exchange is already in the pre fall. there are some currency in the free fall is all in the same time. so the cost for the russian society, for the normal average russian people could be in normal, high. and the perception of the so called me that there isn't in the grand would be
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completely different. let me as well, thank you very much for bringing us your voice on the situation. your chief international editor richard walker is also here with me to take us through these developments. step by step. can you tell us what else you're hearing, richard on the situation in ukraine? well, i think we're all dependent on our sources on the ground. and of course we have report is there too, but obviously a massive military invasion taking place at the moment. which is certainly not just targeting the eastern part of ukraine, which has been the focus of this, this ongoing, really kind of slow burn war ever since 2014. this is a huge escalation by vladimir putin sending in forces and power from all sides. essentially the north east and the south ukraine obviously
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is going to be not for nothing this, this expression, the fog of war, there's going to be a lot of confusion in, in the next few days. what is changed in recent years is that we have access to a lot of what's called open source intelligence. so from the ground people using social media specialists in the stand collating that on social media to try and get a sense of what's going on on the ground. but we can expect there to be confusion certainly, and information warfare, which is not new just starting today, but it's been going on for years between to talk with russia, targeting your credit with this information. so the very, very worrying situation is we just heard from vladimir that, i mean, everything you can take out of letting me put in speech overnight announcing this, this intervention is that he wants to take full control of ukraine and remove the government. that message could be clearer than it is today. what then
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or how do you put into context? europe's reaction, the sanctions that we've already seen and these full scale sanctions that we're expecting today. yeah. so of course, the purpose of the sanctions and the communications around sanctions in recent weeks, the aim of those primarily has been to try to deter flag me fusion from doing this . they've obviously failed in achieving that. so now the purpose of sanctions is now primarily will it's not just, it is of course to impose costs on vladimir putin. but it's just as important to show purpose and determination and unity on the western side. not for any kind of beginnings of cracks in the surface coming up because this is the point at which sanctions really start to become costly, potentially for, for the countries imposing them. so the sorts of things that we're expecting to
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hear about, and we're going to have some, an emergency use some a taking place this evening where they will be discuss on the european side. that will be a g 7 meeting taking place by video conference with joe biden and the japanese of see getting involved as well. and so all of this will be discussed in those context. but there will be a significant escalation of the sanctions, what we're hearing. so far is that it's likely they're going to be targeting primarily the financial system. for at least this is the signals that we've been getting perhaps not so much at this point. the energy supplies from, from the russian side. energy sanctions will, of course, potentially have the cost of wrap massively ratcheting up energy prices, not just in europe and around the world. that is something the governments are concerned about with their already dealing with significantly elevated prices and high inflation. one measure that is being discussed a lot is the swift payment system,
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which is the main payment system use globally to transfer money one from one place to another, potentially cutting russia from that. so these are very severe measures, and so they will be trying to show unity trying to show like clear agreement over these measures and trying to signal with that to vladimir putin. that he shouldn't go further yet. from the distance that he's already gone. which of walker, thank you for the inside on that topic of sanctions. let's have a listen in now to germany's economy minister. well, but ha, beck is been speaking on german breakfast television this morning. warning of new sanctions. this is, i'm, i'm just, this is a russian offensive on a sovereign state. something we haven't seen in europe for many years. i must say we haven't seen for decades and offensive that we have to condemn in the harshest terms and are solidarity is with ukraine or all point you. europe in the u. s. will act united and in a coordinated way. we will now move very quickly together to impose economic
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sanctions on russia. roseland, as a political editor, michelle christina is with us now here in berlin. michelle, how has germany been reacting to the russian attack when you while clear it has sunk in here? that the worst case scenario is now unfolding that this is full on aggression. that it's a russian invasion that many until even hours ago really didn't believe that study of putin would go ahead and that's why we're seeing this very stern reaction there from the vice chancellor. we're expecting germans on the left, so as to speak as soon. and we also heard some dummies, foreign minister, and in a bad book this morning, who said that it basically is it changed? well that we've woken up to. she said that i quote, the full package of sanctions would now be on the table. and as these hours progress, europe seems to be doing the fine tuning in which sequence those sanctions will be
