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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Olha Stefanishyna  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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and around, so do people have been detained in the streets of moscow and other cities. and we expect more and more people to come out to day. but we'll have to understand that it's really dangerous right now to get out on the streets in russian and to protest . because it's clearly can end up in detention and natalia after president putin's address in the night hours. what have we heard from him and russian officials to day? well, russian officials are constantly saying that and this is not a word. this is similar to operation that actually wants to install peace in ukraine and it wants to protect the people. and this is the official narrative that has been have been ongoing for the past days. and i think this intensive problem reparation propaganda preparation for what's happening on the route now has been going on. and this is, this is the july and the federal course. and we're now haven't seen any, you know, any, any new warnings from, from the government journalist natalia,
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small and save us speaking to us from moscow. thank you very much for giving us that update. and we can go right to washington. now we're id w's in. as poll is standing by fraud. hyenas, we've heard that president biden will be addressing the nation to day. so can you let us know what to expect to hear from him? her washington time. so that's in know what, what is the time now it's about in 6 hours, 5 and a half hours, where we expect basically for him to support what we have heard when other world leaders like all the life on the line or boys johnson that the, to the kremlin will be how hold accountable we are expecting to receive further sanction taking place. are we expecting to see sanctions which really a take a bruton and the oligarchy?
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directly. so that, that's what we, what we probably will hear from him in 5 and a half hours or so in as you saying, you're saying that there will be further sanctions that something we've heard from the european union as well. and yet, at the same time, we've heard doubts from top administration officials, then the u. s. that sanctions can really achieve anything, especially since we've seen the previous sanctions on russia for the annexation of crimea not serve as a deterrent. so are there concerns there in washington? particularly among the biden administration, that they don't have the tools to deter president putin. so i think that i think these concerns are all over the world. right. because we've seen that that the russian economy is kind of bel equipped to, to handle sanctions, even. so we will probably see sanctions we have not seen before and unified sanction from all around the world, especially also from a europe. i did said sir, it's true it, it is not easy to hit or the russian economy fast with sanctions. and on top of
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that, so me, the sanctions will be also become costly for those country imposing them. and that is something a bite and also has to address later today because a, and we're seeing a kind of a, a very high inflation already. the gas prices are exploding. the prices for energy are very, very high. and with this crisis evolving with the sunk sanctions being imposed a towards russia, it is very likely that the prices will increase even more. and that will be not easy for president biden to explain to his follow americas americans, why it still is the right thing to do. that's an important point. you know, that these are considerable sanctions will also bring some pain to the u. s. and also to europe, i want to ask you about another scene quite remarkable that we saw playing out that it's like me. putin was delivering a speech at the same time that the un security council was meeting and he
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a tell us what, what you made of that. how well that, sir, that's a provocation. i think, had conquered much stronger while the world is coming together. the un security council is coming together to still work on a diplomatic, on a political solution for this conflict. he's starting this invasion. he's starting at this war. i mean, it shows, again, it's again approve that the u. n. is kind of a toothless tiger, specially a, with a vedo riots. so russia itself may be supported by china would be able to veto any resolution. so there won't be a recount, expect to come out a lot from, from the u. n. but as you just said, that that footing choose this very moment. well, that's really a strong message that he doesn't care about any diplomatic solution at the very moment. our washington bureau chief in his polled therefore a thank you in us. we'll talk a little bit later as we just mentioned,
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the russian invasion was happening just as the security council was ending, its emergency session in new york meant to be a last minute attempt to dissuade russia from attacking ukraine and the un secretary general. antonia who kedisha urged vladimir putin to bring russian troops back to moscow. let's listen it. this is the saddest moment in my channel, the secretary general of the united nations. i started this meeting of the security council. the dressing, present, putting and telling came from the bottom of my heart. stop your troops from huh. and offensive to do crane. give this a chance. because too many people have already died,
