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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, rochelle launch is a full scale invasion of ukraine. russian air and land forces are moving in from all sides and are inching closer to the capital, keith and other large cities. ukraine says dozens of people have been killed. ukrainian president vladimir lensky says the country's army is fighting back with ukrainian troops engaging russian forces across the country. tens of thousands of civilians are fleeing major cities while those who remain shelter the history of
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deserves written. punish choice to make it totally unjustifiable war on ukraine, whom of love russia weaker than the rest of the world. stronger. and us president joe biden announces severe new sanctions against russia and more us troops to bolster nato alex ah, greeting show viewers around the world. i'm michael. ok. russia has launched a full scale invasion of ukraine. the russian military or heating targets across the country, including big cities and the capital. keith, ukraine's government says dozens of it. soldiers have been killed so far and what it's calling a full scale war. tens of thousands of civilians are seeking shelter across the country. the e. u is calling the invasion the darkest hours for the continent since world war 2
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. and has vow to impose crippling sanctions. d w, so funny for chart is in the capital cares funny. what's happening right now where you are i had to move inside occur. she just started here in keith. people are not supposed to be outside bench outside. also, in addition to that martial law is in place, state of emergency is in place. so everybody i has to say inside and make sure that they were the are they do have the security provided being a bunkers as shelters. and that the people are basically in a way have some sort of a general feeling of protection. given the fact that there's been so much explosion, so much her shelling going on across the country. but also keith, in fact, they are still battles on going at a military airport about 50 kilometers from the capital city. unclear at this point,
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but it has fallen or not. but the situation is very tan. so every one is called upon to stay inside ends to basically a wait, what's to happen? people are bracing actually for very difficult hours. a very difficult night here in keith. update us on the military situation. the u. s. says it believes russia wants to decapitate ukraine's government with an attack on keith. are people there anticipating the approach of troops on their way from bell ridge? actually this is like a 3 for on sir attack to say. so from both the northern border, the baller respond as you just point out from the southern borders from the east symbol with a. so a military is mobilized. russian troops are mobilized both or they're coming in by land by c, by air and bell. our house is basically 200 kilometers to the north of keith. already are the russian troops have taken at sharon nobel, a nuclear plant,
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which is a very, very some situation obviously. and we know from history 1986 what happened? and it's really unclear if there is shelling surrounding that channel built plant. what that may mean, of course, for the rest of the country and the loosening situation. so the military troops are already very close by to keep. the question really is if they're going to go as far in the next couple of iraq, couple hours to take care to, to basically i assault or, or launch an assault on the key of a government or facilities or not. but the ukrainian government is actually bracing for that. that's one of the reasons why the also sad people stay put a you have to stay inside. there's a very, very volatile situation, and really nobody can say whether a key is going to be taken within the next 24 hours. did in a few hours a few days. what people are really concerned about though, what that actually will mean a to what then if keith, it will be taken to what,
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what that means to those people who are staying. he and keith, both in security, but both in terms of the future of, of, of ukraine as a whole. what the ukranian leadership, se president zalinski it wants to maintain calm. in fact, he was taking the information that he has about what's on going according to ukrainian information to social media, is been updating people. he, in ukraine about his social media accounts in the a via twitter. but he also uh, was sort of expressing a bit of a mixed message and politics. yeah. on one hand he said stay calm, don't panic. on the other hand, he was basically calling on every one of fighting age. and of everyone was able to just hold a gun to show up and fight, and to help those ukranian troops here in ukraine to fight off this offensive, this multi scale invasion, a and aggression. that is,
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that the ukraine is experiencing right now from russia. funny i, as you mentioned a curfew has been imposed. people have been sent it air raid shelters, how or the people have caved reacting? some are panicking. they were trying to live. keith is through the day that it's really difficult. at this point. you have to imagine that like 4 highway lanes, all of them are full of cars. it's really difficult to actually keep right now. and that's the danger you end up in traffic. what's going to happen to you if you're stacking step traffic during the night? right now, others are staying put, they're trying to look for a shelter. again, others actually have seen just before the curfew. where walking around here still as if nothing had changed. now obviously people are trying to also, psychologically just go outside because they've been staying inside watching,
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used all day just to take of fresh air trying to in a way i am sort of relaxed in this very 10 situation. even though that may sound strange. my again, others in fact holding ukrainian flax and, and by that really symbol as a symbolizing what the mentality here of so many ukrainians is and that is a mood of defiance. despite of all the sites sound of siren. then we were hearing, echoing through a key city today, the explosions. there's defiance, but there's also panic. that definitely cannot be underestimated, especially if president lensky calling on people to take up arms. what is that going to mean for the security as a hall of keith? that is a funny for shar, on top of an involving situation in ukraine's capital. many facts new leaders have voted at an emergency summit to impose sanctions targeting rushes, financial energy, and transport sectors. they said the measures would have massive and severe