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implemented. so a really very sober moment this morning. nobody here, not you, not me, not any of the politicians. ordinary citizens here in europe will forget this day. chancellor of shots has spoken with the ukrainian prime minister lensky. what are you hearing about that? yes. well, once again, it was an expression of solidarity, but it became very clear also the music security conference where it was last weekend loading with lensky was also demons sounds that would have. so it was that they both met that briefly. and that this solid therapy doesn't stretch as far as anyone in europe, anyone within nato and being willing to put boots on the ground to are actively protect ukraine. and to me, the landscape says, thank you for the health. thank you for the economic assistance. so he's invested almost 2000000000 since 2014 to a boy, the economy in ukraine, but really what we crane once is weapons. and over all at once,
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a security guarantee as a timeline to join nato. that, of course, is simply not on the table. it's not legally possible. would you crane already having this frozen conflict with rossa, which well, is now becoming a full blown war in these moments as we're speaking. and so an increasingly desperate loading me as lensky. and now the german chance the european need is vowing that they will stand by ukraine's side. but when they do draw, the line is actually getting military involved in other christina, for us there. thank you very much. and here are some reactions to russia's attack on ukraine. this is what you as president joe biden tweeted to russia alone, is responsible for the death and destruction this attack will bring in the united states and its allies and partners. we're responding and united and decisive way
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the world will hold russia accountable. european unions, commission president, also on the line said we strongly condemn russia's unjustified attack on ukraine. in these dark hours. our thoughts with you, crane and the innocent women, men and children, as they face this unprovoked attack and fear for their lives. we will hold the kremlin accountable. and this is the british prime minister bars johnson's reaction . i am appalled by the horrific events in ukraine and i have spoken to president semanski to discuss next steps. president putin has chosen the path of bloodshed and destruction by launching this unprovoked attack on ukraine. you k and our allies will respond decisively. the w chief international editor richard walker is joining us here in the studio. richard could you feel is in a bit more on the interesting dynamic that the u. k. is no longer part of the, you know, and we're seeing this joint action taken by the u. but the u. k is not at the table
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as far as those talks are. can you tell us a bit more about how that may change the response from the west as far as russia goes and its invasion and ukraine? well, i think, i mean the u. k is trying to show as much as it possibly can, that while it may have left the european union, it doesn't mean that it's left the wider west in the lines. it is, for instance, still a member of nato and alongside france, really the most significant member of nato within europe, with the most with the most experience of well funded and sort of battle experienced forces. of course we're not talking about use of forces in this case, but, but the u. k. position is essentially that. yeah, we're still part of west and family and being outside the european union doesn't really change a tool that con date and condemnation of what we've been seeing. and if you look at the sanctions that they've introduced so far, they're very much in line with the early sanctions of the european union brought in
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as well. of course we're talking about here, the sanctions that came in after flooding pigeon recognize these separatist regions earlier in the week. the u. k. bringing in sanctions targeting a number of russian banks, but not the very largest russian banks. and also targeting some individuals that was very much in tune with what the europeans were doing as well. so. so i think it's not having such a huge effect, but of course, the fact that the u. k is no longer at the u table. does mean that it's semi detached from the discussions that are going on there. and it's certainly a source of huge regret to all of the other you a member that he left it, they're not involved in these discussions. and the very active leaving did sort of open up a sense of the west simply not being as cohesive as it used to be. that there are certain divisions even if they may not directly apply to what's happening here. tell us more about where ukraine stands. now we heard yesterday about reserves
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being cold up, our reporter mathias building a who's had told me that he'd spoken to a young woman who retrained herself. she was a chemist and is now a soldier. and it's also just been called up this morning. where does ukraine stand with its forces as opposed to russia? well, certainly we've seen a lot of these efforts by the ukranian to show that, you know, they, they really want to fight that they want to defend their country. and it goes beyond even what you described. move them is lensky has been saying that ordinary people can take up arms in the situation that we face. but still, you cannot compare ukraine's forces to russia's forces. russia is a super power with a giant army which has had a huge amount of investment also in the last decade or so. russia is also heavily invested in other parts of its military. it's investing in more in more advance missiles in some air.


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