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presents putting in the name of humanity, bring your troops back to russia. in the name of humanity do not allow all to start in europe. what could be the worst war since the beginning of the century? the un secretary general antonio terrorist there, and we have our chief international editor richard walker with us to talk more about this. richard with that very strong message from the secretary general. they're in a really eccles what we seem to have heard from leaders across the world. today, a message of shopping also disbelief and true anger that president has taken the step despite all of the diplomatic efforts. yeah, that's right. i mean, i was just at the munich security conference at the weekend here in germany. and that's an annual conference where, you know, it's kind of the biggest international security conference in the world, an annual event. and this year totally overshadowed by,
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by what then were gathering clouds. and this sense that an invasion could be close and good parish said in his address the security conference that he still hoped that it won't happen. but that if it does, it will be a catastrophe. and i think you can, you can sort of hearing what we just heard that clip there, his sense of the personal disappointment, the good it is happening. that somehow he had always sort of hoped against hope that this scenario was going to come. but the fact is, and you know, we've been reporting here for, for weeks, even to be counting it in months. now, you know, this build up, this ratcheting up of tension or by the russians are along the ukrainian border with true numbers pouring up the kind of capabilities that those troops would have increasing steadily, steadily, steadily ratcheting up. and the warnings becoming more, more acute in recent days,
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particularly from the americans about about what they're planning. and what we face now is really at the, the maximum end of all of the scenarios that were discussed. that putin is going in, not just to take a little bit of territory, not just to supposedly safeguard one particular region of ukraine, but, but essentially to, to topple the government of ukraine, replace it with one that he favors. we'll talk about what that end game might be, but was the miscalculation particularly by europe. as you said, the u. s. intelligence had been very clear from december onwards, that they believed an invasion was imminent. but here in europe, there was questions about whether an invasion would serve president putin and whether he would go through with it. yeah, i mean, what, i wouldn't say was a miscalculation maybe it was wishful thinking and, but they certainly had been. well, i think it's until quite recently, recently things have turned in terms of what, what, what european voices were saying on this. you know, behind the scenes,
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there was more hope that they could be some kind of diplomatic solution. but, but in recent weeks it has become pretty clear and i think especially in the last 10 days ago, roughly it's become clear that it's, it's careering towards a war, but wasn't clear is what level of scenario we would be looking at. so the beginning of the week, for instance, the russian said that they were like me present, gave the speech is saying that he was recognizing these separatist regions in the east of the country as independent states. and that he would deploy troops there in order to because they've been invited in by, by the separatist them. and there was still some hope among some analysts in particular from analyst and russia saying, well, you know, maybe this is what this is about. you know, he will simply sort of recognize this is independent states. this is something that is, it happened before with regard to georgia for instance. and as long as you know that there aren't any unexpected publications from the ukrainian side after this happens
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that maybe it could settle that. please come far beyond that and put in goals absolutely maximum. it's me. he said in his address that he wants to protect the people who've been exposed to genocide. we will seek demilitarization and d, not if a cation of ukraine. and this is proteins claim the ukraine is being run by, as you put it later, fascist hunter and neo nazis. which when you look at a lot of miss lensky, the president there he was legitimately elected. he also happens to be jewish right . who lost relations in the whole course so, so it's almost past offensive as well to him as well as being such an extreme claim . and he, we saw that remark and address from farmers zalinski in russia, appealing directly to the russian people as well. and,
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and it assuring the russian people that, that was not ukraine's intention. i want to ask you about where things go from here for the west and their responses that we've seen a lot of anger, certainly from the german foreign minister as well and on their boxing. this is a day of shame, especially after all of the efforts that went into diplomatic negotiations of the last few weeks. we know that there's going to be tough. sanctions pass swiftly from the u. s. and also from the european side. but how do they proceed with the efforts of keeping channels of dialogue open perhaps? well, i'm jen stolen by the secretary general of nato who was just speaking earlier when asked about whether there were any active efforts or diplomacy happening at the moment where he, as he put it, russia has shut the door to a political solution. we regret that, but that's the sad reality. and, and i think this really does draw a line under the, the diplomacy, the diplomatic efforts that have been going on so far. because they were, i mean,