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consequences. the decision comes after us president joe biden announced similar measures against russia in washington and reaffirm the u. s. military commitment to defending its nato allies in eastern europe put in aggression against ukraine will end up costing russia dearly. economically, institutionally. we will make sure that food will be a pariah on the international stage. any nation countenance rushes naked aggression against ukraine will be stained by association. the history of this era written prunes choice, to make a totally unjustifiable war on ukraine, left russia weaker, and the rest of the world's stronger liberty, democracy, human dignity. these are the forces far more powerful than fear and oppression. they cannot be extinguished by tyrants by prudent and his armies. they cannot be
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raised by people from people's hearts, and hopes, by any amount of violence and intimidation. they endure. we have a dw, is oliver salad standing by for us in washington. d. c. oliver. what do you make a bite in speech? what really stood out for you? yeah, those were really high tensions there. michael in the white house in the east room just a little while ago reporter is yelling there. questions ad president biden in a way you don't see that very often. and present biden, in contrast, coming out with a very strong and devastating condemnation for the russian president vladimir putin . he gave all the responsibility to him for the current escalation for his military attack on ukraine. he talked of prudence naked aggression, quote unquote. and his desire to rebuild a russian empire, he says his actions were unprovoked,
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unjustifiable. those were his words. and you know what stunning is how he described, how putin engaged in all those diplomatic efforts over the last days and weeks. and at the same time, really cold bloodedly, preparing this invasion, this attack on ukraine. and really, the key takeaway here i think was basically the notion of diplomacy that the west can focus on, on diplomacy, on deterrence, really that this failed. and so we might be looking back of the stay as a watershed moment for the international order watershed moment indeed, or what actions does the u. s. intend to take against russia at present biden proposed or described rather a harsh sanction package. and he made sure that this was negotiated together with the trans atlantic partners. he talked about blocking for more. russian banks completely off the u. s. financial market. what we didn't hear is any,
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any substantial sanctions on the energy sector in russia. also swift, that a financial system was not mentioned that is needed for in financial institutions to send money in and out. for russia, reportedly, germany and italy, we're reluctant, and therefore it was not put on the sanction package. president biden, however, made clear that russia already feels the consequences of his actions that the ruble and russian stalks are plunging. and then also described how in the future russia will have difficulties accessing international financial markets, technology imports that are very important for the russian economy. and of course, with the ultimate goal to hurt hooton's in a circle, the russian economy. and therefore, also to isolate russia from the rest of the world. there's certainly oliver was a lot of dialogue guy leading up to this invasion by russia. will the us stay
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open to dialogue with russia at this point? and that's a very important point because until now, until this invasion began, really, all effort was on negotiations and we sit, we saw that this did not bring the success that the western countries wanted. so under these circumstances right now, present biden rebuke. the question of meeting putin and of talking directly to him on the contrary, really, both countries have expelled their deputy ambassadors in the last hours. the situation is described as a major disruption of you as russian relations. and that will certainly not change until prudent stops his attack on ukraine. that steve, your correspondent, oliver salad in washington. many thanks. ali markets across the world have declined with investors rattled by russia's invasion of ukraine. but while most stalks fell, the attack sent great. st. crude,
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soaring above the $100.00 mark for the 1st time in years amid fear is if possible. disruption of russian oil supplies commodities also climbed and wheat surge more than 5 percent. ukraine and russia account for combined 29 percent of the crops global exports economist j. russia's attack will drive up energy costs in exacerbate inflation. for more, we go to our financial correspond james sweeney in new york city. james, what about today's market reaction? jumped out at you. well, as i said in a previous report, the market's biggest killer has always and will always be uncertainty. and today's market action is more prove that that statement is correct. just look, as russia invaded ukraine overnight, stocks they got all to a rough start. right. there were down 800 points in the morning. and if you're wondering why they were down so much because it was not known how the white house was going to respond to the invasion. and as the session went on,
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and as the stock slide continued to intensify, all of a sudden president bite into the podium and finally responded. now, where do you agree that is response was response was good enough or strong enough or to solve. the bottom line is that there was a response in the action to russia, and it was a response that eliminated that uncertainty. so now we know that there is a path to bite an administration has taken, and because that uncertainty was wiped away today, take a look at what happened at the end of the markets. the markets rallied more than 900 points between positive. so it's already approaching the close. and once again we saw scott high oil prices. he's up a bit no longer floating with $100.00 a barrel, and people are continuing to figure out what's going on here. we only have about half a minute, but before this consumer price is we're ready storing just what can ordinary people expect. well, again, that's one of the biggest questions. a lot of everyday, ordinary americans are trying to make sense of. we're already dealing with 40 year high inflation levels. energy. it's through the roof. brent to the global oil hit
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$100.00 for the 1st time since i believe 2014 w t i crude floating with $100.00 before button for march. even natural gas rallies 3 percent today, real estate through the roof. again, my grocery bill recently went from $20.00 to $35.00 and president bite and said it himself to expect more financial hardships. as this goes on. that is, james sweeney in new york, and many, many thanks, sir. thank of corresponding terry schultz. now with a debrief of an exclusive nato briefing she attended a short while ago. so what i've been told by this western intelligence source is that they very much fear that if the pace of the invasion continues as it has up until now, that key of could be encircled and fall to the russians within 24 hours. of course, i mean that is not a 100 percent certain assessment, but this is what it looks like now from the success of the russia.


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