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we, we've, certainly, we've effectively enters a new, well today. this is what started back also said a new reality. i mean, what we're looking at is russia abandoning diplomacy, abandoning any pretense 30 it, it wants to deal with the ukrainian government as a legitimate power. and deciding that it's going to take over itself and in store applying governments of some kind, and that completely rips away any basis for diplomacy. so what we're going to see, 1st of all, is the western powers and the rest of the worlds of gathering itself and thinking. where do we take the fruit from here? and so we see the g 7, nato, the european union, all holding meetings. course the united nations will remain one place where it can go. conversations can take place between the 2 sides. but as, as units just said earlier, as paul in washington is not really great expectation. sadly that the united
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nations can be a forum for resolving things till it diplomatically. so what we're looking at now is the west and the rest of the well to a critical of this sorting themselves out. very interesting to watch what china and india do. i'm just going to jump in there, richard, because i the nato secretary general again, felt burg, is i understand speaking again. so let's talk more just after we listen to what's being fat, a few star log and chosen aggression, nato and the e stance with the brave people of ukraine. we support ukraine's sovereignty unto the total integrity and we support the right of self defense. there must be no misunderstanding or miscalculation by russia, made the will do whatever it takes to protect and defend. all honors in response to rushes must submit to build up over the last months. we are all the strength now collected events with more troops, jets and shapes from the united states and many other allies on the collective
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defense commitment. article 5 is iron clans, nato, and the ear stands united. we condemn russia's grave violation of international law on of the principles on which european security is built. i welcome the coordinated actions announced by the european union nato allies and partners. this sense a strong message of unity, and it demonstrates how alone an isolated russia is. i welcome to the in the virtual natal summit to moran or to address the consequences of russia's actions. and i have invited both person from the lawyer and then press the machine to attend together with the lead. this are valued partners, finan, and sweden on in a few minutes we will take her all porter in a meeting of the g 7. nathan and the european union are united to defend their
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values, freedom, democracy, and its shoulders droids to choose its own path. so thank again both for coming and thank you for the fact that the european union and 8th was standing so strong together. so please also thank you. thank you very much. he ends, we are at a watershed moment and the 3 of us standing here together is yet more proof of how closely the european union at natal are responding to the kremlin action. the world can see that unity is our strength. early this morning, president 14 ordered, atrocious acts of aggression against a sovereign and independent country and innocent people. we will hold russia accountable for this outrageous violation of ukraine's serenity and the territorial integrity. and what is at stake is not just on bus,
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it's not just ukraine. what is at stake is the stability of europe and the whole international order, our peace order. president putin shows to bring war back to europe in a determined and united response, the european union will make it as difficult as possible for the kremlin to pursue its aggressive actions round about 30 minutes ago, i had a phone call with the president zalinski. he asked us for whatever the different stakeholders can do for help. we will later today present a package of massive and targeted sanctions to european leaders for their approval . were coordinated closely with our partners and allies, the united states, the united kingdom, canada, and norway. but also, for example, japan and australia. this package will include financial sanctions that harshly
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limit rush us access to the capital markets. these sanctions will have a heavy impact. rushed us economy has already faced intensive pressure in the recent weeks. and these precious will not accumulate. these sanctions will suppress russia's economic growth. increase the borrowing costs, raise inflation, intensify capital outflow and gradually erode its industrial basis. the 2nd main pillar of our sanctions concerns limiting rush us excess to crucial technology . we want to cut off russia industry from the technologies desperately needed to day to build a future. our measures will weaken rush us technology, technological position in key areas actually from which the elite makes most of their money. and this ranges from high tech components to cutting edge software. this will also seriously degrade the russian economy in all areas in the future.
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let me be very clear. it is president putin who will have to explain this to his citizens. i know that the russian people do not want this war the european union, a ne, to have worked and close complementarity. and this crisis will bring us even closer together. it is our sheer duty to stand up to the gravest act of aggression on european soil since decades. our unity is our best strength. the kremlin understands this very well and that's why they have tried their best to divide us. but they have achieved the exact opposite. we are more united and more determined than ever. we are one union, one alliance, united in purpose. many things to last night. a just actually isn't shaquira or do to aggression 3 just by vaguely of putin and
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a kremlin against human beings, a locked jail, military attach on the ukrainian people and this unprovoked and unjustified attack . he's unlike anything on european soul since the end of the pseudo until talk. it is an attack on the free and sovereign state of ukraine, and its territorial integrity. a blatant violation of international law. we place in rule of flow by an hul of brutality, an attach on peace and security in europe. it's also an attack on the foundations of our european union, a project of peace, prosperity for all europeans, the you and its members. this, together with our allies, will hold russia accountable. the european chauncey was john vin to day. a would agree in principle on
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a patch of message and thought it sanctions will also decide on political financial and human into an ad for ukraine and people. ukraine cities has been hit, innocent people killed women, men, children are flint for their lives. the neat i was on support more than ever. we will also distress the geopolitical economy and human petition of this aggression against ukraine. and i do not believe the tuition people want. whoa, you do not want to loose young men to a senseless school which above a nation serving as cannon fodder for an unjustified and low fool and foolish wall. i also a to you to bill iris and it's people. you have the choice not to follow rush as this 30 action. you have the choice not to teach parts in this need less tragedy
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against your neighbors in ukraine. and we, you stand rock solid united firm and determined to dead, we need to, to dead, as with our allies fondness in france to hold washer accountable to support ukraine and to protect peace in europe. we stand shoulder to shoulder. we see all countries across the world that want to uphold the roost doors, best international order for the sake of peace. thank you. okay, we'll get a chance to tell him on the title. thanks a lot, thomas. good, good, doug. it's item, and i've got 2 questions. the 1st one to the commission president, which are the next correct accrues steps the you can take to help ukraine cope with internally displaced home people. and what are the next steps that could be taken
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to also help the neighboring countries that are probably seeing an influx of refugees in the next day, some weeks m. and a question to president, re share when you called the special meeting yesterday. that was certainly before the attack did you have any indications yesterday afternoon when you took the decision to assemble lead us. thank you indeed. or we have worked 4 weeks ago to be prepared for the worst to come hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst. and this was concerning, a strengthening our resilience in the cyber field. and making sure that we are independent can be independent of press, any kind of pressure from russian gas supplies. we have reached that stage and indeed to prepare for potential refugees. we have with all the frontline member states, now explicit contingency plans to well a come and host immediately those refugees from ukraine and what internally
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pro displaced people are concerned. we have a lot of support through eckl show many terry and l h. shelter and all the necessities people who are internally displaced immediate the need on top there will be financial support increased for ukraine on top of the 1200000000, macro financial assistance, which is available, available right now. so the preparedness is fully alerted and we hope that there will be as little as possible refugees, but we are fully prepared for them and they are welcome. indications did the situation was dramatically deteriorated to other rolled, but we didn't know that searcher nutrition emitted to envision or forced to military vision which took place during the last night k i m and p, r. i and,
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and date of l. a. thank you very much. i'm it to all 3 of you. i'm ukraine is now under attack because it wanted to come closer to your institutions. this is why it was attacked, 1st maiden, and then over it's, it's wish to join nato. and yet all of your appeals for dialogue have fallen on deaf ears. we saw the build up happen. nothing you did worked. i. what more could you have done and how do you feel today when you are sitting here saying an innocent lives are going to be lost? and these are people whose only crime, even in the, in the, in the words of the crime. when are that they wanted to be closer to europe? thanks. oh, i think it's very important to remember that there is one that is to rush or 11 state to that is responsible for what is happening now in ukraine. and that is russia, russia, easter country which is responsible for the loss of lies, undergoes of actions against the ukraine on the,
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we have reached out for rashaw to rochelle for many, many years actually. and especially during the last months to engage in political barlow to try to prevent this conflict. but at the same time you are a so it was leveled on said the girls have been, ah, absolutely prepared for the worse. well then that's what's happening now. so. oh, we have to remember, does is wilma gray shirt that's rashawn. rochelle is responsible for to see a building in the criminal there. this it, these approaches to join the european union. and since many years we're working with ukraine and we have gone far. ukraine has reached quite a, quite a substantial progress if you, compared to, of years ago to really have the, the closeness to the european union. at our eyes, we have a free trade agreement with ukraine. ah, this is a privileged access to the european single market. and increasing integration of
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the ukranian market into the is single european single market. we are strongly supporting financially in the case of reforms that are necessary without any doubt in ukraine, but also strategic investments in ukraine and a broad set of fields. and we are very intensively working on the energy security of ukraine over the last years. we have basically been able to guarantee the energy security of ukraine through reverse flow, for example of gas, but also investing massively in building up a renewable sector right now. ukraine is decoupling its electricity grid from the russian electricity grid and we stand ready to support them in case that there are any kind of difficulties. this is not easy. this is not trivial. this is much earlier than we had planned, but this shows that there is an enormous amount of support fall friends in ukraine
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. ok, we've just been watching. there are a strong, the message of and a show of unity there between the nato secretary general insult and berg. the european commission president was left on the line and the european council president shall, michelle, we heard the message there from was a fund line that what does that stay here is the stability of europe and indeed the whole international order. she made very clear that today or european leaders will be meeting to discuss a swift and severe package of as she said massive sanctions that these will have a heavy impact on brush on russia as technology, it's industry as well as we heard the european commission rather the european council president tri, michelle, speaking about humanitarian and financial aid to ukraine in this difficult time. so we've see that message of solid garrity. let's talk about some of that now with our brussels corresponded molina strauss has been listening in to those press
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statements for us. timer reader. first of all, can you tell us a little bit about what exactly is planned, or we know that there were solidarity that allies are essentially in lock step on the need to act swiftly and severely against russia. but we heard was a funded line talking about these a strong measures. can you tell us more about what this package will include? yes, definite dammon, as you said, your leaders will meet today or tonight's, here in brussels. and we'll discuss this new package of sanctions. because would you also have to know if that are the 1st set of sanctions was already discussed and also proposed and took, took force took into effect yesterday before the new leaders even knew that russia would in ways ukraine today. and this 1st set of sanctions included targeted
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sanctions against individuals. also financial sanctions and sanctions. the target trade between the you and those break away regions in east and ukraine. but what we've heard from left on the line and also other leaders today is that these sanctions they took yesterday are really, really mild and comparison to the set of sanctions there will probably discuss today. and was it a fun line named some of them that are likely to to, to that but like it will, that will be discussed tonight. that's a financial sanctions for example, that's more targeted, targeted sanctions against individuals. and also interestingly, at sanctions against the technology sector in russia, because that you really wants to to tutors to weaken the russian economy. that those to what it was the left on the line said earlier this morning. so to make them less competitive on the world market in this, in this field. indeed,
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you said these were sanctions that will have an impact for years to come. for russia, i want to ask you about the financial and humanitarian assistance. that's something that the ukrainian foreign minister dmitri could labor made very clear in a tweet today that ukraine absolutely needs at this moment beyond military assistance. and was a lot of underlying asked about preparing for helping ukrainians. fleeing said that, that we are fully prepared for refugee refugees and they are welcome. so tell us more about how the european union is preparing the humanitarian front for internally displaced people and to welcome refugees. this clearly, this attack on ukraine does not come as a surprise. i mean, we didn't know that the invasion would start today. but of course, that you and also your countries have prepared for a possible invasions invasion and also half report for people having to flee ukraine. and the country especially those country is at the eastern flank of the european union. for example. poland.


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